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Best Car Accident Lawyer In Chicago

Legal Experience You Can Trust


Our auto accident attorneys have experience resolving a range of car accident injury cases via settlement, mediation, and trial.

Whether you have been hurt in a car crash related to distracted driving, texting, road rage, exceeding the speed limit, drunk driving, or driver fatigue, we have seen it all â and won.

We have represented clients who have experienced various injuries and accidents, including:

We use our understanding of the law to represent our clients battling insurance companies and take steps to ensure the best outcome for the victims.

We handle complex and straightforward motor vehicle accident cases involving rear-end crashes, intersection accidents, hit-and-runs, head-on collisions, turning accidents and highway crashes.

In choosing to work with the personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, you benefit from our broad-ranging experience.

Chicago Car Accidents Statistics

In 2018, there were 118,304 motor vehicle accidents in the city of Chicago, 123 of those crashes involved at least one fatality, while 21,881 involved at least one injury. While these collisions occur all over the city, a high percentage of car accidents occur on a handful of streets. In fact, five Chicago streets had more than 2000 car accidents occur on them in 2018: Western Avenue with 3,335, Pulaski Road with 2,826, Ashland Avenue with 2,667, Cicero Avenue with 2,455 and Halsted Street with 2,283.

Why Work With A Chicago Auto Accident Attorney

As experienced Chicago auto accident attorneys, we understand the unique intricacies of achieving the best possible settlement for your injury.

Our car accident and injury attorneys have recovered over $250 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients. In addition, our law firm understands the strategies insurance companies use to defend against accident and injury cases and uses our expertise to your advantage.

Immediately after a crash occurs, our car accident attorneys work to secure the evidence necessary to provide you with the best financial recovery that the law allows.

We understand the impact a car wreck has on your physical, emotional, and financial health and do all the legal work on your behalf to allow you time to heal.

Through our legal representation, you can be assured that your Chicago auto accident attorney handling your case has your best interest in mind.

Personal injury can be stressful, and we work to lighten your load by designing a legal fee structure to make life easier. Our law firm postpones accepting payment for our fees until resolving your case involving economic and non-economic damages through a negotiated settlement or jury verdict.

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Why Call Meyers & Flowers Car Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, or if you lost a loved one in a car accident, you need a top-rated injury lawyer to protect your rights and interests. Meyers & Flowers is recognized as a top Chicago personal injury law firm with an extensive winning record. We have achieved many historic verdicts and settlements. Beyond our legal skills and experience, we genuinely care about the people we represent.

Have You Been In Acar Accident

Pope and Jaburek P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys: Your best ...

Victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents are the most common type of personal injury claim. These claims are typically based on the theory of negligence. In most Illinois vehicle accidents, the injured party, the plaintiff, must establish the negligence of the defendant in order to seek damages. Furthermore, the plaintiff must show that the defendants negligence was the actual and proximate cause of both the accident and the plaintiffs injuries. Contact one of our chicago car accident lawyers to help guide you through this process.

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Determine The Value Of Your Car Accident

We dont waste time.

Staver gets straight to work to assess the full financial impact of a car accident. This goes beyond car repairs and medical bills. While they are important, you shouldnt also bear the burden of being out of work or a diminished quality of life due to an accident you didnt cause.

Staver looks long-term and considers everything you suffered and will have to endure after an accident. Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to special damages, punitive damages, general damages, and, lastly, survival damages.

For a full run-down of damages, take a look here.

Serious Injuries From Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause extremely serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. In many cases, these severe injuries can leave victims with substantial medical bills and long-term disabilities that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, under state law, victims can pursue compensation for their future medical expenses in addition to their current losses.

In cases involving serious injuries and long-term injuries, it is extremely important for victims to retain a car accident to represent them to make sure they get the full value of their claims. Some other examples of serious car accident injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Crush injuries
  • Traumatic amputations

As a victim, its important to keep in mind that the more serious an injury, the more your claim may be worth. This fact, in turn, means that insurance companies are more likely to fight claims involving serious injuries. As a result, you should retain a car accident lawyer as soon as you can after an injury.

