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Chicago Furnished Short Term Apartments

Find Chicago Furnished Apartments

Short-term furnished Streeterville apartments at The Streeter

Move right into these furnished apartments for rent! There is no need to lug a bunch of furniture when you go for these furnished apartments or condos in Chicago and the suburbs. Sort this list by price, square footage, or look for a place with the furnishings to match your designers eye. Apartment renters moving to Chicago who doesnt want to commit to a long-term lease agreement can frequently find a furnished apartment, take stock of the citys shopping and transportation layout, and move to a new place whenever the time is right. But these furnished places are an intelligent alternative during the interim.

Browse furnished apartments for rent with Domus apartment finder.

How Much Are Furnished Apartments For Rent In Chicago

Many Chicago furnished apartments are clustered around the central neighborhoods surrounding downtown Chicago and the Loop, such as River North, West Loop, South Loop, and River West. Furnished apartments can vary by price depending on proximity to the loop, quality of the furnishings, and lease length. The longer the lease, the more flexible a landlord of a furnished apartment might be on rent price.

Furnished Sublets In Chicago

If youre thinking of moving to the City of the Big Shoulders, youll be in illustrious company. Famous sons and daughters of Chi-town include Kanye West, Common, Robin Williams, Michelle Obama, Harrison Ford and Hillary Clinton.

Apartments for rent in Chicago are surprisingly affordable. Despite being the third-largest city in the country, Chicagos rental market is the thirteenth most expensive. Until last year, it was in the top ten, meaning prices are steadily falling. As things stand, the average monthly rental price for Chicago apartments is around $1,000.

For the best selection of Chicago apartments for rent, look no further than Nestpick. Once youre settled in your sweet home Chicago, the only thing youll to worry about is the Midwestern winter! On Nestpick you can also search prices for rooms for rent in Chicago, studio apartments and Student Accommodation in Chicago

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What Are Corporate Apartments

A corporate apartment, or corporate housing, is a short-term rental designed for business travelers, independent contractors, college students, and persons on long-term vacations, among others. Theyre a temporary housing option that gives people the opportunity to rent a fully furnished apartment for a short time.

Corporate housing companies typically offer flexible, short-term leases for prospective tenants. This means you wont be tied down to a long-term lease, especially if youre going to be living in an area for only a few weeks or months. These units are fully furnished apartments, so you wont have to purchase or rent furniture for the space. Additionally, utility costs are often included in the monthly rent cost.

What Are The Differences Between Corporate And Furnished Apartments

VIP Corporate Housing

Corporate housing and furnished apartments are similar in a lot of ways, but they do have slight differences. They both come fully furnished with common household items like beds, couches, and dining utensils, just to name a few. They also offer short-term lease options, ranging anywhere from weeks to months.

However, furnished apartments come in many variations fully furnished, furnished, and partially furnished, which signifies how much the apartment is furnished. Corporate housing has all the things you would need for your short-term housing option. A furnished apartment may also offer you the option for a longer lease, typically longer than two to three months, unlike corporate housing, which is meant for shorter-term stays.

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Pros Of Corporate Apartments

Flexible: Corporate housing is more flexible than traditional apartments, offering short-term leases ranging from day-to-day, weekly, to monthly. If youre only going to be in an area for two weeks, this can be a great choice.

More cost-effective: Compared to long-term vacation rentals, extended stay hotels, or renting an apartment for longer than you need to stay, corporate apartments can be a more cost-effective decision. And if youre moving to an area or in-between residences, you dont have to factor in moving costs, purchasing furniture, and more.

Move-in ready: No matter your situation, you wont have to worry about furnishing one of these apartments. Youll have all the comforts of home, from a full kitchen to a furnished bedroom and living area.

Centrally located: Many corporate apartment communities are located in the city center, business districts, or popular neighborhoods. This can be especially nice if youre renting an apartment for work-related travel or just checking out a city before deciding to relocate.

What Are The Best Options For Student Housing In Chicago

Bluegrounds student accommodation options allow you to join an off-campus community of scholars in great locations. Whether youre looking for a one-bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom apartment ideal for roommates, our furnished rentals in Chicago are close to top local schools, such as the University of Chicago, DePaul University, and Northwestern University.

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Studio Apartments In Chicago

Living in one of the USA’s largest and most prominent cities can be expensive, and you certainly want to enjoy where you live and not be forced to sit inside all day. As such, the cities studio market is booming right now, with plenty of younger people especially foregoing a large home to save money and spend it on experiences rather than a costly wage bill. Studios also come in a range of designs and styles with the perfect one just waiting for you.

Looking For Short Term Apartments In Chicago Il

Furnished short-term apartments in River North at Hubbard Place

It’s nice to have options, which is why short term apartments for rent in Chicago, IL can be great. Right now,there are1,128 short termapartments available in Chicago, IL.

