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Chicago Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights

Chicago Lawyer’s Committee For Civil Rights

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Since 2015, Bonnie Allen has served as Executive Director/CEO of Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, a non-profit civil rights legal organization that advances racial equity and economic opportunity for all. Bonnie has 25 years of national and regional experience in public interest law, including serving as Director of the American Bar Associations Center for Pro Bono, Executive Director of the Center for Law and Renewal at the Fetzer Institute, and Development Director at the Mississippi Center for Justice.

More recently, Bonnie was appointed by Chicago Mayor Emanuel to serve on the Search Committee for the Chief Administrator of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, and she was appointed by Mayor Lightfoot to serve on the Advisory Committee for the Mayors February 2020 Poverty Summit. She is a proud member of The Chicago Network.

Fall And Spring Legal Internships

Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights is currently seeking Legal Interns , Legal Externs , and Legal Fellows for a semester position. These positions are unpaid, but funding might be available through schools, work study programs, and other sources.

Our core impact areas include education equity, equitable community development and housing, and voting rights, and we also provide transactional assistance to mission-aligned nonprofits and small businesses in historically disinvested communities of color. Please browse our website and visit us on and to learn more about our work.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to . In a cover letter, applicants should specify their interest in providing support for either Litigation and Policy Advocacy, and specifically in one or more of our core impact areas or Transactional Assistance to nonprofits and small businesses.

Parker And Pierce V New Jerusalem Christian Development Corp

Ms. Parker and Ms. Pierce were participants in the Chicago Housing Authority‘s “Choose to Own” program, which allows qualified families to use their Housing Choice Vouchers for mortgage payments on homes instead of rent. Housing developer New Jerusalem agreed to sell new homes to both women, but subsequently refused to finalize the sales when it learned that part of their mortgage payments would come from the City of Chicago subsidies. Specifically, New Jerusalem refused to sign the necessary CHA documents, knowing that without it, the sales could not be completed.

In February 2011, the Chicago Commission on Human Relations found that New Jerusalem violated the Chicago Fair Housing Ordinance by discriminating against Ms. Parker and Ms. Pierce based on their source of income. According to the Chicago’s Fair Housing Ordinance, denial of housing based on source of income is illegal discrimination.

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Buying Selling & Leasing Can Support Civil Rights Justice

Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights is a community of civil rights lawyers and advocates dedicated to realizing the vision of leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. As a member of Investing In Communities®, CLCCR can receive funding from the real estate transactions of its supporters, at no cost to the supporter or to CLCCR. Already $6,560 has been raised. As more supporters use this platform, at no cost to them, CLCCR will have more funds to stand up for oppressed minorities, the LGBTQ community, women, marginalized religious groups, immigrants, and people with disabilities, among others.

The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law began in 1963 when President Kennedy assembled 250 lawyers at The White House to encourage them to use their expertise to promote Civil Rights in court. Today, Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law continues this mission with programs including the Community Law Project, the Education Equity Project, the Hate Crime Project, the Housing Opportunity Project, the Police Accountability Project, the Settlement Assistance Program, and the Voting Rights Project.

Chicago Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights Under Law Inc

Chicago Lawyers

The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Inc. is the public interest law consortium of Chicago’s leading law firms. The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee was established in 1969 by a group of local attorneys to provide quality legal counsel to those clients whose civil rights cases and projects would benefit the community at large. The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee is the only full service legal civil rights organization in the Chicagoland area. We maintain a focus in a broad range of civil rights and economic justice matters including: hate crime prevention and response employment discrimination litigation affordable housing development efforts fair housing complaints and fair mortgage-lending advocacy and litigation equality in educational opportunities voting rights and support for a broad range of economic development activity in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.Since 1985 the Chicago Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Inc. has provided pro bono legal services to non-profit organization

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Chicago Lawyers’ Committee For Civil Rights Under Law

Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law


The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights is a consortium of American law firms in Chicago that provides legal services in civil rights cases

The Committee focuses on seven major projects: the Education Equity Project, the Community Law Project, the Housing Opportunity Project, the Hate Crimes Project, Voting Rights Project, Police Accountability Project and Settlement Assistance Program.

The Committee has recently worked to promote and protect civil rights in the Chicago metropolitan area through education, healthcare delivery, the environment, and voting rights.

