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Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Company

Green Door Tavern In River North

Chicagos Best Pizza: Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company

During prohibition, a green painted door usually signalled the presence of a speakeasy and this was no exception. Built in 1871, just after the Great Chicago Fire, the Green Door Tavern was a favorite spot of Dean OBanion, one of Al Capones biggest rivals. Even today, visitors can see the large bookshelf that conceals a hidden passage and visit a modern day speakeasy: The Drifter.

Whether you are a long time Chicago resident or you are just visiting for the weekend, stopping by one of these famous spots is a great way to step into the shoes of one of Chicagos prohibition era gangsters.

Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Co

  • The pizza at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. is a can’t miss
  • “One of my favorite places in Chicago, Mediterranean bread so yummy!””pot pie is delicious, worth the wait for out of town guests””Best goddamn pizza in Chicago, just come on over and enjoy.””But some day I’ll get a grinder”
  • good for a late night
  • casual

Once The Bowl Is Cut Open The Toppings Sauce And Cheese Pour Out Onto The Plate It’s Not Pretty But It Tastes Good

Daniel Zemans, our man in Chicago, checks in with another piece of intel on the Windy City pizza scene. Daniel also blogs about Chicagoland pizza with his friends on the Chicago Pizza Club blog. —The Mgmt.

On February 14, 1929, Al Capone’s gang left its South Side base on a trip to the North Side for a rendezvous with Bugs Moran’s gang. Moran had ordered two unsuccessful assassination attempts on Capone and had taken to repeatedly insulting Capone in the press, and Capone decided it was time to teach Moran a lesson. So a group of Capone’s men headed to the S.M.C. Cartage Company, which was a known front for a bootlegging operation. Two of the South Siders were dressed as police officers, and they ordered seven of Moran’s men to line up against a wall. At that point, a couple more of Capone’s men came in and all of them opened fire with machine guns and shotguns. Capone was in Florida at the time and was never arrested for his involvement. Indeed, Capone remained free until Kevin Costner came along and put him away for tax evasion.

The gruesome murders are now known as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and took place at 2122 North Clark Street. Across the street, at 2121 North Clark, on a site where a couple of Capone’s men allegedly sat as lookouts 80 years ago, sits the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company, which has been serving up pizza pot pies since 1973. Yes, you read that right: pizza pot pies.

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Places Where The Old Chicago Gangsters Ate

Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Company

Once known for its famous gangsters and mob affiliations, Chicago has calmed down noticeably in recent years. Even so, there are still several popular restaurants and bars that have a long history of serving the shadier side of Chicago. These places are all former speakeasies or the site of notable gang activity during the 1900s.

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Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Company

20 More Attributes

About the Business

Unique Chicago dining experience since 1972. Lincoln Park Icon serving original Pizza Pot Pie, Oven Grinder, Salads with housemade dressings and Mediterranean Bread. Charming cozy atmosphere set across the street from site of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

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  • How long is the wait now that COVID has changed everything? Is it still 2 hours?

    Not necessarily two hours but could be an hour! Get there before it opens and wait ! You’ll get in by 30 minutes

    Mary R.

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The Oven And The Pizza I Cooked Became The Sensation Of My Small Town

I first discovered wood fired brick ovens on cooking shows a few years ago. I have always wanted one since then. I did some research looking for the best one and the same name kept coming up: Chicago Brick Oven.

I got my oven in April of 2015 and started cooking right away after I installed it and followed the included instructions. The oven and the pizza I cooked became the sensation of my small town.

We had pizza parties every weekend and then I started experimenting. We have made pizza, steak, fish, baked potatoes, cookies, pumpkin seeds, Mac n cheese, calzones, stuffed peppers and my favorite fresh pita bread.

I have had no complaints about my oven and can’t wait to cook something new with it every weekend. I highly recommend the Chicago Brick Oven to everyone that has a passion for cooking great food.

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Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Co In Lincoln Park

Famous for its ties to Al Capones shooters, this restaurant is a favorite of locals that are looking for a quick bite to eat. This restaurant is located across the street from the famous St. Valentines Day Massacre, a 1929 bloodbath that is usually accredited to Al Capones gang. Interestingly, this prohibition era murder of several members of George Bugs Morans gang was never officially linked to Al Capone.

However, the stories say that Al Capones men used Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. as a lookout leading up to and during the massacre of the rival gang members. Because of this, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. should be at the top of the list during any tour of Chicagos old gang hangouts.

Gangster Spot #: Butch Mcguires In The Gold Coast

Barstool Pizza Review – Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company (Chicago, IL)

Formerly known as Kellys Pleasure Palace, this bar was a favorite stop for gangsters during the early days of prohibition. It has a long, fascinating history, changing from a tiny restaurant to a speakeasy and then to a mainstream bar. Today, it is known for its selection of beers, including its early adoption of Irish brews such as Guinness and Harp.

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What Are The Closest Stations To Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Company

The closest stations to Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Company are:

  • Clark & Dickens is 67 yards away, 2 min walk.
  • Stockton & Dickens is 183 yards away, 3 min walk.
  • Armitage & Clark is 295 yards away, 4 min walk.
  • Lincoln & Armitage/Sedgwick is 433 yards away, 6 min walk.
  • Sedgwick is 1449 yards away, 18 min walk.
  • Fullerton is 1655 yards away, 20 min walk.
  • Gangster Spot #: Exchequer Restaurant & Pub

    In the early to mid 1900s, this restaurant was not yet named Exchequer. Instead, it was called the 226 Club. This is widely known as one of Al Capones favorite hangouts during his reign over Chicagos streets. It was well equipped for illegal operations, with 2 hidden tunnels that could be used to escape if things went south. Between the illegal booze, the brothel set up in the back, and the rival gangs prowling the street, it was probably wise for Capone to prepare for the worst.

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