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Chicago Electric Oscillating Multi Tool

Variable Speed Oscillating Multifunction Multi Power Tool Chicago Electric 68861

Harbor Freight Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool Unboxing Review by Chicago Electric 63113 63111

$71.62eBay Money Back Guarantee

Seller:caxow_usa99.7%, Location:Cary, North Carolina, US, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item:234255868986Variable Speed Oscillating Multifunction Multi Power Tool CHICAGO ELECTRIC 68861. Variable Speed Oscillating Multifunction Multi Power Tool CHICAGO ELECTRIC 68861. Condition:Used, Power Source:Corded Electric, Battery Included:No, Number of Pieces:1, Color:Multicolor, MPN:63113, MOTOR SPEED:10,000 – 20,000, POWER CORD LENGTH:6 foot length, Brand:Chicago Electric, AMPS:1.6, Type:Oscillating Multi Tool, VOLTS:120V~ , Voltage:120 V, ITEM NAME:VARIABLE SPD OSCILLATING MULTIFUNCTION POWER TOOL, Model:VARIABLE SPD OSCILLATING MULTIFUNCTION POWER TOOL, Features:Variable Speed, Country/Region of Manufacture:China, UPC:0792363688611 See More

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More Uses For Your Oscillating Multi

Still not convinced that an oscillating multi-tool is a must-have for your toolbox? Or were our 10 ideas not quite enough? Here are some of the other jobs that we’ve used our multi-tool for:

  • Cut back a baseboard
  • Setting hinges and door knob plates
  • Trim paintings
  • Make perfect notch cuts in a wooden shelf
  • Chop the end off nails
  • Cut out basic mitres in trim
  • Remove rotted wood
  • Open tough casing and packaging
  • Trim plastic piping to shape
  • Add a non-slip texture to concrete
  • Sand flush a baseboard or skirting

The only limits to what an oscillating multi-tool can do is your imagination. By getting to grips with these versatile tools, you can be the best do-it-yourself-er you can be. Inspired to begin a new project but don’t have an oscillating tool yet or know which multi-tool blade to use? Our handy Multi-Tool Buyers Guide is on hand with all the expert advice you need today.

Harbor Freight Oscillating Tool Review

  • Noise Level5.8
  • Value10.0

Even at $40, it’s hard to recommend the Chicago Electric oscillating multi-tool to anyone that needs to do more than make a couple of cuts on a very occasional basis.

For whatever reason, every time we run a shootout, someone will ask us why we dont include a Harbor Freight model. Its a little hard to tell if we have a legitimate Harbor Freight fanboy demographic out there, or if yall just like to troll us from time to time. In either case, those of you clamoring for us to include this budget brand in our testing will be pleased. Because we love you, and because were genuinely curious, we included the Harbor Freight oscillating tool in our Best Oscillating Tool Shootout.

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Chicago Electric Multi Tool Build Quality

Its no secret that the Harbor Freight version of the oscillating tool was destined to be generic but this may have taken the term to a new level. The reddish-orange body of the tool is very squared off and feels awkward in the hand. Its almost too big in terms of its girth, but stops just short of me calling it cumbersome. The power cord that comes with the tool is about 6 feet in length, making it one of the shortest weve seen in these tools and all but certain to make you utilize an extension cord on every job. An oversized orange slide-switch controls the power for the tool and it felt good under our thumb.

As we surveyed the silver flake painted die-cast aluminum housing surrounding the motor structure, we spied something inside we hadnt seen in the other tools white plastic or nylon. Ugh. Put plastic motor parts with a 90 day warranty and were pretty sure thats going to be a recipe for trouble. The tool itself runs at 11,000 opm and there is no adjustment for speed. Having no adjustment isnt such a big deal except that the tool operates at only half the speed where most other oscillating tools can go. Ordinarily that would mean slower cutting. Those looking for maximum speed may consider this to position this tool as a sanding device and make it less useful for serious cutting.

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Chicago Electric Power Tools Parts

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Cutting Out Openings In Drywall

This is an easy one, but honestly theres no better alternative than cutting drywall with an oscillating tool. Thats because youre sure of a perfect square cut thats simple and accurate.

To do this, first mark an outline onto the surface of the drywall and use a wood or metal plunge cut blade to chop straight through the surface. Dont forget to check for pipes and cables first!

This is the easiest way of installing power outlets, switches, light fittings or removing damaged patches of drywall. And don’t limit yourself to just the walls. An oscillating cutter is simple to use on the ceiling too. No matter how tricky your angle is, you’ll have no trouble making it with the right oscillating multi-tool blades.

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Harbor Freight Chicago Electric Oscillating Multi

If you buy something through our links, ToolGuyd might earn an affiliate commission.

Its no secret, Im somewhat wary of Harbor Freights Chicago Electric power tools. Personal misgivings aside, quite a few people have been telling me about their fondness of the Chicago Electric oscillating tools. Theres a fixed-speed version, and a variable speed multi-tool.

We approached this idea about cheap oscillating multi-tools when discussing the $35 Genesis multi-tool. In the end, commentors were on both sides of the fence, and readers emails since then were similarly divided.

While I believe that the major brands produce far superior offerings, I cannot help but agree that a cheap generic oscillating tool *may* be better than no multi-tool at all.

Chicago Electric Multi Tool Review

Harbor Freight | Chicago Electric Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool

Since the Fein MultiMaster patent expired, weve seen lots of copycat oscillating tools on the market. The Harbor Freight Multi-Function Power Tool by Chicago Electric is the cheapest one on the market and offers a bargain method of getting into the oscillation action without breaking the bank. In a stellar case of you get what you pay for, however, consumers shouldnât be surprised to find that this tool may not exactly satisfy as much as some of the competition does.