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Why Let Willens Injury Law Offices Handle Your Chicago Car Accident Case

Youre entitled to justice if a traffic accident injures you or your loved one especially if the accident results in a death despite your defensive driving skills. No amount of money will ever undo your suffering, however, but obtaining monetary compensation will be a big help in getting you back on your feet. Willens Injury Law Offices is ready to provide you with the effective and compassionate legal service you need to successfully claim what you deserve.

If youve been in a car accident in Chicago or anywhere else in the state, determining your best course of action isnt easy without an experienced Chicago auto accident attorney. At Willens Injury Law Offices, we know how to step in and take care of the details that protect your rights and options, assuring you of the compensation you need and deserve.

Willens Injury Law Offices serves Chicago and surrounding areas. We are available 24/7. If you cant come to us, well arrange to come to you. Your consultation with us is free.

When Youre Hurting We Help

Auto Accident Lawyers in Chicago – Top choice Lawyer in Chicago?? Valuable Review

Weve seen it all, and tried it all. We take on the tough cases not just slam dunks. And you dont have to have deep pockets to go to court and win. We take on big, well-funded defendants who are used to getting whatever they want.

First, know that our injury attorneys are on your side.

We take care of you. Youll get a free initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer to determine the scope of your case.

We arrange for your immediate needs…

and make sure you get the care and support you need. We investigate, pull paperwork, retrieve records, and make filings while you concentrate on healing.

Well negotiate with the insurance adjusters…

and defense attorneys representing the person who caused you harm. Youll always know when and where your case stands.

Negligence is rarely intentional in personal injury cases. When things go sideways, its usually a failure to reasonably foresee the likelihood of injury. Its not typically deliberate, but sometimes it is most often when cost-cutting and profits take priority over safety. Both are all too frequent.

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Chicago Motor Vehicle Accidents

To a great extent, the type of injuries suffered by motorists and their passengers or pedestrians rests heavily on the type of accident they were involved in. How vehicles collide also bears on the resulting injuries.

Injuries to a vehicles occupants can be mitigated by safety features such as seat belts, airbags and crumple zones, and the weight and construction of the vehicle. But injuries and fatalities are more likely to occur at high speed despite safety precautions.

Achieving The Highest Car Accident Injury Verdicts In Illinois

Some of the points that make Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates the best choice of car accident law firm include our extensive trial experience. We have achieved what was the highest personal injury verdict in Illinois history, along with record verdicts in:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Brain injury

All aspects of the accident must be evaluated, including the accident scene, the condition of the vehicles, along with interviewing eyewitnesses. An evaluation of the long-term impact of the injuries in financial terms is necessary for determining the damages to pursue. The need to take immediate legal action cannot be overstated. We urge to you connect with our firm without delay, so our Chicago car accident attorneys can get to work.

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You May Be Entitledto Compensation

Violations of statutory law are often cited to establish the negligent driver in car crashes. If, for example, a driver failed to stop at a stop sign causing an accident, that statutory violation could be enough to establish fault in that accident. Establishing fault in a car accident can be more complicated in some cases, however. If you are a car accident victim, its important to contact our experienced personal injury lawyers. Our attorneys can help you determine who is at fault for the accident and seek damages where appropriate. Waukegan car accident lawyers at Ankin Law Office deal with these issues on a regular basis, so if youve been injured, please give them a call.

  • Product Liability Accidents
  • Road Hazard Accidents

Where hazardous road conditions cause a car accident, can the municipality be held liable?

If unsafe driving conditions are the cause of a car accident due to neglect by the party responsible to keep the roads safe, your attorney will collect all available evidence in order to seek compensation for damages. This includes both property and personal injury damages caused by negligence. Even if you are partially at fault, you may pursue compensation for the portion of damages caused by the other party, including a municipality.

What steps should I take at the scene of my car accident?

