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Best Restaurants In Chinatown Chicago

Seek Serenity At Ping Tom Memorial Park

WHAT TO EAT IN CHICAGO // Chinatown Food Tour Best Restaurants (Chicago Travel Guide 2021)

Located on what used to be an old rail yard, Ping Tom Memorial Park is one of the most peaceful parks in the city. Nestled alongside the Chicago River, the green space has been transformed by the use of Chinese landscape traditions and it boasts some of the most unobstructed views of the Chicago skyline. The lawn may be one of the most romantic spots in the city toojust in case you happen to be with a special someone. Wink, wink.

Insider Tip: Chicago Food Planets Chinatown Adventure Food Tour makes for a great date night and includes a stop at Ping Tom Memorial Park. For other date night suggestions, read our guide on the best date nights in Chicago.

New: * Mango Mango Dessert

Where: 2161 S. China Place, Floor 2

At last the Archer mall has the kind of dessert place thats more typical of the little Clark Street mall. Located on the second level roughly above Joy Yee, Mango Mango is as kawaii as a button, offering mango-based dessert bowls loaded with ice cream and gummy things, as well as some more western-style desserts . Theyre all very nice, the atmosphere is adorableas an after-Chinatown dinner treat, this goes on my list of places to take visitors, for sure.

III. Beyond Chinatown

Long confined to Chinatowns borders by the Irish and Lithuanians of Bridgeport, Chinese businesses are finally spreading to the surrounding neighborhoods. Two strip mallsone on the other side of the El tracks northeast of the Chinatown Square mall, the other west of Chinatown on Halsted in Bridgeportare establishing the borders of a new Chinatown with their food.

Toast With Another Type Of Bubbly At Joy Yee Chinatown

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink consisting of black tea, milk, ice, and chewy tapiocaand at Joy Yee, theyve put their own spin on it. Fans of the cult-favorite will rejoice at their lengthy boba menu, which includes classic variations as well as freezes, smoothies that come with the tapioca pearls.

Thats not all.

Joy Yee also offers sizzling meat dishes, slurpy noodles, and enough shareable plates to make it a popular spot for a group outing. The restaurant stays open until 10:30 pm too, making it a great place to either start or end the night.

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Discover Korea Via Chicagos Chinatown At Ahjoomahs Apron

Over the years, Chinatown has welcomed the culinary traditions of its Asian neighbors, making it one of the most exciting foodie destinations in Chicago. In addition to Chinese cuisine, visitors can find Mongolian, Malay, Japanese, Vietnamese and many more ethnic eats.

Ahjoomahs Apron was one of the first Korean restaurants to open in the neighborhood, offering classic dishes that both Koreans and non-Koreans alike will appreciate. If youre a newbie, its friendly staff and accessible menu will ensure that your first experience with Korean food isnt the last.

Meet Fresh/new: Hello Jasmine/tsacaa

Where to Eat and Drink in Chinatown

Where: 2026 S. Clark, Unit A& B/Unit C/Unit G

The small new strip mall on Clark is mainly home to tea and dessert shops, making it a popular destination for teens. More variety is promised with signs announcing more food-focused spots, but for now, its where you go for something sweet.

Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese chain with some locations in California and major cities elsewhere. The focus is on various cold treats in bowls, built around things like cold grass jelly or Taiwanese shaved ice. Whatever the base is, its topped with squiggly gummy treats, from taro balls to mochi gummies to milky gelatins a la panna cotta. On Friend of Fooditor Brian Engs recommendation, I tried Pudding & Q Mochi Milk Shaved Ice , which was full of interesting tastes. It was also big enough for four or six people, and accordingly cost as much as a pizza, so this is the kind of thing you get when youre a group of teenagers hanging out togethernot when youre a food writer trying to finish an article by yourself.

Pudding & Q Mochi Milk Shaved Ice

Hello Jasmine started in the Richland Center basement food court before moving here . It was the first place to offer cheese tea, the combination of fruit tea and a yogurt-like salted milk thats a bit of a sensation, and it also offers the best food item in this mall, Taiwanese fried chicken strips. As I said then:

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Be Over The Moon At Autumn Moon Festival

The second most important holiday in China may not be as splashy as the Lunar New Year, but it still is a delightful celebration of family, food, and fun. The Chinese American Museum of Chicago hosts a night of music, storytelling, and more at their location.

