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Crashes When I Try To Access My Member Card

SAIC foundry, woodworking, and metal facilities tour

This is a very clean handy app with a nice audio guide and map. The only real problem Ive had is that when I try to access my member card, it displays an error message saying it cant be found, then it keeps popping back up after I dismiss it. The only way to make it stop is to quit the app. The app does recognize me as it welcomes me by name on the main screen. Im using the most recent version and my iOS is up to date. The member card feature has never worked.

Entertainment And The Arts

The performs at , and is recognized as one of the best orchestras in the world. Also performing regularly at is the , a more diverse and multicultural counterpart to the CSO. In the summer, many outdoor concerts are given in and . , located 25 miles north of Chicago, is the summer home of the CSO, and is a favorite destination for many Chicagoans. The is home to the . The was founded by in 1956, and presents operas in .

Other live-music genre which are part of the city’s cultural heritage include , , , and . The city is the birthplace of and , and is the site of an influential . In the 1980s and 90s, the city was the global center for house and industrial music, two forms of music created in Chicago, as well as being popular for , , and . The city has been a center for culture, since the 1980s. A flourishing independent rock music culture brought forth Chicago . feature various acts, such as and the . A 2007 report on the Chicago music industry by the ranked Chicago third among metropolitan U.S. areas in “size of music industry” and fourth among all U.S. cities in “number of concerts and performances”.

Chicago contains a number of large, outdoor works by well-known artists. These include the , , and by , by , by , by , by , by , and the mosaic by .

Turkman Pendant On Carnelian Beads

A sterling silver Turkman pendant with hand filigree, carnelian cabachon and coral beads strung on carnelain and sterling silver beads. 22″

One of a kind. Strung by Norma van der Meulen of The Suq.


Handmade sterling silver earrings with inlaid turquoise and coral bead earrings. 2″ including earwire


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List Of Chicago Transit Authority Bus Routes

This is a list of bus routes operated by the .

Routes running 24/7 are:

  • N9 ” rel=”nofollow”> Red) and North/Clark only),
  • N20 ,
  • N22 ,
  • N34 ” rel=”nofollow”> Red) and 131st/Ellis only),
  • N49 ,
  • N53 ,
  • N55 ” rel=”nofollow”> Museum of Science and Industry and 55th/St. Louis only),
  • N60 ” rel=”nofollow”> Pink) only),
  • N62 ,
  • ” rel=”nofollow”> Orange) and 63rd/Stony Island only),
  • N66 ,
  • N77 ,
  • N79 ,
  • N81 ” rel=”nofollow”> Blue) and Wilson/Marine Drive only),
  • N87 ” rel=”nofollow”> Red) only).

Shop Chicago Souvenirs And Gifts

Art Institute of Chicago, Museum Store Retail Design ...

Take a bit of our home to yours with a one-of-a-kind Chicago souvenir. For a truly special memento, check out our eclectic boutiques, specialty shops, and museums stores where you can browse Chicago-themed items and locally made gifts.

Here are a few of our favorite places for the perfect Chicago souvenir.

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National Museum Of Mexican Art

Located in the heart of Pilsen, home to the citys vibrant Latino community, the museum holds one of the largest collections of Mexican art in the country. Its also home to a wonderfully eclectic gift shop Tienda Tzintzuntzán, which means Place of the Hummingbird. The store is filled with artwork, jewelry, textiles, and toys sourced directly from Oaxaca, Puebla, and other regions of Mexico.

Art Institute Of Chicago Ends A Docent Program And Sets Off A Backlash

The museums decision to replace its program for volunteer educators with one that responds to issues of class and income equity has drawn criticism.

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By Robin Pogrebin

Like many museums around the country, the Art Institute of Chicago has been trying to forge closer ties with the racially and economically diverse city it serves. Museum officials decided that one area in need of an overhaul was its 60-year-old program of volunteer educators, known as docents, who greet school groups and lead tours.

So last month the board overseeing the program sent a letter to the museums 82 active docents most of whom were white older women informing the volunteers that their program was being ended. The letter said that the museum would phase in a new model relying on paid educators and volunteers in a way that allows community members of all income levels to participate, responds to issues of class and income equity, and does not require financial flexibility to participate.

