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Amtrak Chicago To Seattle Sleeper Car

How Much Does A Roomette Cost On Amtrak

46 hrs in Amtrak Sleeper Car – Chicago to Seattle on the Empire Builder

Amtrak tickets are priced using the fare buckets on the basis of availability. The cost of the roomette is similar, whether one or two individuals are in it. On average, one Amtrak roomette costs $200 to $600 more than the seating accommodations in the coach section, according to our research. This fee will be added on top of the regular fares. Like airline tickets, the fares will greatly depend on your destination, so its highly advisable you use the Amtrak search feature to know exactly how much your fare will cost.

According to one user on this Fodors.com forum thread, she had to pay $331 per night on top of the regular fare.

On the Chicago Tribune, the writer noted that he had paid a $575 extra to book a roomette from Los Angeles to Chicago.

Passing Time On The Amtrak Empire Builder With A Few Drinks

It was nearing the five oclock hour as we passed by the brewing plant. So this was also a prompt to consider a beer. People sitting around us were already kicking back a few. The quiet dome lounge was becoming more social, as the Empire Builder changed from its northbound trajectory to heading west.

A café & bar was actually right underneath us as we sat in the domed viewing lounge. Each of the Empire Builders train cars is actually a double-decker train car. So we descended the stairs to scope out drinking options, which seemed like a natural activity to pursue while on a 48-hour train ride.

But with a drinking preference towards craft beer in combination with a penchant towards budget travel, $7 Coronas were not a strong selling point for us.

Thankfully, unlike regulations during air travel, Amtrak allows passengers to carry-on and consume their own alcohol aboard trains. So we most certainly planned ahead and stockpiled a small cooler with some of Chicagos great microbrews to enjoy while on this scenic train ride across America.

The Direction From Seattle To Chicago Seemed To Provide Better Times For Scenery Viewing

The Empire Builder departs Seattle at around 4 in the afternoon from King Street Station, in the Pioneer Square/Old Town area of the city.

We took the eastbound train from Seattle, which departs around 4pm and arrives around the same time in Chicago two days later. The westbound version leaves Chicago around 2pm and again, arrives the same-ish time two days later.

Crews in Seattle work the Seattle version of the train while Chicago crews work the Portland version of the train in both directions.

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Travel The Pioneer Trails Northwest To Seattle On This 5

This tour is no longer on sale as an escorted tour. Alternative similar tours are listed below.

2022 Tour code: TU-SNCW-22


Your winter escape begins with a day at your leisure inChicago. All of the city’s attractions are decorated for the winterholidays. Admire the sparkling lights along Michigan Avenue. Browsethe shop windows on State Street themed for the winter season.Participate in winter activities at Navy Pier. Take in panoramicviews from the top of Willis Tower. Overnight Chicago.

Arrive at historic Union Station for your mid-afternoondeparture aboard Amtrak’s Empire Builder. Once onboard thislegendary train, settle into your seat or private sleeper andprepare for the 2,206 mile journey through some of the mostbreathtaking scenery in the country. As the train makes its waytoward Minnesota, bustling cities give way to the rolling prairiesof the northwest. This evening, enjoy a hot meal in the Dining Carand settle in for your first evening aboard the train. Overnighttrain.

  • Dinner
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Breakfast

Your winter train escape comes to a close today. Transfer onyour own to the airport or rail station for your return trip home,-or, extend your stay in Seattle to fully experience everything thecity has to offer.

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Whats Included With Amtrak Sleeping Accommodations

No matter which Amtrak train or sleeping accommodation you choose, all of your meals are included in the dining car for the entire journey. Meals of the microwaveable type are once again offered aboard the Silver Star and Silver Meteor trains between Tampa/Miami and New York City.

However, the traditional, table cloth dining car with meals cooked to order, is gone. Now you have microwaved Flexible Dining choices. Basically, oversalted, chemical-rich meals. But they are tasty if you dont think about it.

The company claims that because Millennials would rather be on their phone than sit and converse with strangers at a dining table, it was more cost effective to do away with the dining car. But I disagree and digress.

