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Chicago Cubs City Connect Jersey

Cubs Fans Are Mad Online About Terrible City Connect Jerseys

Chicago Cubs New Uniforms Revealed – Wrigleyville City Connect by Nike

Nikes new City Connect jerseys have been greeted with open arms by baseball fans, at least until Chicago Cubs fans saw theirs.

While the crosstown White Sox got perhaps the best new jerseys of the bunch, the Cubsdid not. They havent been officially revealed by the team, but the Cubs new Wrigleyville jerseys leaked on Friday afternoon, and the response has not been kind.


Fans understandably took to social media to express their displeasure with Nikes choice.

If this is true what a TOTAL let down.

The Little League Classic Cubbies jerseys were miles better than this.

Cubs Live

What should the #Cubscity connect jerseys say instead of Wrigleyville? Wrong answers only.

mayor of section 509

I am always a bit hesitant to critique uniforms since I have no fashion sense to begin with, and I got hammered by #Bears fans over the Bears 100 throwbacks. But those Wrigleyville jerseys look like a knockoff shirt from one of the unlicensed vendors at Clark and Addison.

adam lukach

I think the City Connect Cubs Jersey looks like a Mariners jersey and its ugly.

I really dont care about it enough to get mad though.

Jason Heyward Respecter

Cubs fans can claim not to be mad all they want, Im not sure I believe them.

Learn More About The Nike Miami Marlins City Connect Jersey

The Nike Miami Marlins City Connect Jersey is an ode to Latin Americas contribution to baseballs rich history, recognizing when the Cuban Sugar Kings 1959 Junior World Series victory helped open the door for future Latin American players.

Miami is featured utilizing the hand-painted style of the city’s Little Havana neighborhood.

The right-sleeve patch connects the Miami Marlins to the sports Latin American heritage and community.

The Nike Miami Marlins Jersey from the Nike MLB City Connect series releases May 21 on SNKRS, the Nike App and nike.com, and at the MLB Flagship Store and select retail locations.

Learn More About The Nike San Francisco Giants City Connect Jersey

The Nike San Francisco Giants City Connect Jersey honors one of Americas most iconic structures the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge is a beacon of inspiration in the region, a precursor to the Bay Areas boundary-pushing technological innovation.

The white base of the jersey represents the Bay Areas ever-present fog, while the orange details are borrowed from the Golden Gate Bridges paint scheme.

Elements of the jersey, like in the area above the jock tag, symbolize the rising fog over the San Francisco bay.

The Nike San Francisco Giants jersey from the Nike MLB City Connect Series releases July 5 on the Nike App and nike.com, and at the MLB Flagship Store and select retail locations.

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Mlb Rumors: Nike City Connect Uniforms Planned For All 30 Teams By End Of 2023

  • 2 minute read
Matt Borelli

One week into the 2021 regular season, Nike unveiled plans for seven teams to wear a City Connect uniform this year.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were part of an inaugural group that also included the Arizona Diamondbacks, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Miami Marlins and San Francisco Giants.

Of the seven clubs, the Dodgers were the last to debut the uniform, doing so in August during a series against the New York Mets at Dodger Stadium.

The all-blue uniform combo was met with mixed opinions as fans particularly were disappointed the script on the jersey read Los Dodgers. As a whole, the City Connect series was met by mixed reactions.

Despite some of the unpopularity, MLB reportedly is planning to introduce City Connect uniforms to all 30 teams by the end of the 2023 season, via ESPNs Joon Lee:

The Nike alternates, according to league officials, are not only here to stay there will be 23 others by the end of 2023 they are helping to set the stage for even more radical designs in the future.

MLB teams have long been wary over shifting away from a traditional uniform look, but with the sport trying to court a younger demographic, they are willing to explore more bold designs.

In addition to its blue top, the Dodgers City Connect jersey featured black spray-painted accents on the sleeves, which represent the citys street art culture and murals

Mlb News: Cubs City Connect Jerseys Arent Fitting Of A Division Leader

Nike Unveils Chicago Cubs City Connect Jerseys

The Cubs have surprised most national MLB pundits this season with their play, as a recent stretch has them atop the NL Central, 1.5 games ahead of the favored St. Louis Cardinals.

That simple fact has thrown a wrench in managements trade deadline plans. Jed Hoyer will have a tough time trading a leading MVP candidate if his team is in first place. It would be a PR nightmare.

As much as Cubs fans would understand a teardown if the team sinks back to the middle of the pack, trading away the likes of Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez or Willson Contreras en route to a playoff appearance doesnt make much sense. If anything, it speaks to how much talent remains in that core.

