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Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Nyc

The Overall Victor: Chicago

Emmett’s Pizza – Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza In New York | Food Review Club

Heres to you, Chicago-style pizza. The first of many pizza war battles has proven favorable for this delicious concoction of dough, toppings, cheese and sauce. While the Chicago-style pizza could have fought through several messy rounds, the competition just couldnt take the heat. What a knockout battle. What a knockout pizza.

Bring Giordanos Pizza Home, Even If You Arent in Chicago

If the tasty filling of a Giordanos stuffed pizza is calling your name, stop by for a visit and enjoy a slice or two in this iconic Chicago restaurant. If home is too far away, bring the goodness of a deep-dish, stuffed pizza into your own kitchen.

Order two, four or six 10-inch pizza packs, and Giordanos fresh pizzas will arrive in just two days. Follow the reheating instructions to enjoy the taste of fresh baked Chicago-style pizza at home. Add on a few Chicago-style treats to complete the meal, and get the full taste of what Chicago has to offer. Giordanos convenient online ordering means you can enjoy a champion pie without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Pizza Should Be Portable

When pizza was first popularized back in 16th-century Naples, it was considered a poor person’s dish and sold in the streets on the cheap. This rep continued through the centuries, with food trucks and corner stores taking the place of outdoor stands. But with deep dish? Not so much. Aside from delivery orders, Chicago pizza is a restaurant-only experience, far divorced from the food’s original intention.

Over a heaping pan full of Pequod’s pie, New Yorker-turned-Chicagoan Eliza offered a one-foot-in-each-world perspective on this conundrum. “You can like deep dish, but it doesn’t do any of the work of New York pizza,” she said. “I can take an NY slice with me, get it at any hour, and it costs me $1. It’s for when you need an in-between thing, before you go out, after you go out. It’s always accessible. And good. That’s not deep dish at all.”

Across town at Lou Malnati’s River North location, I brought the issue up with Matt. He agreed. “It’s not something you want for a quick bite on the go. Although offices Downtown do get it brought in for lunch sometimes,” he told me, cringing at the thought. “Even then, though, you can only eat one slice if you’re planning on doing anything else with your day.”

It Should Double As A Snack

The fact of the matter is, deep dish is just too much — too much cheese, too much crust, too much sauce, too much everything. Even the toppings are extreme, literal sheets of sausage and pepperoni stacked like scalloped shingles on a roof. Eating it feels like slogging through dense, cheesy quicksand — tasty quicksand, but quicksand all the same. It’s basically Ambien in food form.

The pie at Giordano’s, for example, was loaded with more cheese than the Wisconsin State Fair. It seeped out from inside the pie, spreading onto the plate like The Blob. It tasted like regret. It was, without a doubt, the least pizza-like of the three.

“Honestly, if I was trying to sell someone from New York on Chicago pizza, this would not be where I’d take them,” admitted Matt. “It’s a bit much for some people from Chicago, even. This is hibernation food.”

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What Is The Famous Nyc Pizza

The famous New York City style pizza is similar to the Neapolitan-American styled pizza. It is a thin crust pizza topped with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. The original NY pizza came to life in 1905 when Gennaro Lomardi opened Lombardis in Little Italy, Manhattan. This pizzeria was the start of the pizza style NYC is known for today.

While the original pizzerias cooked their pizza in coal-fired ovens, today the majority of pizza joints use deck ovens or gas ovens. Additionally, the NYC pizza today is most commonly characterized by their large slices and affordable prices. They are made so customers can fold the large triangular wedges in half and eat on the go.

The famous NYC pizza also tends to have more cheese than the typical Neapolitian-American pizzas and use low moisture mozzarella rather than fresh. While a cheese pizza is the base for NYC pizzas, many pizzerias and restaurants around the city serve their own variations and toppings.

Chicago Pizza Sauce Covers More Than The New York Pizza

Chicago Deep

One good thing about the tall Chicago crust is that it can hold more tomato sauce without becoming soggy. So, you will have no problem covering the crust with tomato sauce from end to end. You can also fold the edges a little to hold in the sauce better.

This is unlike the New York-style pizza. The sauce never gets to the crusts edges. You only cover enough to hold your toppings without spewing out of the crust.

If you love to indulge in seasoned tomato sauce, then the Chicago deep dish will satisfy your taste buds.

The sauce used in Chicago pizza may be chunkier than the New York pizza.

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And Pizza Should Be Quick And Easy

Most modern pizza is, by nature, a communal food meant to feed a group of people in equal, easy-to-serve proportions. That’s been at the very core of American pizza since rickety street carts sold the stuff for a nickel a pop, and lives on in the form of the almighty slice. And deep dish is not a slice-friendly food.

“Nobody wants to sell you a slice here,” Eliza told me, boiling over with frustration. “You know how much struggle you have to go through to get a fuckin’ slice here? There might be a couple of places, but they’re few and far between.”

