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Book Publishing Companies In Chicago

Welcome To Windy City Publishers

Johnson Publishing Company Story

WCP is a boutique hybrid publishing company located in the Chicagoland area. We are a digital organization that uses the latest technology to manage the publishing process for authors not only in the USA, but globally as well. Our authors are actively involved with every step and dictate the pace in which the process moves.

We support the independent author by offering all of the services of traditional publishing houses , yet we are author-funded like a self-publisher, allowing writers to retain the rights of their work, receive higher royalties and maintain control over their publishing process.

Southern Illinois University Press

With an ideology to publish diverse authorship for a universal readership, this house was formulated in 1956. Publishing almost 50 titles per annum, topics range from political history, science, literature, fiction and poetry. It works to create a better understanding of myriad political and cultural problems of the world and suggests their possible solutions. The notable works published by this press include: The Early, Middle and Later Works of John Dewey and The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant. Southern Illinois University Press is currently open to submissions for your non-fiction titles. If you want to publish with them, take a look here to find out how to prepare a book proposal.

Book Publishing Companies For Authors Without Agents

Ten years ago, you never would have dreamed of getting your book traditionally published without an agent. But these days, the sky’s the limit for authors.

The pros and cons of traditional vs. self-publishing have been hashed out a number of times.

So you know even though there are plenty of pros to self-publishing a book, theres something validating about writing a book thats so good a publishing company wants to claim and sell it as one of their own. Maybe youre one of the many writers who’d like to have a book published through the traditional route, or you’re looking to branch out and try it alongside independent publishing.

Youre not alone.

If youve ever considered seeking publishing companies to take a look at one of your books, you could find a literary agent, or there are plenty of legitimate publishing companies that accept proposals from authors without agents too!

Who knew?

  • What the deal is with literary agents and why you might not need one
  • 30 of the best book publishing companies we found that accept proposals directly from new authorsno agent needed
  • How you can get noticed by publishers and editors
  • How to spot vanity presses and make smart publishing decisions
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    What Is The Best Book Publishing Company In Chicago

    In Chicago choosing one as the best out of the many book publishing companies seems difficult as different authors have different preferences but not to leave you disappointed, here are the top five book publishing companies in Chicago:

    • Haymarket Books
    • The University of Chicago Press
    • Curbside Splendor

    Top Publishing Companies In Chicago Il Area

    Partial List of Wrappers, Manufactured by Merchants Publishing Company ...

    Is it time for a new job in the Publishing industry? Find one at a top-rated company near Chicago, IL Area! Ratings for the top companies hiring near you in Chicago are based on anonymous employee reviews to provide a candid list of today’s top Publishing employers in Chicago, IL Area.

    The highest-rated Publishing employers hiring near you in Chicago, IL Area include Pearson with an employee rating of 3.7 out of 5, Euromonitor rated 3.8 out of 5, Cengage Group with a rating of 4.2 out of 5, Wiley with a 3.9 out of 5, and Snap-on rated 3.6 out of 5 by employees.

    See a top Publishing company that appeals to you? Click into their Glassdoor profile for anonymous employee reviews, info on benefits, average salary information, job openings, and more. For a more specific list of Publishing companies, filter your results by location, job title, job function, rating, and company size.


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    An Important Note About Vanity Presses

    Apart from the 30 publishing companies on this list, not every company out there has your best interests at heart. Much like in the indie world, there are people out there who are more than happy to use you as a means of earning themselves money. Vanity presses are publishing companies that charge you a fee to publish your book, and do nothing to market it or professionally edit it. Be wary of any company that wants you to pay them to publish your story. If this happens, run for the hills.

    If you’re unsure of the difference between legitimate publishing houses and these vanity presses,’ check out this helpful guide that will clear things up for you.

    Be Professional And Polite

    In all of your interactions as an author, youll be noticed for being polite and professional. In your letters, emails, social media, phone calls, and in-person conversations, show courtesy and professionalism and people will be more likely to want to do business with you.

    If you come across as rude and unprofessional, people are not going to want to work with you. Editors receive an unbelievable number of submissions every month, so be patient and humble as youre pursuing a publisher.

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    The University Of Chicago Press

    Founded in 1890, the University of Chicago Press is one of the oldest presses in the United States. It is operated by the University of Chicago and has published more than 11,000 books since its inception5,000 of which are still currently in print. The Press is responsible for some of the worlds most popular works, such as The Chicago Manual of Style, Thomas Kuhns The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, F.A. Hayeks The Road to Serfdom, and Norman Macleans A River Runs Through It. In addition to books for students, scholars, and general readers, the Press also has a journals division that specializes in hardcover serials and journals written by international scholars. They publish journals on a wide array of topics, including the humanities, education, and science.

