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Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral

Finding An Attorney In Illinois

Need a Lawyer? Contact The Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

If you need to find an attorney in the State of Illinois, then consider the benefits of using the lawyer referral service sponsored by the Illinois State Bar Association . With offices in both Springfield and Chicago, Illinois, the lawyer referral service can help you find an attorney through the online directory or the phone referral service. The attorneys in the service are carefully screened for their good standing with the bar and a host of other considerations.

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the benefits of using a Lawyer Referral Service in Illinois. These services sponsored by the state or local bar associations provide an important alternative to searching the internet for an attorney or using a commercial online attorney directory.

Using The Lawyer Referral Service Of The Isba

When you call the Lawyer Referral Service, a referral counselor will ask you several questions to determine whether an attorney is needed. If so, the referral counselor will help you determine which type of attorney might be right for your case.

The service can take into consideration the needed practice area and the area of the state in which you need the attorney. The service can also take into consideration your need for an attorney who speaks Spanish and another foreign language. The referral attorney is selected on a rotating basis using these criteria. Everything you discuss with the service is strictly confidential.

After you are referred to the attorney, you can contact the attorney for the 30-minute consultation. When you call the attorney be sure to mention that you were referred by the IllinoisLawyerFinder phone service so that you will receive the discounted rate on the initial consultation.

Attorneys that participate in the IllinoisLawyerFinder phone service must be licensed and registered with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Illinois Supreme Court. The attorney must carry professional liability insurance. Additionally, the attorneys serve on panels depending on the legal area or areas in which they practice.

Resource: Chicago Bar Association’s Limited Scope Panels

The Chicago Bar Association’s Limited Scope Referral Panels are lists of experienced private attorneys offering limited scope representation among their service offerings. The area of law the panels cover are landlord-tenant, domestic relations, and debt collection/consumer. The program is aimed to provide “DIY litigants” affordable services when they cannot afford the cost of an entire case or prefer assistance with only parts of their case. The CBA require participating attorneys to meet certain minimum requirements before they are included in the referral program. More information about the application process and fees can be found on the CBA’s Lawyer Referral Service Program Information for Lawyers page. The program launched in 2017.

The CBA also publishes a list of lawyers offering limited scope representation on the CBA Flexible and Customizable Legal Services page.

This page is designed for legal system professionals. If you are a self-represented litigant, please visit LawHelp.org to find your local legal aid office or visit state court self-help resources.

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Chicago Bar Association To Host Call A Lawyer May 16

  • May 12, 2020

Attorneys with the Chicago Bar Association Call-A-Lawyer Program will take calls from the public and offer legal advice on Saturday, May 16, at noon, as part of an ongoing legal public service program offered by the CBA.

The Call-A-Lawyer program enables citizens to call in and explain their situation to an attorney who will then work to suggest self-help strategies or provide advice to help resolve their issues. If callers need further legal services or have questions beyond the scope of the attorneys practice area, they will be advised to contact the CBA Lawyer Referral Service during the week for a referral to an attorney in the appropriate area of law.

The CBA Lawyer Referral Service has more than 200 prescreened, qualified lawyers experienced in almost every area of law who offer their services to the public. When contacting the CBA Lawyer Referral Service during normal business hours Monday through Friday, callers can be referred to attorneys practicing in numerous areas of law including the following:

Employment law including wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination

Estate planning including will and trust drafting, probate and will contests

Domestic relations including divorce, custody, support and other family law matters

Personal injury including auto accidents, slip and falls, products liability, wrongful death, malpractice and other types of injury cases.

For more information, call 554-2001 or visit the website at chicagobar.org.

Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral And Call

Need a Lawyer? Contact The Chicago Bar Association Lawyer ...

If you are looking for a lawyer in Cook County or one of the surrounding counties, the Chicago Bar Associations Lawyer Referral Service has over 300 prescreened, qualified lawyers experienced in almost every area of law. The service can refer you to attorneys experienced in over 40 areas of law, including the following: Domestic Relations Personal Injury Estate Planning Real Estate Employment Law and Numerous other areas of law.

If you meet with the lawyer you are referred to, the lawyer will collect $30 at the initial consultation. Any other fees should be negotiated directly with the lawyer prior to the meeting.

