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Chicago Pd Season 9 Torres

We’ve Actually Seen Officer Torres On Chicago Pd Before

Tensions Rise Between Halstead and Torres | NBCs Chicago PD

When NBC’s long-running One Chicago police drama “Chicago P.D.” released Season 9, Episode 18 , one conspicuous new face on the force is uniformed cop Dante Torres . As Torres comes on board for his initial training, Detective Jay Halstead mentors the newcomer in the best practices of working in the police force.

However, friction quickly develops between the two when the pair respond to a shooting. Halstead tells Torres to stay behind as he goes after the gunman, but Torres ignores Halstead’s orders and joins in the pursuit anyway. When the suspect is later brought in for questioning, Torres is told to simply observe, but again steps over the line. Unwilling to play second fiddle for even a moment, Torres instead starts asking the suspect a variety of questions, in direct contradiction to Halstead’s instruction.

How ‘chicago Pd’ Wrote Out Jesse Lee Soffer’s Jay Halstead

What is next for Torres after this episode? Is it mostly just him learning the ropes of Intelligence, or are we gonna see more of his personal life?

For now, from what I know, theres been moments of learning the ropes of Intelligence and also contributing in cases and stuff. I cant wait to read another Torres-focused episode and see where they take it. But based on what Ive seen in Season 9 Episode 18 and Season 10 Episode 4, I have a good feeling that its gonna be really deep and exciting.

Chicago P.D., Wednesdays, 10/9c, NBC

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Wikipedia & Age

Benjamn Levy Aguilar was born in Guatemala, which is in Central America. He comes from Spanish people. Because he was good at soccer at a young age, he was picked up by the famous AC Milan youth soccer team and sent to Italy to play with them.

Because of his broken femur, he had to quit his job. Later, Benjamin learned the Israeli self-defense system called Krav Maga, and he eventually got to the level of black belt.

He also learned how to shoot in a tactical way and drive in a way that avoids getting caught. This gave him the skills he needed to work at high-profile events like the Guatemalan Presidential Elections in 2011.

At the age of 18, Benjamin decided to move to Hollywood and start a new life. He likes playing characters with a lot of depth and feelings.

Most people remember Aguilar for his breakthrough role as Antonio Rivera in Filthy Rich on Fox. The last time we saw him was in The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl with the Window on Netflix, where he played Rex Bakke with Kristen Bell.

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Chicago Pd Season 10 Episode 3 Review: A Good Man

Let it out. Let all the tears out as Chicago P.D. Season 10 Episode 3, A Good Man, has us saying goodbye to one of the most important characters the show has had: Jay Halstead.

If we are honest with ourselves and with the writers, A Good Man is one of the best Jay episodes we have seen in ten seasons. It is sad to say, but at least he says goodbye in a manner that does his character, fans, and actor justice. Even though there wont be anymore Halstead, he will always be remembered.

Jesse Lee Soffer definitely understands the assignment. He gives his everything to the episode, to Jays final storyline, and delivers an amazing performance. Soffer and Halstead will definitely be missed.

A Good Man is a sad, emotional episode for all of us watching from home, but it has some highlights we have to congratulate the writers and the cameramen for. The beginning of the episode already sets the tension from the very first second.

Hailey and Jay banging their rings against everything they touch, the sound replicating in the background, and the two of them never finding each other is the perfect way to let us know it is all coming to an end. That banging is the knocking that has been happening throughout the episodes, letting the characters know things need to change.

This time around, it seems like Halstead finally listens to the knocking a sound probably coming from the depths of his heart, telling him he cannot keep going like this.

The Jose Torres Actor Should Be Familiar

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 18 Review: New Guard

Not only should Dennis Garcia be familiar for appearing on Chicago PD, but its also worth noting that hes showcased his talents across a number of other projects within this universe.

He has been in Chicago Justice and Chicago Med , while other work includes the 2022 movie Barrio Boy , Soul Sessions , and the TV series Mind of Mencia .

One Chicago

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Torres And Atwater Become Friends On Chicago Pd

Aguilar told Deadline that the character is going to struggle to gain his footing after Halstead left and try to make connections with an IU team that he doesnt really know. This lack of familiarity is best exemplified in the scene where Ruzek confronts the rookie about touching his food in the fridge. Dont eat my food, not ever, the veteran warns him.

