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Chicago Moves Gas Cards Application

City Council Approves Mayor Lightfoot’s Gas And Transit Card Program

Prepaid gas, CTA cards will be available to some Chicagoans pending City Council approval

CHICAGO — The City Council on Wednesday narrowly approved Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s $12.5 million plan to give out prepaid gas cards and transit cards to thousands of Chicagoans.

The council voted 26-23 to approve the mayor’s “Chicago Moves” program, which would provide 50,000 prepaid $150 gas cards, and 100,000 transit cards that could be used to cover $50 worth of CTA fares.

Many aldermen who supported the program said they’ve already been flooded with calls from people who live in their wards asking how they can apply for one of the cards.

“I stand in support of this,” said Ald. David Moore . “Had to listen to my residents on this, and they’re saying they need something now because they are hurting right now.”

“My office has been flooded with calls from our constituents with a need for us to help them trying to apply for these cards. So I think that this is a home run for many, many constituents,” said Ald. Roberto Maldonado .

However, many aldermen argued the city would be better off spending the $12.5 million on other matters, particularly public safety.

Ald. Anthony Beale said the city should instead be focused on addressing violent crime, especially carjackings and shootings.

Lightfoot shrugged said criticisms that the gas card and transit card plan is a political gimmick were “nonsense.”

Reilly said he wished the $12.5 million would instead be spent on improving safety on the CTA.

Watch: Mayor Lightfoot Announces Transportation Program

According to AAA, Americans are spending roughly $70 every time they fill their tank.

The mayor said residents have made it clear to her that they’re feeling that pinch.

With the help of supporters, like Fifth Third Bank, the plan aims to provide $12.5 million in relief funds in the form of pre-paid gas cards and public transit cards.

“It will benefit CTA riders across the city, especially south and west sides,” said CTA President Dorval Carter.

“So by subsidizing the cost of gas and transit, we’re helping residents get to work school, the grocery store or the medical office or wherever they need to get to, enabling physical mobility directly ties into economic mobility,” Lightfoot said.

However, drivers in Chicago pay $.53 per gallon in taxes when you add up city, county and state taxes.

The City of Chicago relief effort follows gas giveaways by businessman Willie Wilson.

It also follows week’s decision to table the mayor’s initial plan to roll back the $0.03 per-gallon increase. The City Council’s Finance Committee was supposed to take up the mayor’s plan this past Monday, but that was abruptly canceled.

“There might be some political undertones and opinions to it,” said motorist, Sam Amoah.

Alderman Howard Brookins, who chairs the city council’s transportation committee, thinks the giveaway is the best way to help people.

“If you get 20 gallons of gas, the city will save you $.60,” he said. “People would think that was a big gimmick.”

Find Out If You’re Eligible

You’re eligible to apply for the lottery if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You’re a Chicago resident
  • You’re at least 18 years of age
  • Your household income is at or below 100% of the area median income for Chicago

If you’re applying for the gas card lottery, you must also have a current and valid city sticker with the correct mailing information for your vehicle.

Are you wondering if you meet the income qualifications? The total household income for a two-person household must not exceed $74,600. You can find additional income requirement information at Chicago.Gov/ChicagoMoves.

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Gas Cards Deadline: Last Day To Apply For Your $150 Gas Card

The lottery will take place in the second week of the month

The city of Chicago in the United States has introduced a program to help citizens cope with the rising cost of gas by helping low-income residents with pre-paid gas cards and transit cards.

The Chicago Moves program is giving out 50,000 gas cards for free, with these worth 150 dollars each, while there will be 100,000 residents who can get a pre-paid transit card worth 50 dollars.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot was able to get the green light for the scheme at the second time of asking after the Chicago City Council turned down her first proposal, so this 12.5 million dollar program will provide transportation relief for many in the city.

Eligible Chicago citizens will be able to use the gas cards at stations within the City of Chicago, whereas the transit cards will be able to at Ventra vending machines in CTA stations, Ventra retail locations or digitally on the Ventra website or mobile app.

Lower-income communities will receive 75 percent of these cards, and the remaining 25 percent will go across the rest of the city.

The application process for the Chicago Moves program began on April 27, and there will be a lottery process to determine who receives the cards between May and September.

What Is Chicago Moves Gas Card

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All city residents can enter a lottery for a chance to win a prepaid card worth $150 for gas or $50 for Ventra. And while applying, you must decide whether you are entering for a gas card or a Ventra transit card. The city will provide up to 50,000 gas cards and 100,000 Ventra cards.

Entering the gas card lottery must be a Chicago motorist, 18 years of age or older, valid city sticker and a maximum household income of 100% of the areas median income $93,200 for a family of four.

Ventra lottery entrants do not have to be a motorist or have a city sticker, but they must be 18 years of age or older and a Chicago City resident who meets the income requirement.

