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Cheapest Places To Fly From Chicago

Tips For Finding The Cheapest Place To Fly Into Europe


Book your flights at least 3 months in advance. The best flight deals are posted way ahead of time. Sure, you can occasionally find last-minute deals, but I wouldnt bank on that. As the date of the flight draws near and seats fill up, airlines tend to hike up the prices. Be sure to browse 3+ months in advance, and youre all but guaranteed the lowest rate on airfare.

Compare multiple search engines. I always start my flight search with Skyscanner, but then check a couple of other sites including Hopper and Google Flights before pulling the trigger. Most of the time, Skyscanner comes in at the cheapest, but sometimes one of the latter options offers a flight deal to Europe that I cant refuse.

Sign up for airline newsletters. There are lots of sites out there that show discounted flight fares, including Scotts Cheap Flights. Sign up for this newsletter, and others, which you can find in my other article: top travel hacks for flying.

Be flexible with your dates. Give yourself a little bit of wiggle room on the dates, and youll be able to unlock the cheapest fares. Try to avoid major holidays like Christmas, and choose midweek over weekends. Ive found that the spring and fall are amazing for flying to Europe, where you can luck out on the weather and save a bundle in the process.

Whats The Best Airport For International Deals From Chicago

OâHare is the larger of the cityâs two airports, and it offers the bulk of the cityâs international flights more flights and routes equals more deals. OâHare is dominated by United Airlines, though American Airlines and Delta also have large presences there, as do 40 other airlines serving domestic and international cities, so thereâs a good amount of competition.

Most of the flights out of Midway are domestic, though there are a few flights to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean on Southwest Airlines, Volaris, and Porter Airlines.

OâHare is located on the cityâs northwest side, accessible via the Blue Line L train, which takes about 45 minutes from downtown, or a 30-45-minute drive, depending on traffic. Chicago Midway International Airport is located on the cityâs southwest side and is accessible via the Orange Line L train, which takes about 30 minutes driving takes roughly the same amount of time. From downtown Chicago, both are easy to get to, though Midway is reachable in slightly less time.

OâHare has four terminals. Terminals 1, 2, and 3 are all connected and serve mostly domestic routes, while Terminal 5 is separate and serves mostly international flights. Midway has one main terminal and three connected concourses . This makes Midway slightly easier to navigate. The smaller amount of departing flights also means that the wait times for security are generally less than at OâHare.

Fly From Chicago To Dublin Ireland For As Low As $760 Round Trip

Aer Lingus, Ireland’s flag carrier, offers by far the best deals on direct flights to this vibrant capital. Visit 12th-century cathedrals and the iconic General Post Office, learn more about Joyce and Yeats at the Dublin Writers Museum, and of course, learn the proper way to pour a pint at the Guinness Storehouse. To save even more money, fly out in mid-February when rates are low or check out Turkish Airlines’ awesome deals on indirect flights.

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Other Considerations When Finding Cheap Places To Fly Into Europe

To find the cheapest places to fly to in Europe, I also limited my search to major airports in the US. Sure, small airports may have cheap fares to Europe from time to time, but more likely than not, youll be connecting at a larger US airport before making your way across the pond.

As such, its more practical to use data from larger US airports, which handle the vast majority of European flights. Smaller airports have fewer daily flights, a higher variability in prices, and less complete data. So, it doesnt make sense to include them when analyzing the cheapest places to fly into Europe from the US.

Note that prices can vary immensely between different U.S. cities. For example, a flight to Iceland will cost more if youre traveling from the west coast vs. east coast. If youre looking to visit Europe from a secondary airport like in Louisville, KY, you may have to connect somewhere and pay a little more. The price of a roundtrip fare may be different, but generally, the cheapest destinations to fly to in Europe should remain the same, regardless of where youre flying from.

From the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea, here are the 14 cheapest places to fly to in Europe in 2021!

Fly From Chicago To Myrtle Beach South Carolina For $144 Round Trip

Cheap Flights to Chicago, Illinois (IL) from $35 ...

