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Bob’s Discount Furniture And Mattress Store Chicago

The Company Spreads Into New Markets Like Wildfire

Bob’s Discount Furniture & Chicago Bears refurnish Lawrence Hall

It’s a pretty common belief in business that, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Gene Rosenberg and Bob Kaufman took this to heart. Not long after opening the very first store, the businessmen began opening additional outlets in Connecticut. In just a few short years, Bob’s Discount Furniture was dominating the discount furniture market. “We joke that if it was up to Gene, we’d have had 100 stores the first year,” Kaufman told the University of Connecticut School of Business. “And if it was up to me, we’d still have two.”

When the company expands into a new area, it often runs commercials months in advance and opens multiple locations in one fell swoop. Given this approach, it’s not surprising that the furniture store’s arrival is met with headlines like “Bob’s Discount Furniture invades Chicago market.” The company opened five stores in the Chicago area all on the same day.

The chain isn’t in every state, but it does stretch from Maine to California and as far south as Virginia. “Today, we have 139 stores. We opened four stores ,” Kaufman said. “We have a total of 16 on the book for this year.”

So, if there isn’t a Bob’s Discount Furniture near you yet, just be patient one is likely in the works.

Kaufmans Father Advised Him Not To Appear In The Tv Ads

If Bob Kaufman had listened to his father, then he wouldnt be the recognizable furniture king he is today. When Bobs Discount Furniture was toying with the idea of launching some TV commercials, Kaufmans dad, an advertising executive, advised his son not to appear in the ads. Besides telling his son that he had a voice that sounds like chalk on chalk, the senior Kaufman said, You look like crap. In customary child versus parent fashion, Kaufman said that he ignored his fathers advice and did anyway.

Passing on his fathers advice and taking on the role as the official face of the furniture business proved to be a smart move. At one point, the business was shooting up to five TV spots a day, and Kaufman believes that, since that very first advert, theyve produced somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 commercials.

Romney Departure And Political Legacy

Romney took a paid leave of absence from Bain Capital in February 1999 when he became the head of the for the . The decision caused turmoil at Bain Capital, with a power struggle ensuing. Some partners left and founded the Audax Group and . Other partners threatened to leave, and there was a prospect of eight-figure lawsuits being filed. Romney was worried that the firm might be destroyed, but the crisis ebbed.

Romney was not involved in day-to-day operations of the firm after starting the Olympics position. Those were handled by a management committee, consisting of five of the fourteen remaining active partners with the firm. However, according to some interviews and press releases during 1999, Romney said he was keeping a part-time function at Bain.

Bain Capital itself, and especially its actions and investments during its first 15 years, came under press scrutiny as the result of Romneys and . Romneys leave of absence and the level of activity he had within the firm during the 1999-2002 period also garnered attention.

In 2000, chairman and CEO partnered with Bain Capital Inc in a management buyout of DIC from Heyward continued as chairman and CEO of the animation studio, which has more than 2,500 half-hours of programming in its library. He purchased Bain Capitals interest in 2004 and took the company public the following year.

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The Corny Commercials Have Always Been A Trademark

If you have a Bobs Discount Furniture in your area, then youve almost certainly seen their commercials. Those ads, which can be pretty cheesy at times, have been the stores advertising bread and butter since the beginning.

The commercials almost always feature Bob Kaufman or they used to, but more on that in a minute often uttering Forget about it or Come on down to TV viewers. In the early days of Bobs, all production work on the commercials was done in-house, with Kaufman and two writers developing each concept. Its not complicated, Kaufman told The New York Times in 1997. The furniture-salesman-turned-pitchman would simply pick out some furniture to highlight and turn on the camera.

As for the reception of those commercials well, when they run up to 500 times a week in a region, its understandable that some people would grow tired of them. Some people love them, and some people hate them, Kaufman confessed. One time, a guy came up to me, and I thought he was going to beat me up. I hate those ads, he said, but I like you.’