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Free Gas And Transit Cards: Chicago Moves Card Application Still Open

If you want a chance to receive a free $150 gas card or a $50 public transit card, you still have time to apply for the Chicago Moves Card program.

In , Mayor Lightfoot’s office announced that the program, Chicago Moves, will help residents navigate as gas prices continue to increase. According to AAA, Illinois residents’ pockets are hurting the most during inflation, paying $4.46 a gallon for gas compared to the national average of $4.23, which has since gone up from what was reported.

Applications opened at the end of April, but many residents aren’t aware that they can still apply until September.

Eligibility for gas cards is based on several factors: applicants must be Chicago residents, at least 18 years old, have a current or valid City sticker, and have a household income at or below the city’s medium income. The cards will be passed out through a lottery system that Chicago has been using for a lot of their giveaways.

Transit cards will be given out based on geographic data, with low-income residents being prioritized since those residents use Chicago Public Transportation the most. Below are answers to some questions you might have?

Can I receive both a gas and transit card?

No, according to sources, there’s only one card per person selected, and you have to pick one on the application.

Is this only for Chicago residents?

Unfortunately, yes.

What’s the catch?

How do I apply?

To Be Eligible For The Gas Cards Applicants Must:

– Be residents of Chicago

– Be at least 18 years old

– Have a current and valid City sticker with correct mailing information for their vehicle

– Have a household income at or below 140% of the Area Median Income for Chicago

In addition to the physical prepaid cards, the city will also distribute or add value to 100,000 cards for use on public transit in the amount of $50 each. Of these 100,000 transit cards, 75,000 will be distributed based on geographic data, prioritizing high CTA-utilizing residents in low-income neighborhoods. An additional 25,000 transit cards will be distributed citywide.

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What Is Chicago Moves

Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago Moves plan is a financial assistance program aimed at providing financial relief for Chicago residents struggling with transportation expenses.

It’s using $12.5million to help low-income residents through the gas and transit cards.

The mayor said it will make Chicago the first and largest major city in the country to do so.

How The Lottery Will Work

Mayor Lightfoot’s gas card program approved, but some aldermen call it a gimmick

Winners will be selected the second week of each month from May through September and will be notified by email.

To be considered for the monthly drawing, you must apply by the first day of that month. Applicants who aren’t selected will automatically be entered into future monthly drawings. For that reason, it’s best to apply sooner rather than later.

Cards will be distributed each month by mail or can be picked up in person at City Hall. When you complete an application, you can choose your preferred delivery method.

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How To Get Chicago Gas Card

On the first day of every month, one needs to submit the lottery application. If you have already submitted it in the first month it will move to the next month automatically.

Once the lottery draw is pulled, all chosen names will be sent a transit card to the vehicles city sticker number.

The gas card will go to the current address mentioned in the file with your initial application.

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The transit cards may be used to purchase fare at Ventra vending machines in CTA stations, Ventra retail locations or digitally on the Ventra website or mobile app.

The gas cards are limited to stations within the City of Chicago.

Around 75% of these cards will prioritize residents in lower-income communities while the remaining 25% of cards will be given citywide in equal amounts to each ward.

Applications for Chicago Moves opened on April 27, and cards will be distributed each month from May through September.

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How Do I Apply

Applications are now being accepted online at chicago.gov/ChicagoMoves. You can also apply in person at a branch of the Chicago Public Library or mail a PDF version of the application to: ATTN: Dept. of Finance: Chicago Moves, 121 N. LaSalle St., 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60602.

For more information, call 1-312-742-3317.

Chicago Moves Deadline And How To Apply

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The lottery will take place in the second week of May, June, July, August and September, and the deadlines for the gas card lottery application are May 3, June 3, July 3, August 3 and September 3.

However, for the transit cards, the deadline for this is June 3.

You can apply to be in the lottery online via the Chicago.gov/ChicagoMoves website, in person at any Chicago Public Library location, or via mail to the following address:

ATTN: Dept. of Finance: Chicago Moves

121 N. Lasalle St., Floor 7

Chicago, IL 60602

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Where Can I Use The Prepaid Cards

The gas cards can only be used at 417 active filling stations within city limits. Nine stations have been excluded from the program because they are not in good standing with the city, officials said.

The Ventra cards can be used at Ventra vending machines at CTA stations or at Ventra retail locations. Users can also load the value to their cards using the Ventra website or app.

Chicago Moves Card Application

Chicago Moves is a financial assistance program aimed at providing financial relief for Chicago residents struggling with transportation expenses.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a Chicago resident
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a current and valid City sticker with correct mailing information for the vehicle
  • Have a household income at or below 100% of the Area Median Income for Chicago

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Chicago Moves $150 Stimulus Checks: How To Get Paid

Dont Miss Junes $150 Chicago Moves Stimulus Checks There are just two weeks left for Chicago residents to apply for Junes Chicago Moves stimulus checks, with applications closing by the end of the month.