    For more information on what the University of Chicago Press is currently interested in publishing, you can check out the subjects listed under each of their acquisitions editors. Subjects include literary studies, history, art, archeology, science studies, gender and sexuality studies, music, architecture, the humanities, philosophy, and more. In general, the Press does not publish works outside of those areas.

    Should you be interested in submitting your work to the Press, you can reach out to the appropriate editor via post or email. Learn more about their submission guidelines and what to include in your proposal here.

    Publishing Companies In Chicago

    Book donations pour in for Chicago boy, 4, who read 100 books in 1 day

    From publishing mysteries and memoirs to nonfiction books, these publishing companies in Chicago are ahead of the competition. Some of which even received local and international accolades. Here are the best Chicago publishers, including their contact details and submission requirements.

    Contact information: 337-0747

    Chicago Review Press is a reputable publishing house that was established in 1973.

    This is the right publishing company for you if you are interested in publishing a book in the general nonfiction genre. Here are some topics that Chicago Review Press publishes:

    Chicago Review Press accepts content written in any literary style. However, if your work has followed the traditional narrative approaches, there is a possibility that Chicago Review Press will not publish your work.

    Tip: If your book falls under photography, nutrition, or spirituality, look for another publisher. Chicago Review Press doesnt accept these topics. Check their imprints.

    You might also be curious about the companys track record. Well, Chicago Review Press publishes about 50 titles yearly.

    In addition, Chicago Press Review publishes all its books under unique imprints. These include Amberjack Publishing, Zephyr Press, Lawrence Hill Books, Academy Chicago, and Parenting Press.

    One of the reasons why you should consider this publishing company is its experienced staff.

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    Build Your Author Platform

    Finally, and this is especially important for nonfiction authors but doesnt hurt for fiction authors either, build your author platform.

    Design a professional author website that showcases your previous work if you have any and have your social media author accounts ready to go.

    Showing the publishing companies that you have established a place in the world as an author by building a big email list will certainly help. This sends the message that youll be more like a partner to them in something theyll love to see.

    University Of Chicago Press

    University of Chicago Press is said to be one of the oldest and largest printing presses of the country, controlled by the University of Chicago, publishing both academic and non-academic works. University of Chicago Press was founded in 1891 and has since published renowned works such as The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn, A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean and The Road to Serfdom by F.A Hayek. The University of Chicago is open to accepting manuscripts spanning a wide range of topics including sociology, biology, life sciences, literature, literary studies, media studies, art, architecture ancient history, classics, philosophy, environmental studies, BOLCHAZY CARDUCCI PUBLISHERBolchazy Carducci publishers specialize in publishing books on classical studies including Latin, Greek, Mythological, and classical titles. They also publish textbooks for elementary to high school students.

    For more information visit their WEBSITE

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    The Cons Of Using An Agent

    First, you have to do a ton of research on each agent before you contact them. The internet is full of scammers looking to prey on someone desperate for a book deal, or amateurs who will be a waste of your time because they call themselves agents but don’t really know what they’re doing.

    Then, after you do careful research to find a legitimate agent, the next step is finding one who thinks you have an amazing book. Even then, there’s no guarantee of a publishing contract. Just like authors, agents typically get a number of rejections before they find a publisher who shows interest in your book.

    If they do get your book accepted by a publisher and get you an advance for your book sales, it comes at a cost15% of all your earnings.

    So if you aren’t set on getting published by a company that REQUIRES an agent, a better option might be getting published without an agent. There are tons of reputable medium and small publishing companies out there, and more and more publishers are loosening their grip on the reins to allow un-agented authors to contact them directlycutting out the middleman. Even big companies dabble with submission periods of .

    Although small publishing houses don’t have the same clout with retailers or the same resources for and publicity, most still have talented editors, designers, and passionate professionals for publishing great books.

    Charles C Thomas Publisher

    Partial List of Wrappers, Manufactured by Merchants Publishing Company ...

    Publisher of specialty titles and textbooks in the biomedical sciences, behavioral sciences, education and special education, speech-language and hearing, as well as rehabilitation and long-term care. Thomas is also one of the largest producers of books in all areas of criminal justice and law enfor…

      Springfield, IL US

    Cherry-House Press publishes both new and seasoned authors. They also publish anthologies. They strive to help all of the “little guys” out there who are trying to make their mark with their books….

      Arthur, IL US

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    University Of Illinois Press

    Established in 1918, University of Illinois Press is one of the top publishing houses for non-fiction and scholarly titles. Over the last few decades, this Champaign based publisher has published several award-winning works on communications, film studies, African American studies, and women studies. They are always willing to add more genres by accepting new works from talented authors. Some of their top titles include Against Citizenship: The Violence of the Normative by Amy L. Brandzel, To Turn the Whole World Over: Black Women and Internationalism by Keisha N. Blain and Tiffany M. Gill, and Palestine on the Air by Karma R. Chavez. University of Illinois Press is currently accepting new submissions in the lines of African American music, Asian American experience, and disability histories to name a few. You can find a full list of accepted genres on this page. If interested, you can submit your manuscript here.