The move has erupted into the latest cultural flash point as museums around the country wrestle with making their staffs, boards and programming more diverse.

James Rondeau, the Institutes director, said in an interview that the docents program had long been viewed as logistically unsustainable, and that the Institute had stopped adding new volunteers 12 years ago. He said that the recent vitriol had taken a severe toll on the institution and its staff.

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Dusable Museum Of African American History

A historic institution located on the lovely grounds of Washington Park in the dynamic Hyde Park neighborhood, DuSable Museum of African American History is dedicated to the preservation and documentation of the history and culture of African Americans. In their museum shop, browse jewelry, books and hand-crafted musical instruments. Score beaded African bracelets, art posters featuring work by museum founder Margaret Burroughs, books on Chicagos first black mayor Harold Washington a game that traces Barrack Obamas path to the presidency. 740 E. 56th Place, Tuesday Saturday, 10 a.m. 5p.m., Sunday, 12 5p.m.

European Painting And Sculpture

Sarah Schulman, 10/24/17 – SAIC’s Visiting Artists Program Lecture

The museum is most famous for its collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, widely regarded as one of the finest collections outside of France. Highlights include more than 30 paintings by Claude Monet, including six of his Haystacks and a number of Water Lilies. Also in the collection are important works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir such as Two Sisters , and Gustave Caillebotte‘s Paris Street Rainy Day. Post-Impressionist works include Paul Cézanne‘s The Basket of Apples, and Madame Cézanne in a Yellow Chair.At the Moulin Rouge by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is another highlight. The pointillist masterpiece, which also inspired a musical and was famously featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Georges Seurat’sSunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte1884, is prominently displayed. Additionally, Henri Matisse‘s Bathers by a River, is an important example of his work. Highlights of non-French paintings of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist collection include Vincent van Gogh‘s Bedroom in Arles and Self-portrait, 1887.

In the mid-1930s, the Art Institute received a gift of over one hundred works of art from Annie Swan Coburn . The “Coburn Renoirs” became the core of the Art Institute’s Impressionist painting collection.

The collection also includes the Medieval and Renaissance Art, Arms, and Armor holdings, including the George F. Harding Collection of arms and armor, and three centuries of Old Masters works.

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Chicago Museum Stores For Cool Gifts

Last updated on September 14, 2021 by Rosalind Cummings-Yeates

Noted for world renowned art collections, interactive exhibits and lots of informative fun, a visit to Chicago museums is an essential activity. But these landmark institutions offer much more than visual and cultural experiences. Many museum gift shops offer enough unusual and hand-crafted items to find something for everyone on your list.

Check out these Chicago museum gift shops for unique gifts and souvenirs any time of the year.

Religion And Ritual In Ancient Egypt

Emily Teeter, Curator of Special Exhibits of the Oriental Institute, Retired256 pages 101 b/w illus. 2 maps

This book is a vivid reconstruction of the practical aspects of ancient Egyptian religion: Who was allowed to enter the temples, and what rituals were preformed therein? Who served as priests? How were they organized and trained, and what did they do? What was the Egyptians’ attitude toward death, and what happened at funerals? How did the living and dead communicate? In what ways could people communicate with the gods?



“Hittite is the earliest attested Indo_European language and was the language of a state that flourished in Asia Minor in the second millennium BC. This exciting and accessible new introductory course, which can be used in both trimester and semester systems, offers in ten lessons a comprehensive introduction to the grammar of the Hittite language with ample exercises both in transliteration and in cuneiform. It includes a separate section of paradigms, and a grammatical index as well as a list of every cuneiform sign used in the book. A full glossary can be found in the back. The book has been designed so that the cuneiform is not essential and can be left out of any course if so desired. The introduction provides the necessary cultural and historical background, with suggestions for further reading, and explains the principles of the cuneiform writing system.” Order # 15301


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Luggage Storage Nearby Art Institute Of Chicago With Bounce

largest luggage storage networksFeatured in The Boston Globe, Techcrunch and Forbesdrop off your bags in essentially any major neighborhoodinsurance, security seals, and well-trained staff#1-rated bag storage networkthousands of 5-star reviewsopen for luggage storage 24/7prices in the Art Institute of Chicago area start at just $5.90 per 24h/bagBook through our mobile appThere are no size limits for suitcases or backpacksmaking the most of your time in the Art Institute of Chicago area

Things To Do At The Art Institute Of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago, Museum Store Retail Design ...

