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Amtrak From St Louis To Chicago

Best Amtrak Trips From St Louis

Amtrak resumes full-service schedule St. Louis-to-Chicago trips resume

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St. Louis is the city of the great arch, the Gateway to the West. It promises adventure and beauty if you keep traveling through the plains and to the Rockies. Its the halfway point through America and it has so much to offer.

Many flock here when traveling to other places as it is a hub for transportation around the country. At the Gateway Station in St. Louis, you can arrange to travel by public light rail or bus or you can take a long distance train or bus. From here, Amtrak can take you to many destinations in the United States.

You can get to many long distance destinations such as Los Angeles and Denver from St. Louis. However, some of the best and scenic Amtrak trips are not so far away. Take a vacation or try Amtrak for your next out of town meeting. I will bet you will be made a believer in this exciting and comfortable way to travel.


Lower Fares On Metra Electric And Rock Island Lines

Under the Fair Transit South Cook Pilot, Cook County is subsidizing reduced fares for all riders on the Metra Electric and Rock Island lines ONLY. These tickets are not valid on any other Metra line. Click here for a fare chart for the two lines under the pilot. Through December 2022, all Monthly Passes on these two lines will cost $70.

Amtrak St Louis To Chicago Beware

We traveled this past weekend from St. Louis to Chicago by Amtrak with confirmed, prepaid reservations. The trip to Chicago on Thursday afternoon took 8 1/2 hours instead of 5 1/2 because of heat-related issues with the tracks and multiple unplanned stops due to “freight traffic”. If that wasn’t bad enough, our return trip on Sunday, July 1 was completely cancelled by Amtrak without explanation or notifying us. We called them to check the departure status prior to checking out of our hotel which is how we found out the train was cancelled. They told us there were no other trains available for the day, but we could go to the station to talk to customer service about our refund options and “possibly” get a bus trip back to St. Louis, but with no guarantees. Union Station in Chicago is chaotic and unorganized…we were not willing to endure trying to deal with that situation, much less taking a bus back to St. Louis. We spent the next 2 hours scrambling to find a way home. We ended up having to pay $215 to rent a car one way back to St. Louis. Amtrak did this to us in 2006 because of one of the late November ice storms…on that occasion we had to fly home at our own expense! Never, never, never again will Amtrak get my business!

I had no idea that Amtrak was funded by the government. This is probably exactly why they don’t care about customer service…they don’t have to worry about getting repeat customers if our tax dollars are always available to bail them out!

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Train Trips To Chicago

Bus Van Taxi Commuter Train Or Ferry

A Passenger Rail Network for St. Louis For Real This Time

To extend the reach of Amtrak service to communities without rail service and offer a wider selection of destinations, Amtrak established Thruway service with guaranteed connections to Amtrak trains. Dedicated buses carry Amtrak passengers only coordinated buses operate on individual carrier schedules but create easy access to the Amtrak network.

To extend the reach of Amtrak service to communities without rail service and offer a wider selection of destinations, Amtrak established Thruway service with guaranteed connections to Amtrak trains. Dedicated buses carry Amtrak passengers only coordinated buses operate on individual carrier schedules but create easy access to the Amtrak network.

Most routes are served by modern intercity buses that feature restrooms, roomy reclining seating with leg rests and individual lighting.

Take a look at some of the exciting destinations that await you in California, North Carolina and many other states across the US. Just think, these are just a few of the hundreds of locations to choose from.

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Business Class On Illinois Services

Enjoy an enhanced travel experience in Business Class on Illinois Services and youll have access to exclusive amenities such as a fully refundable ticket if canceled prior to departure, 25% point bonus for Amtrak Guest Rewards members, seating in a dedicated car with a service attendant, complimentary coffee and tea, and access to the Metropolitan Lounge in Chicago.

The Land of Lincoln invites you to explore big cities, funky college towns, a majestic state capitol and the proud hometown of the 16th president. Shop in Chicago, get schooled in Champaign-Urbana and tour the Lincoln Library and Tomb in Springfield. Complete your mid-American excursion along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi under the glistening expanse of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Amtrak Trains From St Louis To Chicago

Amtrak provides Texas eagle trains and the Lincoln service trains from St. Lois to Chicago. Lincoln services provide more services than the Texas eagle trains. Lincoln Service trains operate at a maximum speed of 110 mph . Texas Eagle trains are low-speed trains that operate at an average speed of 50 mph .

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Amtrak Hits New Top Speeds Between St Louis And Chicago

A project that won funding from federal stimulus programs during the Obama administration is finally paying off on the Amtrak route between Chicago and St. Louis.

