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24 Hour Emergency Dentist Chicago

Chicago Emergency Dentistry That You Can Depend On

Emergency Dentist Chicago | (312) 533-2498 | Emergency Dental Chicago

The Chicago Dental Studio we are open most weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm.

CDS is not a 24-hour emergency dentist.

We understand that your time is valuable, so weve invested in leading technology in order to repair your mouth as quickly as possible and get you back to work.

Continue reading to learn more about our emergency dental care in Chicago, or contact us immediately to book an emergency service.

Why Shouldnt I Take My Child To The Er For A Dental Emergency

In addition to having a long waiting time, the ER or even urgent care personnel likely dont have the training or equipment to properly diagnose or treat a dental emergency. At most, they can prescribe pain medication or antibiotics, but ultimately, youll still need to visit with a dentist to resolve the issue. Its smarter, faster, and more cost effective to turn directly to us at Chicago Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for your childs treatment.

Do You Need Emergency Dental Care Westend Dental Can Help

Dental emergencies can strike when you least expect them. You may be experiencing intolerable pain or the potential loss of a tooth. Whatever the crisis, you need dental help fast. You need an experienced emergency dentist known for quality and patient-centered care. Since 1994, Westend Dental has been providing our patients in Chicagoland with the highest quality care, including emergency dental services.

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Why Choose 247dental For Your Dental Emergency

There are emergency dentists who are located in Chicago, Illinois and are happy to treat your pain and fix the problem. We are always available to help you with any emergency dental care. We can arrange appointments for the same day or next day to get you in the most efficient time possible. Patients who are currently patients get an emergency dental appointment after hours even if were closed.

The Best Emergency Dental Services In Chicago

Call now (312) 667

Emergencies happen. You may suddenly find yourself in an accident or receiving an injury that requires special care from an emergency dentist. To ensure your teeth and oral health come out alright, you need an experienced emergency dentist to turn to in an emergency. At American Dental, we have the emergency dental services that you need. Here’s what you need to know about our emergency dentist in Chicago.

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Joyful Dental Care For Dental Emergencies

Any dental emergency can be a major stress factor in your life. The inability to eat, persistent tooth pain, and the secondary health effects of letting oral health problems go untreated can all have a massively negative impact on the quality of someones life.

When you have a dental emergency, you want to get seen and treated as quickly as possible, and to be respected, cared for, and treated fairly throughout the process. When youre in the midst of a dental emergency, youre likely already experiencing a great deal of pain and stress. The process of seeking qualified care to help with your situation shouldnt make matters worse.

If youre experiencing a dental emergency in the Chicago area, contact Joyful Dental Care. We have a patient care team available around the clock, and in many cases are able to schedule appointments for emergency dental services within 24 hours.

See An Emergency Dentist In Chicago Il

Suffering from a dental emergency is no joke, and you will likely be on the edge of your seat to find relief. We have ample coverage of late-night dentist clinics in Chicago, Illinois that we hope can help you find the best dental office in your area to meet your needs. Whether you have the need for an emergency extraction or have been bleeding from the tongue or lip for too long. No matter the urgent need, and no matter if you have insurance or not our partners have you covered.

Busted Crowns and Fillings

If you have had a crown or a filling break, which resulted in it falling out, you need to get on this dental emergency straight away. After you have called us to book an appointment with an emergency dentist for you, you need to plug up the hole. Dental cement is the best way to keep the hole covered while you wait for your urgent care appointment, but you can also use a small piece of gauze and even a bit of cotton ball. Whatever you use, make sure the hole is always covered. If you busted or lost crown or filling is left open, you are risking total destruction of that tooth, which will result in the emergency dentist choosing to pull it out instead of filling it back up. Unfortunately, if a crown or a filling falls out, it becomes a time-sensitive issue, and not plugging the hole in time causes irreversible damage.

Suffering from a Chipped, Cracked, Broken, or Shattered Teeth?

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When You Call 247dentalorg Who Answers

Your call to 247Dental.org will be greeted by one of our referral specialists who will collect your information in order to help us find you the most suitable Dental clinic based on:

  • Immediate Access To Over 3000 Dental Emergency Partners
  • Type of Service Needed
  • Doctor Specialization
  • Availability and Schedules
  • Mode of Payment

We made sure that all our emergency dental care partners have state licenses, have no criminal or malpractice records, and have a good reputation you can check through patient reviews online.Your call is 100% confidential and we respect & protect your online privacy.

Our staff are certainly aware of your dental inconvenience and we will immediately connect you to the closest Chicago emergency dental clinic. To stop further damage or other issues, dental emergency situations have to be treated instantly.

Emergency Dentist Cost In Chicago Il

Pediatric Dentist St. Louis: Dentistry for Children & Adolescents

Need to see a dentist right away? We understand that dental emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. That’s why we offer same-day appointments and walk-ins are always welcome. Plus, our dentists are experienced in handling all Types of Dental Emergencies. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands at our practice. We’ll take care of you quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your everyday life. Our dentists are experienced in all areas of dentistry, from routine cleanings to complex procedures. Contact us today at to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help you no matter what your dental emergency might be.