If youre not sure what constitutes a short term rental, we can help. A short term apartment rental is a unit that is available to rent for less than one year. A few examples of short term rental properties are: Month to month rental apartments, 3 month lease apartments, 6 month apartment rentals, weekly apartment rentals, etcetera. Each unit is different and apartment buildings often vary in lease length offered. For that reason, we recommend you view each unit listed above to understand the terms of the short term lease, its availability, and to get a full description of the apartment.

Many short term renters desire furnished short term apartments. The price of weekly apartment rentals in Chicago, IL changes often. We recommend viewing each unit to check the availability and pricing details of each apartment.

Discover the most affordable neighborhoods in Chicago

The most affordable Neighborhoods in ChicagoareSouth Shorewhere the average rent can go for $1,000/month,Woodlawn, where the average rent can go for $1,200/month,andRogers Park, where the average rent can go for $1,200/month.

Discover the most expensive neighborhoods in Chicago

Discover the most popular neighborhoods in Chicago

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Chicago Apartments For Rent

This giant of the American Midwest needs little introduction. Nestled on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois, this city of 2.7 million people is nothing short of a cultural behemoth. As a major center for the visual arts, novels, film and theater, Chicagoland continues to attract over 54 million visitors a year. And who could forget its influence on music? With an elite legacy spanning genres such as blues, soul, hip hop, gospel, house music and all that jazz, Chicago is internationally renowned as a mecca for music lovers.

The citys air transport hub, OHare International Airport, is the second busiest in the world when measured by aircraft movements. And with such great employment opportunities, its hardly surprising that people flock here. With one of the largest and most diversified economies on Earth, no industry employs more than 14% of the citys workforce. Its little wonder that Chicago was ranked seventh in the world in the 2016 Global Cities Index.

Furnished Apartments In Downtown Chicago

Premier Luxury Suites has furnished apartments in downtown Chicago that exceed your expectations. Our furnished apartments come with a unique style based on property and location. Downtown locations will receive weekly maid service. This includes maid service for our condos, short term rentals, long term rentals and executive suites. All of our downtown apartment properties are located close to awesome Chicagoland attractions, such as great places to dine, theatres, museums and historical attractions. It does not matter whether you are traveling for business, luxury or vacation purposes, Premier Luxury Suites has Chicago housing accommodations to meet your needs.

Our furnished apartments in downtown Chicago are stunning and charming to say the least. You can view photos on this website that contain custom furniture packages for specific locations. Feel free to speak to one of our friendly Premier Luxury Suites experts regarding any type of particular furniture you would like to have within your urban apartment setting. Our company has both city properties and suburban properties. You can view urban locations, such as One East Delaware, Aqua, The Shoreham, Arkadia Towers and other fantastic city-based properties. Some suburb choices include One Arlington, Woodview, Northshore 770 and Northgate Crossing. Different styles and themes are associated with various property selections.

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Cons Of Corporate Apartments

Apartments of all kinds have their downsides, even short-term rentals. So lets look at some of the cons of corporate housing options.

More expensive: Because these apartments are fully furnished and have all the amenities, theyre probably going to be more expensive than standard apartments. However, if youre looking for short-term rentals that arent extended-stay hotels, then this probably isnt too much of a negative.

Options for short-term leases: Depending on your reason for staying in corporate housing, this may not be an issue. However, if you are unsure how long youre going to be in a city or if you need to extend your lease, this may not be an option. Chances are, another tenant is leasing the unit after you move out. These units are seen as temporary housing, so you may not be able to extend your lease if you have to stay longer.

Recurring moving costs: If you move around a lot, or are testing out renting in different city neighborhoods, renting corporate apartments, or even fully furnished apartments, the costs can add up quickly.

Signing a lease sight-unseen: In most cases, youll be signing your lease sight-unseen so that the unit is yours before you arrive at your destination. While similar to booking a hotel room, you may only have an idea of what the space looks like from online photos, 3d tours, or possibly a video tour with the leasing agent or landlord. Make sure you ask questions to avoid potentialrental scams before signing the lease.

How To Find Corporate Housing In Your Area

VIP Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is pretty easy to find, much like looking for a furnished apartment. And Redfin can help you find one. Heres how.

1. Go to Redfin.com and click Rent. Youll type into the Search Bar either the citys name or the zip code where youd like to begin looking for a corporate apartment. Press enter.

2. Near the top of the next page, on the right side, you will see All filters. Click on that.

3. Scroll to the bottom section that says Amenities. Select Furnished and then select Short Term. Press See all homes. Thats it. All the apartments meeting basic corporate housing criteria will show up and you can begin your search.

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Furnished & Serviced Apartments Chicago

For working expats and professionals who are in town for a short business trip, apartment hotels and serviced apartments in Chicago provide all the flexibility you need. Apartment hotels in Chicago typically come equipped with hotel-like amenities such as room service, maid service and WiFi – providing a comfortable, hassle-free stay in the city.

