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Black Natural Hair Salon Chicago

Professional Black Hair Salons

This Happened When I Visit Phoenix AZ BEST Natural Black Hair Salon

African Americans typically needs a hair stylist that is skilled in working with their type of hair. Common African American hair styles and treatments include fades, braiding, weave, and perms. Fortunately, there are several hair salons located throughout the Chicago area that specialize in African American hair including The Hot Comb salon.

Hair Salon All Around The Windy City Of Chicago

If you are new to the area of Chicago or rely on the CTA Bus for transportation, then you may prefer a hair salon that is conveniently located near your residence. For instance, if you live near the Chicago loop, you are fortunate for this area of vibrance offers a vast selection of businesses including fine restaurants, entertainment, and great hair salons.

Twisted Roots Salon Inc

The art of the twist, loc, braid, and textured hair is all an art form for the stylists at Twisted Roots Salon Inc. They strive to meet the needs of their various clientele by making it a business motto and practice that is seenin the delicate care and time invested in each signature hairstyle. Twisted Roots specialized in a variety of loc services such as loc maintenance, extensions, stylings, interlocking, and twist styles.

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Hair Salons Owned And Specializing In Korean Hair

Koreans also have a unique type of hair that can tend to be very fine. Fortunately, there are several Korean hair salons throughout Chicago. Many of them are Korean-owned businesses that specialize in caring for a variety of hair types. Some of these are located in the H-Mart area such as Park Jun Hair.

Need Coloring Try These Hair Salons

15 Black

Although you can color your hair at home, some people prefer having a salon quality coloring job. In addition to dying hair, coloring options also can include adding highlights and lowlights. It can be difficult to find a skilled colorist, but Chicago has you covered with some salons that specialize in hair coloring such as Color Lab Salon.

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Our Guide To Hair Salons In Chicago


Article by City Lifestyle

Chicago is a lovely city to reside that boasts plenty of attractions such as the Millennium Park and the Navy Pier, residents of Chicago are likely to be more interested in local businesses that can meet their everyday needs such as hair salons.

Of course, you are going to want to get all dolled up when you go out to enjoy the cuisine and entertainment at Juliana Restaurant and Night Club or go out on a stroll down Michigan Avenue for a night on the town. This guide will help you to know about salons that can help you to look your very best when enjoying a night out in Chicago.

While there are many hair salons in Chicago that you can choose from, you may want to consider checking out the H mart Chicago hair salon over in Niles. There is actually a selection of hair salons over in the H mart area that have really good reviews.

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Get Your New Hair Do Today

Theres plenty of things to do to stay busy in the Windy City of Chicago. Fortunately, Chicago offers a variety of hair salons that will keep you looking your best as you enjoy everything this city has to offer. If you are interested in more information about hair salons in your area, directories are available to lead you in the right direction towards having great looking hair in Chicago!

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A Range Of International Hair Services To Keep You Looking And Feeling Great

The trained and experienced beauty experts at Marquin Salon offer more than just skill and expertise. Visit our salon for attentive service that is customized according to your particular requirements. Benefit from practical beauty tips from our international hair specialists. Treat yourself to top quality beauty products at a fully equipped salon offering a range of services.

Natural Curl Care Salons In Chicago

Top Phoenix AZ Black Hair Salon Meet the Staff


If you’re a naturally curly girl living in the Chicago area and searching for a salon to suit your needs, we’ve got you covered. The following are our top 5 favorite salons for curl care in the city and to see the rest of the list, click here.

Darya’s Naturals:

If you’re looking for a place to get protective styles like braids and locs while you’re growing out your curls, Darya’s Naturals will be your new go-to. In addition to their wide array of awesome services, they also offer waxing. Their stylists all have specialities are well versed in natural curl care.

The Curl Whisperer Chicago:

Starresha Martin operates this chic salon located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area. With over 5 years of experience, Starresha knows her way around naturally curly hair. The salon offers Deva Cutting, as well as color services and twist outs. Client education is top priority and Starresha makes sure her clients leave knowing how to care for their natural curls.

Salon Heaven:

This welcoming and engaging salon and spa was voted #1 amongst the Top 10 salons in Chicago. In its relaxing and comforting space, the staff work tirelessly to make sure all the needs of their curly haired customers are met. Not only will you get an awesome hair cut there, you can indulge in luxurious spa treatments as well.

Chicago Curl Collective:

Natural Beauty Couture:

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Glo On Braids And Natural Styling

If youre looking for a wide array of cornrows, braids, and other beautiful styles, Glo On Braids and Natural Styling provides these in spades.

Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Glo On provides transformative hairstyling that focuses on healthy hair as the end goal. Glo On also provides products dedicated to nourishing and invigorating your hair.