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Focused Adventures/Shutterstock

Amtrak trains traveling between St. Louis and Chicago can now reach speeds of 90 miles per hour, thanks to new brakes installed after three years of delays.

According to an article reporting the news by Mark Schlinkmann for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the new top speeds are one step closer to a final goal of top speeds of 110 miles per hour, which is expected in another year and half. The new top speed trims 15 minutes off the 284-mile journey.

The new top speeds were delayed after the 2017 completion date due to a “longer-than-expected process of installing and testing new GPS-related safety technology called positive train control,” adds Schlinkmann.

“The changes are part of a $1.95 billion upgrade of the St. Louis-Chicago corridor that was mostly finished in 2017,” according to Schlinkmann. “The project, largely funded by federal economic stimulus dollars allotted under then-President Barack Obama, included new rails and concrete ties, new Amtrak stations in Alton and elsewhere and improved crossing gates to keep vehicles from weaving around crossing bars.”

Planetizen picked up the news of the high speed rail funding that included the Chicago-to-St. Louis improvements in 2010.

What Are The Departure And Arrival Stations For Trains From St Louis To Chicago

Amtrak’s return to full service includes 5 daily roundtrips between St. Louis & Chicago

Departure train station: The departure train station for trains from St. Louis to Chicago is the St. Louis Gateway station. Its address is 430 South 15th Street St. Louis. The station features a waiting room and operates daily, 24h a day. It features a first-class lounge for first-class and business-class travelers. It also provides payphones, Quik-Trak kiosks, tickets sale offices, and ATMs. If you need help with your luggage, the train station features bag storage set vices, shipping boxes for sale, luggage assistance, and checked luggage services. St, Louis Gateway Station is wheelchair enabled for reduced mobility travelers. It provides accessible platforms, restrooms, waiting rooms, water fountains, and ticket offices. There is a courtesy wheelchair and courtesy wheelchair lift. The train station has a parking lot for travelers and a designated parking spot for reduced mobility travelers. The station is an easy walk to the city center, but travelers can get public transport options from their locations to the station. Amtrak, Greyhound, and Mega buses have stops at the station. Travelers can also get to the station by train on the Metro St. Louis.

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Trains From St Louis To Chicago

Trains from St. Louis to Chicago are an efficient and convenient way of traveling between the two cities. A train ride gets you in the heart of Chicago, saving you the hassle of commuting from the train station to the city center. Chicago sits about 260 miles from St. Louis. Daily there are about six trains that provide services from St, Louis to Chicago. Trains take about 5h 40min to get from St. Louis to Chicago, and they are operated by Amtrak.

Amtrak Service Is Now Speedier From St Louis To Chicago But Less Frequent To Kansas City

As of Monday morning, Amtrak service between St. Louis and Kansas City was reduced by 50%, with Amtrak citing a state-level decision as the impetus. What used to be two round trips each day by passenger trains will now be limited to one per day with an eastbound departure in Kansas City every morning and a westbound departure in St. Louis in the afternoon.

A federal law requires states to pay a portion of the cost of certain Amtrak trains, a recent Amtrak announcement stated about the change. Missouris state budget does not include funding for continuing to operate two Missouri River Runner round-trip trains.

Chicago-based spokesman Marc Magliari called the cut a pretty significant loss and one that comes even as Missourians express interest in expanding Amtrak service in light of the passage of President Joe Bidens infrastructure bill.

Magliari explained that for shorter Amtrak routes like the Missouri River Runner, a portion of the cost is paid by the state in this case via the Missouri Department of Transportation and that for many years, MoDOT was working with an appropriation from Jefferson City that really wasnt enough.

And theyd accumulated a certain amount of debt, Magliari said Tuesday on St. Louis on the Air. The legislature in Jefferson City this past year decided, Were going to catch up with our bills were not going to incur any debt. But they didn’t appropriate enough to run both round trips.

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How To Find Cheaper Train Tickets From St Louis To Chicago

If you are looking for cheaper train tickets from St. Louis to Chicago, consider booking in advance. Platforms often release train tickets a few months before their scheduled dates. The earlier you buy the train ticket, the cheaper it costs. Flexibility helps in finding cheap train tickets from St. Louis to Chicago. If you are flexible with your travel dates, you will likely land a cheaper deal than with fixed schedules. Trains with connecting services and stops long the journey have cheaper train tickets than trains with direct services. If you are not in a hurry to get to Chicago from St. Louis, consider getting on trains with stops for cheaper train tickets.