Those who apply for the stimulus checks will not, however, be guaranteed to receive them. The checks will be distributed based on a lottery system. Every month until September, Chicago will hold the same lottery.

The Chicago Movies program was announced in March by Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Under the scheme, 150,000 Chicagoans would be granted up to $150 in physical prepaid cards with the purpose of helping them afford to travel. 100,000 public transport users would receive $50 in prepaid transit cards, and 50,000 drivers would be given $150 prepaid gas cards.

The last two years have been exceedingly difficult for many of our residents, in particular our most vulnerable populations. Through the pandemic, we have collectively faced tragedy, and many among us have faced accompanying economic hardship, Lightfoot said at the time, adding that rising inflation means Chicago residents need more help than ever.

The scheme opened on April 27 this year and will end in September.

Are You Eligible?

To apply for the prepaid transit cards, Chicago residents must have a household income that is at or below 140% of the Area Median Income for the city.

How to Apply

Applications are easy to do and there are a few ways to do it.

The High Price Of Gasoline Across The Us Has Forced Some States And Local Governments To Consider Financial Support In The Form Of Fuel Stimulus Checks

Despite Skepticism, Mayor Lightfoot’s gas card giveaway moves forward

Chicago residents can begin accessing a new financial program aimed at easing the cost of travel after months of high gasoline prices have hit consumers at the pump.

The initiative, introduced by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, will provide tens of thousands of prepaid gasoline and public transit cards from Wednesday, 27 March onwards.

Chicago City Council just passed financing for the #ChicagoMoves program. Now approved, Chicago Moves will provide $12.5 million in relief funding for Chicagoans through prepaid gas cards for up to 50,000 drivers & prepaid transit cards for up to 100,000 transit riders.

Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot

There will be 50,000 gas cards worth $150 each, and a further 100,000 public transit cards with $50 pre-loaded, offered to city residents.

Applications are limited to one per household and you can submit your application online. Alternatively, you can apply in-person at any of the citys many public libraries.

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Don’t Ignore Assistance Programs If You Need Help

If you’re a Chicago resident eligible to apply for this lottery, you should fill out an application. A prepaid gas or transit card could help you reduce your monthly spending so you can work to make other financial goals happen.

We recently discussed another program that will help Chicagoans. Low-income residents have until May 13 to apply for a pilot guaranteed income program that will pay participants $500 monthly for one year.

Assistance programs can help individuals and families improve their financial situation. Hopefully, more cities and states will adopt assistance programs that help residents as prices continue to soar.

Are you feeling additional financial strain due to inflation? For money-saving tips and resources, check out these personal finance resources.

How To Apply For Chicago Moves Gas Cards Application

Here are the step to apply for Chicago moves gas card application online, you must follow the step below.

Step 1: First of all, Visit the official website of chicago.gov/ChicagoMoves.

Step 2: Check your Eligibility first, then Choose your Assistant Details such as Gas Card and Transit Card.

  • if you want to apply for the gas card then select the Gas card option. otherwise, for transit cards select the second option.

Step 3: I prefer my card Choose the Mailed to Me

Note: You will need to bring a valid ID if you have been selected and have opted to take your card in person. This can be a drivers license, state ID, Citikey card or passport. If selected, you will be notified by email of when/how to collect your card.

Step 4: Enter your City Sticker Number and License Plate Number in the Required box.

Step 5: In Applicant Information

  • Enter all the Application personal details such as First name, Last name, Date of Birth, Email Address.

Step 6: In Primary Residence Address

  • Enter all Required residence addresses like

Step 7: in Household Information

  • Enter household details like Household Size and Total Gross Household Income in the blank Box.

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Chicago Residents Receive Free Gas Cards

As gas prices across the country continue to increase, government officials in Chicago seek to aid residents. According to NBCChicago, as part of Mayor Lori Lightfoot‘s Chicago Moves program, a total of 10,000 free gas cards have already been distributed to residents in need.

The robust response to our Chicago Moves program demonstrates the vast need for this kind of assistance, Lightfoot told NBCChicago, People are experiencing economic hardship due to the skyrocketing inflation and cost of gas, but the city is committed to providing continued financial relief to combat these challenging times.

The city is looking to give out 10,000 more gas cards within the next round of drawings. The program also includes city transit cards of which 25,000 have been distributed citywide. NBCChicago mentioned that 90,000 residents have already submitted an application to receive the free cards. Residents who are 18 or older, have a below average income, a valid car sticker, and a valid email address will continue to be drawn randomly from a lottery.

If you have not yet applied and think you may qualify for the program, you have until September 1 to submit an application for consideration. The next lottery drawing is set to occur in the beginning of July.

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