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Best Deep Dish In Chicago

Best Restaurants For Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago

Chicago’s Best Deep-Dish Pizza, According to Locals Open Road

29 E Ohio St. // +1 312-321-1000

This is the starting point on your journey, the very genesis of deep-dish history. The ambiance is as authentic as the food, with signature checkerboard tiles, an ornate tin roof, and cozy tables and booths packing in the happy patrons.

What to try The individual 7 Numero UNO: Sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, mushrooms, chunky tomato sauce, mozzarella, romano, and a local draft beer.

Youll quickly see why this Chicago institution has now become a national chain of over one hundred restaurants, including locations as far away as Honduras, India, and Saudi Arabia!

Fortunately for you, you can also stay right at home to try one of the best deep dish pizzas in Chicago.

439 N Wells St. // +1 312-828-9800

Malnatis is a small, intimate space decorated with iconic jerseys from legendary Chicago sports teams. The bar is a friendly gathering place, where youre likely to strike up a conversation with a fellow pizza lover.

What to try: The Lou a deep dish with mushrooms and onions, featuring a layer of Roma tomatoes and three kinds of cheese cradled with Malnatis signature garlic butter crust. All I can say is wow its like a party in a pan!

For an unforgettable deep dish pizza in Chicago, Malnatis is the place.

730 N Rush St. // +1 312-951-0747

You can pull up at some of the huge flat screens in the expansive bar area to watch a game and the mandatory forty-minute bake time just flies by.

864 N State St. // +1 312-751-1766

Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder

The pizza at this spot isn’t traditional Chicago deep dish, but it has a pastry-dough rim, shaped like a carved-out French boule, that’s as high as anything you’d find at the usual places. The differentiator here is that the bottom crust is whisper-thin, and the interior is kind of like a casserole of winey, garlicky braised mushrooms, sausage and snappy green peppers, draped with a roof of bubbling mozzarella like one you’d find on a bowl of French onion soup.

Lou Malnati’s 1120 N State St Chicago Il

Lou Malnati is a Chicago legend who opened his pizza chain in 1971. He helped introduce deep-dish pizza to the windy city, as well as the rest of the country. With more than 50 locations across the city and suburbs, you can easily find Lou Malnati’s unique, ultra-crisp, buttery, pie-like crust. We recommend the signature “Malnati Chicago Classic,” which is the standard for an excellent sausage deep dish pizza. The layer of meat literally covers the entire pie.

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Choosing A Deep Dish Pizza Place In Chicago

In my quest to discover the best deep dish pizza in Chicago, I managed to visit three pizza joints.

The first two served the classic Chicago-style pizza that has become one of the citys icons. The third was a mistake from start to finish so I wont be mentioning it here, and youll thank me for that.

Still, choosing where to try the deep pan was a challenge all in itself.

Obviously, I turned to the internet, where I quickly drowned in lists of top 5s, top 10s and even a top 50. There were the original pizza places, the most popular, the with a twist, the craft-creators and the urban trendys. If I learned one thing from my pre-pie research its that everyone has an opinion and Chicago is not short on great pizza parlours to choose from.

This gave me some quandary until I returned to the root of the issue. I wanted to taste the original and I wanted to taste the best.

That led me to two places: Unos and Giordarnos.

Unos, you will recognise as the restaurant that originally belonged to the brothers who invented Chicagos deep dish pizza. Established in 1943, the brand has exploded into a staggering-sized chain with over 100 restaurants around the world . However, the original restaurant still stands in its original spot in Chicago and it is there that I went for my first tasting.

And so my pizzeria choices were set.

Pequod’s 2207 N Clybourn Ave Chicago Il

Where to find the best deep dish pizza in Chicago: Our top ...

One of Chicago’s essential restaurants, Pequod’s is known for its caramelized crust, thanks to Burt Katz. It was Burt who introduced this special pan pizza crust to Pequod’s, which features airy dough baked with a thin layer of cheese. This yummy crust is available in large pies to enjoy with your friends. Or, you can order an individual-size pan pizza when dining solo.

