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Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Frozen

How To Eat A Chicago Style Pizza

Best Frozen Deep Dish Pizza | Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Review (Giordano’s Vs. Lou Malnati’s)

If youre new to this stuffed pizza, eating it can seem overwhelming. Do you pick it up and take a bite? Dive in with a fork a knife? Approach this mega pizza carefully, or you might come away with sauce-stained T-shirts and greasy jeans.

First thing first, dont cut this pizza with a pizza cutter. The pressure of the wheel can turn this beautiful stuffed pizza into a messy pile of pizza ingredients. Instead, grab a chefs knife and slice away.

When its time to dig in, grab a fork and knife. This isnt a pizza you eat on the run. This is one you want to take your time enjoying. Its a meal that was lovingly prepared and should be eaten until you cant fit another bit until your tummy. Have napkins handy. Make sure you havent eaten for at least several hours. And then dig in. Youre going to need this dinner hour to really eat your fill.

Couldnt finish the pizza and need to reheat leftovers? Do it in the oven. The microwave just makes the crust soggy and boils the sauce. The oven keeps the crust crispy and the cheese gooey. Cover the pizza with foil and heat it at 350 degrees until the cheese gets stretchy again. Take a bite, and it will transport you right back to the restaurant where the delicious pie was carefully created.

What Is Deep Dish Pizza

Deep dish, often called Chicago-style pizza, is traditionally made in a deep, round pan or skillet and baked to perfection. Unlike the typical pizza dough, the crust here is tall, thick, and crispy. And then you get to the fillings: lots of chunky tomatoes and lots of cheese, plus other toppings mixed in if you like. Its like a pool of delicious, hot pizza!

Why Youll Love This Deep Dish Pizza Recipe:

  • EASY: You only need a few ingredients to make this deep dish pizza at home. Let the oven do all the hard work of cooking!
  • FAMILY FAVORITE: The whole family will agree that this skillet pizza is amazing! Its something everyone will love to see on the table at dinner time.
  • SKILLET RECIPE: I love using my cast iron skillet, and this is the perfect time to take it out. Making pizza in a skillet is so easy, and creates the best texture for the crust.

Every pizza fan will LOVE this super easy recipe. You get more cheese, more sauce, and an amazing crust!

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Other Places To Eat The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago

The competition for the best deep dish pizza in Chicago is fierce. If youve packed enough stretchy pants, here are a few more places to try :

Update: Im very lucky that this post has had some attention in Chicago and some wonderful local people have pitched in with their opinions on where is the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Every single one of these is going on my list for next time and Ive added them to the list above. If youve got a suggestion, leave a comment and Ill add it to the list.

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Digiorno Three Meat Frozen Pizza On A Stuffed Crust

Chicago Town Frozen Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizzas

These frozen pizzas are a great option if youre looking for something with a bit more of a gourmet feel.

The stuffed crust is filled with three types of meat: pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. Its also got mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese on top.

Plus, it cooks in just 20 minutes, so you can have a delicious frozen pizza thats almost as good as the real thing in no time at all.

I liked that the crust was nice and soft, and the toppings were flavorful and cooked through.

The flavor of the sauce and toppings on this pizza were surprisingly good. I had no idea how much DiGiro would change from their normal bagged variety, but it tastes just as great if not better!

The second I bit into this pizza, the flavors and smells were so amazing that they made my mouth water. It was not only delicious but also had an impressive amount of toppings for such a small slice!

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Chicago Style Is The Best

Where else can a single slice of pizza fill your belly? Chicago-style pizzas are hearty and unique, filled to the brim with fresh and tasty toppings, the best cheeses in the world and the most robust tomato sauce. You really want to eat a different kind of pie? Then you want to eat a slice of the best Chicago-style pizza.

Review: Lou Malnati’s Frozen Deep Dish Pizza

While there are many heated debates about the merits of Chicago style deep-dish pizza versus “New York” or other thin-crust varieties, I’ve found they are similar in some fundamental ways. They contain crust, tomato sauce, and cheese – and they can be very good or they can be mediocre efforts not worth the calories. And there is no broad-brush way to approach to any style of pizza.

After many years of being skeptical about “tomato soup in a bread bowl,” I had a few trips to Illinois that gave me the opportunity to sample some critically acclaimed deep-dish pizzas in and around Chicago. At the very top of my list is the deep-dish at Louisa’s in Crestwood, ten miles south of Chicago. All the elements are in harmony on this terrific pie, but the vibrantly fresh red sauce is the most memorable.

Deep-dish pizza from Louisa’s

In Chicago, I sampled three other highly regarded deep-dish pizzas. While the pan pizza at Pequods was disappointing, I loved the traditional deep-dish at Pizano’s and the hybrid version at Exchequer, where a huge mass of molten cheese sits atop the pie. But Louisa’s has been the clear winner for all the deep dish I’ve eaten, Louisa’s is the benchmark pie.

Deep-dish personal size at Pizano’s

I loved the idea, and I have enjoyed some other frozen versions of Chicago deep-dish pizza. The 8″ version of Gino’s Eastpizza was pretty satisfying, especially in light of its $5.99 price tag at ALDI .

