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Chicago Pd Season 7 Episode 4

Chicago Pd Concluded The One Chicago Crossover In Infection Part 3 Find Out What Happened In Our Chicago Pd Season 7 Episode 4 Recap

Halstead’s Been Shot and Is Off to Med – Chicago PD

This weeks Chicago PD served as the final part of the latest One Chicago crossover, and no one can argue that it didnt end the Infection storyline on a dramatic note.

The third chapter of Infection begins with Jay Halstead and Hank Voight chasing the evil doctor through Chicago Med, while the rest of the hospital is alerted that theres an active security threat. But Dr. Seldon has already gotten in his car and left. Again, yay for sub-par hospital security.

Voight returns to the district, where Trudy Platt tells him that two of the quarantined patients are still at large too, and about the riot that Firehouse 51 just broke up. She rallies all of the uniformed officers to look for Seldon, who may have gotten on a train. Or he may not. But not only do they not know where he is, they dont know why hes doing this.

Cue Vanessa Rojas with the exposition: the guys personal life fell apart a few months ago. Did it cause him to snap? The team looks for Seldons ex-wife, but a ping on his cell phone reveals that he got to her first. Upstead find an emergency bunker in her basement and blood on the door, but it takes Jay a second to realize they cant get in. You didnt notice the keypad on the door, dude?

Chicago Pd Season 4 Episode 7 Review: 300000 Likes

Every now and again there’s that episode of a crime drama where you hate the bad guy so much you get caught up in it. Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 7 is one of those episodes. We all know who did it, we just want the CPD Intelligence Unit to prove it so we can enjoy their downfall.

The State’s Attorney’s Office is sure that its present defendant, who has skated on numerous charges before, just had a witness killed so that he can skate again. It’s up to Intelligence – namely a very brassed-off Erin Lindsay – to prove that and make sure Oliver Tuxhorn gets what he so richly deserves.

If you don’t, a serial rapist and murderer walks.


Sophia Bush must have had a field day filming this episode. She gets to be the character who’s constantly in the face of the bad guy making sure they know that they’re going down. Lindsay has all the best lines in “300,000 Likes” and even gets to throw a drink.

And of course when Tuxhorn finally is caught Lindsay is waiting for him as he heads back to prison, giving him the accounting of just how badly he and those close to him are about to hurt. The only way this would’ve gotten better is if she’d have gotten to slap him too.

Enjoy your freedom, douchebag. You’re not going to have it for long.


Chicago Fire / Chicago Pd Crossover Review: Off The Grid And Burden Of Truth

Its always a good time seeing the teams from Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. come together for a seamless crossover, even when the story feels a bit too contrived.

Unfortunately, thats the case on Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 15, Off the Grid, and Chicago P.D.Season 7 Episode 15, Burden of Truth.

The two-hour crossover event centers on the return of Chicago P.D. Sean Roman , a character we havent seen or heard from in years. Hes back in Chicago to looks for his missing sister, who is connected to a series of opioid-related deaths.

Its a premise that would have been better served had it remained housed under Chicago P.D. only, rather than forcing it into a crossover with Chicago Fire.

And thats precisely the problem. It feels as though making this a crossover is an afterthought. Roman shows up to the firehouse first after hearing that Brett answered a call dealing with opioid overdoses one that involved his sisters friend.

Okay, sure. Ill buy that. But the fact that hes in town and hasnt visited his former precinct or gotten any of his old friends involved doesnt work, even when you find out his reasoning for keeping them shut out. His sister is a dealer and he doesnt want to get her in trouble.

After all these years, Romans still part of the family. That matters, and Voights never been one to be unwilling to break a few rules when he has good reasons.

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Chicago Pd Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Infection Part 3

On Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 4, it was established that there was a deadly outbreak in Chicago, while Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 4, established that it was bio-terrorism, a man-made attack on the city.

To quote Will Halstead: it was apocalyptic.

Fittingly, the last installment of the crossover event focused on finding the man responsible.

No time got wasted as Intelligence jumped into figuring out who was behind the massive outbreak sending mass hysteria echoing through the city confines.

Before I dive fully into this episode, I have to say that this was some excellent work on behalf of the #OneChicago team — from the writers to the directors to the actors to the makeup department.

Ruzek: You and your ex-husband built a panic room. Some of this must make sense. Seldon’s wife: For when an outbreak happened, not for when he caused one. My ex-husband is not crazy, he’s not a monster, he dedicated his whole life to infectious disease, and it’s not paranoia. It’s fear, it’s educated and grounded fear. And look, all you have to do is turn on the news to see that there are a thousand ways the world could end. I mean, there’s climate change, and there’s famine, and there’s the war, and then there’s lack of water, and there’s disease. And the right outbreak at the right time with the right factors, it could end this race within months and that’s not paranoia. That is a truth that people can’t handle looking at. And he had to look at it every single day.