Given the sheer number of works on display at the Art Institute of Chicago, it would take much more than a day to truly delve into its many exhibitions. At any rate, Bounce prizes the following itinerary for a visit to this storied museum:

  • Head to the European Painting and Sculpture collection to view the worlds largest selection of Impressionist paintings outside of Paris

  • Check out American classics like Grant Woods American Gothic and Edward Hoppers Nighthawks

  • Browse the 140,000 works in the Department of Architecture and Design

  • Peer at Modern paintings by Pablo Picasso and René Magritte or Contemporary works by Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and Jackson Pollack

  • Get a comprehensive history of textiles from various cultures dating from 300 B.C. to the present

  • Delve deeper into art history by browsing the stacks at the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries

  • Enjoy the sculpture garden on the roof of the Modern Wing and cross the Nichols Bridgeway to Millennium Park

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Monuments And Public Art

More representational and portrait statuary includes a number of works by ” rel=”nofollow”> Eternal Silence, and the completed by ), , , and , Brioschi’s , , , , , to , memorials along Solidarity Promenade to , and by , Strachovský, and , a by , and . A number of statues also honor recent local heroes such as , , and outside of the , next to the studios, and at the .

There are preliminary plans to erect a 1:1scale replica of ‘s statue of found in ‘s along Chicago’s lakefront in addition to a different sculpture commemorating the artist in for the 200th anniversary of ‘s birth.

Museum Of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is known for their bold, thought-provoking exhibits and that vibe extends to the gift shop. The MCA Store is as carefully curated as the museum itself, a sleek space filled with design books, charming kids toys, avant-garde clothing, home decor, plus gifts and objects related to their major exhibits. If you cant make it to the museum, you can shop the collection online.

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African Art And Indian Art Of The Americas

The Art Institute’s African Art and Indian Art of the Americas collections are on display across two galleries in the south end of the Michigan Avenue building. The African collection includes more than 400 works that span the continent, highlighting ceramics, garments, masks, and jewelry.

The Amerindian collection includes Native North American art and Mesoamerican and Andean works. From pottery to textiles, the collection brings together a wide array of objects that seek to illustrate the thematic and aesthetic focuses of art spanning the Americas.

The Child’s Bath

The Art Institute’s American Art collection contains some of the best-known works in the American canon, including Edward Hopper‘s Nighthawks, Grant Wood‘s American Gothic, and ‘s The Child’s Bath. The collection ranges from colonial silver to modern and contemporary paintings.

Antoin Severguin: Past And Present

Virtual Artist Talk: Miranda July on Mail Art

Antoin Sevruguin: Past and Present publishes for the first time the OI Museum’s complete collection of nineteenth-century Iranian photographs and includes a series of essays that investigate Sevruguins life and photographic career, as well as the lasting impact of his unique vision. Hard back 8 x 11″. 412 pp. 259 figures

Edited by Tasha Vorderstrasse

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Our Work: Modern Jobs Ancient Origins

Our Work: Modern Jobs Ancient Origins is the catalog for a photo-based exhibit that reveals that many modern professions originated in the ancient Middle East. Artifacts from the Oriental Institute Museum were paired with a baker, farmer, manicurist, brewer, poet, boat builder, judge and other professionals to show the antiquity of these jobs. The portraits are accompanied by commentary on the contributions of the ancient Middle East to life today and new insights into how members of the public view their relationship to the past. This volume will be of interest to educators, historians, and those interested in fine-arts photography.

Pp. 128 24 tintype portraits, 46 illustrations Order # 17116


Sale: $19.95

The Art Institute Of Chicago

One of the oldest and largest art museums in the country, the Art Institute of Chicago is a beloved cultural treasure. Its home to not one, but two gift shops, one in the modern wing and one at the Michigan Avenue entrance. Options include elaborate puzzles of art by Van Gogh and Jackson Pollack, umbrellas decorated with Monet paintings, earrings with origami birds, Japanese tea kettle sets and unframed art prints. Theres also an online shop with an extensive offering of jewelry, books, and accessories. 111 S. Michigan, Daily, 10:30 a.m. 5 p.m., Tuesday until 8 p.m.

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