The Store’s History Can Be Traced Back To A Motorcycle Crash

Bobs Discount Furniture and Mattress Store

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and say that Bob’s is the only national furniture store that started because of a motorcycle crash. While the furniture company didn’t officially begin selling sofas and dinner tables under the Bob’s Discount Furniture flag until 1991, its earliest beginnings can be traced back to 1976, when co-founder Bob Kaufman wiped out on his motorcycle .

“I really f***** my leg,” Kaufman recalled in a promotional video. “The doctor said I would never walk again.” The injury was so bad that doctors contemplated amputating the leg, and Kaufman still walks with a limp because of paralysis.

Kaufman was a few years out of college at the time and working in a job that he didn’t especially care for at Radio Shack. The motorcycle injury gave the future furniture king a new perspective on life and eventually propelled Kaufman into his chosen career. “Whenever you’re faced with your mortality, it changes your outlook. Heck, I was 25 years old and felt immortal,” Kaufman said. “It was a turning point. I developed a new mindset that said, ‘Get serious. What are you going to do with your life?'” Not long after, he quit his job at Radio Shack for a new business venture.

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Cules Son Las Paradas Ms Cercanas A Bob’s Discount Furniture And Mattress Store

Las paradas más cercanas a Bob’s Discount Furniture and Mattress Store son:

  • Uic-Halsted está a 178 yardas de distancia, 3 minutos caminando.
  • Roosevelt & Canal está a 205 yardas de distancia, 3 minutos caminando.
  • Clinton & Taylor está a 241 yardas de distancia, 3 minutos caminando.
  • Halsted & Roosevelt está a 537 yardas de distancia, 7 minutos caminando.
  • Halsted Street está a 1397 yardas de distancia, 17 minutos caminando.
  • Chicago Union Station está a 1405 yardas de distancia, 17 minutos caminando.
  • Where Do I Put A Coffee Table With A Reclining Sofa

    The placement of a coffee table can be tricky when paired with a sofa that reclines. Make sure the coffee table is far enough away from the sofa so the footrests dont bump into it when extended. Usually, youll need around 18 inches between the coffee table and sofa.

    If youre not comfortable with that amount of space, there are alternatives to consider. End tables or accent tables can be placed on either side of a sofa and provide a similar function to a coffee table. Some of my Bobs reclining sofas include a drop-down table on the center seat, which can be equipped with a light, power outlets, cupholders and a flat surface for your remotes, cell phones and magazines. Its so convenient!

    Also keep in mind that some reclining sofas have a middle seat that doesnt recline. You may have just enough room to place a small coffee table in front of the non-movable seat. There – problem solved!

    Customer Support

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    Bob Kaufman Jumped On The 1970s Waterbed Craze

    Like a phonebook or Blockbuster Video, a waterbed is one of those concepts thats completely foreign to people of a certain age. Back in the dark ages of the 1970s and 80s, though, waterbeds were all the rage.

    Bob Kaufman was advised to buy a waterbed to help with his physical recovery and couldnt help but feel he wasnt getting the best deal while shopping for one. I kept thinking these stores were trying to pull a fast one on me,Kaufman said. Why all the sales? Why all the shady pricing?

    Frustrated by his waterbed shopping experience, Kaufman entered into a partnership to sell the beds with his distant cousin, Gene Rosenberg, an experienced businessman. The plan was to lease a space in larger stores on the agreement that the lease would only be paid upon making a sale. This allowed Kaufman and Rosenberg to sell the waterbeds at lower rates than the competition. The business strategy proved to be incredibly successful, and the pair eventually leased 24 retail spaces in four different states. I became the waterbed king, Kaufman told The New York Times in 1997.

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    Aboutbobs Discount Furniture And Mattress Store

    Bob’s Discount Furniture has landed in Phoenix!

