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Best Fine Dining In Chicago

Polish Sausage: Kimski Dog

Chicago Prime Steakhouse – Fine Dining Schaumburg Restaurants in Schaumburg – Video

Chicago has a long history of 24-hour joints serving up grilled reddish kielbasa links overflowing with sunburst-yellow mustard and golden caramelized onion, aka the Maxwell Polish. Chicago is also a melting-pot town, and it was only a matter of time before the Polish influence was mixed with a little Korean spice to produce a hot dog that someday might rival the classic dragged-through-the-garden Chicago hot dog. Behold the Kimski dog, a thick hunk of Polish sausage topped with soju-liquor-spiked mustard and fermented kimchi sauerkraut stuffed into a pillowy split-top, lobster roll-style bun. The richness of the meat is foiled by the mustard and kimchi brightness, providing a hot dog that bursts like flavor fireworks.

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Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings

Chinese | $$ | Website | | 799-1118

Qing Xiang Yuan is considered by many to have the best dumplings in Chicago. Whether you like your dumplings steamed, boiled, or pan-fried, this restaurant offers them in a variety of fillings . There are even vegetarian and vegan options.

If youre visiting Chinatown, Qing Xiang Yuan is the perfect stop for lunch or dinner. I recommend bringing some friends so you can choose a variety of dumplings and sample them all.

Neapolitan Pizza: Paulie Gees

Given the longstanding rivalry with New York for civic supremacy, and the fact that were talking about some of Chicagos most-essential spots, it might seem weird that a Brooklyn-born pizza joint would make this list. But Paulie Gees turns out some of Chicagos best Neapolitan-style pizzas, easily passing the Friday-night craving test. Which is to say, when your inhibitions are down, Gees pies are the ones you crave. The wood-fired and blistered crusts of their Neapolitan pies feature a cross-section of airy bubbles that look more like a croissant than a pizza.

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Chicago Sweatlodges Rehydrate Bar And Cafe

At the Rehydrate Water Bar and Cafe, diners can experience the Russian banya, a plunge pool, a Turkish massage, and Mexican cuisine.

The Russian banya is a traditional sweat lodge experience guests are thwacked with oak leaf brooms to stimulate blood flow and then sit in a sweltering sauna. Spa-goers then urn into diners, where guests can choose to indulge in everything from pierogies to chicken fajitas.

Dame Dr Evangeline Gouletas

10 amazing and inspiring restaurants in Chicago you need to try
Cité First Opened

When Cité first opened to the public the restaurant had a remarkable view, but lacked the personality to compete with other upscale restaurants in the city. Dame Dr. Evangeline Gouletas, known to all simply as Evangeline, decided to make the restaurant an ultimate dining experience. In my travels throughout the world, she said, certain restaurants have stood out as the ultimate whether in style, service or exceptional cuisine. Each one reflects a commitment by the owner to be the very best and each restaurant makes the owners own personality and sense of style available to the public view.

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Evangeline, whose personal flair and style have gathered notice in society and business pages throughout the U.S. and Europe, makes that personal commitment to high style every day and demanded the same from her restaurant. Evangelines attention to detail began the day she first entered the restaurant. The view was more stunning than any I had ever seen anywhere in the world In order to make Cité Elegant Dinning the absolute best, I had to mentally close the drapes and pretend there was no view at all. I had to create a masterful dining experience. The highest food quality, superbly presented and impeccable service.

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The Best Chicago Restaurants For A Special Occasion

Congratulations, you have something to celebrate. Here are the best places to go.

Special occasions remind us of the famous saying about obscenity: You know it when you see it. Sometimes its obvious – maybe youre getting engaged or celebrating a major birthday – and sometimes you just want to go big on a particularly awesome Tuesday. It doesnt matter why youre celebrating, but if thats what youre doing, youre going to want to go someplace exciting. Someplace that probably requires advance planning, costs more than youd usually spend, and has extra-good food and service. These are the best places in Chicago for a special occasion, no matter what it is.