That deep dish refuses to get into the slice game is baffling to me — those pieces are so filling, a restaurant could make bank on them. The whole practice is very anti-pizza.

So Which Pizza Takes The Crown

Ultimately, in terms of NYC-style versus Chicago’s deep dish, hungry folks desiring to indulge in a thick, chunky, delicious, and hearty pizza during a seated dining experience would appreciate the latter. But city-dwellers on the go who don’t have much time on their hands will likely prefer a slicker, more convenient New York slice – that is just as tasty as its Chicago sister but much easier and quicker to eat. Thus, it’s not just about flavor and pizza consistency the winner of this pizza battle really depends on who is eating the pizza, when they’re eating it, and where they’re eating it.

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Of course, passionate pizza people all have their own opinions and preferences, and that’s okay world cuisine would be incredibly boring if everyone had the same tastes. Ultimately, it has to be accepted that no human’s taste is the same as another’s, and everyone has their own favorites that are personal to them. But even so, that doesn’t mean that this passionate topic of debate should be dismissed for it is indeed enjoyable after all, and it always ignites the fiery pizza fight amongst the animated and spirited pizza-loving worldwide community.

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Chicago Deep Dish Is A Pan Pizza While The New York Style Is A Hand

Chicago deep dish is a pan pizza. This means that after kneading your dough, you stretch it inside a cake pan or cast-iron skillet. When stretching out the dough in the bottom of the pan, you also stretch it along the walls. You can make the edges as high as you like. The result is a dish-shaped dough. You will then add your layers of toppings inside this dough.

Before placing the dough in the pan, you have to oil it properly. The oil helps you retrieve the pizza in one piece. But it plays an even better role. The oil fries the dough as it bakes giving the crust its distinct color and taste.

The New York-style pizza is hand-tossed. This means that after kneading your dough, you stretch it in the air. You might have seen how experienced chefs stretch it out in minutes like a cloth. That way, you can make your pizza crust as wide as your oven can hold.

Unlike the New York pizza that bakes on a pizza stone, the Chicago pizza bakes on a pan.

So Is Deep Dish Actually Pizza

This or That – New York Style or Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

We’ve arrived at the final question, the big kahuna, the tomato sauce-covered elephant in the room. So let’s briefly go over what we’ve learned.

  • Aside from home delivery, deep dish is a restaurant-centric food.
  • It takes a ridiculously long time to cook.
  • Hunting down a slice is more frustrating than rush hour on the Dan Ryan.
  • Utensils are 100% required.
  • The sauce is on TOP.
  • Chicagoans don’t even like the stuff that much!
  • And they only throw down for it because it’s the most Chicago thing to do.

Before I laid down the law, though, I threw the question to my dining companions.

“Do I consider it pizza?” Eliza asked, taking a moment to think it over. “Yeah, it’s pizza. It’s not the pizza that I want, but it’s pizza.”

Then tough-as-nails Chicagoan Elizabeth came at me. Hard. “I don’t understand why that question keeps coming up. It’s called pizza, so I consider it pizza. Y’all are just being bitchy about it,” she said defiantly. “When that caramelized cheese hits your f*ckin’ mouth, though, you just can’t deny it.”

Matt’s argument was a bit less colorful.

“I kinda see it like, if you’re used to grabbing fast-food cheeseburgers on the go, obviously going for something like the Minetta Tavern Burger, like some giant hunk of meat, is a completely different experience,” he said. “It does very different things to you. But they’re both still burgers.”

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How To Eat A New York

New York-style pizzas were engineered to eat on the go. Busy New Yorkers often have to grab a slice or two in between meetings and calling a taxi. Some pizza joints embrace the versatility of this thin, foldable slice because it means they dont have to offer seating. Instead, people can eat their pizza on the sidewalk with ease. All you need is a paper plate and a couple of napkins to wipe away the greasy goodness.

If it seems a little messy, just roll up your sleeves and prepare to wipe your hands clean on a few of those thin napkins. The pizza here might just be sneaking in on Chicago-style pizza thanks to its versatility.

Chicago Pizza Is A Meal While The New York Style Is A Snack

With a dish-shaped crust and tons of toppings and sauce, the Chicago deep dish is a meal by itself. You cant even multitask as you eat this pizza. You need a knife, a fork, and a table to enjoy the Chicago thick crust pizza.

The New York pizza is the perfect snack when you cant afford to sit down and eat. You can fold the slice and eat with one hand as your other hand works.

While you can eat a whole New York pizza in a go, you cant eat half of the Chicago deep dish.

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Chicago Vs New York Pizza The Final Verdict

The main difference between the Chicago-style and New-York-style pizza is the arrangement of the ingredients. In the Chicago style, you start with cheese, then sauce. But with New York style, you start with sauce, then cheese.