Boasting mile upon mile of shimmering white sands, bubbling seaside arcades, some of the East Coast’s best salt-smelling seafood eateries, plenty of rolling surf and summertime activities to boot, this enclave of beachside family fun will no doubt come as a welcome addition to this list for holidaymakers fed up of the usual swimming spots and state parks around Lake Michigan. Average fare prices on the route are around $144 round trip, with Spirit Airlines offering the only direct connection available.

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Whats A Good Price On A Flight From Chicago To Africa Or The Middle East

Regular prices for a roundtrip flight from Chicago to Africa range from $1,200-$1,800 in high season and $1,000-$1,500 in low season. A good price on a flight from Chicago to Africa is $600-$900 in high season and $500-$750 in low season.

Regular prices for a roundtrip flight from Chicago to the Middle East range from $1,000-$1,500 in high season and $900-$1,300 in low season. A good price on a flight from Chicago to the Middle East is $500-$750 in high season and $450-$600 in low season.

Examples of cheap flights from Chicago to Africa and the Middle East:

Cheapest Places To Travel: North America

Want to travel abroad? According to Hopper, international airfare tends to be cheapest from the U.S. to other North America destinations like Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Canada. Longer haul flights trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific incur higher jet fuel costs, says Bhattacharjee. Hence its no surprise to us to see all of the cheapest international destinations this summer are on this side of the pond.

If you look at airfare alone, Hopper reports that San Juan, Puerto Rico is the cheapest place to fly this summer, followed by St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Travelers will also be pleased to find that airfare to the cheapest international destinations is down an average of 11% from summer 2019 prices. But layer in hotel rates and its a different story. Here are the places that topped Hoppers list for the cheapest international summer 2021 destinations, based on the cost of airfare and hotels. Note that some of these destinations might currently be off-limits to U.S. travelers, but rules are changing by the minute.

El Tunco Beach, located just outside San Salvador.


  • Mexico City, Mexico
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    Fly From Chicago To Denver Colorado For $163 Round Trip

    Why not trade in the Great Plains of the Midwest and the shimmering blue of Lake Michigan this year for the rugged backdrop of the Colorado Rockies, all topped-off with a healthy smattering of craft ales and world-class ski resorts, taking one of these bargain nonstop flight connections to Denver International from Chicago. Although Frontier Airlines currently hold around just 7.5% of the market share on the route, they are by far the cheapest option for travelers, offering round trip seats for as little as $144!

    How Do I Find Cheap Flights From Chicago To Africa Or The Middle East

    GUARANTEE Cheap Flights to Chicago, IL® ..Airline Tickets Cheapest.

    Chicago is a not a major hub for flights to Africa but it does offer a direct flight to Ethiopia, as well as direct flights to a variety of destinations in the Middle East, including the UAE, Jordan, and Qatar, which take around 15 hours. For destinations in northern or southern Africa, flights often connect in Europe or NYC.

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    Fly From Chicago To Columbus Ohio For $167 Round Trip

    The most costly of our cheapest air fares from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport still comes in at an attractive $167 round trip, meaning it’s now easier than ever for Illinois locals to make the quick 1.25-hour hop straight across the heartlands of the Midwest. But the good news doesn’t stop there either, because Columbus is consistently rated among the most affordable cities in America, hailed for its wallet-friendly prices and go-getting population of Ohio University students.

    The Us Cities With The Best Flight Deals

    This list is based on the report that Scotts Cheap Flights sent usit begins with the city with the highest number of airfare deals throughout 2021, and with deals that represent a solid reduction from the standard airfare. So when we call out the average airfare deal, that is different than the average standard airfare. And the averages are across all flights to the destination from throughout the United States.

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    Fly From Chicago To Beijing China For As Low As $712 Round Trip

    American and United both offer great rates on direct round-trip flights to China’s second-largest city. Perhaps a better option than Shanghai for culture and history lovers, Beijing is packed with important landmarks and monuments, from Tiananmen Square to the breathtaking palace of the Forbidden City. Late January usually has the cheapest rates, which means you can save money and catch the impressive celebrations and temple fairs of the annual Spring Festival or the snow activities of the Yanqing Ice and Snow Tourism Festival.