Not to be missed: the mooncake, a traditional Chinese dessert consisting of a thick pastry filled with red bean or lotus seed paste.

Local Landmarks And History

The historical landmark Pui Tak Center is a great photo op for everybody who visits. The magnificent building is known for its distinctly Chinese architecture, like the pagoda-style entrance and ornate roof, and used to be called Chinatown City Hall. Today, the building is a community center and social services hub.

You shouldnt miss the Nine Dragon Wall on Cermak Road, near the Red Line and the entrance to Chinatown. Dragons are a central figure in ancient Chinese folklore, and the number nine is important in Chinese astrology. The jewel-toned artwork showcase nine awe-inspiring dragons and more than 500 smaller ones. Also, dont miss finding your zodiac sign amongst the statues in Chinatown Square.

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See The Other Great Wall Of China In Chicago

Right on the corner of Cermak and Wentworth, youll find a breathtaking wall adorned with nine large dragons and over 500 smaller ones painted in red, blue, and gold. This is Chinatowns Nine Dragon Wall and one of its most famous landmarks.

Modeled after a glaze-tiled wall in Beijings Forbidden City, Chicagos wall is one of only four other replicas, and every design element is meant to symbolize good fortune and prosperity.

Pick A Team At The Annual Chicago Chinatown Dragon Boat Races

The Grid explores Chicago’s Chinatown: Best places to eat & more

Chinese dragon boat races are over 2,000 years old and Chicago is lucky enough to have its own annual competition every summer. 32 teams race up the Chicago River in elaborate dragon boats, with one goal in mind: to win money for charity.

Each team is made up of eighteen paddlers, one drummer to keep the rhythm going, and one flag catcher in charge of pulling the flag at the end of the finish line. The festivity also includes booths, entertainment, and activities for children.

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Amp Up Your #bookstagram At Chinatowns Public Library

Sleek and imposing, the Chicago Public Library Branch in Chinatown is hard to miss. Though the building is thoroughly modern, it is also thoroughly Chinese-American. The two-story building features a partially-covered green roof, Feng Shui-influenced interiors, and awesome views of the skyline.

Theres also more to it than books .

The library hosts a ton of events on Chinese culture like Tai Chi classes, arts & crafts sessions, Cantonese Opera nights, and both English and Chinese-language lessons for beginners.

Sing Your Shinzo Out At Sakura Karaoke Bar

If youre looking for a ruckus of a good time, Sakura Karaoke Bar is exactly where youll find it. This legendary Japanese-style karaoke bar includes a stage, a dance floor, two separates bars and eight VIP lounges, for those who prefer to serenade their friends in private.

With over 100,000 of America and Asias greatest hits, youll be able to live out both your rock star and k-pop dreams.

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Take A Journey At The Chinese American Museum Of Chicago

Chicago is home to the only museum in the Midwest that focuses on the Chinese immigrant experience. The Chinese American Museum of Chicago tells the stories of those who came via their permanent exhibit, Great Walls to Great Lakes, and their many events, video archives, and collections.

The museum is open every day except Mondays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Authentic Baked Goods For Breakfast

Where to Eat and Drink in Chinatown

Equivalent to the coffee shops of other neighborhoods, Chinatown residents wake up to Hong Kong milk tea and breakfast pastries. Try a BBQ bun or ham and egg bun at Chiu Quon Bakery on Wentworth. The long-standing local favorite opens at 7 a.m. If you stop by Chinatown Square on Archer, the busy Saint Anna Bakery has you covered with savory buns and egg tarts.

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Skyline Views At Ping Tom Park

Spend the afternoon exploring Ping Tom Memorial Park, a beautiful public green space by the Chicago River. The Chinese Dragon Poles, the Pavilion, the murals that depicts ancient Chinese paintings, and the red zigzag bridge all are great reminders of the rich heritage of this community. Its also a great location for a panoramic view of the downtown skyline. In the summer months, you can catch the Water Taxi here for an easy and scenic ride to and from downtown.

* Slurp Slurp Noodles

Where: 2247 S. Wentworth

Until recently, with a couple of openings in the Richland food court, Slurp Slurp had been the only place presently doing hand-pulled and shaved noodles in Chinatown. The hand-pulled are like fresh pasta, and plenty good, but I really love the thickness and the raggedy texture of the shaved noodles assuming they have something good to soak up.

