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Amtrak Chicago To Washington Dc

The Bathrooms In Coach Weren’t Too Clean Either

A Ride on the eastbound “Capitol Limited” (Amtrak train #30) from Chicago to Washington, DC

In my experience, the bathrooms in coach are pretty gross. I found it genuinely upsetting to have to use the bathrooms, but I dealt with it since my trip was only 18 hours.

I’m not sure if I could have handled them if this was an 80-hour trip, which is how long I’ve spent going from DC to Seattle.

A representative for Amtrak told Insider its “train attendants strive to keep our lavs in clean, working order. But, like all public lavs, we always at the mercy of the previous user.”

Do You Qualify To Use Amtrak Lounges

There are several ways for you to qualify to use the lounge.

  • Select Plus and Select Executive Amtrak Guest Rewards members with a valid member card.
  • Amtrak passengers with a same-day travel ticket in First Class or sleeping car accommodations.
  • Complimentary Single-Visit Station Lounge Pass holders may access ClubAcela, Metropolitan Lounge, and Unstaffed Lounge locations.
  • Private car owners/lessee and their party may use them between arrival and departure time specified in the reservation. Provide your reservation number to the lounge agent.
  • Due to space limited in Los Angeles Union Station Metropolitan Lounge may restrict the size of a private car party sizes in the lounge.
  • Chicago offers a day pass for its lounge, but there is a fee.
  • How Do You Access An Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge

    There are several ways to access Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges. If you hold a First Class Acela ticket or sleeper car accommodations, you will have complimentary access to the lounges. You may also access the lounges if you have Elite Status with Amtrak. This includes Select Plus and Select Executive only, you will need to present your member card. If you have a business class ticket departing from the following stations only, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis and Portland, you can also access the lounges.

    Complimentary day passes can be earned through tier status. If you dont gain access by one of the methods mentioned above, you can purchase a day pass at select stations that will give you access for the day, $35 except for NYC Moynihan Train Hall, $50. Note, not all train stations offer purchasing the day pass option. The last group of those who can access the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge, is private rail car owners and their traveling parties. Los Angeles Union Station is the only station where this is not valid.

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    Capitol Limited Washington Dc To Chicago Bedroom


    I travelled from Miami to Savannah. The train was stopped for an hour and a half on the road waiting for three trains to cross. Not reliable, not organized. Totally unpunctual. Totally unreliable !!! Never more!!!!

    We recently traveled this route Boston South Station to Penn Station NY. we went first class and if you can afford it book that fare. The staff from arriving at the station, red caps I think, to the attendants on the train were very friendly and only to happy to help. The red cap took our bags and came and got us from the Amtrak lounge when it was time to board and even stowed our bags. Yes we did tip them but they were polite and made you feel that they would help without expecting anything. The food on the train was quite nice and the attendant ‘guided’ us to the best dish of the day. The train was clean as was the toilet. If traveling in The USA again by train I would have no hesitation using Amtrak. Sorry but we didn’t check the standard cabin so I cannot say what it was like.

    After Going The Length Of The Train To The Sleeper Car I Walked Through A Labyrinth Of Tight Hallways

    after spending a good chunk of my afternoon in club acela ...

    The cars at the front of the train were for coach passengers, but the sleeper cars were all the way at the end of the track.

    Once I finally found the appropriate train car, I had to walk down several hallways to find my room. The hallways were so narrow that I could barely fit my suitcase down them.

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    How To Find Cheap Train Tickets From Washington Dc To Chicago

    As you begin your search for cheap train tickets from Washington, D.C. to Chicago, take advantage of the convenience and reliability of Omio. On the Omio website, you can sort search results according to departure time, duration of travel, and price. The search filters allow you to find tickets with specific providers, departing or arriving at specific stations, and falling under a certain price range.

    Once you find a deal that you do not want to let slip away, you may want to book in advance to avoid any price increases as the date of your travel approaches. You can also search multiple travel dates simultaneously, so consider being flexible with your departure and return dates. Trains that are slower or involve more changes are typically less expensive, so if you have the time, that is another way to save money on your journey.

    On A Recent Trip To The Midwest I Decided To Take The Road Less Traveled And Booked A 19

    Recently I’ve seen people on social media taking Amtrak trains across the country and glamorizing their experiences. As someone who loves to travel by plane, I’ve always been wary of a long-haul train ride. But on this trip, I wanted to try something different, so I gave this new travel trend a shot.

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    Capitol Ltd Washington Dc To Chicago

    Travelled overnight in a “bedroom” cabin – very good amenities and enough room for my very large suitcase to open , service from the attendants was excellent, HOWEVER, the temperature in the cabin was extremely cold. Despite turning off the air inlet, cold air was still blowing down on top of my head the whole journey. As I was on my own in a cabin for two people, I used the second blanket on my bed, but that was no where near enough to counter the cold air. Extremely uncomfortable night – when I asked attendant if anything could be done to make the temperature warmer I was told “oh, that is always the cold side of the train” – not good enough Amtrak, you need to fix that, there should not be a cold side.The other not-so-good thing was the food. When I booked my ticket the train had a restaurant car with proper table-service and menu choice, but this had been changed by the time I was travelling , food now has to be collected from a small cafe-type area and the menu choice is extremely limited and despite informing attendant in advance of my choice, when I arrived to pick it up , I was told there was none left. There was no choice for the breakfast and as I have some food allergies, essentially there was nothing I could eat in the breakfast provided.While it can be very pleasant to travel by train and have your own room at a cheaper price than staying in a hotel, being cold and hungry completely ruins the journey, I would not do it again.