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How Will An Experienced Emergency Dentist Relieve Tooth Pain

It really depends on the root cause. If you have a shallow cavity, the doctor may perform a tooth filling. This is a pain-free experience, as the dentist applies numbing gel before injecting a local anesthetic near the tooth. It allows them to drill and remove the decayed part before filling it. If the tooth has a deeper cavity, the dental office may recommend root canal therapy. The dentist still utilizes numbing gel and local anesthetic to ensure a pain-free process.

Our Dental Emergency Services In Chicago Il

Serving the people of Chicago, IL, has been a rewarding experience for our emergency dentistry experts. Our Chicago dentists have handled everything from basic tooth problems to complicated abscesses and infections. As one of the leading companies handling dental emergencies, we know that every call is urgent and vital. To serve patients better, our team caters to appointments and walk-ins any time of the day.

Though most of our competitors have switched to a regular office schedule, we are open around the clock and remain available whenever you need our service.

In order to meet all of your dental concerns our professionals are highly trained and updated on dentistrys latest innovations. We utilize advanced technology and equipment to diagnose your broken tooth problem and to provide possible solutions.

Although we may offer similar services as other dental companies in the city, one thing that makes us stand out is our commitment to provide excellent, affordable, and round-the-clock care.

No dental work is too challenging. Whatever pain you are going through, whether it is due to swollen gums or a broken tooth, our staff will take care of you with a smile. Your dental emergency is our priority. Set an appointment with our dental pain experts and get the care you need.

Preventive Dentistry

If not given proper attention even the smallest of dental issues can turn into an emergency. Schedule a routine check-up with our team of dental experts as soon as possible.

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How Much Do Emergency Dentist Services Cost

The costs depend on the type of service. An emergency root extraction meant to stop infections or ease pain can cost $75 to $300. With sleep dentistry , the costs may range from $200 to $300. A root filling using composite resin may range from $90 to $250 and may cost more depending on the material used. Treatment costs for a root canal with local anesthesia, examination, and X-ray may start at $400. Prices may vary based on the tooths location, dental office rates, insurance, and crown costs.

For more information about your dentists credibility, please visit the cds.org website.

Nearby Cities We Serve

Dental Care You Can Rely On

Emergency Dentist: Columbus, IN

Finding a local caregiver to visit for regular teeth cleaning is quite easy. There are several dental care companies in Chicago, IL, but few are experts in emergency dentistry. Some claim that they offer help 24 hours a day, seven days a week but are not actually accessible at midnight or in the early morning.

Dental emergencies sometimes happen during the wee hours, and we understand the inconvenience this brings if its not dealt with immediately. Worry no more, as you can always call to get help from our licensed emergency dentist. Chicago Emergency Dental Pros are reliable and the best at handling broken teeth, crown issues, tissue problems, and knocked-out teeth.

Patients within Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas rely on us for their tooth infections and to monitor their dental health. Service with a smile and solving your dental problem is our goal. You may visit our local office for root canal treatment or call us for an appointment for any cosmetic dentistry procedure. Our 24 hour friendly emergency dentists are always ready to respond to a dental need.

Partner with a professional who offers quality service and an exceptional experience. An infected tooth may sound like a simple and common issue, but proper treatment requires expertise and years of practice. Call now to find a reliable dental professional in Chicago, IL.

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Dental Group Of Chicago Provides The Following Emergency Dental Services:

  • Precise Diagnosis We can tell you if you will need root canal therapy or if it can be avoided.
  • Quick Pain Relief We offer quick and effective tooth pain management.
  • Experience and Convenience We see a variety of emergency situations every day, and offer emergency hour services.
  • With our outstanding emergency dental care, we can save your tooth!

Scheduling your emergency dental appointment:

We understand that you are in pain and will do everything we can to see you the same day or during emergency hours to help you find relief. To access emergency hour information and instructions, call us at as soon as severe tooth pain occurs.

What to expect at your Emergency Dental Care appointment:

  • First, we will get the pain under control and provide you with sedation if need be to relax. Your comfort is important to us!
  • Next, we will take x-rays to determine whether there are any signs of fracture or infection in or around your teeth. This will help us understand your dental emergency.
  • And finally, we will work to resolve the underlying problem. Treatment may include an emergency root canal, which usually alleviates the pain almost instantly. Occasionally, in the event that the tooth cannot be saved, we will refer you to an oral surgeon for extraction.
  • If you are experiencing tooth pain that is not getting better, you may be headed for a dental emergency! Give us a call to alleviate the pain that you have now, and prevent it from getting worse.

    Why Our Urgent Dental Care Is The Best In Chicago Il

    If you wake up with an intense toothache, then you don’t want to wait several weeks before you can see a dentist. You need specialized care. That’s why we have a walk in dentist service. No matter when you need us, we’re there to help.