What Food Is Chicago Famous For

Chicago is famous for its deep dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs. However, Chicago is also known as a foodie destination, so there are a diverse range of cuisines to pick from, making it an all-around global food scene.

Are you a traveling foodie? Dont miss our guide to the best restaurants in Nashville& the best restaurants in London!

Thats it for our list of best restaurants! When it comes to food, Chicago does not disappoint. No matter your taste buds, youre sure to find something delicious.

Before you go, be sure to check out my guide to the best stuff to do in Chicago.

I hope Ive helped you find one of the best Chicago restaurants for you!

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Summer House Santa Monica

New American, Italian | $$$ | Website | | 634-4100

Crispy chicken sandwich with snappy pickles and the Tropical Dreams cocktail

Light, airy, and wellsummer-y, is how Id describe the atmosphere at Summer House Santa Monica, which is located on N Halsted St in Lincoln Park. Considering the large atrium and ambiance of the summer-inspired dining room, this makes sense. On the wall, they even have a countdown to summer.

Most of the food is New American cuisine, with some Italian, Asian, and Mexican influences blended in. Each time Ive dined here, the food and drinks have never disappointed me. Everything on the menu is tasty, but I always get the crispy chicken sandwich. The truffle fries are also delicious!

Pro Tip: If you can, dine here in the summertime when the atrium is open. Its great!

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The Best Restaurants With A View In Chicago

Usmania Restaurant, Fine Dining Pakistani Cuisine In Chicago

Chicago is one of Americaâs friendliest cities, hailing visitors with a warm Midwestern greeting every time. Itâs also one of the most affordable, accessible and gorgeous cities in the country, so thereâs no wonder it is a top destination for tourists from around the world. Whether you are visiting Millennium Park and The Bean, awesome museums like the Art Institute and the MCA, catching a Cubs game or strolling along beautiful Lakeshore Drive, there are plenty of things to see and do here in the Windy City. The culinary scene here is also a big draw. Originally known for itâs Italian Beef Sandwiches, Deep Dish Pizza and Hot Dogs, there is a lot more on the menu here in this foodie haven. And why not combine a delicious meal with a beautiful view of the skyline, river or Lake Michigan? We asked the savviest diners in town to tell us about the best Chicago restaurants with a view! Check out our list and book a table to wow your friends and family with a fabulous all-around dining experience.

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Top 5 Best Fine Dining Hotspots To Enjoy In Chicago

Chicago is the most populous city in the state of Illinois and is famed for its stunning city skylines, superb sandy beaches, and the plethora of parks, museums, and public art within its borders. But thats not all Chicago is also known for its fine dining and boasts an abundance of world-class restaurants offering an eclectic range of fare.

If youre planning a trip to the windy city, then make sure that at least one of the five eateries below is on your list of places to visit. Each of these establishments offers a truly unique dining experience, so the biggest issue you might have is choosing the one to try out first

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

Steakhouse | $$$$ | Website | | 266-8999

This is the original Gibsons location!

When it comes to all things steak and meat, Gibsons is the classic place to go in Chicago. Arrive hungry and ready to eat.

The meat-heavy menu includes steak done a variety of ways , as well as other local favorites like pork chops, roast chicken, ribs, and burgers. Drinks are also great. If for whatever reason you still have room for dessert at the end of your meal, snag a piece of cake, too.

As far as ambiance goes, the indoor dining room looks like a timeless steakhouse. Think warm tones with lots of wood. They even have a wall dedicated to autographed photos.

Dont Miss: Gibsons is right around the corner from the top of the Magnificent Mile and a 10-minute walk from the Museum of Contemporary Art. Check out our picks for the best museums in Chicago.