Whether you are travelling alone or with family, these furnished apartments in Chicago will allow you to settle in the Windy City with ease – giving you plenty of time to get on with your work without having to worry about locating certain facilities or taking care of your apartment.

Can I Book A Monthly Rental In Chicago As A Foreigner

You can easily rent with Blueground as a foreigner. With contact-free viewings, 3D, and virtual tours, you can explore your next home in Chicago before your arrival. Once you select it, simply rent your apartment in Chicago, provide the necessary documentation, and complete the online paperwork to confirm your stay. All our rentals come free of a brokers fee charge.

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What Is Included In A Furnished Apartment In Chicago

Furnished apartments for rent will typically come with large furniture pieces, such as a sofa, mattress, bed frame, dining table, and chairs. Sometimes there are furnished rentals with dishes, cooking utensils, and cleaning supplies. Renters may even find furnished apartments with TVs and high-speed Internet ready to go — its the definition of hassle-free renting. Furnished rentals are not the same as hotels or short-term corporate housing. Renting an apartment with furnishings already in it and utilities hooked up is a time-saving measure for renters who need a place to get situated and be comfortable. The lease may be available for renewal after weeks or last up to a year. That will depend on the type of lease agreement your Chicago landlord wants to sign. Another option is to explore co-living apartments in Chicago where the living space is shared, and private bedrooms provide a great affordable alternative.

The Furnished Rental Apartment Expert

A furnished short-term West Loop alcove studio at the new Porte
Fully Furnished Apartments

NJ Furnished Apartments offers short-term rentals that are fully furnished. We understand that things can be stressful when staying away from home. At NJ Furnished Apartments, we want your stay to be enjoyable and relaxing. Our beautiful apartments are clean and comfortable. From fully-appointed kitchens to backyards to relax in, we offer all of the conveniences of home.

Our apartments are fully furnished and come with appliances, kitchenware, bed and bath linens, cable TV, internet access, washer/dryer and private or street parking.

When you rent a furnished apartment from us, be assured that you will have the entire apartment to yourself. Although some apartments are in the same building, there are no shared entrances.

Please take a look at our Accommodations page for photos, descriptions, rates and availability. Check to see video walk-throughs for a more realistic experience!

Will you be staying for over 90 consecutive days? If so, contact us. Well get you started right away and you will not be subject to sales taxes or occupancy fees.

Who is NJ Furnished Apartments for?

Long-term stays are not subject to NJ sales taxes or occupancy fees.

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Where To Find Short Term Furnished Rentals In Chicago

There are a large number of online resources for people seeking short-term apartment rentals in the Windy City weve picked out some of the best.

For those seeking short term weekly rentals or monthly rentals, short stay apartments provide all the benefits of a long lease but at significantly cheaper rates. Typically located in city destinations, these apartments are often furnished and come with amenities such as kitchens and living spaces. With Airbnb dominating the short term market online, it can be difficult to find alternatives, but weve done some research and selected some of the best companies offering short-term furnished rentals in Chicago.

How Do I Find Short

Short-term furnished rentals in Chicago are available among the apartment listings. Furnished short term rentals are a common leasing option among Chicago’s co-living communities, wherein renters lease their rooms . Still, the common spaces are shared among other renters. The common spaces in co-living communities almost always come fully furnished. Some co-living communities even come fully stocked with cleaning supplies or cleaning services. Looking for more options, trying exploring coliving apartments as these provide short term, furnished apartments.

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What’s The Difference Between Short Term Rental And A Sublease In Chicago

Short term lease apartments in Chicago are different from subleases. In simplified terms, a sublease means that the original tenant, for whatever reason, cannot occupy the place they’re currently renting, and they seek out a subletter who can take over the remainder of the lease term. At the end of the sublease, the subletter may have the option to renew the lease for a full term, or they may not. A short-term lease is usually intended to be rented by the same person for the duration of the lease — it’s just that the lease term is shorter than most standard 12-month leases.

Chicago Apartments By District


Chi-town has a lot of unique neighborhoods scattered throughout the 77 community areas of the city, all of which have their own distinct flavor. From West Ridge to Woodlawn and everywhere in between – Chicago is packed with surprises.

Although the city offers a wide range of housing options, apartment hunting can often be quite daunting if youre unfamiliar with Chicagos neighborhoods and house prices. Not sure where to begin? Well weve handily created a brief list of the city’s best areas for expats and new arrivals.

Once youve become more acquainted with the city, Nestpicks simple search option will allow you to filter your search to look for furnished accommodation in areas that suit your lifestyle down to a tee.

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Reasons To Rent A Corporate Apartment

Besides the obvious business travelers, there are many other people who may benefit from a corporate housing option. For example, if youre a college intern staying in Seattle, WA, for the summer, this can be a great option to consider rather than subleasing a unit or renting an unfurnished apartment. If youre new to a city and deciding where you want to live, are in between selling your home and buying a new place, or have been displaced by a natural disaster, this temporary housing option may be a good option.

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