Chicago Electric Power Tools are only available from Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight has a reputation for supplying value-oriented tools at bargain basement prices. While primarily a mail order/catalogue company, Harbor Freight also has physical locations. One of them happens to be within 15 minutes of my home, which is why I decided to stop off and purchase their new Chicago Electric Power Tools Multi-Function Tool. Now that the Fein MultiMaster patent expired, there are lots of new oscillating tools. The Chicago Electric Multi tool is possibly the cheapest model. This oscillating multi-tool was on sale for just $39.99, making it the absolute cheapest multi-tool in existence. We wanted to give it a go and see if its low retail price translated into extreme value, or extreme bust. This was also one of the tools in our corded oscillating multi-tool shootout comparison.

Editors Note: Check out what we thought of the current cordless models in our best cordless oscillating multi-tools article.

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Trimming Wood And Floorboards

Trimming isnt a task thats limited to outdoors. There are hundreds of woodworking projects that you can use an oscillating tool for. Chopping out excess material from a frame, adjusting pieces of furniture or even altering stud walls these are all tasks that a versatile power multi-tool can complete with outstanding results.

With oscillating multi-tools, the focus is always on portability and ease of use. So, it can make trimming tasks easier than a standard jigsaw. Even better using battery-powered multi-tools such as the Ryobi ONE+ RMT1801M cordless multi-tool takes away the need to be near a power outlet or to trail cumbersome cables around behind you.

Removing Rust From Metals

Using a fine pad with a multi-tool sander means you can clean rust from almost all mistreated metalwork. You can use an oscillating tool, for example, to remove rust from old garden tools and restore them to their former glory. Or take the base of rust off an old garden gate, before repainting it for that professional finish.

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Plunge Cuts In Your Decking

Plunge cuts can be difficult, dangerous and almost impossible to get right with a standard power tool. A good multi-tool and the right blade like the Ryobi ONE+ RMT1801M-0 18V sanding and oscillating cutter tool makes the job much easier and safer.

This also includes those times when youre working on harder materials such as decking boards.

You could be looking to cut out holes for some clever under-step lighting, make cuts for support railings or simply tidy up the edges for that professional finish. The lightweight and easy-to-use nature of these multi-function tools makes them ideal for use outside and in tighter areas.

Chicago Electric Multi Tool Accessories

Chicago Electric Oscillating Multi

The accessories that come with the tool are a 3 triangular sanding pad, slitting half-moon blade, plunge cut blade and a flat scraper blade. They are fully compatible with the Bosch OIS oscillating tool interface system. The included blades with this kit all looked generic but certainly usable. Harbor Freight makes no advertisement that any of the blades can cut metal, and indeed we found them to be better suited for wood . You can purchase a replacement blade that also comes with two additional scrapers for just $5.99. A circular diamond blade is just $5.99 as well and will allow for cutting of smaller ceramic tile. Additional half-moon slitting blades are also just $5.99. An assortment pack of 6 sanding pads costs just $2.99. Suffice it to say, the accessories for this tool are as inexpensive as the tool itself. There is no option for a dust collection attachment.

The worse news is that the accessories tend to slip. In fact, on our first use, after cranking down the nut and washer with the included hex wrench, the wood blade still bent around during use. After we tightened it a second time it actually came completely loose. Turns out you have to really, REALLY crank down on it in order to secure the accessory.

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Chicago Electric Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool Review

I love going to Harbor Freight.

Yes, yes, I knowmany if not most of their tools are imported from Taiwan and China, and their quality varies pretty widely from one tool to the next.

And yes, I know that they brand their power tools with the Chicago Electric name, as if they were made in Americas industrial heartland just down the broad-shouldered boulevard from the stockyards and the factories. If the label said Taipei or Shenjen Electric, itd be lots more believable.

But you can find great deals there!

Even more importantly, some Harbor Freight toolsnot all, but someturn out to be truly excellent performers, far better than their typically bargain-basement pricing would initially indicate. One of the things I love about HF, their website, offers an enormous amount of good information about their tools, including a very robust customer review section, where you can check out the positive and negative experiences of dozens of people whove bought and used the tool.

This particular toolChicago Electric’s 68861 Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool, they call ithas some good points and some drawbacks. Depending on your usage, this could be one of your favorite power tools, and definitely one of the least expensive.

I mean, what can you get for $19.95? You and a buddy can hit Mickey Ds for lunch, maybe, if youre not too hungry. Other than that, you cant get much. It actually costs more from !


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Review 67256 Chicago Electric Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool

Multi-function power tool includes 4 attachments single speed: oscillates at 19, 000 strokes per minute die cast aluminum gear housing sealed bearings for long life 120 volts, 60 Hz, 1. A multi-use tool like this is perfect for re model ing and repair jobs, as well hobbies, tile, car repairs, even scraping freshly painted windows or old floor coverings. The multi-tool cuts through cable, air ducts, downspouts, plasterboard and pipes, sands down cement, concrete, stone, plaster, tile adhesive, paint wood. Even saws through wood up to thick.

CHICAGO electric oscillating multifunction power tool new in box this easily affordable multi-function from works at 19, 000 oscillations per minute to put some real into the tough jobs, and its easy switch attachments depending on task hand. Power cord overall dimensions: 9 l x 3 with thank you for looking. 6 amps, 1/4 horsepower ft.

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