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Amtrak Chicago To New Orleans

Amtraks City Of New Orleans Wrap

Riding Amtrak’s World Famous “City of New Orleans” | Superliner Roomette | New Orleans-Chicago

The City of New Orleans is a safe, relaxing, and fun way to travel to your next adventure. Chicago Union Station and New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal are located in the heart of their cities, making it easy to walk to your stop and take public transportation, taxi, or rideshare to or from your lodging.

Bringing Food Aboard The City Of New Orleans

With train travel, you have food options. You can bring food onboard or purchase items from the cafe. Sleeping car passengers receive meals are part of the ticket price.

Remember, others are around, so be considerate when bringing food onboard egg salad or other foods with pungent odors are never a good idea.

Due to FDA regulations, you cannot bring food or drink into any Amtrak food cars you did not purchase on the train food for small children is the exception. Amtrak staff cannot store or warm any food for you.

Advantages Of A Sleeper Car

Besides having your own space to yourself, the sleeper cars come with plenty of advantages. Before you board the train, youll have free access to the station lounges. Which is a big plus.

Sleeper car customers are also escorted right to their train car. Then your own personal car attendant will update you on whats going on and answer any questions you might have. Our car attendant was from New Orleans. So we got lots of information on things to do in New Orleans.

But probably the best advantage to having a sleeper car is that meals are included for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sadly gone are the days when you sat down to fine china and silverware with someone serving you freshly cooked food. But never the less, you will get fed.

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How To Get To Atlanta From New Orleans

Getting from New Orleans is a nice glide across the southern tier of America that will show you forests, fields and swamps. Both the fact and folklore that have made this part of the country mysterious is evident in the scenery that will pass you by. Start at Union Station in New Orleans and land in Atlanta later that same night. In under 13 hours you can be in Atlanta ready for a night on the town. If you were to drive this part of the country it would be a quick 7 hours, but most of the fun would be lost.

I have done this trip on Amtrak and it is a childhood memory that will be seared in my mind forever. Gliding across Lake Ponchartrain feels like you are flying over it. I remember scanning the water for alligators. I never saw any, but I knew they were there.

Riding the Amtrak Crescent might just be the best part of your vacation. You can choose any seat from Coach to Bedroom Suites on the Crescent. For this 13 hours venture, a bedroom would work well for passengers with children or those that need to get work done. However, if you are on a vacation, take advantage of the dining car for hot meals or grab a snack at the cafe car. The Crescent makes nine stops between Atlanta and New Orleans, giving you plenty of time to experience every amenity this train offers.

Baggage On Amtraks City Of New Orleans

CITY OF NEW ORLEANS Route: Time Schedules, Stops &  Maps

Amtraks generouscarry-on policy allows for two twenty-eight-inch suitcases and two personal items all bags must weigh fifty pounds or less.

Coach cars offer storage above your seat. Sleeping accommodations have some but not a lot of storage. Most coach and sleeper cars have a luggage rack on the lower level to store your items, but no one watches luggage stowed there.

Check bag service is not available for all stops. To prevent a day of travel surprises, verify that both stations you are using offer checked bag service before leaving. Further down in this article is a list of all station stops and the services offered. You cannot check bags on this train if one or both stations do not offer checked bag service.

If you connect to or from this train, your checked bags will follow you as you travel, except for bus transfers. When in doubt, ask onboard or station staff.

If you check your bags, you will not have access to them until you reach your final destination. You must check your bags at least forty-five minutes before the departure of the train the major exception is Hammond, LA.

For example, my fictitious adventure is from Omaha, NE, to New Orleans, LA. Since both stations offer checked bags service, I can drop them off in Omaha and grab them in New Orleans. While enjoying dinner and a brew during my Chicago layover, Amtrak takes my bags off the California Zephyr and puts them in the City of New Orleans.

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Amtrak City Of New Orleans

The City of New Orleans is an Amtrak route that runs daily trains from Chicago to New Orleans and vice versa. The City of New Orleans includes a sightseer lounge with panoramic windows for the best views of the five states along the route. Affordable Coach seats cost about for a trip from Chicago to New Orleans. However, the City of New Orleans also offers private roomettes and bedrooms for added comfort and luxury . Passengers who book sleeper accommodations will enjoy included meals, and all passengers can stop into the cafe car to purchase meals and snacks.

How To Get To Los Angeles From New Orleans

The trip from the New Orleans Union Station to Los Angeless Union Station will be filled with the sandy southwest and its desert scenes. Hugging the Mexico Border will be an experience that you wont have often. Take advantage of the fantastic scenery on this 46 hour trip across much of the North American continent. Twenty-one stops over almost 1,700 miles shows you sprawling vistas views and desert landscapes dotted with cacti that you didnt know existed.