Also included when you purchase an accommodation are complimentary bottled water, coffee, tea and juice, turn down service by your room attendant, individual climate control, soap, towels and tissues.

Rather than sit in a chair on an overnight Amtrak train, opt for a sleeper. Youll never go back to sleeping in a coach seat again!

If you find yourself in coach and want to upgrade if a sleeper is available, you can do so without a change fee. Its done either by phone to Amtrak or on the Amtrak app.


Amtrak Empire Builder Recommendation

Despite some criticisms, we recommend the Amtrak Empire Builder as a unique travel journey to experience a charming slice of America that comes with some beautiful views.

Approach this cross country train experience with an open mind and an unhurried attitude. Appreciate the small things, enjoy the scenery, and revel in the novelty of rail travel. Come prepared . Taking the Amtrak Empire Builder can be a good experience, but that partly depends on what you make of it.

We would generally caution against pursuing this three-day rail journey using coach seats as we did. It may be fine for one night. But having to spend two nights in a row gets rough in coach seats.

We only recommend coach class on the Amtrak Empire Builder in the following instances:

  • traveling in shorter segments, or
  • for seasoned budget travelers who are accustomed to such conditions, or
  • if thats all you can afford and youre using the train as transportation.
  • Yet for those pursuing the Amtrak Empire Builder as a vacation trip, be sure to book early to secure a Superliner Roomette. Having a proper bed to lie down in will better allow sleep and provide for a much more enjoyable experience. Lastly, if time allows, consider stopping along the Empire Builder route in order to break up the long train trip for a more full rail vacation.

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    See It In Pictures: Cross

    The view from the trainas the California Zephyr snakes along those Colorado canyons…

    The California Zephyr, just arrived in Emeryville after its 2,438-mile run from Chicago, 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

    Amtrak Empire Builder Superliner Bedroom

    46 Hours in Amtrak Sleeper Train on Empire Builder – Chicago to Seattle | Part ONE

    Our bedroom was nearly identical to our bedroom on the Coast Starlight journey up. The only difference was that the bathroom and sink were positioned slightly differently. The bedroom can accommodate up to three but is best for two or two with a young child. The ensuite restroom includes a toilet and shower combo with a sink on the outside.

    Bedding was clean and included two large, plush pillows.

    The room had a blue night light which cast an eerie shadow over the room before we finally figured out how to turn it off.

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    Amtrak Empire Builder Dining Review

    Meals in the dining car were surprisingly good quality. The burgers for lunch exceeded are expectations. The seared Norwegian salmon dinner was tasty and cooked perfectly. Plated on a branded Amtrak plate that was filled with plentiful sides of wild rice pilaf and green beans, it left us pleasantly full.

    At first, the seating arrangements seemed quite awkward since strangers in parties less than four people are sat together. But it ultimately enhanced our experience, meeting new people along the journey.

    We found meal and drink prices to be on the high side for what you get. But thats to be expected, given the captive audience. Reminder: dining car service is included for those with superliner roomettes, which helps to justify the higher cost. But those who purchase coach seats will pay a premium for their meals.

    Meanwhile in the cafe car, snacks and impromptu meals in the café car are more reasonable in cost, but consist solely of microwaved items such as pizza and hot dogs. The cafe car is below the domed lounge area. Most people got their food from the cafe car to eat back in their seats or in the lounge upstairs, which provides more scenic ambiance.

    How To Make Reservations For A Sleeper Car On Amtrak

    Experience breaktaking scenery while riding aboard a train.

    For your next national vacation, consider traveling by train. There’s something about a train that has a romantic feeling perhaps it’s because trains have been used as a mode of transportation for more than two centuries, or maybe it’s because you can see the sights and landscape that the US has to offer while making your way to your destination. If you do plan on using train as your means of travel, Amtrak offers national service and even features sleeper cars for more comfort on long, overnight trips.

    Step 1

    Make a reservation for a sleeper car with Amtrak via telephone. Dial 800-USA-RAIL to book your tickets and make arrangements for a sleeper car.