The Cubs may very well win the Central. If theyre forced to rock those City Connect jerseys on a weekly basis, however, I can assure you they wont look good doing it.

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Chicago Cubs Unveil New 2021 Nike Mlb City Connect Jersey

This weekend, the Chicago Cubs will be representing their nearby neighborhoods with a fresh new look.

Yesterday, the Cubs released their Nike City Connect jersey, the fourth jersey released by Nike as part of their 2021 Nike MLB City Connect Series. Combining local and state iconography, the new Cubs jersey and apparel aim to represent all 77 of Chicagos distinct neighborhoods.

The jersey is a Nod to Second City Symbolism and Cubbie Culture Nike said, Because Wrigleyville is not just a place, its a feeling.

Not just a place, but a feeling.To the City of Chicago, its people and #All77 of its neighborhoods.

Chicago Cubs

In the video above, poet Emon Lauren Black, , and rapper Matt Muse, , wrote and performed a spoken word poem that describes Wrigley Field and Chicago imagery. Throughout the video, Chicago landmarks, local businesses, and citizens flash by before the new jersey makes an appearance.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs will wear their new jersey when they take on the St. Louis Cardinals at home on Saturday, June 12. The remaining 2021 Nike MLB City Connect Jerseys to be announced are the Arizona Diamondbacks, the San Francisco Giants, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Diamondbacks will be the next to debut their yet to be unveiled jerseys on Friday, June 18, at home against the Dodgers.

Mlb City Connect Collection

Shopping the new MLB City Connect Series apparel and gear at Fanatics is the best way to combine style, team spirit and city pride this season. Snag an officially licensed MLB City Connect jersey featuring your favorite player’s name and number as well as bold team graphics and unique design. MLB City Connect t-shirts, hats, socks and more merchandise is also available so you can really upgrade your game-day wardrobe and put your team pride on display from head to toe. Every fan can find authentic MLB City Connect gear at Fanatics.com and more from their favorite teams!

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Learn More About The Nike Chicago Cubs City Connect Jersey

The Nike Chicago Cubs City Connect Jersey is inspired by all 77 of Chicagos distinct neighborhoods. The jerseys colors are influenced by those on the citys flag.

On the left sleeve, a circular patch symbolizes the connectivity of Chicagos neighborhoods. The patch is influenced by various Chicago iconography like transit tokens, the municipal device and the citys flag.

The Respect Our Neighborhood detail, above the size tag, reimagines Wrigley Fields exit sign and is also a call to action, intended to honor the uniqueness and diversity of each Chicago community.

The Nike Chicago Cubs Jersey from the Nike MLB City Connect Series releases June 8 on the Nike App and nike.com, and at the MLB Flagship Store and select retail locations.

Chicago Tribune Sports Newsletter

Which Nike City Connect Jersey Is Better? || Chicago Cubs vs White Sox

While the White Sox opted for Southside across their jersey, the Cubs didnt consider using North Side on theirs.

The reality is we know we have fans beyond the North Side, so we just felt like there was a bigger opportunity here to make this about the city, Fritts said. That was never really something we ever debated. We always wanted this to be a celebration of all 77 neighborhoods and the city of Chicago.

5 key developments coming out of the Chicago Bears mini-bye weekend as they wait for Justin Fields to heal including Darnell Mooneys focus, Kindle Vildors benching and Roquan Smiths injury »

During the year-and-a-half process to bring the City Connect uniforms to fruition, a core group of about eight to 10 people in the Cubs marketing department worked with a set of Nike designers and people from Nikes baseball division. Fritts said the conversations with Nike centered on what they felt was most authentic to the Cubs.

Knowing that we are the only ballpark in a neighborhood in a city of neighborhoods, we felt like that idea of neighborhood was so important to elevate, especially because it ties back to our core value at the Cubs to be a good neighbor, Fritts said. It was all so obvious to us the way to most authentically bring this to life, and were excited with more of the storytelling elements behind it.

The Cubs have not determined how often they will wear their City Connect uniforms beyond Saturdays debut.

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Chicago Cubs: An Objective Review And Ranking Of City Connect Uniforms

In the second year as the official uniform provider of Major League Baseball, Nike announced seven clubs in baseball to be the trial run of a uniform line they called City Connect. With the idea that each team would have a City Connect uniform in rotation by the year 2023, the seven clubs chosen to start out with were the Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The idea of City Connect in MLB really came from the success Nike had in doing the same thing with teams in the National Basketball Association. Popularity and sales for these uniforms went through the roof for both Nike and the NBA, so why not bring it to baseball?