The Amtrak Sunset Limited will be your home for the next two days as you glide across the landscape. Get cozy in a roomette or get a family bedroom if you are bringing the kids. The Family Bedroom includes seating for four and four beds for crossing the country overnight.

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How To Get To Chicago From New Orleans

Going from New Orleans to Chicago will give you a new perspective on the heartland of America. Load up in New Orleans Union Station and enjoy a night on the train. Choose a comfortable bedroom and sleep throughout the 22 stop, 19 hour trip that this Amtrak route serves. By the time you awake, youll be close to Chicago and ready for a day of fun.

The Amtrak City of New Orleans is a Superliner double decker passenger train that has all the amenities you will need for an overnight trip. However, during the day you can enjoy all of your meals in the dining car or in your room, if you have a bedroom, free of charge. You also need to take advantage of the Sightseer Lounge to get the best view. One notable item is that there is no WiFi available on the City of New Orleans, therefore you must make arrangements if you need to work or stream movies.

Best Amtrak Trips From New Orleans

Amtrak Ride From New Orleans To Chicago Ends In Mississippi

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New Orleans is really like no other city in the United States. The conglomeration of culture, architecture, history and entertainment has all other cities beat.

The music that you will hear on every street corner and alleyway is original and has that sound that informs you of exactly where you are. Jazz is the sound of New Orleans and is played everywhere from clubs to funerals. There is so much soul in the music and lyrics that you can feel it in your bones!

Choosing to start your vacation in New Orleans will set the tone for an experience of a life time. Start in New Orleans and head out west for an adventure that cant be scripted. Likewise, you can head east and visit cities with sky scrapers and peaches. Head north and see a Great Lake kissed by a world class city.

The best Amtrak trips from New Orleans are definitely worth the trip. Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Antonio all have something to offer that will make your ride on the rails a priceless memory.

Before you head out on your journey be sure to check out our list of 20 must have items for your next Amtrak trip.

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How To Get To San Antonio From New Orleans

Your trip from the Big Easy to The Home of the Alamo starts in New Orleans Union Station and ends 15 hours later in San Antonio. If you were to drive this route, it would take over eight hours. Be adventurous and take the Amtrak Sunset Limited and leave the car at home.

The Amtrak Sunset Limited is a luxurious train that has everything you would want for a nap or a good nights rest. From Coach to Family bedrooms, you can choose what fits your budget and travel style. A dining car and cafe round out the amenities that make this a great way to travel.

A Resource For Planning For Your Time In New Orleans

Regarding traveling, resources are essential, and I have an excellent one for you.

The Beyond Bourbon Street Podcast is the best resource for planning your next adventure to The Crescent City.

The podcast aims to inform travelers that New Orleans is more than Marti Gras and Bourbon St it has diverse neighborhoods with rich history and offers something for all ages and interests.

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What To Do In San Antonio

If you know me, you know I am a fan of anything free in any city. In San Antonio there is a lot to amuse you and many are FREE! Start at the Riverwalk to get the flavor of the city. Next, you havent visited San Antonio unless youve been to the Alamo. The Japanese Tea Garden is also a great place to meditate or take in a beautiful spring day in San Antonio. Lastly, stroll around the El Mercado and see what interests you in this unique place of Mexican jewelry, candy and other unique items from Mexico.

Anywhere you go from New Orleans is going to be an adventure. After youve eaten the crawfish and walked the mysterious and curious streets, its time to get to where youre going. Traveling from this great city on a train by Amtrak will add to the memories that you make when you get to your destination.

Go City San Antonio all inclusive attraction pass details can be found here.

Bringing Alcohol On The Train

Trip Map

You may transport adult beverages in coach class but cannot partake from your stash as you travel. If you get out of hand from drinking too much or are caught breaking this rule, you may get kicked off the train and possibly fined.

Sleeping car passengers can bring adult beverages onboard and consume them in their rooms, but they can get thrown off the train for belligerent behavior like coach passengers.

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Amtrak Vacations Customization Options

Start from any of the 500+ Amtrak Stations across the United States.

Upgrade to a sleeping accommodation onboard the train.

Add extra nights in a favorite destination.

Pick your own accommodation.

Add additional sightseeing.

Take any itinerary in reverse.

See a rail vacation package you like, but it would be even better with an extra day at the beginning or end of the journey? Or an extra day in between in a different destination? Or you think a package would be better in reverse?

Discover all options for customizing your rail vacation!

A Brief History: From Illinois Central To Amtrak

In 1911 Illinois Central created a Chicago to New Orleans route, The Panama Limited, an overnight train. Besides leaving Chicago and New Orleans., an extension of this train connected St Louis, MO, to New Orleans. In Carbondale, IL, the two trains would come together or split depending on the direction.

