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Best Dog Friendly Apartments Chicago

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask A Building About Renting With A Dog

A River North 2-bedroom CB5 at the new One Chicago Apartments

Now that youre armed with all of this dog-friendly goodness, its time to check it all out. Of course, youll want to begin by asking the standard questions about weight, breed, rent, and fees. We also suggest inquiring about the following:

  • How close are the nearest veterinary clinics and are there any with 24-hour care in the event of an emergency?
  • Do you have any recommendations for nearby doggy daycare or boarding services? Are there any in-house sitting services?
  • Is there a dog-walker in the building that currently walks any of the resident dogs?
  • Is there a local pet shop in the vicinity that has quality food and treats?
  • Is there a good area dog groomer nearby that residents recommend?
  • Renting With Big Dogs

    Here we have listed third party information on Pet Friendly Housing Searches, Renters Insurance, Pet-Proofing Your Home, and more! Chicago is a very dog-friendly city, and most of the limitations seem to be size and weight limits rather than breed restrictions. Even so, finding dog-friendly housing can be tough, especially if your best friend is a pit bull or pit bull mix. Rejection hurts, but dont panic! Instead, be proactive and ready to prove to landlords why you and your dog are the perfect tenants. We have also heard that its easier to rent from a specific landlord who owns the building than trying to work with a management company.

    Give yourself time: It can can several weeks to find a home that will allow your dog, so plan ahead and be resourceful and persistent. Craigslist is a great resource for dog friendly housing ads. You may want to consider placing a Housing Wanted ad on Craigslist while youre there.

    Interviewing with a Landlord: Some landlords are hesitant to allow a pit bull-type dog, but if you can, try to setup a dog interview . Weve heard about people putting together portfolios with letters of reference, , training certificates and photos for landlords who were hesitant to meet a dog.

    Apartment Availability: Here are some blog reported pit bull friendly Chicago areas Logan Square, Ravenswood, East Village , Uptown , Old Town, Wicker Park, Humbolt Park, Andersonville, & West Town areas.

    Chicago Il Pet Friendly Apartments For Rent

    • 3,150sqft lot3,150 square foot lot
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy
    • 410 – 500sqft410 – 500 square feet
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy
    • 4,395 – 4,786sqft4,395 – 4,786 square feet
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy
    • 460 – 950sqft460 – 950 square feet
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy
    • 475 – 1,400sqft475 – 1,400 square feet
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy
    • 475 – 700sqft475 – 700 square feet
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy
    • 490 – 1,284sqft490 – 1,284 square feet
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy
    • 800 – 1,000sqft800 – 1,000 square feet
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy
    • 500 – 700sqft500 – 700 square feet
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy
    • 600 – 790sqft600 – 790 square feet
    • PetsOKpet friendly policy

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    Which Chicago Neighborhoods Are Most Dog

    Chicago is full of dog-friendly neighborhoods, but some are better than others.

    • West Loop/Fulton River

    South Loop is definitely dog-friendly! Said Shannon. Fulton River, West Loop, and Uptown are as well. All of these areas have good green space, dog-friendly parks, and activities, and a lot of people with dogs.

    Shannon adds, Ive also lived with dogs in Lakeshore East and Lakeview East. Personally, I think these are two of the best neighborhoods to be in because of the amount of real grass available to the dogs. Access to the lakefront has always been great for long walks, vets are within walking distance, and there are a lot of other dog owners.

    Rachel and her pup Domino are partial to the grassy-lined sidewalks of Northside. Its weird watching dogs go on the sidewalk, so I like South Loop, Fulton, West Loop and areas where there are less congestion and more green space.

    Ive also lived with dogs in Lakeshore East and Lakeview East. Personally, I think these are two of the best neighborhoods to be in because of the amount of real grass available to the dogs

    Shannon, HotSpot Rentals Leasing Agent

    Stephanie loves Lakeshore East for its dog-friendly spirit and green space but also says, South Loop is great too because of the amount of green space and because they have an off-leash dog park, access to the lakefront, and the Fido-to-Go truck stops outside of Burnham Point.