Recent studies had shown popularity and interest of baseball in the younger demographic has been dangerously low, and MLB has been working tirelessly to find ways to make the game less boring and entertaining to the younger fan.

To those younger fans MLB is certainly attempting to cater to, these uniforms are doing exactly what they are supposed to do: increasing popularity, sales, and interest in the game. However, to some older and more experienced fans that consider themselves traditionalists and like things the way they are, these uniforms are definitely having an opposite effect.

Chicago Cubs Unveil Nike City Connect Uniforms

The Cubs unveiled their City Connect jerseys on Tuesday. The jersey is a tribute to the 77 neighborhoods that make up Chicago.

On Tuesday morning, the Chicago Cubs officially unveiled their City Connect Series jerseys. The Cubs are now the fourth team to receive a jersey, joining the Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins, and Chicago White Sox.

Not just a place, but a feeling.To the City of Chicago, its people and #All77 of its neighborhoods.

Chicago Cubs

The jerseys are designed to represent all 77 neighborhoods that make up the city of Chicago. The patch on the left sleeve also features the Y logo for the Chicago River, and the colors and stars of the citys flag.

This jersey is deeply inspired by all 77 neighborhoods. It’s a nod to Second City symbolism and Cubbie culture because Wrigleyville is not just a place, its a feeling.

Nike Diamond

In addition, the new jersey also reads respect our neighborhood near the bottom of the jersey, with the classic Wrigleyville name displayed across the chest.

In addition, the jackets that will be worn display the names of all 77 neighborhoods in the city on the left sleeve, with the Y patch again on the sleeve as the Chicago River connects all 77 neighborhoods at its core.

As mentioned, the Cubs are the fourth team to release a City Connect uniform. The initial reaction has been a bit underwhelming, but the full uniform with the hat, undershirt, and socks really makes the light blue pop amongst the darker blue of the jersey.

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Cubs Release City Connect Series Collection

When the Cubs partnered with Nike to release their City Connect Series line, they knew they wanted one central theme: neighborhood.

They wanted this to be an opportunity to tell a story, to shine a light, not just to show off a flashy jersey. So every detail, every stitch that went into the design of the series had the focus on Chicago and her 77 neighborhoods and highlighting them to unite Chicago.

The Cubs are partnering with 9 different organizations that are benefitting the city beginning with Young Chicago Authors. On the release of the City Connect Series, a group of poets from Young Chicago Authors wrote the song that was used in the video the team posted announcing the line.

Not just a place, but a feeling.To the City of Chicago, its people and #All77 of its neighborhoods.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs jerseys feature Wrigleyville emblazoned across the front to emphasis the area surrounding the ballpark. The team wanted to emphasize that they are not one neighborhood, or one part of the city, because, as the poet from Young Chicago Authors said, Wrigleyville isnt just a place, its a feeling.

The jersey also features a patch on the sleeve with the Chicago Municipal Device that highlights the connection of the branches of the Chicago River. The cap features the C with the six-pointed star made famous on the Chicago city flag in the middle of it.

For more information on the Cubs and their City Connect Series, visit here.

Chicago Cubs’ Alternate City Connect Mlb Jerseys Unveiled

Nike Unveils Chicago Cubs City Connect Jerseys
    • Previously a Staff Writer at Bleacher ReportCornell University graduate

The unveiling of MLB and Nike’s City Connect uniforms continued Tuesday with the introduction of the Chicago Cubs‘ alternate uniforms, which will be worn for the first time Saturday at Wrigley Field against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The uniforms are mostly navy blue, with light blue accents to evoke the Chicago flag. They also feature “Wrigleyville” across the front in a font similar to the ballpark’s marquee. The city’s 77 neighborhoods are acknowledged with their names on the sleeves of dugout and bullpen jackets.

“We’re aware of the impact we have not only on the neighborhood surrounding us, but on all of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods,” Cubs vice president of marketing Lauren Fritts said in a news release. “Cubs fans don’t just reside on the North Side.”

The jersey’s left sleeve features a patch of the Chicago municipal device — a circle with a Y inside it, symbolizing the north, south and main branches of the Chicago River, which converge at Wolf Point. The symbol is subtly featured on buildings throughout the city. The four six-pointed red stars represent the Chicago flag.

The star is also present with the iconic Cubs “C” on the cap. The line “Respect Our Neighborhood” is stitched above the jersey’s size tag.

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