Available toppings include Italian beef, meatballs, giardiniera, and sausage. We really love Pequod’s gumball-sized sausage pieces because they are so tasty and juicy. In addition to the original Lincoln Park location on Clybourn Ave, there’s a second Pequod’s located in Morton Grove.

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Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta 864 N State St Chicago Il

The Malnati’s are a huge part of Chicago deep-dish pizza history. Rudy Malnati Sr. was a longtime employee at Pizzeria Uno, and his sons went on to open Lou Malnati’s. They also opened the smaller chain, Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta.

The dough at Pizano’s was developed by owner Rudy Malnati Jr.’s late mother, Donna Marie Malnati. Their Rudy’s Special features their delicious golden crust, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. In addition to the State Street location, there are five other locations across the Chicagoland area.

The next time you’re in Chicago, do yourself a favor and stop by one of these restaurants and treat yourself to authentic deep-dish pizza. You won’t be disappointed.

What If You Want To Stay Home

Since pizza is so popular , its also a top choice for parties and get togethers. How about showing off a little by making your own pizza at home? There are many ways to cook your own pizza, but one of the most popular is wood-fired because of the smoky, charred flavor. Apart from a wood-fired oven, a gas pizza oven is now gaining popularity. These pizza ovens use a gas burner which can provide the same results as wood-fired ovens.

Home cooks and pizza lovers are liking the Gas Pizza Oven. Made of insulated stainless steel, refractory floors, and cotto firebricks handcrafted in Rome, these incredible gas pizza ovens can be used in either home or commercial settings.

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The Basic Construction Of The Best Chicago Deep Dish

We previously looked at the elements of a great Chicago deep dish, so you can dive a bit deeper there, but here is the basic rundown. One of the defining characteristics of a Chicago deep dish is that the cheese is not on top. It is constructed with the crust, then the mozzarella cheese, THEN the ingredients, and then the sauce. You might find parmesan on top or some high moisture ingredients on top, but the bulk of the cheese is on the bottom.

Gino’s East 162 E Superior St Chicago Il

The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago | Best Of The Best

Gino’s East is a Chicago favorite that started making deep dish pizzas back in 1966. Their cornmeal crust is made from a secret recipe and is piled high with mozzarella cheese and tangy tomato sauce. One of the highlights of their menu is the Chicago Fire pizza, which features spicy sausage, roasted red peppers, and red onions. Their Diavola is a must-try, thanks to the spicy pepperoni, basil, and white truffle oil.

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Lou Malnatis Pizzeriabest Deep

If the name sounds familiar, youre right. Lou Malnati was the oldest son of Rudy Malnati, who was the head chef of Pizzeria Uno. Some sources claim that Rudy Malnati was the original inventor of deep-dish pizza.

Lou opened his first restaurant in Lincolnwood, Illinois. The restaurant opened on March 17th St. Patricks Day in the US. According to The History of Lous, Lou always thought it was funny that an Italian should open a pizzeria in a Jewish neighborhood on an Irish holiday, but that was just Lous style.

Malnatis menu varies slightly from location to location but is generally very similar. The restaurant also serves a Chicago Classic style a deep-dish with extra sausage and extra cheese. They also are well-known for The Lou a deep-dish pizza with spinach, mushrooms, and sliced Roma tomatoes. The restaurant also serves thin crust pizza with the pieces cut into squares the tavern style cut as described earlier in this post.

Lou Malnatis has a limited but adequate number of salad/appetizer options if you are so inclined. The choice of after-dinner desserts is somewhat limited so if you are counting on a rich dessert to finish off your meal, just be aware that your choices may be few.

The restaurant has expanded into a chain with locations in Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Indiana. If you are outside these states, you can also order frozen deep-dish pizzas for shipment right to your doorstep.

Searching for the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago.

The Art Of Pizza 3033 N Ashland Ave Chicago Il

The Art of Pizza is a Lakeview institution that sells individual, stacked slices as well as 14-inch stuffed pies. Their pizza features a flaky, golden-brown crust, bright tomato sauce, and a mountain of Wisconsin cheese. You can get an authentic Chicago deep-dish experience at their original Lakeview location, or at their second location in the South Loop.

