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24 Hour Emergency Vet Chicago

What Does An Emergency Vet Visit In Chicago Cost

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The cost of an emergency vet in Chicago will depend on the type of treatment your pet needs. For example, an overnight stay at an animal hospital can really run up your bill.

The average treatment on minor emergency care can be between $1,000 $3,000 per visit. If you have a dog that blew out its knee, the cost of surgery alone can run as high as $5,000.

A blocked cat can be between $3,000 $7,000 for surgery and after care.

The cost of your vet visit will depend on the reason for your visit and the length of that visit. If you have a dog for example that was hit by a car, your emergency veterinarian will most likely have them stay a few days and nights to be monitored. The constant care to save their life is what causes the price to increase.

For more severe problems, additional specialist may be needed or called in from other emergency vets near Chicago.

Diagnostics, x-rays, IV fluids, medications and monitoring equipment, all add to the cost of caring for your pet while they are at an animal hospital.

Some pet insurance will cover the cost of an emergency vet visit, but for those without pet insurance there are other payment options available.

You will want to speak to your vet about what options you have, because most will require full payment before you are able to leave.

Chicago Emergency Tests Diagnostics

We provide the highest-quality treatment and attentiveness. All Hospitalized Pets are kept in a special medication area where they are closely monitored. Our Foxcroft Veterinary Services Chicago team is proficient in providing surgical, diagnostic, and medical care for pets to promise a positive outcome. At our Emergency Veterinary Clinic, we provide the newest diagnostics and reliable testing for our pet patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

First Aid Treatment At Home

Depending on the situation, there are some actions you can take at home to stabilize your pet before transporting them to an emergency vet.


  • If your pet is bleeding externally due to a trauma, apply pressure to the wound quickly and hold it there.
  • If possible, elevate the injury.


  • If your pet is choking on a foreign object, put your fingers in their mouth and try to remove the blockage.
  • If youre unable to remove the blockage, perform a modified version of the Heimlich maneuver by giving a sharp blow to their chest.


  • If your pet is unconscious and unresponsive, you may need to perform CPR.
  • First, check if your pet is breathing and if they have a heartbeat. If you cannot find either, start chest compressions.
  • Perform 30 chest compressions followed by two rescue breaths. Repeat this until your pet starts breathing on their own again.
  • To give a rescue breath, close your pets mouth and extend their neck to open the airway. Place your mouth over your pets nose and exhale until you see your pets chest rise.
  • Check for a heartbeat every 2 minutes.
  • Continue giving your pet CPR until you reach an emergency vet.

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At The Chicago Vet We Thrive To Provide The Best Most Affordable Emergency Service For Your Pets As Professional Veterinarians And Animal Lovers We Know How Important They Are To You And We Are Here To Helpcontact Us Now

If you have an emergency, or are concerned about your pet, then contact us ASAP, time is critical in many situations, and its better not to wait if you are concerned .

  • Bobby

    Helped this little guy with an issue with his feet.

  • Sandra

    Sandra came in to us with an emergency after eating two packets of pain killers.

  • Jacob

    Jacob needed his teeth polished and trimmed as he had issues eating.

  • Erik

    Erik from our local Zoo, had an issue when he broke his leg.

  • Paul

If You Suspect That Your Dog Has Been Injured Or Poisoned Contact A Veterinarian Immediately

Contact Us

For quick reference, place the following emergency numbers in an easily visible and accessible place:

  • Regular Veterinarian: Include your vet’s name, number and address. If you are going out of town, call beforehand to authorize treatment and payment should something happen while youre away.
  • Emergency Veterinarian: Include the name, number and address of the closest 24-hour emergency vet.
  • Poison Control: The ASPCA Poison Control Hotline can be reached at 888-426-4435.
  • Emergency Contact: Include the name and phone number of a person who can be called if something happens to you.
  • Medical Information: Include a list of critical medications, allergies and other essential medical information about your dog.

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Elevate Your Careerjoin The North Central Veterinary Emergencey Center Team

North Central Veterinary Emergency Center welcomes highly motivated team players interested in taking on challenging cases, providing excellent medical care, and superb customer service. This is an opportunity to learn and grow in our fast-paced environment while you elevate your knowledge, skills, and career. Join our exceptional team. Contact us about applying today!

Why Veterinary Emergency Group

We are proud to serve as Chicagos South Loop emergency vet. Veterinary Emergency Group is designed around the needs of you and your pet, with an emphasis on compassion, empathy, and respect for the human-animal bond. Our mode of practice rests on four key principles: First, you get to speak to an emergency vet immediately when you call. Second, our team will usher your pet into treatment as soon as you arrivethe paperwork can wait. Third, well do everything to make your pet comfortable, including sitting with them on the floor and treating them there to minimize their anxiety. And fourth, youll get to stay with your pet during treatment if separation is too stressful for them. Keeping pets and people together is central to what we do, and quality emergency medicine is what we do best.