  • Request an ambulance if youre injured.
  • If youre able, take photographs of the property damage and of the other drivers insurance card and drivers license.
  • The Civil Lawsuit Process For Car Accidents In Chicago

    Car Accident Lawyer Chicago

    When a case proceeds to civil court, it has several phases:

    • Case Preparation: This process involves the sharing of information about the case, such as medical records, accident scene investigation information, witnesses who observed the auto accident, and other data.
    • Negotiations: Typically, an effort to resolve the case out of court will be required. This is the part of the process in which a settlement agreement may, or may not, be reached.
    • The Trial: All trials are governed by the rules of evidence. The judge makes decisions about what evidence can be presented. Witnesses are called to give evidence. In car accident cases, this may include eyewitnesses to the accident, medical experts, financial experts, and accident investigators, among others. Each side has the opportunity to question these experts.
    • Jury Deliberation: After auto collision lawyers on each side have finished presenting their case and the trial concludes, the jury must then decide whether the defendant was responsible for the harm caused to the plaintiff, and the amount of damages they believe should be paid to the plaintiff .

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    The Three Biggest Mistakes I See Car Accident Victims In Chicago Make Are:

  • They attempt to represent themselves against an insurance company the insurance company always wins. If you dont hire my office, hire another attorney. In almost every case, you will recover more money than if you represent yourself.
  • They give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster about the facts of the accident and their injuries. Never give a recorded statement! If you do, the insurance company has you on the record. Their attorneys will ask you the same questions at your deposition and again at trial. No one can tell the same story the same way three times and they will use the inconsistencies against you. And,
  • They believe that the insurance adjuster is on their side, is nice and trying to help them they are not. The insurance adjuster is attempting to minimize the insurance companys exposure. Dont believe me, watch this CNN story.
  • Time Limit to File a Claim:

    Victims of auto accidents often fail to act soon enough to ensure they are fully compensated for their injuries, the damage to their cars and for their pain and suffering. In Illinois, there is a two year statute of limitations in which you have in order to file a lawsuit, or you lose your right to recover.

    What Are Common Causes Of Chicago Car Accidents

    Car accidents are becoming more frequent and will continue to be a serious problem for everyone. Common causes of auto accidents can include:

    The fact remains that vehicle accidents are going to continue to occur. They will happen no matter the effort to protect drivers and passengers from accidents and injuries.

    Thankfully, most vehicle accidents are relatively harmless, like a fender bender in a parking lot accident. Further, some only cause minor injuries. But at the other extreme are serious accidents that cause catastrophic injuries. And even worse, sometimes bad crashes result in death.

    When you sustain an injury, or there is a fatality, it is important to have a Chicago car crash lawyer on your side. This, to make sure you can recover fully from your loss.

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    Dealing With The Insurance Company After An Accident

    It is likely that you have car insurance in order to protect yourself in case you are injured in an accident. Unfortunately, even those with insurance must take the proper steps to ensure that their claim is accepted and all legal rights are protected under the law. Working with experienced Chicago car accident lawyers if you have been in a crash can help you navigate these waters and come out with the highest possible financial recovery.

    After you gather all of the relevant information about the accident, speak with your insurance company. Limit your conversation to the facts, though. Do not explain your actions, but simply state the facts and describe the accident. Avoid talking about your personal feelings, etc.

    In order to ensure that you provide all the proper evidence of the other drivers fault, insurance companies should be provided with copies of:

    • Police report
    • Traffic citations or tickets given
    • Identification of witnesses
    • Documentation detailing wage loss

    The Case Goes To Discovery Phase

    Chicago Car Accident Attorney Law Firm in Chicago IL

    In the event that a mediation doesnt work, the lawsuit then enters into discovery. Here, lawyers from both sides of the case investigate the details of the accident. That might include reviewing documents or speaking with witnesses. All information gathered during this phase is shared between the two legal teams. This process typically takes at least a few months, sometimes longer, depending on the scope of the case.

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