Glo Ons lead stylist is a seasoned veteran who has worked her way up to a nationally recognized status as a natural hair care leader. For years, clients have been coming to her trusting her expertise and, as the salon likes to say, glo in their natural beauty.

Desis Full Service Salon

If youre looking for a full-service salon in the Chicago area, this might be the location for you. Desis Full Service Salon offers a range of services, including hair appointments. Here, you can access their 16 hair stylists who all specialize in braiding, weaves, natural hair, and loc styles too. No matter which service you need, Desis has got you covered.

Alongside haircare, this salon offers barber services, nail technicians, make-up artistry, and a basic spa too. This is an ideal location for anyone that wants to go for a complete spa day! Treat yourself today with Desis Full Service Salon.

Find the team online here.

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Van Cleef Hair Studio

A long-standing Chicago salon of 35 years, Van Cleef Hair Studio, focuses on multi-cultural hairstyles with a dedication to personalizing each clients experience. They offer a full swing of services for both men and women, from clarifying treatments to dreadlock creation and maintenance.

Youre unlikely to stump this skilled team with their expertise and a broad array of styles at your disposal.

How This Chicago Hair Stylist And Salon Owner Went From The Projects To Catching The Attention Of Vogue Magazine

Best Black Hair Salons In Chicago

For Black women, the hair salon is a cornerstone of our culture.

Many of us view our stylists as confidantes, the salon chair as a safe haven and hair appointments as therapy sessions. With this, Midge Welch is a therapist of sorts.

The hair stylist knows the critical role salons play in Black womens lives, something she doesnt take lightly. I want my clients to feel like theyre home when with me and my stylists, she said about her salon Issues, located on the south side of Chicago.

This sentiment was something Welch says was ingrained in her from the very beginning. Ive loved to help make people look good since I was a little girl, she said. I was always the one styling hair, doing piercings for my friends and really making them feel great about themselves since childhood.

Growing up in the Dearborn Homes, a housing project in Chicago, she knew her passion would pave a way out for her and her family. At 17, she started her career in beauty as a shampoo assistant at a local salon, a decision she says changed her life. Thats where I learned everything I know now as a stylist and business owner, she says, attributing her work ethic and endearing bedside manner to her early employers.

Putting my clients first is the reason Im still here, she said, referring to how she injects empathy into every customer interaction she has.

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Hair Salons: Working With The Natural

The term natural hair can mean many different things, but typically when referring to a natural hair salon it means that they use all-natural products and treatments to maximize the health of your locks. Natural hair products contain less synthetic chemicals that standard hair care products, commonly replacing them with herbal or organic alternatives. The term natural hair products can also refer to products that are specially formulated to care for the natural hair of African Americans.

Other natural hair salons are specifically designed to beautify the natural hair of African American women without the use of weave. Although wigs and weave can look amazing on a Black woman, your natural hair is just as beautiful. A natural hair salon knows how to work with a Black womans natural hair and bring out the beauty that is already there.

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Twisted Roots Hair Salon

If youre after a salon that can care for your natural hair, check out Twisted Roots Hair Salon. This salon is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm to ensure all clients have time to get their hair done. This salon takes bookings and walk-in appointments.

The hair services available here include loc maintenance, haircuts, twist styles, and more. You can also book hair maintenance or extensions. If youre unsure which service suits you, contact the team for a personal consultation today.

Visit the team online here.

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Most Read Life Stories

Jenkins says clients have come from as far as Portland and Yakima to seek out her services. And as shes in high demand: Booking an appointment a month or two in advance is standard practice among her clients. Monique Caldwell, 26, drives 60 miles from her home in Lacey to see Jenkins in Bellevue. But, Caldwell says, its worth the wait and the road trip.

My clients have said, I dont care where you move to, Im following you, Jenkins said. Just creating these relationships, its a ministry.

Another level of loyalty is unlocked when a Black woman finds her trusted stylist. But its much deeper than vanity, Gray said.

The Big Chicago : The Definitive Black Chicago Guide

Salon Visit in Chicago | Blowout, Trim & Flexi-Rod Set on Type 4C Natural Hair

Chicagos African-American roots go long and deeplong before the historic Great Migration to Chicago. It started with Chicagos founding by the Haitian-American JeanBaptiste Pointe du Sable and it continues with the thriving amount of Black-owned restaurants and businesses throughout the city.

If youre planning a trip to the Windy City and are curious about Black Chicago, which includes Africans, African Americans and those of Caribbean descent, we encourage you to indulge in this guide. Weve rounded up a great list of places you should seek out: from where to dine and dance to where you can go pay tribute to historical figures.