What a boss!

Want To Watch The Infection Part 3 Episode Of Chicago Pd Online Heres How To Watch Chicago Pd Season 7 Episode 4 Live On Tv And Online

Chicago PD season 7, episode 4 synopsis and promo: Infection, Part 3

The next Chicago PD is the stunning conclusion to the One Chicago crossover, so find out how to watch Chicago PD online or live tonight, to find out how it all ends!

Wednesdays chapter is titled Infection, Part 3 as it wraps up the three-hour event, with all of the Intelligence Unit hot on the trail of the person who unleashed a biological weapon on the city of Chicago. The villain is a true mustache-twirling bad guy, talking about apocalypses and things like that, so itll be interesting to see how the team brings him back down to Earth. Obviously it wont be with talking some sense into him.

The crossover events always have some huge ending, and its always on this show, so what will happen this time? Which characters will take center stage? And what happens when its all said and done?

Below is all the information you need to watch Chicago PD online and live Wednesday to catch the latest episode of the season.

Heres how NBC officially describes the episode:

After zeroing in on the suspect responsible for the bioterrorism thats gripping Chicago, the PD prepares to undertake their biggest manhunt yet. Upton is torn between helping track down the perp and providing emotional support to the scared young girl that needs her. Voight fears his team is being sent on a wild goose chase.

And heres how you can watch the episode live, whether on TV or via live stream:

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Watch Chicago Pd Online: Season 7 Episode 4

Did the P.D. find the right suspect?

On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 4, there was much drama when the team zeroed in on a potential suspect.

Was everything as it seemed?

Meanwhile, Upton was torn between helping to track down the perp and providing emotional support to a scared young girl.

What did she decide to do?

Elsewhere, Voight feared his team were being sent on a wild goose chase.

What happened?

Use the video above to watch Chicago PD online right here via TV Fanatic.

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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

We are not going to be led on a wild goose chase, we are not going to be led into a panic, look, he’s buying time. We gotta get ahead of him now.


Watch Chicago Pd Season 7 Online

Watch Chicago PD Season 7 full episodes online, free and paid options via our partners and affiliates.

On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 20, Atwater goes undercover to take down a gun-trafficking ring, but discovers an officer from his past in the same organization.

On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 19, it’s a race against time after Ruzek witnesses a woman’s kidnapping and the team must put the pieces together.

Intelligence does everything they can to build a case against the elusive leader of a drug ring, but things get complicated when Rojas realizes someone she cares about might be involved.

On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 17, Voight enlists the help of a reformed gang member to get a key witness’ testimony in a murder case as a gang war brews.

On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 16, an armed robbery case quickly turns into a homicide investigation and Upton is forced to reckon with her childhood.

Part 2 of Crossover with Chicago Fire Intelligence searches for the dealer who caused multiple overdoses and is connected to Roman’s missing sister.

A homeless man’s murder leads Intelligence to a criminal who has evaded capture for years. Rojas has a troubling experience with a young mentally ill man.

After receiving a distressing 911 call, Burgess enlists the team’s help to track down a girl caught up in a sex-trafficking ring.

On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 12, Voight makes a deal with Darius Walker to help bring down a rogue group of dirty cops dealing drugs meant to be destroyed.

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Whats Happening In This Weeks Chicago Pd Episode Find Out About Infection Part 3 With The Chicago Pd Season 7 Episode 4 Synopsis And Teaser

The next Chicago PD is the conclusion to the One Chicago crossover, and NBC has released an official description and promo to tease the action-packed ending!

Wednesdays installment is appropriately called Infection, Part 3 as it wraps up the story that began on Chicago Fire. With it clear now that the disease outbreak Chicago is facing was started on purpose, the Intelligence Unit is tasked with finding the person responsible.

Can they get to them in time before they do something even worse? And who would be able, and willing, to do such a terrible thing to innocent people? Fires are not hard, but weaponizing bacteria is much more specific.

One Chicago fans know that PD is normally the last part of any One Chicago crossover event, as theres always a villain who needs to be found and arrested. But the last three-show event ended with a character being shot, so lets hope this time around, we dont have another character who pays a terrible price.

Heres how NBC officially describes the episode:

After zeroing in on the suspect responsible for the bioterrorism thats gripping Chicago, the PD prepares to undertake their biggest manhunt yet. Upton is torn between helping track down the perp and providing emotional support to the scared young girl that needs her. Voight fears his team is being sent on a wild goose chase.

And heres the One Chicago crossover trailer thats been teasing all three episodes:

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