What Time Are The Departures From St Louis Mo To Chicago Il


In general, the first departure of the night will leave St Louis, MO at , and the last departure will leave at . However, it is important to remember that this is general information, and these journey times are not necessarily available every day. Timetables for each provider on the route from St Louis, MO to Chicago, IL can change from day to day or month to month. In particular, many providers offer different schedules on weekdays and weekends. Public holidays, local events, and seasonal timetables can also cause schedules to change.

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How To Get To Kansas City On Amtrak

Getting to Kansas City is easy. There are two trains that run twice a day each way from Gateway Station to Kansas City Union Station. You can leave St. Louis in the morning or afternoon, depending on what your itinerary calls for.

The Missouri River Runner is a train that runs on a 283-mile stretch of track that meanders through some of the most populated cities in America. Your trek from St. Louis to Kansas City will take around five and a half hours from point to point, which is only a couple of hours slower than driving. If you factor time for getting gas, a stop for lunch and traffic, you may not be losing much time.

You can choose from coach or business class seating, but the Missouri River Runner does not offer sleeper cars. You can grab a snack at the cafe while you ride watching America pass your window.

There are eight stops that will take you through some of the cutest little towns in the Midwest. There is so much history in the heartland and you may just want to get off and see sights such as The Truman Home in Independence Missouri or beautiful downtown Lees Summit.

What To Do In Little Rock

Little Rock is filled with great things to do and explore. Take a walk down the River Market District and sample Little Rocks nightlife or stop at a comfortable coffee shop. The next day you can visit the Little Rock Zoo and see some of the 200 animals that call the zoo their home. Visit the Arkansas State Capitol and peer into the Governors Office to see what its like to dedicate your life to public service.

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What To Do In Kansas City

Once you reach Kansas City, the excitement begins at Kansas City Union Station. At this over 100 year old station, you can will find theaters, museums, restaurants and you can even catch a ballet.

When you are ready to explore more, take the KC Streetcar and experience the multitude of things to see and do in this great city. See some of the 200 fountains in this City of Fountains. Next explore the historic River Market area where you can buy fresh produce and treats and eat them at nearby Berkley Park on the River. Finally, take a tour of J. Rieger & Company as see where they make all sorts of libations for the perfect cocktail and have been doing so for 150 years.

Which Train Companies Travel From St Louis To Chicago

Amtrak returns to full service includes 5 daily roundtrips between St. Louis & Chicago

The main provider for trains from St. Louis to Chicago is Amtrak. Amtrak is the national railroad operator for major train routes in the United States. Amtrak provides high-speed trains, regional trains, and Intercity trains. Amtrak operates over 300 daily trains to more than 500 locations in the county.

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Tips For Traveling From St Louis By Train

If the cost savings wasnt luring enough, train travel is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel.

The Missouri River Runner in Hermann

With high gas prices, train travel has never looked so appealing. A trip from St. Louis to Chicago costs a mere $31, and you can get to Kansas City for $36. If the cost savings wasnt luring enough, train travel is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel. Nonetheless, Amtrak estimates that 63 percent of travelers have never traveled on its trains before. If youre among those new to train travel, here are six tips to help make the most of your next trip.

  • Tickets. You can buy your tickets online and don’t need a hard copy for travel. Tickets are scanned onboard once the train is in motion. The great thing about Amtrak: If you have a change in plans, then you can change your itinerary online.
  • Schedule. Schedules are fixed, so you dont have as much flexibility as you would if you were driving. Also, keep in mind that Amtrak shares the rails with freight trains, so there can be occasional stops to let them pass. Factor potential delays into travel time.
  • Luggage. Amtrak can accommodate large suitcases. Instead of hoisting them overhead, they’re stored in a designated storage space near each cars door. Amtrak also also offers options for larger items, such as bikes, surf boards, instruments, and sporting equipment.
  • Suggested trips:

    How To Get To Little Rock On Amtrak

    Amtrak has service from St. Louis Gateway Station to Little Rock once a day later in the evening. The trip from point to point will take you around seven hours which is just under 1.5 hours more than driving. Take the train and relax with a meal, skipping the need to stop for gas and find a restaurant on the road.

    Taking the Texas Eagle will get you to Little Rock quickly and if you are a night owl, this might be your new favorite way to travel. The train leaves in the evening and will get you to Little Rock in the wee hours of the morning. However, you can snooze and arrive without any traffic as you make it to your hotel.

    The Texas Eagle is equipped with everything a train traveler would need. It is a double decker Superliner train that features everything from coach seating, to roomettes to family bedrooms complete with a toilet and shower.

    When you want to go for a stroll, enjoy the Texas Eagles observation car, and dining car to get away from it all. The Texas Eagle can take you to California or the Pacific Northwest by way of St. Louis making for a real modern day western adventure.

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