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Louisa’s Pizza & Pasta


Louisa DeGenero was a cook at Pizzeria Due when she decided to open her own place in the South suburbs with her daughter in 1981. This is a contender for the best original-style Chicago pizza currently being made, with a lighter, puffier butter crust, yet that same robust sauce studded with chunks of tomatoes and fennel-rich Italian sausage you’ve come to expect from a classic local deep dish.

Private Parties & Corporate Event Venue

Ultimate Chicago Deep

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Accommodations are subject to change based on the rules and regulations set forth by the City of Chicago on the day of the reservation.

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What To Do In Chicago Eat Deep Dish Pizza Of Course

Cracking open the cloud and searching for the glorious silver-lining, I remembered that jet-lag leaves me craving carbs and Italy had provided a residual hankering for pizza.

And the solution to both of these urges surrounded me in Chicago, one of the most famous pizza cities on earth.

Consequently, for the first few days in Chicago as I fought my bones out of bed and onto the city streets, I did one of the best activities anyone can do in the windy city , I ate deep dish pizza.

Lou Malnati’s Multiple Locations

Lou, as you might have guessed, is the son of Rudy Malnati Sr., inventor of Chicago deep dish, and the brother of Rudy Jr., friendly competitor and owner of Pizano’s. With over 50 locations in Chicago , it’s a good bet that wherever you are in the city, you can locate one of Lou’s pizzerias. Even though this is a franchise, the pizzas have a level of consistency and quality that’s much higher than popular tourist traps like Gino’s and Giordano’s. The zesty sauce and balanced use of cheese are what truly differentiate Lou’s pies.

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Baking With Yeast Guide

Lets talk about the pizza sauce. Slightly sweet, incredibly thick, and wonderfully flavorful. The sauce is always my favorite part about Chicago-style pizza. In fact, I usually order extra sauce on the side. All about the condiments in my world.

This garlic infused pizza sauce is made on the stovetop and, while waiting for the pizza dough to rise, simmers quietly allowing the flavors to develop and the texture to thicken. I like to add some red pepper flakes for a little heat it really gives this sauce something extra. If you dont like heat, you can leave it out. This sauce is unlike ANY other tomato sauce Ive ever had. To me, it tastes like the kinds Ive had in Chicago. Youre going to love it. Unless of course you dont like tomato sauce.

Along with the miracle crust and this luscious pizza sauce, a whole lotta cheese goes into this deep dish pie. You may use sliced mozzarella or shredded. Whatever it is, slice or shred it yourself from a block of real mozzarella cheese. Pre-shredded mozzarella is just fine, but the taste of sliced or shredded fresh mozzarella is just unbeatable.

My husband loves a good pepperoni pizza and bacon is his favorite food, so I add both to my Chicago-style pizza. These go on top of the cheese and before the sauce. A little grated parmesan to finish things up and weve got ourselves one damn tasty copycat Chicago deep dish pizza. How many times can I type Chicago in one post?

I love you Chicago and your pizza too!

The 5 Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Recipes To Make In Your Lockdown Pjs


Want to try a Chicago deep dish pizza recipe? Now is your chance because Deep Dish Pizza Day is right around the corner! Thats right, the fifth of April is National Deep Dish Pizza Day in the US, and we couldnt be happier about it.

Ike Sewell, a wonderful baker from Chicago, is credited with inventing the Chicago style deep dish pizza in 1943. The pizza is characterized by having a buttery crust that can be three inches tall. It also has a large amount of flavorsome sauce, delectable toppings, and cheese. The Chicago style deep dish pizza is utterly different from its competitor, the super-thin New York style, and while we love them both we certainly appreciate how decadent and wonderful deep dish pizza is. The luxury of the rich sauce and creamy cheese is something else, especially when youre eating it in your jammies!

In this article, were going to talk through some stunning deep dish pizza recipes for you to try at home any day of the week.

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My Pi Pizza 2010 N Damen Ave E Chicago Il

One of Chicago’s best deep dish pizzas can be found in a Bucktown strip mall at My Pi Pizza. Their light, crispy crust is topped with Wisconsin cheese and a chunky, sweet sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes. You can get pizza by the slice at this tiny location with limited seating.

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