    Overview Of Lakeview Chicago

    AptAmigo on Instagram: Looking for pet friendly places near ...

    Animals are basically considered people in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, which means pet-friendly apartments are easy to find. This trendy area gets its name from the Lake Michigan shore that defines its eastern edge. Reaching west to North Ravenswood Avenue, this neighborhood has pet-friendly apartments for rent throughout its urban enclaves of Wrigleyville, Lakeview East and West Lakeview.

    During your apartment hunt, you can filter searches by neighborhood at Rent.com. You can also perform searches relative to your human needs such as price and number of bedrooms.

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    Apartments For Rent In Chicago Il

    Apartments for rent in Chicago, Illinois have a median rental price of $2,188. There are 10517 active apartments for rent in Chicago, which spend an average of 59 days on the market. Some of the nearby neighborhoods near Chicago are Near North Side, West Town, Lincoln Park, and Near West Side. You may also be interested in apartments that are for rent in the nearby ZIP codes of 60614, 60611, or in neighboring cities, such as Evanston, Naperville, Oak Park, or Des Plaines.

    West Side The Otis $1800+/month

    Cozy with with your fluffball in a modern loft featuring exposed brick walls, beamed ceilings, and balconies with picture-perfect views. The Otis doesnt only accept cats and dogs as tenants, but is even open to other species like lizards, fish, and birds .

    Ready to make your move to Chicago? Let us help get you started and finished while were at it today.

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    Best Dog Amenities: Finding That Perfect Dog

    April 3rd, 2021by Elise Kaufmann.

    As the inventory of luxury Chicago apartments continues to grow, developers are seeking new ways to stand out. Usually, this is evident in the wide variety and extensive amount of amenities offered to renters. In addition to the fitness center and pool, renters searching for dog-friendly Chicago apartments will be happy to find a robust offering of pet amenities is now included in the amenity package.

    In Chicagos temperamental weather, many pet owners value not having to walk far or stand outside for a long time while they wait for Fido to do his business. The Chicago Tribune sat down with Luxury Living Chicagos managing partner, Amy Galvin, to discuss why renters are passionately placing their dogs needs at the top of their apartment search list.

    If dog-friendly apartments are a top priority in the search for a new home, weve rounded up a few Chicago apartments with the best dog amenities:

    Apartments Furnished Chicago Pet Friendly

    A River North 2-bedroom model CB4 at the new One Chicago Apartments

    Pets welcomechicagoApartmentPets welcomechicagoApartmentapartmentapartmentsapartmentapartmentsFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentFurnishedapartmentsapartmentChicagofurnishedapartmentApartmentChicagofurnishedapartmentApartmentapartmentPet friendlyapartmentPet friendlyapartmentfurnishedpets allowedapartmentapartmentfurnishedpets allowedapartment

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    The Cost Of Renting With Your Dog

    New properties in downtown Chicago are more accepting of dogs than ever before. Theyre more lenient on weight and are even providing many more amenities. But, the Fido features arent exactly free.

    We found that 60% of our properties charge additional rent if you have a dog. Broken down only 43% of the older buildings required extra rent for pets, while 83% of newer ones do. Rental fees are generally $25 to $35 per month, per pet.

    Pet fees are standard for the majority of buildings. They range from a minimum of $250 to a maximum of $650 per dog.

    The Ultimate Guide To Dog

    Dogs. If you have one, you know how they can worm their way right into your heart and become family. You wouldnt give your kid up because finding a kid-friendly apartment was challenging. For many of us, the same is true of our fur babies. If youre looking for an apartment in Chicago for you and your dog, youve come to the right spot.

    At HotSpot Rentals, we dont just claim to love dogs, were passionate about our pooches. In fact, many of our agents actually live in downtown Chicago with their four-legged friends.