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Natural Hair Salons In Chicago

The Windy City is known for its vibrant city life, diverse culture, and amazing fashion that inspires people all over the world. Finding a natural hair salon can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack if you dont know where to start when you live in the city, but weve got you covered. Weve scoured the city of Chicago to find you Chicagoans the best salons to get your hair braided, cut, and help you achieve your best curls. Check out the top 15 natural hair salons in Chicago below.

Marseillais African Hair Braiding

Looking for hair braiding in Chicago? The Marseillais African Hair Braiding salon is the next stop for you. The team here are experts in caring for African American hair, so you can trust your braids will be in good hands here. The team specializes in weaving and braiding and they always price their services affordably.

If you want a unique style, check out this team today. The stylists here are able to work with both long and short hair, plus they offer knotless braids. View their happy reviews online to learn more.

Visit the team online here.

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For The Fam: Kids Hair Salons

Sometimes styling kids hair can result in tears and protest. When choosing a kids hair salon, you need to find a hairdresser that has a special touch and a way with kids to get them to sit still in the barber chair through the duration of the haircut. It is also wise to select a stylist who is tender when tugging at knots. Thats the reason behind there being salons that cater to the needs of children. There are several kids hair salons throughout the Chicago area including KidSnips Lincoln Park.

Lunabella Makeup & Hair Salon

Uptown Salon located in Chicago ILLINOIS 1

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

LunaBella Makeup & Hair Salon in Santa Barbara, CA was co-founded by Christin Brown aka Curlfactor. She is a Level 3 Master Deva Certified Curl Specialist who specializes in transformative Deva Cuts and Pintura color. She has styled the natural hair of Yara Shahidi and Tamera Mawrey, and she loves educating her clients on making their curls pop.

Follow them on Instagram: @curlfactor

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To Chicagos Top Hair & Skin Salon

Are you looking for the best hair salon in Chicago? Salon Envy is an upscale hair salon in Chicago that goes above and beyond for their clients. Our talented professionals are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service in a relaxing, modern atmosphere, and our fashion-forward team has more than 25 years of experience.

Salon Envy offers innovative and precise work to create the best look for you! We specialize in the best, on-trend precision hair cutting, styles and hair extensions, as well as outstanding hair color services. We offer the latest hair painting techniques in balayage and highlights.

In addition to our top hair salon services, we offer professional skincare, waxing, eyelash extensions, microdermabrasion and facials. Salon Envy was voted the Best Hair Salon in Chicago, as well as Best Brazilian Wax in Chicago.

Washington Can Seem Like A Black Hair Desert These Stylists Make The Seattle Area An Oasis

On a cloudy January afternoon in downtown Seattle, hair stylist Jackie Page Christian was on her sixth client of the day. Her salon, Six17, sits in the back corner of the Exchange Buildings ground floor, the last in a lineup of similar studios. Inside, the soulful sound of India.Aries Chocolate High can be heard when the hum of the blow-dryer in Christians hand goes silent.

Christian, 53, and her client, 32-year-old Alexis Piper of Seattle, were talking about work and weekend plans before the discussion turned to hair. Piper detailed her recent success setting her hair at home with flexi-rods foam rollers that serve as an alternative to heat-produced curls.

I was looking so cute on Monday! Piper exclaimed.

Pipers regularly scheduled appointments with Christian are more than just a chance to chat the stylist-client bond is sacred. Its why Black stylists in Seattle are so in-demand.

After moving to Seattle in 2007, Piper, a Black woman, says she tried a few salons in the area but gave up on finding someone to style her hair regularly. I kind of tried to teach myself how to do my own hair, but I really wasnt taking good care of it, she said. That was until Piper met Christian, who has been working in Seattle since 2019 and who says Pipers inability to find a trusted stylist in the Seattle area is a story shes heard often from other clients who are Black women.

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Fabulous Hair And Weave Salon

The Fabulous Hair And Weave Salon was created to make sure all Chicago ladies have great hair. With custom weaves, wigs, and extensions, youll always be in control of your style here. This team is experienced in the hair care industry and theyre always ready to advise you on your next do.

Other services on offer here include relaxers, hair coloring, and natural hairstyling too. They also offer protective styles, healthy hair products, and alopecia solutions. If keeping your natural hair healthy is your priority, visit this salon!

Find the team online here.

The Best Of Black Chicago: Lodging

Silk Press on 4C Hair! | Huetiful Salon | Natural Hair

Welcome Inn Manor: Located in the heart of Bronzevillewhich celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2016the classic bed and breakfast inn was established in a vintage brownstone in 2011. Each room is uniquely designed, plus there are accommodations for families. Guests get breakfast every day, plus transportation may be provided at an additional cost for those who need it. Its a convenient way to see the citys many attractions.

Address: 4563 S. Michigan Ave.

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