About Our Chicago, Illinois South Loop Location

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First Or Severe Seizure

If your pet has had their first seizure, please contact your veterinarian for an appointment to discuss the underlying cause, thankfully a single seizure is not often harmful. However, if a seizure lasts more than a few minutes or has multiple seizures within a few minutes, please take them to the nearest animal hospital.

Emergency Vet In Chicago: What To Do And Where To Go

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If your pet is having a medical emergency, please call us at and bring them in as soon as you can. South Loop Animal Hospital is equipped to handle any animal emergency care situation. Our emergency veterinarians and staff have extensive experience, and we’re always ready to assist your pet. As an AAHA accredited practice, we have emergency protocols locked in place that help us react effectively to any situation, as well as a constant stock of emergency drugs and medications. During our business hours, we make emergency pet needs a priority.

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Midwest Animal Emergency Hospital

This hospital provides expert care for exotic pets inaddition to handling cat and dog emergencies after regular business hours

Location:7510 W. North AveElmwood Park, IL.

Phone: 453-4755

Hours: Monday through Saturday: 7pm – 8amOn Saturday, the emergency clinic reopens at 2pm and runsthroughout the weekend until Monday at 8am.*Open 24 hours on all major holidays*

Things You Need To Know About Emergency Veterinarians

  • Emergency veterinarians expect you to call before you arrive. So, always make a phone call to an animal ER room vet and explain about your pet’s health condition before heading down there yourself.
  • If your pet’s health emergency isn’t that serious, you’ll have to wait in the long queue until your turn comes. It’s because emergency veterinarians attend to pets on a priority basis from sickest/critically injured to the least affected ones.
  • The veterinarians who explicitly treat emergency patients, charge more fees than regular vets. It’s because they’ve to provide specialized care to your pet and it doesn’t come cheap. So, get this thing aired out before signing the necessary paperwork.
  • Always remember to keep the necessary medical records along with you when visiting an emergency vet. They’ll ask for it and if not present, your pet might have to go through unnecessary trouble.

When not in your neighborhood, you should make use of local maps available on the internet to map out the nearest emergency veterinarians available for service. That way you can take your pet to a local emergency veterinarian whenever the need arises.

Paying a visit to an emergency vet clinic in Chicago requires you to stay calm and cool. You’ll find a multitude of pet owners along with their pets there, some of whose pets are too severely injured and it could take a toll on you as well. Therefore, you should politely complete the formalities and keep your cool until your pet’s turn arrives.

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Chicago Emergency Vet Hospital

If you live in Chicago or Illinois and need emergency pet care, you can head towards Foxcroft Veterinary Services Chicago hospital in Chicago. Our aim is to provide an absolute Pet Health Care environment with top customer service. Whether your pet needs spaying and neutering or a dog dentist, we ensure our client’s needs are met. Foxcroft Veterinary Services Chicago offers a wide variety of emergency services for your furry friends.

What Our Customers Say

Chicago Veterinary Specialty &  Emergency Hospital â Meridian Capital

Unfortunately Ive had to bring my pup in twice however, the vets and staff have been very helpful.

The office is very clean and the waiting room is spacious. There is a play area for kiddos if youre there with your little one. Free coffee drinks and tea if youre waiting. They do go out of their way to make you comfortable in a stressful situation.

Chris R., Chicago, IL

What a sweet vet! I knew from the moment Doctor walked into the room that my sweet 10 week old kitten was in the right place!

She knelt down on the floor, showed her love and affection all while still letting her explore and giving her a nice little well check. If theres anything in the world that I want for my fur babies its that they dont hate or fear the vet and I love that heartfelt is ensuring this from such a young age!

Missy L., Chicago, IL

We adopted a shelter dog with plenty of issues, and weve been bringing him to VCA NoPo for about 10 years. Theyve been totally supportive and helpful through all the ups and downs. The staff, technicians, and doctors are all very professional, and caring.

Debbie S., Chicago, IL

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Foxcroft Veterinary Services Chicago Offers 24 Hour Emergency Vet Care As Well As Routine Veterinary Services For Your Pets Our Extraordinary Emergency Vet Clinic Near You Is Sure To Be The Best Small Animal Large Animal And Urgent Vet Clinic In Chicago To Look After Your Pet With Extra Care

Foxcroft Veterinary Services Chicago emergency specialists and employees are focused toward Emergency Relief To Cure Your Pet in the most critical situations. Our emergency group is comprised of trained professionals in Chicago. Our licensed doctors are highly experienced and can provide quick help during an emergency. We have the largest staff of trained Veterinary Care Specialists in Chicago. Following your pet’s emergency we ensure your pet continues down the road to recovery.