That said, it seems we can expect a friendship to blossom between Torres and another veteran on the squad, Atwater . The actor revealed that the two men will hit it off quickly, and develop a rapport that could be considered bromantic.

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I love seeing Torres open up his heart to someone else and accept that Atwater does have his back and vice versa, he explained. And I have to say, the on-screen chemistry is mirrored off-screen. LaRoyce and I have broken bread together, weve talked about life, and weve shared with one another deep moments from our childhood. I cant express enough how much Im enjoying sharing our bond with viewers.

This bond is an exciting opportunity for both characters. It will give Torres the chance to learn the ropes from someone who has way more experience, and it will give Atwater the chance to regain faith in the job after struggling with some of his professional decisions in season 9. Were here for it.

Chicago Pd: How Jesse Lee Soffer Exits Nbc Series

Up next is Kevin Atwater who excitedly shows Torres how to break into a house and bug it. Their chemistry is palpable from the jump, so if the writers are hoping to pair Atwater and Torres, we stan.

Adam Ruzeks advice proves less useful but hey, Dont eat my food, not ever, tells Torres not to get too comfortable too quick. Everyone has to earn the respect of their colleagues and its going to take time.

Amid all the first-day craziness, Torres is unable to answer his phone after it rings multiple times. As his day concludes, he walks home avoiding distractions but has arrived too late to have dinner with his mom. She prepares him a plate while he updates her on his training and the news of Jays departure. The scene is quite touching seeing mother and son exchange pleasantries in Spanish as his mom, in true Latina fashion, tries to fatten him up.

Suddenly, he realizes hes missed calls from family friend Provi, who now isnt answering. He rushes to her home only to find her dead.

Voight warns Torres the case will get complicated since it all happened in his neighborhood. Unshaken, he accepts the challenge. The investigation begins with local gangster Romero, whose car was around Provis house around the time of her murder. Hes hauled into the station but he has an alibi and has requested a lawyer.

Yeah, hes going to fit right in.

Aguilar spoke to Deadline about the special Torres episode and whats ahead.

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The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window

Alongside Benjamin Levy Aguilar’s entrance into the main cast of “Chicago P.D.,” 2022 saw the actor join another notable series: Netflix’s “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.” As its verbose title suggests, the show is a parody of popular mystery-thrillers like “The Girl on the Train” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” The series follows Anna Whitaker , a divorced painter who is swept up in a bizarre murder mystery that may or may not just be in her head.

Aguilar recurs for several episodes of the series as Rex Bakke, a male stripper who turns out to be a prime suspect in the murder case. However, Anna finds him first, learning that he and the murder victim Lisa were partners in a money-making scheme. The friction between the pair quickly turns to intimacy, before Rex gets arrested as a suspect. Of course, we’re still a ways out from the end of “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window” at this point, so, surprise, surprise, the male performer is revealed not to be the true culprit. That’s twice that Aguilar has played characters wrongly accused of murder, for those keeping track.

Torres Actor On Chicago Pd Says Character Cares About The Work

Torres Has His First Interrogation | NBCs Chicago PD

Its been hard for him, Aguilar says in an interview with TVLine. Halstead was someone he finally was able to trust, and Torres isnt necessarily someone that trusts anyone he meets. Its a process, and eventually, proven to him that they are trustworthy. While Torres is that new kid on the block around Intelligence, he remains cautious around other colleagues these days.

He cares about the work, Aguilar says. He cares about having their backs, but the personal relationships are earned. Not just for him, its a mutual thing. And little by little, he has found moments, for example, with Atwater in this episode that hes like, Oh, hes got my back, and Im not used to people having my back, necessarily. Im used to protecting people. Hes definitely felt these moments with people like Atwater in this episode.

Chicago PD definitely will have some storylines to deal with as Jay Halstead is gone. Well have to see what happens and how this departure affects Intelligence. But we do know that the Wolf shows on TV are always interesting. Now, the thing that we will have to watch around Torres is how he adjusts to life minus Halstead. Will he be able to work well with others or is he not going to be able to do so? This will be one of those stories, too, to follow. Still, there is nothing like seeing a show like this one deal with so many different characters. Chicago PD airs at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on NBC.

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Dante Torres Is Portrayed By Benjamin Levy Aguilar

In the series, Dante is played by Guatemalan actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar. According to IMDb, Benjamin had several roles in miniseries and shorts before getting more substantial roles. He landed his first major role in a short-lived series on Fox called Filthy Rich, which was canceled after five episodes.

