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Bob’s Discount Furniture Chicago

About Bobs Discount Furniture:

Bob’s Discount Furniture & Chicago Bears refurnish Lawrence Hall

Visit Bobs Discount Furniture store in Chicago South Loop, IL to shop worthy furniture at untouchable values. Excellent service is what they do. From the first search to the final delivery, they are there every step of the way. Their work is to make you happy. He may only be two feet tall but he knows that sometimes, putting in just a little bit of effort can have a HUGE impact. Trust him, this closet full of yellow polo shirts doesnt mean anything- green is really the most important color to me. He tries to be green in everything he does. Thats why my Bobs Discount Furniture takes part in several initiatives to not only keep our planet healthy but also to give back. They believe that everything has value and they do their part to recycle as much as they can. He means, you know he is all about untouchable values on furniture. Same thing.

What Are The Closest Stations To Bob’s Discount Furniture And Mattress Store

The closest stations to Bob’s Discount Furniture and Mattress Store are:

  • Roosevelt & Jefferson is 112 yards away, 2 min walk.
  • Halsted & Roosevelt is 329 yards away, 5 min walk.
  • Taylor & Jefferson is 400 yards away, 6 min walk.
  • Halsted Street is 1004 yards away, 13 min walk.
  • Clinton-Blue is 1257 yards away, 16 min walk.
  • Chicago Union Station is 1724 yards away, 21 min walk.
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    Bain Capital Real Estate

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    Bob Kaufman Jumped On The 1970s Waterbed Craze


    Like a phonebook or Blockbuster Video, a waterbed is one of those concepts that’s completely foreign to people of a certain age. Back in the dark ages of the 1970s and ’80s, though, waterbeds were all the rage.

    Bob Kaufman was advised to buy a waterbed to help with his physical recovery and couldn’t help but feel he wasn’t getting the best deal while shopping for one. “I kept thinking these stores were trying to pull a fast one on me,” Kaufman said. “Why all the sales? Why all the shady pricing?”

    Frustrated by his waterbed shopping experience, Kaufman entered into a partnership to sell the beds with his distant cousin, Gene Rosenberg, an experienced businessman. The plan was to lease a space in larger stores on the agreement that the lease would only be paid upon making a sale. This allowed Kaufman and Rosenberg to sell the waterbeds at lower rates than the competition. The business strategy proved to be incredibly successful, and the pair eventually leased 24 retail spaces in four different states. “I became the waterbed king,” Kaufman told The New York Times in 1997.

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    Each Store Has A Complimentary Customer Cafe

    From its aversion to sales to its goofy commercials, Bob’s Discount Furniture has made an effort to differentiate itself from competitors. Another way the chain has been successful in doing so is by appealing not just to the customer’s wallet but to their sweet tooth as well.

    Walk into any Bob’s location in the country with hunger pangs, and they’ll make sure you have something to snack on while shopping for a recliner. Each store has a cafe stocked with candy, cookies, coffee, and ice cream. The whole idea behind the cafe, according to Bob Kaufman, is that shoppers can grab a snack while discussing any prospective purchases they may be scoping out.

    “The decision to put a café in the store was easy,” he explained. “I read that buying furniture is the third most stressful experience in life, only surpassed by buying a house and a car. I wondered how we could make people more comfortable.” Plus, it doesn’t hurt that ice cream is always a welcome distraction for kids during the boredom of furniture shopping.

    Bain Capital Private Equity

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    The Corny Commercials Have Always Been A Trademark

    If you have a Bob’s Discount Furniture in your area, then you’ve almost certainly seen their commercials. Those ads, which can be pretty cheesy at times, have been the store’s advertising bread and butter since the beginning.

    The commercials almost always feature Bob Kaufman or they used to, but more on that in a minute often uttering “Forget about it” or “Come on down” to TV viewers. In the early days of Bob’s, all production work on the commercials was done in-house, with Kaufman and two writers developing each concept. It’s not complicated, Kaufman told The New York Times in 1997. The furniture-salesman-turned-pitchman would simply pick out some furniture to highlight and turn on the camera.

    As for the reception of those commercials … well, when they run up to 500 times a week in a region, it’s understandable that some people would grow tired of them. Some people love them, and some people hate them,” Kaufman confessed. “One time, a guy came up to me, and I thought he was going to beat me up. ‘I hate those ads,’ he said, ‘but I like you.'”

