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Art Institute Of Chicago Modern Wing Entrance

Art Institute Of Chicago Modern Wing Entrance

1980s Art Institute Commercial

Cultural places hold their meaning in daily lives. Art Institute of Chicago Modern Wing Entranceis one of these establishments.This organizationis rated 4.8 by NiceLocal users andcan be foundnear the Adams/Wabash stationby the official address:Chicago, IL 60603, 159 E Monroe St.

Geographic system coordinates are: longitude 87°3720.24W , latitude 41°5249.76N .

You can get to know more bydialing a number: 13124433600 orby visiting the website: artic.edu.

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Art Institute Of Chicago Getting There

Located across from MillenniumPark and just yards from Lake Michigan, the Art Institute address is: 111 SouthMichigan Avenue, Chicago IL 60603. For the entrance to the Modern Wing, headover to 159 East Monroe Street.


Upon arrival to the Art Institute,several parking options are available. The simplest is valet parking available at the Modern Wing entrance everyday when the museum doors open until 30 minutes after closing.

Nearby public garages includeGrant Park , East Monroe Street and Millennium Park Garages.Street parking is also an option, but both sides of Columbus Drive immediatelyeast of the museum have limited hours and violators will be towed.

Public Transportation

Located just a block east of theLoop, the Art Institute is easily accessed via the L train.

  • Brown, Green, Orange, Pink and Purple lines allstop at Adams/Wabash just a block west of the museum.
  • Red and Blue lines stop at Monroe undergroundjust a few blocks away.
  • Several bus lines also stop just in front of themuseum.
  • Metra, Chicagos commuter rail system, has stopsat both Van Buren and Millennium underground stations just a couple of blocksaway on Michigan Avenue.


Chicagos convenient Divvybike-sharking system makes accessing the Art Institute easy, and severalstations are available nearby.

Art Institute Of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

One of the two lion statues flanking the Institute’s main entrances
Location within Chicago metropolitan areaShow map of Chicago metropolitan areaArt Institute of Chicago Show map of IllinoisArt Institute of Chicago Show map of the United States
Established 1879 in present location since 1893

The Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago‘s Grant Park, founded in 1879, is one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States. Recognized for its curatorial efforts and popularity among visitors, the museum hosts approximately 1.5 million people annually. Its collection, stewarded by 11 curatorial departments, is encyclopedic, and includes iconic works such as Georges Seurat‘s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, Pablo Picasso‘s The Old Guitarist, Edward Hopper‘s Nighthawks, and Grant Wood‘s American Gothic. Its permanent collection of nearly 300,000 works of art is augmented by more than 30 special exhibitions mounted yearly that illuminate aspects of the collection and present cutting-edge curatorial and scientific research.

As a research institution, the Art Institute also has a conservation and conservation science department, five conservation laboratories, and one of the largest art history and architecture libraries in the countrythe Ryerson and Burnham Libraries.

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Galleries Above The Railroad Tracks

The Art Institute building is unusual because it is two sets of buildings linked by a two-story bridge over open-air railroad tracks. The construction of Millenium Park moved the MetraElectric and South Shore railroad lines underground. This made room for the new Modern Wing and exterior courtyards. Before this change, the lower level of the bridge building was formerly the windowless Gunsaulus hall, but is now home to the Alsdorf Galleries showcasing Indian, Southeast Asian and Himalayan Art. The renovation added windows facing north toward Millennium Park. Renzo Piano designed the gallery space in conjunction with his design of the Modern Wing. The gallery features the same window screening used there to protect the art from direct sunlight. The upper level of the bridge building formerly held the modern European galleries, But it was renovated in 2008. The galleries now show Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art.

Restaurants At The Art Institute

Art Institute of Chicago, Modern Wing Entrance

The Art Museum has three unique places to eat.

1. Museum Café

It is open daily from 11 am to 4 pm.

From Wednesday to Friday, the Museum Cafe stays open from 5 pm to 7.30 pm.

2. Terzo Piano

Serves lunch from 11 am to 3 pm daily.