The Citof New Orleans

Eventually, Illinois Central changed the St Louis route to a bus connection. Here is a sample timetable from 1962 reflecting that change.

Later on, Illinois Central added a day train, The City of New Orleans. The train was later made famous by Steve GoodmansThe City of New Orleans song.

Illinois Central operated trains out of Chicago at Central Station), now known as the Millenium Station.

Amtrak took over most passenger rail services in 1971 and eventually moved the City of New Orleans and Panama Limited operations to Chicago Union Station. In 1987, Metra took over Illinois Central commuter rail after buying the IC line.

After a few years of running both trains, Amtrak eliminated the City of New Orleans, keeping the Panama Limited schedule. In the 80s, Amtrak returned the City of New Orleans name by renaming it Panama Limited. It is a rebranding move because the song is a more recognizable name.

Over the years, Illinois Central and Amtrak changed the route, like schedule tweaks, the cities served, and changing St Louis, MO, to Carbondale, IL section from train to bus.

Amtraks City of New Orleans

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City Of New Orleans Train

This train from Chicago to New Orleans follows the Mississippi River Valley and leaves Chicago at 8 pm throughout the week. The whole trip takes almost 20 hours until you pull into the New Orleans passenger terminal. The time flies by fast though since most of the trip is during the night.

Then around 6:30 the next morning the train pulls into Memphis, and thats when the best scenery begins. Travelling through Mississippi and Louisiana youll past by lots of dramatic cypress swamps and steel bridges. We saw a few cranes and herons. And maybe if youre lucky, you could spot an alligator or two in the Deep South.

Amenities On The Chicago To New Orleans Train

Train across USA #11: Chicago-New Orleans sleeper on Amtrak’s City of New Orleans 2016-05-12

The sightseer lounge on the top level of the train is a popular spot for watching the scenery. On the lower level is where you can find the Cafe for some food and drinks. You can get something to eat or drink all day until late into the night.

There is no wifi available on this train. We brought movies downloaded on our computer, but never ended up watching them. The scenery out the window was more interesting.

There are washrooms on each train car on the lower level. So you never have to walk far. Only the sleeper car accommodations include showers.

There are luggage racks on the lower levels near the doors to store your extra bags.

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Help Support Amtrak Unlimited Discussion Forum:

Gerard said:Hi- I hope people can help me. I’m flying to the states from Ireland next year and am giving consideration to a deal offered by a travel agent here. Basically a 10 day trip which includes 2 nights Chicago- train to Memphis then onto New Orleans to see the trip out.My question is that the train journey is coach class and over night which I’m happy with but is coach class doable for an over night ? Is it comfortable ? Reliable ? I know I’m getting a lot in for a short space of time but would hate it to be ruined by unreliable / uncomfortable experience. Any advice welcome

Kat314159 said:If you can sleep in a recliner with the TV on loud you’re probably good for Coach class. Blanket and a pillow and ear plugs and I find coach quite OK. Its a pleasant way to really see America out the window.

The Average Cost Of Riding The City Of New Orleans

These prices are based on one person traveling from end to end and are a reference.

Amtrak uses step or bucket prices, which means they set aside seats or rooms at one cost, and after selling those, the price goes up to the next bucket or steps.

The cost can go down if people cancel their trip and accommodation becomes available, which is why prices fluctuate as you research.

There are two prices wrapped up in one for sleeping accommodations the first is the room rate, and the second is the rail fair. You pay one room rate and two rail fairs when booking a room with someone. For example, one person in a roomette is $319, but for two, the total is $494.

Discounts like senior, military, or others come off the rail price, not the room price. Click the button below for more information on saving money on Amtrak and how deals work.

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Resources For Checking The Status Of The Train

Amtraks Site and App

Yes! With a computer or a smart device, you can check the status of The City of New Orleans or any of Amtraks trains. The Amtrak app and website have buttons to push to enter the needed info to view the trains status.

With Amtrak, there are two ways to gather this info.

Option one is by Train Number you need the trains number and a station.

For example, if you are getting on the train in Kankakee, IL, heading to New Orleans, and are curious how it is doing as it heads South from Chicago, enter 59 for the train number and KKI or Kankakee.

If you do not know your trains number, look at your ticket, it is on there.

If you want to get info , enter the city where the train started and where you are getting on the train. Suppose we use the last example, type in CHI or Chicago for the departure station and KKI for the arrival.

Either way works, but knowing the trains number works best for me. I often will how the train did at the stop before mine, for this will give me an idea if I have time to spare or if I need to hurry. Remember that trains can make up some time if they are running late.

If you use the Amtrak app on your day of travel, look at the area with your ticket. There youll see a button that says trip tools after you hit that, a drop-down menu will give you the option to check your train status for your stop and destination.

Or you can also call 1-800-USA-Rail to get train status.

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