At Slurp Slurp, you basically have two choices for thatsoup or stir fried noodles and then you have different meats which can be added to them The soup, rich with five spice flavor , is the best way to go compared to that the stir fry noodles seem a bit bland, though you have various things on the table to doctor them with, and I liked mine just fine once they had some vinegar and chili oil on them. Beyond the noodle dishes there are only a couple of choices, but the steamed potstickers with pork and chive, which I feared might come out of a bag frozen, proved to be housemade and pretty terrific, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about chinese restaurants in Chicago, IL?

This is a review for chinese restaurants in Chicago, IL:

“I’ve been frequenting this family’s restaurants for more than 20 years. Starting with their location close to my old job at Abt Electronics in Morton Grove, Palace Restaurant. I absolutely love their chicken broccoli dish. The chicken is always tender and the sauce is more of a garlicky broth which I prefer over starchy thick sauces. I’ve also been to Shanghai Inn in Ravenswood which was equally great. I am so happy I found Lisa’s newest restaurant, Dai Yee’s Asian Kitchen. Our food was delivered so fresh and piping hot. The chicken and broccoli dish is just as great as I remembered it from day one of entering their restaurants twenty years ago. The family is very kind and warm and welcome everyone in as family.”

A Traditional Dim Sum Lunch

Eating at the Best Reviewed Dim Sum Restaurant in Chicago: Minghin Cuisine

The most popular brunch option in Chinatown is definitely dim sum. The Cantonese cuisine features a wide selection small plate of dumplings, savory bites, and congee. Some call dim sum the Chinese tapas, whereas I would call tapas the Spanish dim sum. Ming Hin, Phoenix, Cai, and Triple Crown are some of the best bets in Chinatown for a delicious dim sum meal.

A trending foodie destination thats a couple of minutes away from Chinatown is the new food court at 88 Market Place, the largest Asian grocery store in Chicago. From sushi to Korean noodles, from BBQ to dim sum, youll find something to your taste.

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Zoo York Skateboards Bring You To The Brand

It is a slightly more pricey variation of Bombay thats my impression, after 4 journeys to the Huge Apple. The terrific aspect of New York is that everything is online. You can see so much of China without even leaving the train.

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If you wish to see New Yorkers at their best, New York street food aesthetic go to Citi Field in Queens for the Mets or go up to the Bronx to see the most effective sports franchise in the world, the NY Yankees .

They serve egg rolls that are packed filled with pork, shrimp, cabbage, and are very crispy. Their young boy choy was never limp and also crisp. The beef chow yun was best restaurants on 6th street Austin texas cooked completely with tender and delicious pieces of beef served with rice noodles.

Onions fight versus cancer since of quercetin, a compound discovered in onions fully understood for anti-cancer effects. You can also decide for apples, oranges, parsley and red wine.

Go Au Naturel At Yin Wall City

Herb, teas, and powders have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and its only recently that the West has caught up to their natural properties. If youre curious about delving deep into the healing powers of ginseng or simply want superior loose-leaf tea, Yin Wall City should be at the top of your list.

It has all the makings of a traditional apothecary and their friendly staff will do their best to answer your questions.

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New: * La Mom Kitchen

Hong Sue pork

Where: 3312 S. Halsted

La Mom Kitchen had already opened when I did the original version of this piece, but I passed it by because the main thing it seemed to be pushing was a Chinese burrito, which seemed a pretty clear sign to me that by this far south on Halsted, we werent in Chinatown any more. Admittedly, something like jiang bing comes close to resembling a burrito, so the idea wasnt totally illegitimate, but still, it didnt seem like anything that was likely to make La Mom Kitchen a standout for authentic fare.

But a month or two later, thats exactly what La Mom had become, with reviews like Mike Sulas. Although the menu has some of the usual Sichuan peppercorn-fiery dishes you expect to find, it also has a section of Shanghainese dishes, and the hong sue pork, sweet-savory lacquered hunks of pork belly, might be the most perfectly executed Chinese dish in town. Likewise, Shanghai dumplings are not exactly xiao longbao, yet they might capture the warm, juicy, comforting delights of soup dumplings better than any actual named xiao longbao in town.

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