Before baking
Out of the oven
Deep-dish at Exchequer Pub

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For Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago deep-dish pizza is one of the most popular styles of pizza around the world. Every restaurant that serves Chicago deep dish pizza has its own temperature for the parbaking step, ranging from 375 degrees F to 400 degrees F.

Im going to share some research and find out what is the best temperature for Chicago deep-dish pizza based on scientific facts and experiments.

What Makes A Chicago Pizza Unique

Gino’s East Chicago Deep Dish Frozen Pizza Review

Take one look at a Chicago-style pie, and youll see why it stands out as a legend in the pizza world. This deep dish pizza is super thick and super messy, but that combination makes for a delicious slice.

The secret of the best pizza in Chicago comes down to the layers. Giordanos breaks it down pretty easily. A bottom layer of buttery crust is the foundation of this pizza, often considered a stuffed pizza or pie by those who try to wrap their minds around its complex construction. The crust is topped with a choice of toppings, whether you like your deep dish pizza filled with tasty meats or fresh vegetables, or combinations of the two. The third layer of the pie comes from the cheese. You know youve got a slice of the best Chicago-style pizza when a gooey slice stretches the cheese as its sliced and served.

Finally, Giordanos covers its pizza with an airy layer of dough to support the classic Chicago way of topping pies with a rich, thick tomato sauce. Maybe its a pizza turned inside out. Maybe its the best way to eat this comfort food. Either way, youve got to try it.

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Best New York/mail Order: Speedy Romeo Pizza

Speedy Romeo

  • No heating or topping instructions provided

  • Pricey

New York has no shortage of tasty pizzas to choose from, and thanks to the growing popularity of mail-order options, you no longer have to live in New York to get a perfect slice. We are big fans of Speedy Romeos wood-fired online options they offer many different varieties, and if you cant pick just one, you can choose your own to make a personalized variety shipmentperfect for the couple or family that cant agree on one flavor. We tried the Margherita, Truffle Shuffle, and White Album, but you cant go wrong with any of their creative menu options. The box arrived via FedEx within 24 hours, and although the package was delayed 3 days from when it was originally supposed to ship , it was well worth the wait. It arrived still-frozen in a well-insulated sleeve, and they shipped a few of the pizza toppings in separate plastic containers so you could add them yourself as a fresh touch upon serving. The pizzas reheated perfectly, despite the lack of instructions included. This is certainly the splurge option when it comes to frozen pizza, as the three pies cost a whopping $119 but if you arent near New York and are in need of that authentic, high-quality, wood-fired pizza experience, this is a delicious choice worthy of a special occasion or splurge.

The Best Frozen Deep Dish Pizza

  • Email

Let’s cut the crap. I’m not here to provoke an argument or debate the merits of whether deep dish even deserves to be categorized as pizza. I’m just trying to deal with a Chicago winter that has brought two polar vortexes and over five feet of snow. And you know the worst part? IT’S ONLY THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY. And thanks to that furry rascal in Punxsutawney, we can safely expect the misery to continue for the time being.

I’m coping in the only way Chicagoans know how: with deep dish pizza. Seriously, what better way to survive the cold than to coat your insides with a big gooey blanket of cheese?

But while there is no shortage of delivery options available to me, I decided to focus on the options I could find in the freezer section of my local grocery store. Plus, I had a crazy thought: whether or not deep dish is your ultimate style of pizza , shouldn’t the sturdy and hearty pie withstand the freezing process better than a thin-crusted pie? In other words, shouldn’t there be less of a difference between a fresh and a frozen deep dish than with almost any other kind of pizza?

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Tips And Tricks From The Experts

  • If youre looking to get the ultimate cheese pull to impress all of your followers, we recommend cutting all the way through the crust, but not cutting the tip of the slice of pizza all the way through. That way, when the piece is lifted, the cheese will still be connected to the rest of the pizza and will result in a glorious cheese pull!

  • Just like a regular thin crust, you can add your own toppings! We encourage you to get creative, but remember, any wet ingredients may change the texture of the sauce and cheese.

  • Dont forget the sprinkle of parmesan cheese and the red pepper flakes for the true Chicago slice!

  • Recycle your packaging! All of our packaging is recycling friendly.

Best Overall: Robertas Frozen Pizza Pizza Margherita

Smithâs Food and Drug

Robertas Frozen Pizza

  • Crisp crust all the way through

  • Rivals an in-restaurant pizza

  • Could easily be a single serving

Who else recommends it? Good Housekeeping also picked Roberta’s Frozen Pizza Pizza Margherita.

What do buyers say? 75% of 700+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Its admittedly difficult to find a frozen pizza that can rival an in-restaurant pizza, but this one comes as close as we could find. Even the packaging is promising rather than using a box, the pizza is sold in clear vacuum-sealed-like packaging, allowing you to see the homemade, rustic-looking crust, generous slices of fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil. After just a few minutes in the oven, you are left with a restaurant-quality pie that actually achieves a crisp crust . Although the pie itself is on the small side, we wouldnt mind stocking up on several due to the minimal packaging, it fits more easily in a stuffed freezer than a box would. If you like to have different flavors on hand, youre in luck Robertas also offers a Baby Sinclair flavor, featuring kale, garlic, and chilies.

