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Billy Goat Tavern Chicago Menu

Slats Grobniks Alter Ego

Chicago’s Best Burger: Billy Goat Tavern

Royko was often found each day after work, holding court down at the Billy Goat in the aforementioned Wise Guys Corner. He would entertain crowds by espousing local politics as the voice of the little guy. On one occasion, after writing some unfavorable things about the local plumbers union, my friends dad confronted Royko and, after receiving an unsatisfactory response from the writer, punched Royko in the face. Royko was not an easy person to talk to, but never hid himself away in an ivory tower. If you wanted to talk to him, you came to The Goat where he would back up what he said to anyone. Mike Roykos biting satire as well as his everyman character, Slats Grobnik, came to an end on April 29, 1997, when he passed away from a brain aneurysm at the age of 64. For those like me that read his columns, he is dearly missed and can never be replaced. Shortly after he died, the Illinois State House of Representative passed resolution 90_HR0140 honoring Mike Royko as one of Illinoismost valuable citizens. The resolution was presented to his wife, Judy Royko, and his children.

Billy Goat Tavern Chicago

#288Restaurants in ChicagoA great historical dive

Im so glad we finally came here. The cheezborger was delicious! It has a great dive bar feel to it, and it wasnt too busy either. They also have their own beers on draft! Any person visiting this city should come here.

They are very simple and old school but the burgers are very good and the fries, the location is also great next to the train loop

…And pretty good food. Everybody has their own opinions on what makes a good burger, but having a burger here is like biting into history. There is so much going on around you as you eat, you can easily be distracted into finishing your sandwich…without realizing it’s gone.They got a full bar here too. If you happen to catch the Cheeburger Cheeburger skit on Saturday Night Live, you’ll know then the restaurant that influenced it in the first place.They’ve even got souvenirs you can take home to commemorate The Experience. Enjoy.More

This is a must visit while in Chicago. It’s a living piece of history that you could never duplicate today. Those of us old enough to remember SNL will understand.

Good spot to try a traditional Chicago hotdog, it was good and prices were reasonable.Most of the time I keep my hot dogs plain but I tried it anyways and the flavor was good. Peppers are a bit hot at first, just a heads…up.More

Brace Yourself Were Going In

Step into the Billy Goat by pulling open the heavy, red metal door with a picture of a billy goat painted upon it. Inside, youll find a set of steps leading down into wood paneled den that essentially has not changed since it opened. Part greasy diner, part drunkards refuge, you will first be confronted by a sign reading, Enter at your own risk, followed immediately by a Greek short order cook yelling, Cheezborger! Cheezborger! You want doublecheez?!? Whos next!?! WHOS NEXT!?! If you take more than one second to answer: Dont look at the menu, look at ME! I order for you DOUBLECHEEZ! If you only feel like a single: No. DOUBLECHEEZ!!! If its the end of the week: Its Friday, doublecheez for everybody! Its payday! Triplecheez for the big guy! Want French fries with that? No fries CHEEPS! Thirsty? No Pepsi COKE! To drink: Coke or Diet?! Requests for water or Sprite are only accepted begrudgingly. Ordering at The Goat is not for the skittish.

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