Chicago Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights Under Law

To support Chicago Lawyers Committees work on the evaluation of the Automatic Voter Registration implementation process in Illinois and allow the Lawyers Committee to expand state and local stakeholder awareness of the best practices and challenges associated with the implementation.

Democracy Fund champions the leaders who defend democracy and who challenge our political system to be more open and just.

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Buying Or Selling A Home Can Help Promote Civil Rights

At no cost to themselves, Anyone who cares about civil rights can turn virtually any brokered real estate transaction into funding for Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights. For example, the purchase or sale of a $300,000 home can result in about $1,300 of free funding. Support their mission by using IICs free platform to make arrangements with an agent you already have in mind. Or use IIC to find and choose among real estate agents that are appropriate for the specifics of your residential or commercial real estate needs. Ready to start?

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Illinois Redistricting Plan Undermines The Rights Of Black Voters In East St Louis

Marching Onward to Equity

by Lacy Crawford, Jr | Oct 15, 2021 | Press Releases

CHICAGO The Illinois legislatures S.B. 927 redistricting plan, creates unconstitutional racially gerrymandered districts for the Illinois House of Representatives, according to a federal lawsuit filed Friday by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and pro-bono counsel Cooley LLP. The challenged redistricting plan breaks up the geographically compact and politically cohesive Black community of East St. Louis.

The civil rights groups are filing the lawsuit on behalf of the East St. Louis Branch NAACP, the Illinois State Conference of the NAACP, and the United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations against the Illinois State Board of Elections and its members, along with Speaker of the House, Christopher Welch, and President of the Senate, Don Harmon. The complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division.

It is unconscionable that in 2021 underhanded tactics are being used in a blatant effort to undermine and disenfranchise the Black electorate, said Derrick Johnson, president and CEO, NAACP. It is not only lawless, but it is also immoral. At no point should politicians ever try to pick their voters.

Read the lawsuit here.

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Fighting For Your Rights

Give today to support racial justice, election protection, combat hate, and preserve hard won freedoms for all.

With your support the Lawyers Committee will advance racial justice, strengthen our democracy, and seek to end racial discrimination by ensuring that Black people and other people of color have equal voice, standing, and power. We leverage legal strategies in the courts and engage and empower communities to fight for and promote racial justice and equity.

Now through December 31st, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000.

If you need assistance making your donation, please contact our Development team at If you would prefer to make a donation via check or third party, please click here for those instructions. You can find a copy of our Privacy Policy here.

GuideStar Seal of Transparency

We want you to support the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law with confidence. As a 501 nonprofit organization, we are proud of the way we manage our resources.Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Our tax ID is 52-0799246.

1500 K Street NW Suite 900Washington, DC20005

The Fair Housing Project

Tge Committee’s Fair Housing Project is to help eliminate housing discrimination based on race, national origin, familial status, physical and mental disability, sexual orientation, source of income, religion, gender, and other bases.

Staff and volunteers with the Fair Housing Project:

  • educate tenants, homeowners, landlords, and others about their rights and duties under fair housing and fair lending laws,
  • advocate for laws and public policies,
  • conduct intake, referral, and investigation of housing discrimination complaints, and
  • provide legal representation to individuals and groups in asserting and enforcing their fair housing rights and securing equal housing opportunities.

The Committee is part of an area-wide network called CAFHA , which works to combat housing discrimination and promote integrated communities of opportunity through research, education, and advocacy.

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Collateral Consequences Resource Center

A bipartisan group of civil rights, advocacy, and business organizations, including CCRC, are calling on Congress to take immediate action to remove barriers based on arrest or conviction history for small business owners seeking COVID-19 federal relief. This is an issue we have been covering in depth in recentposts. This call to actionavailable in PDFand reprinted belowis issued by the following organizations :

American Civil Liberties UnionChicago Lawyers Committee for Civil RightsCollateral Consequences Resource CenterCommunity Legal Services of Philadelphia#cut50

Mcfadden V Board Of Education For Illinois School Districts

MBG Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Chicago Lawyers ...

In McFadden v. Board of Education for Illinois School District– a case involving educational inequities in the school district that includes Elgin, Illinois– federal District Court Judge Robert Gettleman issued a decision on July 11, 2013 holding that the school district has discriminated against Hispanic students in the operation of the district’s gifted program. Over 40% of the students in the school district are Hispanic, but in recent years only 2% of the students in the district’s elementary school gifted program have been Hispanic. This is in large part because the school district operates a separate program for gifted Hispanic students who learned English as a second language. Those students know English and are ready to participate in English-language classrooms and have been tested and found to be gifted, but are excluded from the mainstream gifted program.