    Take Shannon and KJ, for example. Theyre a married couple and both are agents on our team living in the South Loop, two blocks from Grant Park. They are pet parents to Frankenstein, a two-year-old male pug. Hes an explorer, very curious, loves any type of food, and has the cutest sense of humor, Shannon says.

    Then, theres Stephanie, a long-time HotSpot agent who lives in the Lakeshore East neighborhood of downtown Chicago. Like Shannon and KJ, shes a resident at one of our properties, recently adding a new addition to her family, a rescue dog named Nigel. Hes a one-year-old adorable Beagle/Miniature Pinscher Mix.

    Finally, theres Rachel and Apollo, another married couple who have lived in Chicago for four years with their six-year-old Border Collie, Domino. In talking with Rachel, people love dogs here and just about everyone has one, it seems.

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    Cost Of Living In Chicago Il 2022

    As the largest city in the Midwest, Chicago is constantly welcoming newcomers. It boasts a relatively stable job market, a diverse mix of neighborhoods including lakefront living, and robust public transportation. Chicago isn’t exactly known for being cheap compared to its fellow midwestern cities, but it’s a bargain compared to cities like New York, Boston, or Los Angeles.

    There’s a Chicago neighborhood for everyone, whether you’re looking for nightlife or a quiet green space and a reprieve from the city bustle. Read on to learn more about the cost of living in Chicago and how to plan yourbudget accordingly.

    How To Find A Month To Month Apartment In Chicago Il

    Baby Adventure Force Mini Die

    Chicago is the largest Midwest city, making it no surprise its such a popular and welcoming place for newcomers. The city is an ideal place to move, offering residents a robust public transportation system, lakefront living, diverse neighborhoods, and a stable job market. As a result, all different types of folks can find what theyre looking for in this incredible city and at lower prices than other major cities like Los Angeles, Boston, or New York.

    Finding a place to live in Chicago is where the challenge begins, with so many different great neighborhoods to choose from. You might even have a more challenging time finding exactly what you’re looking for if youre looking for a month-to-month lease, as they tend to be more limited.

    If youre wondering how to find a month-to-month apartment in Chicago, look no further. We did all the homework, so you dont have to. Keep reading to learn all youll need to know about finding monthly apartments in the Windy City.

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    Pet Friendly Housing Searches

    Here are some resources to get you started on a successful search for an animal-friendly apartment .

    Furnished Apartments In Chicago That Accept Pets

    Depending on your housing needs, you might be searching for furnished accommodations. Finding a furnished apartment in Chicago that accepts pets can be tricky.

    Landlords are hesitant to risk damaging their furniture or getting stuck with hefty cleaning bills due to pet hair and odor.

    Blueground rents out fully furnished apartments, many of which accept pets. Just select the Pets Allowed filter when searching for apartments.

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    Chicago Laws On Emotional Support Animals And Service Animals

    If youre disabled and rely on an emotional support animal or service animal, you dont need to lose sleep over finding a pet-friendly apartment in Chicago. The Fair Housing Act prevents landlords from rejecting you as a tenant because of your animal, even if they have a no pet policy.

    The only exception is if the building has four or fewer units and the landlord is also a resident.

    Finding an apartment in Chicago that accepts pets shouldnt be a challenge as long as you know where to look.

    Just remember to always be upfront about the fact that youre planning to move in with a pet. Its important to start your relationship with your new landlord off on the right foot.

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    Resources For Pet Owners In Lakeview Chicago

    A River North 2-bedroom WB1 at 23 West Apartments at One Chicago

    Pet services abound throughout the neighborhood. Groomers like Happy Tails can meet the needs of high-maintenance big-city pooches. When your pet needs a place to stay, the Pet Depot has boarding and pet sitting services.

    While you’re looking for pet-friendly apartments, keep in mind that you might need a new vet close to your new home. Many veterinarians service Lakeview Chicago, including Pets First Veterinary Clinic and West Wrigley Animal Hospital.