You can also speak to a lawyer for free on the 3rd Saturday of every month, with the CBAs Call-A-Lawyer program. Call 554-2001 from 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon on the program dates to speak to a volunteer Lawyer Referral Service attorney for general legal advice and self-help strategies.

See website for after-hours lawyers available on call for Criminal Defense, Domestic Relations/Family Law, and Personal Injury.

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Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

Recommended Reviews

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  • 5 star ratingGreat
  • 1/5/2016First to Review

    I contacted the CBA’s Lawyer Referral Service after seeing a television talk-show mentioning it extensively, which aired on a local access cable network over the weekend. I needed an attorney to file a case to recover about $8,000 owed to me by a former employer, the motion for which has already been written up. The legal process is not my professional domain, so I just wanted to do things by the book.I heard back from the service promptly, and the first attorney they recommended to me had a cellphone number which had been disconnected. I phoned CBA/LRS a second time, let them know about it and was referred to a noted Chicago employment attorney . I left a voicemail message at his office, which was returned immediately after the holidays by an assistant who basically informed me that the monies I was seeking were “no money,” and “not worth his time” because “he had to eat, too.”While I appreciated the candor, the honesty and the timely returned phone call, I found myself pondering…what’s the real point of such a “service?”


Lawyer Referral Service Of The Isba

The Illinois State Bar Association sponsors the IllinoisLawyerFinder. The ISBA has offices in both Springfield and Chicago, Illinois. The ISBA’s Lawyer Referral Service provides two different ways to find an attorney.

First, you can search the online directory for local attorneys. You can search by Field of Practice, County and/or Zip code. You can also use the directory to search by name to find more information about a particular attorney.

Second, you can call the service to receive a phone referral to an attorney who has agreed to provide a 30-minute consultation for a $25 consultation fee. During the consultation, you can talk with the attorney about your legal concerns, possible solutions, and the attorney fees needed for additional representation beyond the initial consultation.

Contact Information:

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Join The Lawyer Referral Service

Build your client base! If you would like to receive referrals and meet the requirements of the program, the CBAs LRS can be a source of potential clients at a relatively low cost. Annual dues range from $75 – $300 for CBA members . You collect a $30 fee for the CBA from each person referred that has an office consultation and pay 15% of fees collected on retained referred matters.

Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer For An Injury You Sustained In Cook County Or One Of The Surrounding Counties In Illinois

Chicago Bar Lawyer Referral Service

We can help.

Sustaining a serious personal injury can have a very negative impact on your daily life. Simple, routine tasks become difficult or impossible when performed in constant pain. If you have dependents and you’re missing work, then other people suffer from your injury as well.

If you’ve been injured through the negligence or intentional act of another person or company, you may be able to recover damages for your injuries. These damages often include compensation for unpaid medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

You need to make sure that you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who can get the best possible settlement or verdict for you. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff of referral counselors can help you find an experienced injury lawyer who is right for you.

Meeting the American Bar Association’s Standards for Lawyer Referral, our service has among the highest experience requirements for its personal injury lawyers in the entire nation.

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Refer Clients To The Lawyer Referral Service

Does your client have a legal problem outside your area of expertise? No problem. Simply refer them to the CBAs Lawyer Referral Service . Our lawyers have been screened and must meet specific practice requirements. LRS lawyers are engaged in private practice and charge regular rates . You can refer clients with confidence because the CBA LRS:

  • Meets ABA standards for Lawyer Referral and Information Services
  • Screens lawyers for experience and malpractice insurance
  • Has lawyers located throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs who practice in 40+ areas of law and speak several different foreign languages
  • Offers referrals by telephone and online at www.chicagobar.org

Limited Scope Referral Panels

  • The CBA also has three Limited Scope Referral Panels in addition to the General and Special Experience Panels above. The three panels cover the following areas of law: landlord-tenant, domestic relations, and debt collection/consumer. Panelists must offer a wide variety of unbundled legal services to join these panels, which primarily target modest means clients.
  • There is no annual registration fee to join these panels. Referrals are made at the courthouse and not through the LRS telephone and online systems.