Our State Of The Art Surgical Suite And Experienced Emergency Surgeons Are Available To Perform:

  • Enterotomy/Gastrotomy
  • Cystotomy
  • Exploratory laparotomy
  • Laceration/wound repair
  • Gastric dilatation-volvulus repair
  • Hemoabdomen / Splenectomy
  • Cesarean section
  • Hernia repair
  • Resection and Anastomosis
  • Placement of feeding tubes, chest tubes, and central lines

We have oxygen delivered throughout our facility to reach patients in need of oxygen and we have blood products for pets in need of transfusions. If you feel your pet has an urgent medical condition or has suffered a traumatic event that needs to be handled by an experienced emergency vet, or if you want to take advantage of our convenient hours for primary medical care, contact us at .

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Emergency Vet In River North Chicago

Do you need an emergency vet? Do you think they’re having an emergency but you’re not entirely sure? Don’t wait–call our hospital right away at ! Even if your pet’s condition turns out to be less serious than expected, we want to make sure that your pet is safe. At Companion Animal Hospital River North, we prioritize pet emergencies during our regular office hours. When your pet’s health is at risk, every second counts.

Er Vets Open On Saturday

Skates, from the Chicago Wolves, visits Premier Veterinary Group

If you are looking for an emergency veterinary open on Saturday, you should not have a problem locating one. Many city locations will have at least one vet who is open over the weekends to care for any of the emergency calls in the area. If you live in a rural area, you may have to drive 1+ hours to find an open vet on Saturday.

The problem you may find is Is there an animal hospital open on Saturday near me? This is because they are less likely to be open except in major US cities. If you live in a city with less than 50,000 population you might need to drive to your next larger city locations to find an ER vet open on Saturday.

If you are reading this, do not panic as you will definitely find the help you need no matter what time of day or week day it is. There is always someone who can take in emergency pet calls, you just might have to drive a little further to find that open clinic.

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How Do I Know If My Pets Having An Emergency

Emergencies often happen out of the blue, and when they do, they may not always seem like an emergency. Look for these signs to see if immediate action is needed:

  • Pale gums
  • Hasnt had food or drink for 24 hours
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Lack of coordination / not walking straight
  • Collapse
  • Trembling
  • Seizures
  • Hit by a car, fell from height, or suffered bite wounds
  • Seems to be in a lot of pain when touched

With Almost 11000 Square Feet Of Space Our Chicago Practice Is Open Round The Clock 365 Days A Year To Heal Pets To Help Owners And Support Referring Veterinarians Aetc

With the addition of our Chicago hospital, we can offer more flexibility to those clients enrolled in our Blood Donor Program. We are very fortunate to have several clients that travel from Chicago to our Grayslake hospital every 8 to 10 weeks so their pet can donate blood. Now, these clients will have the opportunity to donate at our Chicago hospital. With over 80 dogs and 25 cats currently enrolled in our 100% volunteer Blood Donor Program, we are dedicated to growing the program to serve the local Chicagoland veterinary community with quality blood products at a phone call away.

AETC – Chicago Links:

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List Of Emergency Vets In Chicago Il

TEL: Our veterinarians and staff believe each pet deserves exceptional veterinary careand that you play an integral role in your pets health care, too. A well-informed owner is a strong proponent of preventive care, so we not only treat your pet but educate you, too.

TEL: GoodVets Streeterville is the first and only animal hospital located in the Streeterville neighborhood of downtown Chicago. Home to wonderfully passionate pet owners and two dog parks located in Bennett Park, Streeterville is regarded as one of the most pet-friendly areas of Chicago.

TEL: At West Loop Veterinary Care, it is our sincerest desire that your pet receives the highest standard of care we can give. Our full-service, AAHA-accredited facility is more than just an animal hospital its a place where exceptional pet care and stellar customer service are pledged.

TEL: South Loop Animal Hospital has been serving Chicagos south loop and lakeshore communities since 2009. Weve grown since then, but our humble mission is the same. Our veterinarians and staff believe each pet deserves exceptional veterinary careand that you play an integral role in your pets health care, too.

TEL: At VCA Lake Shore Animal Hospital, we look forward to welcoming you, your dog, cat and other pets. Everyone on our staff believes that the better we get to know your pets, the better we can provide the best possible health care for them.

Chicago Pet Emergency Care

Top Rated Local Veterinarians â Metropolitan Veterinary Center

Not every health problem your pet faces will require emergency Medical Assistance. Some symptoms may grow gradually or seem small on the surface, making it hard to determine if instant medical care is required. If you feel your pet may require Emergency Medical Care, you can always get in touch with us.

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Emergency Is Our Middle Nameit’s All We Do So We Do It Best

Maybe it was your puppy’s accidental tumble down the stairs or the bag of candy your Chihuahua ate in the middle of the night. Or maybe your cat got into the lily bush on the 4th of July. Pet emergencies can happen at any time, but not every hospital is open 24/7. Thats where we come in.

Veterinary Emergency Group has revolutionized pet emergency care with a unique customer experience, a highly trained emergency focused staff and on-site advanced diagnostic tools and treatments. Our patients see a doctor right away and you can stay with your pet through every step of the process. Emergency is our middle name. Its all we do, so we do it best.

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