    The Untold Truth Of Bob’s Discount Furniture

    Refresh Bob’s Discount Furniture

    If you’re in the market for some new furniture and want a shopping experience where you won’t have a salesperson hovering over your every move, you may want to consider a trip to Bob’s. Since 1991, Bob’s Discount Furniture has positioned itself as the furniture retailer that skips sales pressure in favor of offering the lowest prices on a daily basis. They’ll even throw in some ice cream and cookies no purchase necessary.

    The chain, which boasts over 130 stores, has become one of the most popular furniture stores in the United States, with annual revenue of over half a billion dollars. The success of Bob’s Discount Furniture is due in large part to its namesake, Bob Kaufman, who, in some form or another, has appeared in all of the company’s commercials. Love them or hate them, these commercials along with a creative business plan that allows the company to sell sofas and mattresses cheaper than their competitors have helped the chain expand from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

    Whether you’ve got a house full of their furniture or you’ve never heard of the place, this is the history behind one of America’s most popular furniture retailers: Bob’s Discount Furniture.

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    Kaufman’s Father Advised Him Not To Appear In The Tv Ads

    If Bob Kaufman had listened to his father, then he wouldn’t be the recognizable furniture king he is today. When Bob’s Discount Furniture was toying with the idea of launching some TV commercials, Kaufman’s dad, an advertising executive, advised his son not to appear in the ads. Besides telling his son that he had a voice “that sounds like chalk on chalk,” the senior Kaufman said, “You look like crap.” In customary child versus parent fashion, Kaufman said that he ignored his father’s advice and “did anyway.”

    Passing on his father’s advice and taking on the role as the official face of the furniture business proved to be a smart move. At one point, the business was shooting up to five TV spots a day, and Kaufman believes that, since that very first advert, they’ve produced somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 commercials.

    Bain Capital Double Impact

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    The Founders No Longer Own Bob’s Discount Furniture

    Bob’s Discount Furniture may want to think about adjusting the name to read “Formerly Bob’s Discount Furniture” because Bob Kaufman is no longer a majority owner of the company. Kaufman, of course, still has a major stake in the company he’s a board member and president emeritus but, like many successful chains, Bob’s was bought out by a larger entity.

    According to Furniture Today, Bob’s had 19 stores in 2005 when 70% of the company was sold to a private equity firm. How much the firm paid for the discount furniture empire wasn’t made public, but, considering that Bob’s Discount Furniture did $250 million in sales the year before, it’s safe to assume they paid a pretty penny.

    Since then, Bob’s Discount Furniture has changed hands again and is now owned by an investment firm, Bain Capital. Kaufman told Connecticut Magazine in 2021 that, while he’s no longer doing any “day-to-day decision making” with the company, he’s still “very much involved” with keeping Bob’s name and image out there.

    Bain And The 2000s Buy


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    Bain led a consortium, together with and to acquire . The private equity firms paid $2.425 billion in cash for the parent company of and in December 2005.

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    The Founders Developed A Strategy To Keep Prices Low

    By the late ’80s and early ’90s, the waterbed business had all but dried up. Bob Kaufman and Gene Rosenberg had to pivot, and the two men worked out a deal with one of the building owners where they had been leasing a space in Newington, Connecticut. The owner would cover utilities and taxes while Kaufman and Rosenberg would provide him with a percentage of sales. Just like with the waterbed lease agreement before, this new agreement helped give their business model a leg up. Kaufman said that this first Bob’s Discount Furniture store filled a void in the industry where people could buy low-cost furniture without having to haggle. “We were the only low-cost furniture company,” he explained in 2016.

    Sales clerks avoided pestering potential customers, and, unlike most furniture stores at the time, there were no big markdown sales. “If you buy something today, it’s the same price tomorrow,” Kaufman told The New York Times. The company’s website also says that they’re able to offer such low prices by not offering brand-name labels and buying “more from the manufacturers than anyone else.”

    Yes, some of that furniture may be priced so low because it’s been returned or has minor imperfections, but Kaufman is confident that they “have something for everyone,” he told ReadingEagle.com.

    Bain Capital Life Sciences

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    Bain Capital Public Equity

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