“Cooking frozen pizza in a super hot oven is my favorite way to cook it. Is it bad to ignore the directions? I also always add extra cheese because Im a fiend.” Heather Ramsdell, Editorial Director

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Labriola Ristorante & Cafe

North Side, River East

One of the best deep-dish pies is hidden right in the of middle of Chicago. Instead of flaunting a traditional golden-brown crust that soars in height, Labriolas deep-dish pizza is made with a thinner crust that almost resembles the outside of a dark loaf of bread. The sauce is chunky, the mozzarella is sharp, and if you order Dannys Special, its most popular pizza, youll get a taste of some of the crispiest sausage in town.

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Mike Gebert is a James Beard Award-winning food video producer and writer, and founder of SkyFullofBacon.com. Follow him on Twitter .Amy Schulman is an editorial production assistant who shamelessly eats pizza for breakfast. Follow her on .

Trying To Cook Your Pizza Fast

You can quickly bake your frozen deep dish in half the time if youre in a rush! Follow the steps below:

  • Preheat oven to 425°F

  • Microwave frozen deep dish, on plate, for 6 minutes on high. Take out plate , and then let pizza rest for one minute.

  • Position pizza on center rack in oven and bake for 15-18 minutes, or until internal temperature reaches 165°F.

  • Take pizza out of oven and let sit for 5-10 minutes before cutting with a knife.

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    Our Handmade Product Sent To Your Door

    Staying in?

    Enjoy a taste of Chicago whenever you want. Our pizzas are handmade and ready to be baked for every occasion.

    Did Someone Say Pizza Party?

    All of our pizzas are 32 ounces of fresh, high quality ingredients that are made to serve 3-4 people. Our 3 packs make a perfect option for entertaining!

    Shipped frozen on dry ice to your front door!

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Digiorno Four Cheese Frozen Pizza On A Croissant Crust

    UNO Chicago Deep Dish Frozen – Running On Empty – Food Review

    When you think of frozen deep-dish pizza, the first brand that probably comes to mind is DiGiorno.

    And for a good reason their Four Cheese frozen pizza on a croissant crust is one of the best out there.

    Its got a delicious crispy crust and is packed with four different types of cheese: mozzarella, asiago, romano, and parmesan.

    I liked that it wasnt too greasy, and the cheese was perfectly melted and super flavorful.

    Its the perfect meal for those nights when youre craving something cheesy and delicious.

    The DiGiorno Four Cheese Frozen Pizza on a Croissant Crust is one of my go-tos when I want something that tastes like actual cheese but isnt too heavy.

    The crust has this perfect crunch to it, and the flavorings are all Exactly where they need to be not overwhelming at all!

    The DiGiorno Four Cheese Frozen Pizza on a Croissant Crust is the best pizza crust Ive ever had. Its not too thick or thin and has just enough chewiness to it that makes me feel like Im eating in an old-world fracture shop with real sustenance for the thought behind every bite!

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    The Year Was 1970 Hidden Away On Fernald Avenue In Morton Grove Illinois Pequods Pizza Started A Cult Following For Its Pan Style Pizza With A Caramelized Crust Edge

    Locals enjoyed the hometown pizzeria for its unique atmosphere and great deep dish pizza. In June of 1986 the original owner sold the pizzeria, leading to a rebirth. New leadership reinvigorated the restaurant. The menu expanded and a savory thin crust pizza was added to the fabled pan pizza. As word of mouth popularity grew, Pequods became the best known secret for Pizza in Chicagos northwest suburbs. Many of the faithful continue to make pilgrimages to Pequods after moving from the Chicago area. January 1992 began a new chapter in the Pequods legend. In response to the pleading of many faithful customers, Pequods opened in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. Thanks to the enthusiastic patronage of loyal customers, Pequods began to build a new cult following in the Windy City, quickly becoming known for late night pizza and delivery of their world class deep dish pizza.

    Why Youll Love Us

    There has never been a better time to eat plant based.

    • Delicious

    Hands down the best

    Drove 3 hours out of my way heading to the west coast JUST for Chicago Pizza. This place has the BEST vegan pizza I have ever had in my life. Hands down the best. I would drive 3,000 miles from my hometown just for another one!!

    Holistic Artistry via Google

    The highlight of my trip

    It was in a beautiful area. The staff was friendly and laid back. They were very helpful and patient even though I am a customer that asks a lot of questions. I felt at home. The food came out fast and the food was delicious. Im pretty sure they have the only authentic, vegan deep-dish pizza in the city and it did not disappoint. The pizza was very filling so we had some leftovers. And even the leftovers were delicious . . . this restaurant may very well have been the highlight of my trip 🙂

    Michael B via Google

    A gem

    A gem of a restaurant with all the vegan food your heart desires! Came here day after Chicago Marathon and totally got my fill. We had the Loaded Nachos and the Supreme pizza. So scrumptious! Makes me want to move to Chicago! Thank you so much!

    Paco Jimenez via Google

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