On Thursday you can get dinner too, from 5 pm to 8 pm.

The place also offers Sunday brunches from 11 am to 3 pm.

3. Balcony Café

The café opens daily from 10:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to accommodate the extra crowd, it stays open till 7 pm.

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Art Institute Chicago Parking

Valet Parking service is available at the Modern Wing entrance from 10:30 am to 5 pm, at 28 dollars per car.

However, if you prefer to park yourself, you have several parking options.

The best course is to use SpotHero to find and reserve parking near the Museum before your visit.

Else there is enough space in Millennium Garages, the underground parking lot below the parks adjacent to the Museum.

For spot availability and rates, call 616-0600.

The Art Institute Of Chicago Parking Guide

Last Updated on September 30, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

Located in the heart of Chicago, the Art Institute is one of the largest art museums in the States. Its great collection spans centuries and many iconic works. The museum hosts an array of events and special exhibitions and has around 1.5 million visitors every year. If you wish to go and see almost 300,000 artworks in downtown Chicago, let us inform you of the general ticket prices, the Art Institute of Chicago parking options, and some convenient parking alternatives.

Lets dive in!

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Items Not Allowed In The Museum

Are your checkrooms open?No, currently our checkrooms are closed as part of our efforts to protect the health and safety of our visitors and staff.

What items are not allowed in the galleries?

  • Bags, camera bags, and purses larger than 13 x 17 x 4 inches
  • Backpacks and backpack baby carriers
  • Art materials other than pencils
  • Shopping bags
  • Tripods, flash attachments, video cameras, and selfie sticks
  • Umbrellas
  • Wrapped packages

If your checkrooms are closed, what am I supposed to do with my stuff?We ask that visitors bring as few items to the museum as possible. Courtesy bags are available so that valuable items can be kept and carried during your visit.

Can I bring a water bottle into the galleries?Water bottles are allowed in the museum and can be filled at the water bottlefilling stations that have replaced all water fountains. Bottles must be stowed safely in a bag when visitors are in any space that houses art. If you do not have a bag, the museum will provide one.

Not To Miss At Art Institute Of Chicago

Picasso and Chicago

These classic, must-see items arecritical for anyone who wants to experience the real Art Institute of Chicago:

  • A Sunday on La Grand Jatte. A quintessentialpiece of artwork from Georges Seurat, this is one of the most remarkablepaintings of its post-impressionist era, first exhibited in Paris in 1884.
  • America Windows by Marc Chagall wasmade famous by the Ferris Buellers Day Off film just a few years after its appearanceat the Art Institute in 1977.
  • The Bedroom, Van Goghs second ofthree versions of this painting, is exhibited at the Art Institute. The first resides in Amsterdam, and a smaller version sits inParis.
  • Nighthawks, by Edward Hopper, offersan iconic look into city life of the 1940s in this view of an all-night dinerthat encompasses the loneliness of living in a large city.

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Use The Modern Wing Entrance For Faster Entry

You can’t go wrong with the Art Institute. As a fan of Impressionism, it left me entranced, but they have a huge variety of artwork, going back to ancient times. I recommend going in through the Modern Wing entrance for shorter lines.


The Van Gogh exhibition is just icing on an already delicious cake. I’ll buy you a genuine Chicago Hot Dog if you are a true art lover and don’t get ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by something that you DIDN”T expect to find here. The depth and breadth of the collection continues to astound. Don’t forget the restaurant in the new wing and remember the discounted admission for students and teachers.

My wife went to the Art Institute to view the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit. My wife gratefully appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the artist. The exhibit was creatively and beautifully presented. She certainly will look forward to other exhibits in the future.

Great collection of art, that allows even offers something for those of us who don’t truly appreciate all artworks. The building and artwork is designed and layed out in such a way that you never feel cramped and all the artwork is always visible.The current Van Gogh exhibition was also a nice bonus.

Art Institute Of Chicago Modern Wing By Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The new Modern Wing by architects Renzo Piano Building Workshop has opened at the Art Institute of Chicago.