    When shopping for food, treats and toys, Lakeview apartment renters will find many choices. Chains like Petco can be found as well as shops with a boutique feel, like Wigglyville where pet wellness is the focus.

    As a pet owner, your decision to rent in Lakeview Chicago will enable you to live in a place where both people and animals can flourish. This neighborhood was ranked by Money Magazine as one of the top 10 big-city neighborhoods to live in, and its upscale attitude and diverse shopping centers support a comfortable lifestyle.

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    Pet Friendly Apartments In Chicago Il With A Twist

    We know that not all pets were created equally. You might not give a damn bout your dogs reputation, but you might notice that many landlords may not be on the same page with you. For instance, not all rental properties have apartments that allow pit bulls. Landlords call it precaution, you call it breed discrimination. No worries, though, because theres a perfect apartment for your pit bull too. If you are wondering how to rent with a pit bull, scroll down to the Pet Policy section in the listing description to find out if the property youre interested in offers no-breed-restriction apartments. Be perseverant, and you will find dog-friendly apartments in Chicago, IL that allow large breeds too. The average size for a Chicago, IL apartment is 918 Sq.Ft., so youre sure to find an apartment big enough to fit you and your sweet-natured giant. You can contact the property manager through rentcafe.com, or call them directly from the RentCafe Mobile App, and ask if they have any pit bull friendly rentals. Soon enough, you and your buddy will be snuggling in the coziness of the pet-friendly rooms youve been searching for.

    Finding a home nearby is easier than you think. Check out our Apartments Near Me page and take your pick!

    Chicago Apartment Buildings With Pet Amenities

    With a surge in new construction, Chicago has seen an oversupply of apartments in recent years, meaning that apartment buildings are forced to compete for renters.

    Many buildings try to attract tenants with luxury amenities packages: gyms, spas, fire pits, rooftop pools, and even amenities geared towards pampering your pet.

    Here are a few Chicago apartment buildings with exceptional pet amenities:

    • OneEleven, 111 W Wacker Dr
    • State & Chestnut, 845 N State St
    • MILA, 201 N Garland Ct
    • K2 Apartments, 365 N Halsted St
    • 8 East Huron, 8 E Huron St
    • Moment, 545 N McClurg Ct
    • Wolf Point West, 343 W Wolf Point Plaza

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    Renting An Apartment In Chicago

    The Basics

    Renting an apartment in Chicago is pretty straight-forward. Youll need a photo ID, a security deposit, your first-month’s rent, and $25-$50 for a background check. Most leases are for 12 months, though you can sometimes score a little kickback for signing longer leases.

    The Variety

    From brick-walled studios to vintage flats to high-rise towers looking down on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago has a wide variety of rentals to choose from. For the budget-minded, cheap apartments in Chicago can be found in older buildings, often with gas and heat included in the rental price . And for renters in need of a little luxury, look for modern apartments with unique amenities like rooftop hangouts and resort-style swimming pools.


    In most apartment communities, car owners should expect to pay an extra $200 per month for a spot in a parking garage or outdoor lot. Rental homes, townhouses and duplexes on the outskirts of town may have free street parking, however youll still be paying to park when you commute downtown.


    How Much Rent Can I Afford On My Salary

    AptAmigo on Instagram: Old Town might have the most dog friendly ...

    Need a quick and easy look into how much rent you can afford? Heres an idea of the ideal rent for various salaries, based on the 30% rule.

    • On a $30,000 a year salary, your ideal rent price is $750.
    • On a $40,000 a year salary, your ideal rent price is $1,000.
    • On a $50,000 a year salary, your ideal rent price is $1,250
    • On a $75,000 a year salary, your ideal rent price is $1,875
    • On a $100,000 a year salary, your ideal rent price is $2,500

    As mentioned before, the 30% rule should act as a rule of thumb. Use the slider on our rent calculator to see how your rent payments change with different percentages of your income.

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