    Besides our availability, our emergency dentists in Chicago IL are experienced in a wide range of emergency dentistry procedures. That ensures that the urgent dental care you receive from us is high-quality. The last thing you want is to have emergency dentistry performed by an inexperienced dentist. You may walk out of the office worse off than you were before.

    Our walk in dentist has faced several challenges in the past and overcome each one. Those skills are yours from which to benefit when you visit us in Chicago.

    Who you choose for your emergency dentistry may end up impacting your lifestyle for the rest of your life. Trust in our experience to keep your mouth operating like it should.

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    Contact Chicago Smile Design

    If you experience dental emergencies and are not a current Chicago Smile Design patient, dont hesitate to call us! In many cases, our dentists can see you the same day. Our number one priority is to relieve your pain and get you on the road to a healthy smile. We will take necessary x-rays and discuss your prognosis in detail before we begin any treatment on you.

    Often times, pain can be the result of an underlying condition, such as tooth decay or gum disease. To avoid these dental emergencies we strongly encourage everyone to stay current with routine visits and checkups. However, sometimes accidents cannot be avoided, and we are happy to provide emergency dental care, no matter the circumstances.

    Chicago Smile Design is a premier center for dental services, catering to patients in the , , and neighborhoods of Chicago. Over the years, our talented dental professionals have helped countless , sedation dentistry, and patients obtain brilliant, healthy smiles.

    I have been going to Dr. Tomaselli for the past 9 years and have never been disappointed. His work is exceptional. Everyone compliments me on ‘my smile.’ His staff is always very professional and friendly.

    “Love CSD. Friendly atmosphere, great staff – they take care of you very well!”

    ~ Daniel J McKelvey, on Facbook Reviews

    I have had very great experiences within each visit with every procedure I had gotten done. Such as the removal of wisdom teeth or cleaning. Thanks to them I have a beautiful smile.

    /7 Emergency Dentist In Chicago Il

    Working at Smiles Dental Group – Registered Dental Assistant

    24/7 Local Dentist Service is an online resource for patients that are experiencing a dental related emergency. We directly partner with local dentist in Chicago, ILthat are open 24 hours and weekends to help patients find a same-day or next-day appointment. Our services include: direct scheduling with dental providers, insurance verifications, discounted dental plans, and dental financing for emergency, specialty, andcosmetic dental procedures.

    To schedule a same-day appointment, simply Call Us At enter yourzip code, and our patient support team will help you find a dentist immediately.


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    How Can Westend Dental Help You

    From lost fillings to abscess, emergency tooth extraction, and other dental emergencies, our convenient Lincoln Park location can provide urgent dental care. We have been providing emergency dental care in addition to our regular dental care for over 20 years. Westend Dental is here to help. We know the importance of dental health to your overall well-being, and we always make it a priority to see you as soon as possible.

    Our hours are 7 AM 7 PM Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays we are open from 8 AM until 2 PM. We welcome walk-in patients that need a local emergency dentist. For true medical emergencies or emergencies requiring 24/7 care, Westend Dental asks that patients visit the hospital for the care they will need.

    You can contact Westend Dental online, phone us at or email us at . Your dental health is always our top priority, and we always welcome present and future clients to contact us to make appointments or with any questions that they my have.

    We are here to help. Knowing the importance of dental health to your overall well-being, we always make it a priority to see you as soon as possible.

    Top Urgent Care Dentist Near Me

    Urgent care facilities are extremely convenient and are becoming popular in most areas. These health care facilities typically handle most emergency care needs including dental emergencies. Some facilities have a dentist located inside of the office and they are equipped to handle all emergency dental services. It is common for some emergency dentists to be on call 24/7 and they typically charge an emergency fee for seeing patients after hours and during the weekends/holidays. Call us find some of the Top Dental Urgent Care Centers

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    Joyful Dental Care Emergency Dental Services

    Joyful Dental Care provides a full range of emergency and routine dental services. If you have a dental emergency that is causing you pain or making it difficult to eat or drink, contact our patient care team for help right away. In many cases we can set up emergency appointments within 24 hours.

    • Diagnostics the first step in solving your dental emergency is to accurately diagnose your problem. With an office full of world-class, state-of-the-art dental technology, Joyful Dental Care can come up with a highly accurate diagnosis in an expedited time frame.
    • Preventative care Dr. Joy and Joyful Dental Care have a preventative, maintenance-first philosophy. We dont just fix problems, we stop bigger problems from occurring by giving you the preventative treatments that will keep your mouth healthy and beautiful, and also helping you take ownership of your dental health to get you into a lifelong routine of caring for your teeth.
    • Restorative treatments in the event your mouth needs repair work, Joy Dental Care is a full service, fully-licensed, state-of-the-art facility offering fillings, bridges, dental implants, and more.
    • Dentures we are happy to work with patients who have or are interested in getting dentures.
    • Extractions even with modern medicine, emergency dental work can often come down to having a tooth removed. Joy Dental Care will get rid of the tooth that is bothering you as painlessly and efficiently as possible.

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