Other key differences are that the New York style is thinner and cooks in a very short time. But the Chicago pizza is thick and cooks longer.

The Differences Between Chicago

Finally, Chicago: Just eat the pizza

Although pizza is a staple of both Chicago and New York, the two different styles are very different. From the crust to the toppings to the way you eat the food, the two styles offer completely different experiences. Here is a look at some of the differences between Chicago-style and New York-style pizza.


One of the most fundamental differences between Chicago-style and New York-style pizza is the style of their crusts . New York pizza features a crispy, thin crust that allows you to easily fold it in half and eat it on the go. On the other hand, Chicago deep-dish pizza tends to be more of a sit down meal that you might eat with a fork and knife.


Due to the flat, triangular nature of a slice of New York-style pizza, are typically limited to a few toppings. On top of the crust and the cheese, there is usually only room for two to three more toppings. Chicagos deep-dish pizzas, however, can offer layers of toppings thanks to the thicker, denser dough.


If Chicago-style pizza has room for more toppings, it also has room for more cheese. Whereas New York-style pizza tends to come with a single layer of mozzarella cheese, its Chicago-style deep-dish counterpart can be loaded up with a variety of different cheeses. New York pizza sacrifices some crust density to make room for its single layer of cheese, while Chicago pizza has plenty of both.

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New York Vs Chicago Style And Whats For You

The debate of which pizza style is the best in the US has gone on for many years. You can find countless articles, youtube videos, and forums debating/determining the best style of our favorite yes food. When selecting the best type of pizza, there should be various factors that weigh in on your score. The ratio of ingredients is paramount, and the taste and if the pizza ends up filling you up. The best part is, the question is entirely subjective, so that gives us a fantastic excuse to keep eating pizza for the rest of eternity while we fight about which is the better pie.

Chicago Deep Dish The Sauce

Because the cast iron that the pizza is cooked in is so deep, the pizza ends up taking a layered cake-like form with the sauce taking on the role of the frosting. This was my favorite part of the pie by far. The thick tomato sauce was perfectly spiced and bubbling hot, giving you a perfect flavor bomb with every bite. Because of the protective shield that the cheese creates over the flaky crust, the sauce is free to meet the top brim of the outer crust like thick and goopy tomato basil soup.

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Chicago Deep Dish The Final Verdict

So what was my final verdict? What makes for better pizza: the Chicago deep dish or the classic New York City slice? After this trip and trying the real thing from the source, my answer is not as clear-cut as I initially thought. To be honest, I loved Chicago deep dish. But would I call it pizza? That, to me, is a stretch.

To me, pizza is all about how easily you can eat it on the go, and shoveling a hefty slice of Lou Malnatis while heading anywhere seems like a death sentence. Chicago deep dish seems like a huge undertaking. Pulling up a chair to one of these pies needs to be a delicious event planned out by a group of friends or loved ones with nothing of note after or before it. That last part is important after our meal, I was completely down for the count. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, I longed for a time when my stomach didnt feel like it was going to secede from my torso.

Thats what makes the New York slice such a beautiful thing. While delicious, its accessibility makes it easy to take for granted. So while I must say I prefer the lack of commitment and ease of what we have in the five boroughs, I would urge any New Yoker to give Chicago deep dish its just day in court. It may not be pizza to us. But whatever it is, its pretty damn good.

Food Fight: Chicago Deep Dish Vs New York Thin Crust Pizza

AMAZING Chicago Deep Dish PIZZA in NYC! Emmett’s Pizza

This lines in this war are thicker than the accents from which these pizzas call home.

The lines in this war are thicker than the accents from which these pizzas call home. New Yorkers cling to the crown as thin-crusted pizza monarchs while deep-dish Chicagoans disagree with howling winds that rattle their skyscrapers.This week, they go crust to crust in a mozzarella and marinara fueled food fight for the ages.


Just look at all that cheese!! swoon Photo: @_jiing / Instagram

Deep Dish: As a New Yorker, it pains me to say that most of the deep dish pizzas Iâve laid my eyes on have inspired significant stomach lust. Something about the containment of all the toppings pleases this writerâs eye, and Iâm not ashamed to say it.

Mildly underwhelming, to say the least. Photo: @thepizzachap / Instagram

Thin Crust: To be clear, weâre not talking about bougie New York pizza here. The fight here refers to the $2-a-slice, hand-scorching, mozzarella-grease-laden pizza. Youâre damn right it looks disgusting and no, you will never get that grease stain out of your coat.

Taste and Consistency

Whatâs really under the hood? Photo: @catringsdoorbell / Instagram

Some like it scorched. Photo: @pizzeoli / Instagram


Grab-and-go! Photo: @five_star_dave / Instagram

One of the main reasons pizza exists is so Italian workers could have an easy to carry lunch, so weâd be remiss if we didnât consider these pizzasâ heft.

Winner: Thin Crust Pizza

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