    Visit Bob’s Discount Furniture in Chicago, IL to shop quality furniture at untouchable values. Browse the showroom for affordable bedroom sets, living room sets, dining room collections, sofas, mattresses, recliners and more. Stylish home accents and accessories bring this inspiring location to life.Need design ideas? Check out the latest Shop The Look room combinations from our design team, and take the guesswork out of furnishing your style. Friendly sales associates are available to provide expert advice so you can make your decision with confidence. As always, there are free cookies, coffee, candy and ice cream to enjoy while you plan your dream home!Bob’s is located at 1801 W. Fullerton Avenue in Chicago, IL. This Bob’s Discount Furniture location is just a short drive from some of the following cities and surrounding areas: Bucktown, Lathrop Homes, West DePaul, Ranch Triangle, Wicker Park, Lake View, Park West, Palmer Square, Logan Square, West Town, Noble Square and more.

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    About Bobs Discount Furniture:

    Visit Bobs Discount Furniture store in Chicago South Loop, IL to shop worthy furniture at untouchable values. Excellent service is what they do. From the first search to the final delivery, they are there every step of the way. Their work is to make you happy. He may only be two feet tall but he knows that sometimes, putting in just a little bit of effort can have a HUGE impact. Trust him, this closet full of yellow polo shirts doesnt mean anything- green is really the most important color to me. He tries to be green in everything he does. Thats why my Bobs Discount Furniture takes part in several initiatives to not only keep our planet healthy but also to give back. They believe that everything has value and they do their part to recycle as much as they can. He means, you know he is all about untouchable values on furniture. Same thing.

    Bobs Discount Furniture Unveils Assemble The Bobs National Brand Campaign

    New Campaign Features Unexpected Celebrity Partners including Rob Schneider, Rob Van Winkle and more

    MANCHESTER, Conn.—-Bobs Discount Furniture, one of the largest and fastest growing omni-channel furniture retailers in the country, today announced a lively, new national brand campaign, Assemble the Bobs, to celebrate the companys growth and entry into new markets. The campaign includes Bobs iconic Little Bob and Puppet Bob, as well notable celebrities and influencers including Rob Schneider, Rob Van Winkle , WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley, a likeness of artist Bob Ross, Roberto Hernandez, and of course the companys founder, Bob Kaufman.

    Launching on January 24th, Assemble the Bobs will engage consumers across TV, radio, digital, and in-store channels. Among the unexpected Bobs celebrities assembling for the campaign are:

    After 30 years in business and with 150 Bobs coast-to-coast and counting, it was only a matter of time before we needed to call in more Bobs, said Steve Nesle, Chief Brand Officer of Bobs Discount Furniture. Stylish, affordable furniture in every home in America – who wouldnt want to answer that call?

    The campaign includes 30 and 60 second spots and invites Bobs from all over to join the company, letting consumers know where they can find stylish and quality furniture at affordable prices. The campaign will be included in programming such as This is Us , Chicago Fire , I Can See Your Voice and the Olympics .

    About Bobs Discount Furniture

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    Bain Capital Life Sciences

    Bain Capital Life Sciences invests in companies that focus on medical innovation and serve patients with unmet medical needs. It raised its first fund of $720 million in May 2017. In September 2019, SpringWorks, a biopharmaceutical company Bain Capital Life Sciences owns a 17% stake in, launched an IPO. Also in 2019, the company closed two life sciences portfolios, in , and in the in North Carolina.

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    Bob’s Discount Furniture Lincoln Park

    Which Are The Best Furniture Stores In Chicago To Suit Your Needs

    Visit Bob’s Discount Furniture in Chicago, Illinois to shop quality furniture at untouchable values. Browse the showroom for affordable bedroom sets, living room sets, dining room collections, sofas, mattresses, and more. Stylish home accents and accessories are also available to help you complete any room in your home. As always, there are free cookies, coffee, candy and ice cream to enjoy while you plan your dream home!