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Panels In The Lawyer Referral Service In Chicago

The lawyer referral services has special panels including:

  • General Civil Litigation Panel to handle general civil litigation
  • Special Experience Panels

The special experience panels for the lawyer referral service managed by the Chicago Bar Association include:

  • Adoption
  • Workers Compensation
  • Zoning Law
  • The CBA also has three Limited Scope Referral Panels for attorneys offering “unbundled” legal services that cover the following practice areas:

    • landlord-tenant
    • debt collection/consumer

    Additional Resources

    – Visit the Facebook page to learn more about Chicago Bar Association to learn more about CLE seminars and upcoming events including the Annual Bar Show and Moot Court Competition. Find information on programs managed by the CBA including the Call A Lawyer Program, Career Advancement Program, and lawyer referral service.

    Illinois State Bar Association – The Illinois State Bar Association is a non-profit and voluntary-membership association with more than 30,000 members who are lawyers. As a voluntary bar association, the ISBA has no statutory or regulatory role relating to the registration or discipline of attorneys in Illinois. Instead, complaints and disciplinary actions against attorneys are handled by the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission.

    Consider Paying For A Lawyer

    Cook County Bar Association CLE with Melvin Brooks

    JEP Lawyers

    JEP lawyers offer affordable services. Many offer fixed fees and flexible representation options, including limited scope representation. The cost will depend on how much the lawyer does, and how much you are willing to do on your own.

    For more information, visit The Justice Entrepreneurs Project or call 546-3282

    Chicago Legal Clinic

    The Chicago Legal Clinic charges clients fees depending on their income.

    For more information, visit The Chicago Legal Clinic or call 731-1762

    Chicago Bar Association lawyer referral service

    • Makes referrals to lawyers who charge fees in Chicago
    • $30.00 administrative fee to the CBA for the first consultation
    • Visit the Lawyer Referral Service website or call 554-2001. Hearing impaired people may call 554-2055.

    Illinois State Bar Association lawyer referral service

    Other Lawyer Referral Services and Directories

    Different bar associations in Cook County have lawyer referral services and directories:

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    General Civil Litigation Panel Qualifications

    • Handle general civil litigation
    • Admitted to practice for a minimum of one year and engaged in the substantial private practice of general areas of law.
    • Maintain an office outside your home.
    • Maintain an adequate office calendar/support system for tracking cases.
    • Have reasonable courtroom experience.
    • Complete written application, maintain professional liability insurance, obtain approval of screening panel.
    • If approved, annual registration fee of $75 if in practice under 5 years $100 if 5 years or more .

    Do You Need An Experienced Employment Lawyer In Cook County Or One Of The Surrounding Counties In Illinois

    We can help.

    In today’s turbulent economic times, employers and employees face challenges previously unknown to Americans. As demand for products and services decreases, employers cut costs, all too often by reducing the size of their workforce. However, not every reduction in workforce is lawful – employees and former employees still have rights and protections.

    The advice and representation of a knowledgeable, experienced employment lawyer is more important now than ever before, whether you are an employer with labor issues, an employee who has been mistreated or wrongfully terminated, or an independent contractor with money owed to you.

    Our friendly, knowledgeable staff of referral counselors can help you find an experienced employment lawyer who is right for you.

    Meeting the American Bar Association’s Standards for Lawyer Referral, our service has among the highest experience requirements for its employment lawyers in the entire nation.

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    Want Someone To Help You


    In Chicago and Cook County, please call CARPLS at 738-9200 for free or low-cost legal advice and referral information. Please note that you may have to wait for up to 20 minutes to speak with an attorney. For $25 you can schedule an appointment. Please visit the website for more information.

    If you are representing yourself and have a question about your case, you can submit a question to the Illinois Free Legal Answers and have it answered by a pro bono lawyer. You must meet income qualifications to use the program.

    For help finding a lawyer in the Chicago area who offers affordable services with set fees, contact the Justice Entrepreneurs Project. The Greater Chicago Legal Clinic may offer reduced cost legal representation in certain areas of law.

    In Northern Illinois , please contact your local Prairie State Legal Services office.

    In Southern Illinois, please contact Land of Lincoln Legal Aid at 394-7300 or toll free at 342-7891.

    For Referrals to Lawyers to Hire

    For help finding a lawyer, please contact the Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service or see the Limited Scope Referral Panels or the Illinois State Bar Association LawyerFinder .

    If you are looking for a lawyer outside of Illinois, please visit the American Bar Association Lawyer Referral Directory.

    Court Staff and Other Help

    These resources can only provide you with information and CANNOT give you legal advice. For legal advice, contact a lawyer .

    Legal Self-Help Centers

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