    How Long Is The Journey By Train From Washington Dc To Chicago

    Capitol Limited Amtrak sleeper train DC to Chicago

    The total duration of your journey will depend on the train line you ride and your departure time. The fastest option of the entire week is the Capitol Limited, which completes the journey in about 17h 45min and typically leaves from Washington, D.C. around 4:00 p.m. for an arrival in Chicago around 8:45 a.m. This journey does not require any changes. The other lines generally take about 24h to complete the journey, with one change at Penn Station in New York City.

    Washington Spring. Source: Shutterstock

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    What Is/are The Departure And Arrival Stations For Trains From Washington Dc To Chicago

    Departure train station: The departure station for trains from Washington, D.C. to Chicago is Union Station in Washington, D.C. It is located near the National Mall and the U.S. Capitol Building, with connections to the local metro, MARC commuter trains, buses, and taxi or rideshare options. The station offers a food court, restrooms, checked baggage, luggage storage, parking, ticketing counters, and self-service kiosks. The station has connections to WMATA trains to access downtown and the famous Dupont Circle, plus transfers to other trains. You can also take MARC Penn trains to BWI Airport or into downtown Baltimore.

    Arrival train station: The arrival station for trains from Washington, D.C. to Chicago is Union Station in Chicago, Illinois. This station is located at 225 South Canal Street in the heart of Downtown Chicago. It offers Wi-Fi, Restrooms, a large food court and shopping options at the mezzanine level, ticket sales offices, bag storage, checked baggage service, and the luxurious Metropolitan Lounge. Note that there is no parking available at the station, so you will need to plan your transit there in advance. The station provides connections to Metra commuter trains, and the two nearest CTA transit stations are about ten minutes away on foot – Quincy is accessible via the brown, orange, pink and purple lines and Jackson is accessible via the blue line.

    Which Stations Have Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges

    There are 10 Amtrak stations with Metropolitan Lounges. Each station is a bit different as are the lounges at each one. The bigger stations will have additional amenities for the passengers, such as large food halls and luggage storage. Here is a list of the Amtrak train stations with lounges.

    • Boston South Station
    • New York City Moynihan Train Hall
    • Philadeliphia 30th Street Station
    • St. Louis Gateway Arch Station
    • DC Union Station

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    When Traveling From Chicago Il To Washington Dc By Train Which Stations Can I Use

    In Chicago, IL, departure stations include Chicago, IL, Chicago Union Station and Chicago, IL – Union Station. When you arrive in Washington, DC, you may be able to disembark at stations such as Washington, DC, Washington Union Station and Washington, DC – Union Station. Remember though that the exact stations served on each route can vary. Different providers may depart from and arrive at different stations. Furthermore, if you travel on an express service, the number of stations may be limited, and the exact stations served on a particular route may vary at different times of day or day of the week. Check in advance to ensure that you are departing from and arriving at a station that is convenient for your journey.

    I Kept Anticipating Delays Which Made Me A Bit Anxious

    Washington, DC to Chicago, IL on Amtrak

    My train was only slightly delayed, which was nice.

    But Amtrak so often has delays that anticipating them can feel exhausting. I once took a Capitol Limited train that was about five or seven hours delayed.

    With trips that can take hours, I want to know exactly how long I’m going to be traveling. When the arrival date keeps getting pushed back, it can make me jittery and anxious, especially in a full car.

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    Getting In To An Amtrak Staffed Lounge

    Using an Amtrak lounge is easy. Here are a few tidbits you should know for your first visit. Most staffed Amtrak lounges require you to use a doorbell for access, so if the door is locked, look for the button. To save time at the desk, have your boarding information prepared to show the agent before entering or while you wait in line.

    After entering the lounge, check in at the desk with the agent by showing them your ticket they will check to make sure you are there on the right day and inform you what you need for your train. The attendant may mark your ticket during the check-in process to show you already checked in if you leave and return.

    I Worked On Getting Comfortable In My New Home For The Next 19 Hours

    I took out the folding table, which was stored beneath the window, and placed my laptop on it. I sat in one of the chairs and put my feet up on the other. After that, I closed the door and shut the curtains so I could have some privacy.

    Once I was settled, I enjoyed the views of New York City as they flashed across the window. I also turned on Netflix for some needed entertainment.

    At that moment, I realized I would not have any problem with the size of the room. In fact, it started to feel cozy.

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    Using Electronics In A Lounge

    When it comes to electronics, use headphones! Keep phone calls short or find an area that will not disturb others. Using the speakerphone option on your phone is disruptive to others headphones can help instead.

    Video calling is okay if you follow the same rules. People sometimes do not realize how loud they are when they talk on the phone and what information they accidentally share with others.

    If you need to take up a lot of space to work, ask if the conference room is open for you to use, it will be easier for you and others. Sadly this section is based on the experience I had with other passengers.

    To Chicago By Traintravel Tips

    TRIP REPORT – Amtrak Cardinal, Chicago to Washington

    Back to that same old place…Sweet Home Chicago. As one of the most notable cities in American history, Chicago is known as the Mecca of the Midwest for a reason. Once you step off the train into historic Union Station, you will understand why this metropolis has been featured in so many movies, songs, and television shows. Take a walk along Lake Michigan, watch the sun rise over the city skyline, grab some deep dish pizza from Giordanos, and stroll through the Magnificent Mile. The Chicago River, which is dyed green to celebrate every St. Patricks Day, has a fantastic riverwalk that brings you through the heart of the city, while still having access to shopping and restaurants.

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    How Long Is The Journey From Chicago Il To Washington Dc By Train

    In order to get from Chicago, IL to Washington, DC faster, consider looking for an express service that makes fewer stops along the way. Conversely, a connecting route may, in some circumstances, be faster than a direct journey. The fastest routes between Chicago, IL and Washington, DC will complete the journey in 17 h 25 min. On average, it will take you about 19 h 22 min to travel the 594.7 mi between Chicago, IL and Washington, DC.

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