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Three Dots And A Dash

Three Dots and a Dash scopes the globe for the best tiki cocktails. Many of the cocktails on the drinks menu give credit back to the legendary tiki bartenders of the past. Some carry with them a warning: a skull denotes drinks of impressive strength and warn imbibers to sip delicately.

While, yes, Three Dots may have a small food menu, most diners are more attracted to the hundreds of rums available on their the rum index. A lesson for new restaurateurs: do one thing and do it really, really well.

Tasting Table Unearths What Foodies Think Is Chicago’s Best Fine Dining Restaurant

Schaumburg Perry

Enjoying food at a fine dining restaurant is the height of luxury. Though the price may be considerably more than at your favorite local chain, the upscale environment, attentive service, and satisfying cuisine can make the meal feel like a real experience. Today, fine dining restaurants come in all shapes and sizes some can feel austere, while others can be spaces where trained chefs execute their most ambitious culinary fantasies.

Toast states that many fine dining restaurants feature multi-course meals, “elegant” menu options, and even rules regarding dress code or conduct while at the restaurant. Diners should also be aware of proper dining rules and etiquette. These restaurants can be popular for important events like holidays, engagements, or anniversaries.

Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S. in terms of population, per World Population Review. As with any big city, Chicago has a wide range of dining options, including many fine dining spots. In a survey of 615 readers, Tasting Table asked voters to choose which upscale Chicago restaurant they would most like to eat at, and the votes speak for themselves.

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The Signature Room At The 95th

875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611Phone: 312-787-9596

Located on the 95th floor of the iconic Hancock Center Building in Streeterville, The Signature Room on 95th is as famous for its panoramic views as it is for its award-winning food and cocktails.

The restaurant is enclosed by floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning panoramic views of Chicago that you can enjoy year-round.

The elegant dining room has silver-plated chairs, white tablecloths, and gorgeous floral arrangements.

Theyre a sought-after setting for weddings, proposals, and date nights.

The 96th floor is home to their famous cocktail lounge, so you can enjoy a happy hour before heading down to the 95th floor for more epic cocktails and a classy steak dinner.

I recommend their spice braised short ribs with corn grits and roasted shallots.

A pioneer in fine-dining Thai cuisine, Aruns Thai Restaurant began as a humble Thai restaurant headed by Thai-native and University of Chicago Doctoral Candidate Arun Sampanthavivat.

Sampanthavivats beautifully plated Thai dishes impressed the critics, winning Zagats highest rating during the late 90s.

Its success with critics and growing popularity launched a change of venue to a beautiful dining space in Albany Park with an interior covered in colorful paintings of Thai history and mythology by Sampanthavivat and his brother.

Haute Chinese: Duck Duck Goat

Chinese food in Chicago was generally considered quick, cheap and good takeout fare. That is, until Top Chef champion and Chicago master chef Stephanie Izard, who grew up making Mandarin pancakes and moo shu pork with her mom, got involved. At Duck, Duck, Goat, Izard reinvents dishes like Szechuan chicken by getting rid of the tongue-searing heat that blows your palate in favor of grassy low-heat shishito peppers. When available, her char siu, or barbecue ribs, are cooked sous vide until tender, then brushed with bourbon-and-honey-infused hoisin. Noodles are hand-pulled and have a soulful chew.

Go to: Duck, Duck, Goat

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Fine Dining In Lincoln Park Chicago

Welcome to Esmé, an ever-evolving fine-dining tasting menu restaurant in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. We offer a tasting menu experience that fully transforms each quarter to reveal inspiration from Chicagos vibrant creative culture. With each collaboration Chef Jenner Tomaska and his wife Katrina Bravo, partner with local artists, creatives, and luminaries to create an entirely new experience every 12 weeks that tells a story about the partner’s work through thoughtfully-composed dishes, music, and hand-crafted service pieces.