A canopy made of aluminium blades is supported over the two pavilions and filters northern light into the third floor galleries but deflect harsh light from the south.

The third floor of the west pavilion is linked to Millennium Park via a foot bridge.

Unless stated otherwise photographs are by Charles G. Young, Interactive Design Architects.

Here’s some more information from The Art Institute of Chicago:


Largest Addition in Museum History Houses Art Institutes Renowned Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art and Provides Museum with 30 Percent More Exhibition Space

Above image is by Dave Jordano

Significantly, the Modern Wing also greatly expands the areas of the museum open to the public without an admission fee. The Ryan Education Center is a complete renovation of the museums education and interpretive facilities, featuring state-of-the-art technology, classrooms, studios, resource centers, and a library. This entire area is open free to the public. On the third floor, visitors can enjoy free of charge the Nichols Bridgeway, the Bluhm Family Terrace, which features exhibitions of contemporary sculpture, and access to the restaurant, Terzo Piano.

Above and top images are by James Iska, the Art Institute of Chicago

The Building

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Secrets Of The Modern Wing

Inside the Museum

I give a lot of tours of the Modern Wing, and there are details about the building that most visitors like but that arent necessarily apparent to anyone going through the building on their own. So, here are some secrets of the Modern Wing.The building that now sits on Monroe Street is actually the third version of the expansion that the museum planned. We started thinking about expanding in 1999, before Millennium Park was built. So the original idea was to put the expansion on the south side of the building, over the railroad tracks. But once Millennium Park started to become more than parking lots, broken bottles, and train tracks, the architect Renzo Piano and museum leaders decided to completely reorient the building to face north. This move was made in 2001. To talk to the park, and to test some proportional ideas for the façade, Piano designed the two Exelon Pavilions across the street from the Modern Wing. You may know these pavilions as the entrances to the parking garages under the park. Same materials, same ideas as those for the Modern Wing. Modest structures, big architect.

One of the Exelon Pavilions in Millennium Park.

A Renzo Piano-designed bench in the Modern Wing.

The staircases in the Modern Wing float above the floor.

Every sculpture pedestal and platform also sit up off the floor. The main staircase also floats, with an inch between what appears to be its base and the floor. Tiny detail, huge impact.

More to come!

Posters Parties And Links

Art Institute of Chicago Modern Wing

Can I buy a print of a certain work of art?The Museum Shop offers many posters and prints.Can I hold a party at the Art Institute?Currently we are not accepting external bookings for our various facilities.Can we exchange links?The Art Institute welcomes you to provide a link to its site, providing you adhere to the link-exchange policy.

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Admission And Free Hours

How much does it cost to go to the Art Institute?The cost of your general admission ticket depends on if you live in Chicago, someplace else in Illinois, or elsewhere, and if youre a student or a senior. Please refer to our ticketing chart. And remember, admission is always free for members and children under 14.Does a general admission ticket include access to special exhibitions?A general admission ticket allows you to see all of the museums nonticketed special exhibitions. Occasionally exhibitions require an additional charge.Do members need tickets?No, members never need tickets and never have to wait in admission lines. Simply show your member card and photo ID to the ticket collectors.

Do I need to purchase tickets in advance of my visit?Yes. For touchless entry, please purchase tickets in advance at sales.artic.edu.

What about free tickets? Can I get those online in advance?To redeem some free ticket typesfor Illinois educators, WIC/LINK cardholders, University Partners, Corporate Partners, members of the military and their familiesvisitors should visit the admission counter upon arrival.

  • Kids under 14
  • Active-duty military and their families

How To Reserve Your Parking

To get cheap parking for The Art Institute of Chicago, start by adjusting the days and times you see at the top. While adjusting, keep in mind you will have to enter after the start time and exit before the end time. Once you have adjusted accordingly, you can click apply to view updated pricing and available spots near the Institute. Find a spot you like by clicking a pin on the map, or by selecting an option from the list on the left. When you see an affordable spot that will work, click reserve to continue through checkout and receive your parking pass. Your pass will include instructions on how to use it upon arriving to your spot. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support team!

Book your parking today before rates change!

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