    Bob’s is located at 1801 W Fullerton Avenue in Chicago. Conveniently located near I-90 and I-94, its easier than ever to find home furnishings in person. Stop by to shop for couches, recliners, dining tables, beds, mattresses and so much more.

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    Bain Capital Real Estate

    Bain Capital Real Estate was founded in 2018 when Harvard Management Company shifted the management of its real estate investment portfolio to Bain Capital. The Bain Capital Real Estate team is managed by members of Harvard Management Companys former real estate team. Bain Capital Real Estate closed an initial fund of $1.5 billion in July 2019.

    Bob Kaufman Meets Every New Employee

    How many jobs come with a celebrity meet and greet? Well, if you take a job at Bob’s Discount Furniture, you’re guaranteed a welcome from the man himself. Each location employs between 25 and 30 people, and Bob Kaufman makes it a point to meet each new member of the team in person, even if he doesn’t remember all of their names. “I don’t want anyone to say, ‘I work at Bob’s Discount Furniture, but I’ve never met Bob,'” Kaufman said, per the University of Connecticut School of Business. “We run it like a small, family business.”

    That’s a lot of employees to meet, too. According to the , it employs some 5,000 people. It also has a pretty respectable employee rating on both Glassdoor and Indeed. And, even if Kaufman is no longer calling the day-to-day shots at the company, he said in 2016 that providing a livelihood for so many people has been one of the most rewarding aspects of his career.

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    The Founders No Longer Own Bob’s Discount Furniture

    Bob’s Discount Furniture may want to think about adjusting the name to read “Formerly Bob’s Discount Furniture” because Bob Kaufman is no longer a majority owner of the company. Kaufman, of course, still has a major stake in the company he’s a board member and president emeritus but, like many successful chains, Bob’s was bought out by a larger entity.

    According to Furniture Today, Bob’s had 19 stores in 2005 when 70% of the company was sold to a private equity firm. How much the firm paid for the discount furniture empire wasn’t made public, but, considering that Bob’s Discount Furniture did $250 million in sales the year before, it’s safe to assume they paid a pretty penny.

    Since then, Bob’s Discount Furniture has changed hands again and is now owned by an investment firm, Bain Capital. Kaufman told Connecticut Magazine in 2021 that, while he’s no longer doing any “day-to-day decision making” with the company, he’s still “very much involved” with keeping Bob’s name and image out there.

    How Far Should A Reclining Sofa Or Chair Be From A Wall

    Bobâs Discount Furniture Calvin Sofa & Loveseat for Only $699!

    Imagine coming home from a long day at work and all you want to do is relax. Sound familiar? Now imagine the disappointment when you go to lean back in your new leather reclining sofa and it slams into a wall! Eek! Sounds like a nightmare!

    Most reclining furniture needs to be at least a small distance away from a wall. Depending on the size of the item, four inches to a foot should be plenty of space.

    Keep in mind that a recliner chair can easily be placed at an angle, and recliner sofas and loveseats can float in a living room so you wont have to worry about walls playing defense against your relaxation time!

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    Little Bob Is Now The Primary Commercial Mascot

    A person can only appear in so many mattress and sofa commercials before things start to grow stale. Bob Kaufman is only human, after all. These days, the real Bob has mostly retired from appearing in the furniture store’s ads, and he’s turned those duties over to his mini puppet version.

    As for why Kaufman stepped down, he likens the reason to two other founders of famous companies. “I am probably the only person in the history of marketing who lost my job to a puppet,” he explained to Connecticut Magazine. “As a student of marketing, I look at Col. Sanders and Dave Thomas. Both did not plan adequately for when they were gone. I’m 69, and I don’t want that to happen for my 6,000 employees and tens of thousands of their family members supported by Bob’s income.”

    Obviously, customers noticed that the human Bob was gone, but they also took issue with the voice of mini Bob. ” still looks like him, but the voice is definitely being done by somebody else,” said a curious Redditor. We did some digging and found out that the voice behind Little Bob is voice actor Al Pagano. Mystery solved!

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