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Chicago Lawyers’ Committee For Civil Rights Under Law Inc

  • 630-9744
  • Cases must raise substantial questions involving civil rightsor the inclusion of people of color or poor people into the social, political and economicsystems of the United States.

All content contained on lawinfopedia.com including, but not limited to, images, text, graphics, and information are for general informational purposes only. The information displayed on this site is not intended or implied to replace professional legal or financial help. Neither professional legal service nor direct legal advice is provided on this site. Lawinfopedia.com should only be used as a resource for legal issue-related information, but not a substitute for professional lawyers or legal organizaitons.

Judge David Tatel Honored By Chicago Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights

At its 50th Anniversary Gala on October 24, the Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights granted its Legal Champion Award to Judge David S. Tatel. Here we will review the Gala Co-Chairs introduction of the Judge, the latters response and the Judges recent opinion for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upholding a House of Representatives committees subpoena to an accounting firm for certain financial records of Donald Trump and some of his companies. This post will conclude with some personal remarks by this blogger.

Co-Chairs Introduction of Judge Tatel

Nate Eimer, a Chicago attorney and Co-Chair of the Gala, introduced the Judge with these remarks, Fifty years ago, a brilliant, dedicated, courageous University of Chicago of Law graduate working as an associate at Sidley & Austin decided to leave the firm and join the newly formed Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law as its founding Executive Director.

his life of dedicated service to the cause of civil rights immediately upon his arrival at Sidley doing pro bono work for the Chicago Urban League. his first year as Executive Director of the Lawyers Committee Tatel initiated almost 50 projects to advance civil rights in the areas of education, housing, community economic development, employment, and police accountability.

Judge Tatels Acceptance Speech

Judge Tatels Opinion in Trump v. Mazars USA LLP


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Chicago Lawyers Committee Is A Civil Rights Organization Working To Secure Racial Equity And Economic Opportunity For All We Offer Assistance In The Areas Of Community Law Education Equity Hate Crime Housing Discrimination And Voting Rights

To request legal assistance for a nonprofit, small business, social enterprise, or representation for a community coalition, visit our Inquiry Page, or email .

To request legal assistance with a housing discrimination, school discipline or other related education equity issue, or a hate crime, please call the CARPLS Legal Aid Hotline at 312-738-9200. Individuals with housing discrimination issues should also view the Housing Opportunity Projects intake clinic schedule here.

To request legal assistance with a voting rights matter, please call our office at 312-630-9744.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot accommodate walk-in intakes.

Didnt see your legal problem listed above? Chicago Lawyers Committee cannot help with the following court cases or disputes: bankruptcy, criminal cases, evictions, employment and workers compensation cases for individuals, divorces, custody, and probate. To request legal help for these matters, please call CARPLS at 312-738-9200, LAF at 312-341-1070, or CVLS at 312-332-1624.

Chicago Lawyers Committee cannot offer legal guidance unless the organization has accepted your case.

Due To Unusually High Volume Of Requests We Are Experiencing Delays And It May Take Longer To Receive A Response

Advocacy By The Book: Ins and Outs of Fiscal Sponsorship

Nonprofits, small businesses, and social enterprises can complete the form below to request non-litigation pro bono legal services, including:

COVID-19 Remote Brief Advice Clinic: Existing small businesses and nonprofits who are eligible, in operations prior to 2/15/20, and have suffered adversely from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis can request an appointment to receive free legal advice during a 30-minute remote consultation with a volunteer attorney using this form. Typical consultations cover early termination of a commercial lease or other contract, inability to meet contract terms due to the economic impact of the pandemic on a small business or nonprofits operations, and employer concerns.Employer Hotline: If you manage any employees at a small business or a nonprofit, employment law questions are inevitable. Must you offer benefits? Is the worker you plan to hire properly classified as an independent contractor? Do you need workers comp? What about unemployment insurance? Attorneys from the law firm of Seyfarth Shaw LLP are available for free 30-minute phone consultations with eligible nonprofit and small business employers on employment law issues.

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