    How To Get The Cheapest Flight Ticket From Chicago To New York

    How to Get Cheap Flights to Major Cities in the USA ...
    Look no further. We’ve gone through all the searches for this route on momondo so you have the important information and insights to find the cheapest flight ticket for your trip

    What is the cheapest month to fly from Chicago to New York?

    The cheapest time of year to fly to New York from Chicago is August. Most expensive is December

    What is the cheapest day to depart Chicago for New York?


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    What Are The Cheapest Places To Fly To From Chicago

    The 10 Cheapest Flights from Chicago Fly from Chicago to Boston, Massachusetts, for $156 round trip. Fly from Chicago to Denver, Colorado, for $163 round trip. Fly from Chicago to Dallas, Texas, for $164 round trip. Fly from Chicago to Baltimore, Maryland, for $167 round trip. Fly from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio, for $167 round trip.

    Whats A Good Price On A Flight From Chicago To Mexico Or Central Or South America

    Regular prices for a roundtrip flight from Chicago to Latin America range from $800-$1600 in high season and $550-$1000 in low season. A good price on a flight from Chicago to Latin America is $350-$700 in high season and $250-$600 in low season. The lowest prices will be for destinations in Mexico and Central America, with the highest prices for destinations in South America. In particular, flights from Chicago to places like Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil can be very expensive.

    Examples of cheap flights from Chicago to Latin America:

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    The Cheapest Destinations To Book Now For 2021

    Published by Rachel Bicha on July 5, 2021July 5, 2021

    With 2021 already halfway over, if you havent been traveling lately, your wanderlust is probably through the roof . If so, summers a great time to get a trip on the books and get away for some fun with your friends. Whether youre taking a last-minute summer trip, hopping over to Europe , planning a big trip to look forward to next winter or scheduling in some weekend trips, theres a lot to see and do nowand theres still cheap tickets to be found if you know where to look.

    Luckily for you, we searched our databases to find the cheapest flights so you wouldnt have to. Heres 8 cheap destinations for 2021 to book your flights to now!

    Which of these is on your bucket list for 2021?

    Fly From Chicago To Boston Massachusetts For $156 Round Trip


    If you’re pining for a cultural jaunt along the Liberty Trail, eager to wallow in the atmosphere at Fenway Park, or simply set on seeking out New England’s most amazing beaches, then these round trip flights from Chicago’s O’Hare international for just $156 on average may just be the thing for you! The flight takes about 2.5 hours in the air, with Spirit Airlines and American Airlines offering the cheapest seats overall, at $154 and $161 respectively.

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    Whats A Good Price On A Flight From Chicago To Canada

    Regular prices for a roundtrip flight from Chicago to Canada range from $450-$650 in high season and $400-$550 in low season. A good price on a flight from Chicago to Canada is $250-$350 in high season and $100s-$300 in low season.

    Examples of cheap flights from Chicago to Canada:

    Fly From Chicago To Baltimore Maryland For $167 Round Trip

    Spirit Airlines currently offer the cheapest flights from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to the BaltimoreWashington International, so it’s hardly surprising that they also hold more than 80% of the market share on the route. That’s compared to just over 11% for United Airlines, who also offer non-stop connections between the Windy City and Maryland’s port town on the Atlantic, but with fares at a whopping $224 return! If you’re looking to save even more cash, then why not think about booking mid-week departures and returns, a move that can yield reductions of up to $50 on average.

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    How Do I Find Cheap Flights From Chicago To Europe

    Chicago is a major hub for flights to Europe. There are direct flights to cities across the continent, which means you can get to just about any large city in Europe with one connection. Depending on where youâre going in Europe, direct flights from Chicago can take as little as 6-7.5 hours on up to about 10.5 hours . If you can’t find a great deal to exactly where you want to go on the continent, look at getting to Europe for as cheaply as possible and then taking a regional flight from there.

    > > Read more about how to find cheap flights to Europe.

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