A Chefs’ Guide To Eating Out In Chicago

Chicagoâs Best Seafood: Oyster Bah

From architectural feats and notoriously loyal sports fans to public sculptures and hip-hop, Chicago is known for many things, and chief among them might be its iconic foods. Topping-heavy Chicago-style hot dogs, sky-high stuffed pizzas, piping-hot Italian-beef sandwiches, and a shot or three of Jeppsons Malört are certainly all worth enjoying when youre in town, but make sure you leave some room in your itinerary, and your belly, for exploring the lesser-known side of the citys food scene.

Chi-Town has its fair share of celebrity chefs, and a handful of restaurants youve definitely heard ofRick Baylesss empire of Mexican restaurants is still going strong, and the far-reaching influence of Grant Achatzs molecular-gastronomy powerhouses Alinea, Next, and The Aviary cant be denied. But Chicago also boasts a rich and culinarily diverse food scene that reflects the fabric of the city. If you know where to look, youll find unexpected fusion cuisines world-class cocktail spots with stellar bar bites late-night joints that hand out cookies at midnight and holes-in-the-wall where you can get hearty, stick-to-your-ribs soups and stews to power you through any Chicago winter.

Below, they point the way to some of their favorite places for late-night eats, drinks, breakfast and brunch, special-occasion meals, and, of course, iconic Chicago foods. Read on to find out where chefs eat in Chicago.

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Joes Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab

60 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611Phone: 312-379-5637

Joes Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab is a fine dining seafood and steakhouse in an extravagant dining space inside River Norths North Bridge Shops luxury shopping mall a few blocks from Navy Pier.

Founded in the late 20s by Jennie and Joe Weiss in Miami, Joes has since expanded to include locations across the U.S.

They are a family-friendly establishment with a kids menu and a vegetarian menu.

That said, theyre famous for their incredible stone crabs, sourced from the Gulf of Mexico.

The all-day menu is a family-style shareable menu.

I highly recommend the seared sea scallops and the Chilean sea bass with miso glaze.

From owner and famed pastry Chef Mary Beth Liccioni and her partner and Executive Chef Roland Liccioni, Les Nomades is a formal and romantic contemporary French bistro located a block from the Magnificent Mile in River North.

It has received the AAA Five Diamond Award and Wine Spectator called the wine list one of the greatest in the world.

A nod to both owners and collaborators many travels and nomadic heritage, Les Nomades offers a stunning menu of classic French cuisine with Avant guard presentation.

I started with the fricassee of escargot with leeks and celery root in a garlic red wine sauce.

For the main dish, I went with an utterly rich Roasted Peking duck in a mandarin glaze with lentils and Rouennaise sauce.

How To Find The Best Restaurants In Chicago

Perhaps the easiest way to discover the best restaurants in Downtown Chicago and surrounding areas is to take a guided food tour. There are food tours in Chicago that will lead you to the doorstep of some seriously fantastic eateries, from hole-in-the-wall hidden gems to warm and cozy restaurants buzzing with ambiance.

These excursions are led by local experts who know where to find all of the top restaurants in Chicago. Even if youre a resident in the city, youre bound to sample some iconic Chicago foods youve never tried before. Book a tour to get started on your search for the best Chicago restaurants or, get started exploring the foodie scene on your own with our choices for the 41 best restaurants in Chicago.

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Cheap Eat: Fatsos Last Stand

Though known for icons like deep-dish pizza and a hot dog dragged through the garden, Chicago, a city surrounded by fresh water, has a long history of fried shrimp houses. While Fatsos isnt a dedicated shrimp shack like some others in town, it serves up incredible gigantic garlic-battered butterflied and fried shrimp so good you might think you were vacationing in the Gulf. Though Fatso’s is a shack, almost everything is made in-house, including macaroni and cheese featuring al dente cavatappi dripping with cheddar. Also on offer, char dogs and juicy cheeseburgers that channel the soul of the West Coasts In-N-Out Burger, making Fatsos one of Chicagos greatest cheap-eats destinations.

Go to: Fatsos Last Stand

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