    No Kidding Childrens Publishing Thrives In Chicagoland

    As publishing professionals, as readers, as bibliophiles, most of us can name a few or several or even a whole lot of books that have shaped our lives. Many of us cant even remember a time when we werent surrounded by books. Childhood trips to the library were filled with wonder and awe at all the colorful books that were available to take home, to borrow for a few precious days. Bookshelves creaked under the weight of board books and picture books and chapter books. Bedtime equaled storytime, snuggling under the covers to read to or be read to by someone we loved.

    Many of the books we loved as children have serious staying power. Nancy Drew books have been in print for more than eighty years. Classics such as The Velveteen Rabbit and Good Night Moon have been charming children for generations. Some of the best loved and most enduring childrens books, such as The Boxcar Children, were published right here in the Chicago area.

    Although most of us think of Chicago as the home to such authors as Saul Bellow, Sara Paretsky, Scott Turow , the city is home to some fabulous publishers who are reaching out to children, from wee babes to young adults, with traditional print titles, user-friendly ebooks, and other interactive digital products. In fact, in many ways, Chicago-area publishers are leading the way in bringing exciting new materials to children of all ages, helping todays young people discover the books that will shape their lives and fill them with awe and wonder.

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    Top 10 Book Publishers In Chicago

    *Learn how to become a New York Times Best Author FROM a New York Times Best Author*

    Standing in close second to New York, Chicago has always been considered one of the countrys main hub in terms of book printing and publishing. It has 175 years of publishing experience under its belt since that fateful day in 1839 that Robert Fergus set up a publication house in the Windy City. Eclectic, collegial, and collaborative, much of the book publishers in Chicago are too deep and too dissimilar making it hard to compare which is which. Many of the long standing Chicago book publishers, however, can agree on one point, that is, publishing on this side of the country is more bread-and-butter than glitz and glamour. Over the past years, consolidations have eaten up much of the local Chicago book publishing companies in the area. If you are an author looking for one, here are the top publishing houses and independent publishers for you to start you search on.

    ACTA Publications

    Arktoi Books

    GIA Publications

    Loyola Press

    A Jesuit Ministry-owned publishing company based in Chicago, Illinois, Loyola Press focuses on delivering books for the Catholic faithful. It publishes approximately 20-35 books per year with focus on the Catholic Christian faith, traditions, and spiritual applications. Submission of manuscript is done via a comprehensive process to guarantee quality.

    Triumph Books

    University of Chicago Press

    Visual Arts Collective Poetry

    Brittany Publications

    Make It Your Best Work

    MA Digital Publishing at Oxford Brookes University – Briana Haguewood

    This is another should go without saying, but before you start pitching editors or agents, make sure your work is your best work. This goes for your manuscript as well as all of your submission materials. Read them out loud. Have someone else edit them. This is part of being professional. Dont waste the publisher’s time or yours by submitting sloppy materials.

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    Why Use A Book Publishing Company In Chicago

    As an author or a writer making your article, content, story, or book available to the public is called publishing, and to achieve this you will be going through the process of creating, copy editing and design, procuring, producing, printing, marketing and distribution. Publishing your book can be done through the traditional method of publishing which is what I will be putting you through.

    Questions like why do I need a book publisher? Or Are publishing companies really important? Usually, pop up from time to time but the honest truth is book publishers dont just accept manuscripts and articles to publish them. They are like your prince charming and youre their Cinderella. They can help you become a successful author through editing, promoting, dispersing, marketing, online and offline marketing, and even monetary management. You might have written the book but it doesnt mean you will get the right publications and the duty of a publisher is to make sure your book gets seen by the right audience.

    Watch Your Dreams Turn Into Reality

    With plenty of experienced publishing companies in Chicago, you finally have a shot at getting your book published! Just make sure that you follow their submission requirements! If you are still working on your novel, reading our comprehensive guide on how to get a book published can point you in the right direction.

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    Capitalize My Title

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    Traditional Publishing & Literary Agentswhats The Deal

    When you think of traditional publishers, the Big 5 might be your first thought:

  • Hachette Book Group
  • Simon and Schuster
  • These are the big dogs the Holy Grail of publishing accolades and prestige.

    These companies are extremely selective and will only accept proposals through an agent. In order for the slightest hope that big publishing houses will show interest, fiction authors must have impressive writing skills and their work must fit the commercial mold of genre fiction, while nonfiction authors must have a compelling hook, a marketable idea, and a substantial author platform.

    If you think your work is Big 5 material, you have to find an agent whos interested in your book. They will help you make your book even better, then work their tail off to find you a great deal. Theyre a lot like a business manager, and they can contact otherwise unreachable editors and negotiate all the important contract details on your behalfbut it’s not all roses.

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