    Step 2

    Make a reservation for a sleeper car with Amtrak online. Visit the Amtrak website and go to the ticketing option on the left-hand side of the screen. Select your departing city, destination city, the date of your travel and the number of occupants who will be traveling. A list of available seating options will be displayed. If a sleeper car is available for the trip you want to book, a “Buy Rooms” icon will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the “Buy Rooms” icon and select the type of room you want to book.

    Step 3


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    What Does An Amtrak Superliner Bedroom Look Like

    The main difference between and Amtrak Superliner Bedroom and Roomette is the amount of space. The bedroom features a long sofa and a separate chair that faces the sofa. Theres a pull-up table between the sofa and chair.

    There is also the large vanity area with counter-space for your toothbrush etc. Youll also find a small enclosed cabinet with a couple of shelves. There are also extra hand towels and wash cloths.

    Superliner Bedroom with a Private Bathroom

    Aside from extra space and a bigger bed, the really best thing about having an Amtrak Superliner Bedroom is your own private bathroom with shower. Fresh towels, soap and a handle to hang on to as you travel!

    INSIDER TIP: Try to time your shower to when the train is going slower, or pulled over while waiting for a freight train to pass. Dont waste a daytime station stop, though, by showering instead of getting fresh air.

    How To Book This Amtrak Sale

    46 hrs in Amtrak Sleeper Car

    To take advantage of these two-for-one Amtrak fares, you can enter the discount code C645 when booking, or visit the promotion page at amtrak.com and the price will be automatically discounted.

    This Amtrak sale is valid for one free companion fare with the purchase of a regular full adult fare. Passengers must travel together in the same room for sleeping accommodations and on the same reservation.

    This article originally appeared online in June 2018 it was updated on April 6, 2021, to include current information.

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    Chug Along Amtrak Train Empire Builder Chug Along

    he world according to Amtrak. Pick a route and get exploring the nation.

    Filed Under: North America, Pacific Northwest, Planes, Trains & AutomobilesTagged With: amtrak, amtrak empire builder, chicago union station, cross country train travel, empire builder, montana, puget sound, Seattle king street train station, sleeping car, sleeping car train travel, train dining car

    I Hopped Aboard The Empire Builder For A Ride From Seattle To Chicago Some Great Views And Lots Of Good Food

    I hadnt seen my son who lives in Bellingham, Wash., since before the pandemic, and I had never slept on a train, so I decided to visit my son and then take the train from Seattle to Chicago on the way back to Boston. My romantic visions of North by Northwest and Some Like it Hot were fueled when I learned that Amtrak was returning some trains to white-tablecloth dining a glamorous alternative to the prepackaged meals that have been standard fare since 2019.

    The Empire Builder is one train that has reinstated chef-prepared meals. It travels from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean, wending its way along the Mississippi roughly following the route of Lewis and Clark across the North Dakota plains, through the Wisconsin Dells, and dipping into Glacier National Park. It crosses a bit of Idaho and traverses the rugged terrain of Eastern Washington before it splits at Spokane, where some of the cars head to Seattle and others leave to go through the Columbia Gorge and onto Portland. According to Amtraks Ridership reports, its the most popular long-distance route, and many experienced riders claim that it is also the most scenic. Sold!

    After a great visit with my son, I booked a roomette on the Empire Builder headed from Seattle to Chicago. I dropped off my rental car in downtown Seattle and walked a few blocks to King Street Station.

    They are working on transitioning to china and glassware, Lori assured me. Come back at the end of the summer!

    If you go . . .

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    Amtrak Empire Builder Condition & Cleanliness Review

    The train cars were clean and in good condition when we boarded. But the conditions of the bathrooms deteriorated the further we got. They could have been maintained better, particularly on the latter half of the trip. That said, the restroom compartments seemed to hold up better than other facilities weve encountered on long-distance trains around the world.

    When pulling out of Chicagos Union Station, at least the bathrooms were sparkling clean then. We cant say the same about the windows. We were annoyed by the fact that those beautiful panoramic windows on the dome car hadnt been washed, from the start! The views are a big part of the appeal of a rail journey across the US. So we felt that the lack of window washing to be the Empire Builders biggest blunder and such an easy remedy!

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