Chicago Pd’s Benjamin Levy Aguilar Says Halstead’s Absence Has Been ‘hard’ For Newcomer Dante Torres

This weeks Chicago P.D. puts newcomer Dante Torres front and center.

The episode, titled Donde Vives and airing tonight at 10/9c on NBC, centers on a shocking murder that pulls the rookie officer into his own neighborhood. As Voight and Atwater help him navigate the case and manage tricky personal dynamics with wary neighbors, the official synopsis reads, Torres realizes his life may be forever changed.

More from TVLine

Its a prickly situation that he must handle without Halstead, who left for Bolivia in last weeks episode. Halstead took Torres under his wing in the Season 9 episode New Guard and helped bring him into Intelligence permanently. For Benjamin Levy Aguilar, who plays Torres, the veteran detectives absence is surely felt.

Its been hard for him, Aguilar tells TVLine. Halstead was someone he finally was able to trust, and Torres isnt necessarily someone that trusts anyone he meets. Its a process, and eventually, proven to him that they are trustworthy.

Best of TVLine

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NBC Super Channel becomes NBC Europe

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Why Dante Torres From Chicago Pd Looks So Familiar

Pin by nerdy one on 911

Season 10 of “Chicago P.D.” may have had fans livid after the bizarre exit of Jay Halstead , but though the veteran detective may be gone, his influence is still felt in the series through the introduction of one particular character. One of the last things Halstead does on the team is take fledgling officer Dante Torres under his wing in the Intelligence Unit, starting at the end of Season 9. While Torres is earnest and goodhearted, it’s not long before he finds himself in trouble as his professional duties start bleeding dangerously into his personal life.

But though Torres is definitely an entertaining character to watch, some fans may have the nagging feeling that they know his actor from somewhere else. While Aguilar’s acting career thus far has mostly centered around roles in more obscure projects, the performer has previously appeared in a select couple of widely-known properties, including blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos in some of the most popular movies and TV shows of the 2010s.

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Officer Torres Has Previously Been Seen In The Chicago Police Department

Benjamin Levy Aguilar had a brief role as a suspect, Franco Chavaro, before being introduced as the young officers recruit Dante Torres last week episode 18. Given the characters extensive screen time last week, it would be remarkable for Chicago PD writers to just write him out of the plot, as Fansided points out. Furthermore, fans have begun to suspect Torres return to the series, as he previously appeared in a tiny part on Chicago PD. Benjamin Levy Aguilar also appeared on-screen in a 2019 episode of Chicago P.D. before taking up the role of Torres. He appeared in Chicago P.D. Season 7 Episode 1.

Detectives Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton try to prove Hank Voights innocence in the assassination of Chicago mayoral candidate Brian Kelton in this episode . Early on in the inquiry, detectives establish that the gun used in the homicide belongs to Franco Chavaro . Things arent looking good for Chavaro at this point in the process, to put it bluntly. However, it is later discovered that Chavaros gun was stolen by a Chicago police officer during a previous search. As a result, Chavaro would not have had access to the pistol at the time of the murder, and he is no longer a suspect in the case.

Chicago Pd Season 9 Episode 18 Review: New Guard

Can we keep Torres permanently?

They delivered one of the strongest case and character studies with Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 18. While it centered around Halstead, it was mysterious recruit Torres whose layers we unpeeled throughout the hour.

And by the end, it left you wishing he’d become a more permanent fixture on the unit.

We’ve missed some elements of the series in recent years. Many fans harp on the loss of patrol and how that has impacted the series. And there’s no doubt that it has, especially when it sidelined Trudy more.

But it’s that fresh face quality of those who are still green to everything and finding their footing and their identity in the field of policing that lacks, too.

Over time, we’ve lost many characters, some of whom never got their replacement. And while there’s nothing wrong with the unit as it is, we’re long overdue for some fresh blood to add new elements and vibes to the show and the unit.

And that’s probably why Torres stood out instantly, despite his tacit, stoic exterior and the mysterious nature behind if he was a friendly or something else entirely. He’s a genuinely refreshing character and exactly what this series needs.

It was so good to see Benjamin Levy Aguilar onscreen again. He was fantastic in the short-lived Filthy Rich, and he was even more so during this installment. He and Soffer had great chemistry and killed it.

The action was on point, too. The scenes in the bodega were intense, and the hour wasn’t lacking in shootouts.

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