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Chicago Women’s Health Center

Cwhcs Health Care Providers Specialize In Providing Affirming And Respectful Care

19-year-old accused of threatening to kill people at women`s health clinic appears in court

CWHCs clinic hours are changing

Beginning November 1, 2021, our primary care, gynecology, and trans health services will be available on Mondays through Thursdays from 9-5pm. Appointments, prescription refills, and follow up will not be available on Fridays. Refill requests typically take up to 3 business days to be completed, so clients are encouraged to reach out early each week about refills requests, or questions. Please note that Friday hours remain the same for our other programs – Counseling, Integrative Health, etc.

About gynecology at CWHC

We offer longer appointments to allow time for our collaborative approach to care, an emphasis on preventive care and self-care, and health education. We offer a more comprehensive approach to care, offering information about and referrals for alternative care, if needed.

We serve women, transmasculine and genderqueer individuals. We are committed to working with all of our clients to provide care that respects individuals’ relationships with their bodies. Find out more about our services available for trans-identified individuals on our Trans Health page.

Gynecological services include:

  • Annual Gynecological Exam

  • Abnormal Pap Follow-Up

Urogynecologist Located In Oak Lawn Bedford Park And Naperville Il

Chicago Center For Women’s Health is a standout practice serving womens health care needs in Chicago, Bedford Park, Naperville, and Oak Lawn, Illinois.

The centers professional, patient-focused team of urogynecologists and nurse practitioners want to fill a need in the health care world, giving women a safe and comfortable environment that empowers them to live happier, healthier lives.

The professionals perform minimally invasive pelvic surgeries treat menopause, urinary tract infections, and urinary incontinence and diagnose and treat irregular bleeding, all in a timely, efficient, and compassionate manner.

Chicago Center for Womens Health offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to womens health concerns, allowing the team to provide a wide range of gynecological services. Saturday appointments provide yet another level of convenience for patients.

The practice offers superior care for women of all ages and takes pride in the medical teams level of expertise and genuine concern for every patient.

To experience the high-quality, expert care offered at Chicago Center for Womens Health, call an office near you or use the online booking tool today.

New Hours For Clinical Services

Beginning November 1, 2021, our primary care, gynecology, and trans health services will be available on Mondays through Thursdays from 9-5pm. Appointments, prescription refills, and follow up will not be available on Fridays. Refill requests typically take up to 3 business days to be completed, so clients are encouraged to reach out early each week about refills requests, or questions.

Please note that Friday hours remain the same for our other programs – Counseling, Integrative Health, etc..

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History Of Trans Health At Cwhc

In 2009, CWHC started the Trans Greater Access Project , an agency-wide initiative focused on increasing access to affirming health services for trans-identified individuals at CWHC. We continue to invest in partnerships that ensure our providers remain informed and at the forefront of the emerging field of trans health.

Compassionate Comprehensive And Convenient Care

Chicago Heights Womens Health Center Chicago Heights Il ...

The exceptional gynecologists at the newly renovated Womens Health Center at Weiss serve the Uptown community and beyond. Our approach is to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and innovative care for all women.

Womens health needs are unique, and many times multiple and complex clinical issues must be addressed. Our experienced clinicians provide comprehensive diagnostic exams and individualized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient.

Our team of specialists takes a hands-on approach that begins with an initial interview and examination to pinpoint chief concerns. This thorough assessment facilitates a comprehensive diagnosis and identifies subsequent diagnostic tests and a treatment plan. This treatment plan is individualized and optimal for the clinical scenario and most importantly the specialist provides patient education to promote a better understanding of the disease processes with all the patient concerns addressed.

Flexible Appointments at Two Convenient Locations

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Ob/gyns Located In The Loop Chicago Il & Northbrook Il

Obstetrics and Gynecology Welcome!

The Association for Womens Health Care provides comprehensive, compassionate OB/GYN care to women living in The Loop in Chicago and Northbrook, Illinois. With offices in both locations, youre guaranteed convenient screening, diagnosis, and treatment from a team of expert doctors and nurses.

Regardless of what stage of life youre in, the professional team at The Association for Womens Health Care can help you. Adolescent women can establish a health care routine and learn the basics about their bodies, be educated on contraception and safe sex practices, and learn about possible menstrual problems.

The practice provides care for the concerns of women in their 20s and 30s and performs services, such as STD screenings, breast exams, and preconception counseling. As you ease into perimenopause, the years prior to the cessation of your menstrual cycle, the doctors can help you manage symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal dryness.

When youve gone a full year without a period, youre in menopause, which increases your risk of certain health complications, including osteoporosis and heart disease. The doctors educate you about ways to prevent these chronic issues, and they continue to monitor your gynecologic health throughout your lifespan.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Welcome!

Our Friendly Staff and Beautiful Offices

Fees and Insurance

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  • Location: Chicago, IL – 60640 | 0.1 mile away
  • Contact Phone: 878-8098
  • Details: Near North Health Service Corporation , a 501 non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center , is one of the largest providers of community-based primary health care in Chicago. We provide medical services, social services, and nutrition education to medically indigent and uninsured individuals and families. Our philosophy reflects an approach that anticipates community needs and plans for expansions that are developed in accordance to these needs. Throughout our evolution, not only have our methods held up under the intense new demands of ever-changing communities, but also we have come through with shining results. We are proud to report that our successes now serve as a national model for excellence in community-based primary health care.
  • Location: Chicago, IL – 60640 | 0.2 mile away
  • Contact Phone:
  • Details: The City of Chicago focus on Chicagoans Health and Wellness, our goal is to make Chicago The Healthiest City in the U.S. The City of Chicago works with community partners, internal departments to promote health, prevent disease, reduce environmental hazards and insure access to health care for all Chicagoans.
  • Location: Chicago, IL – 60640 | 0.2 mile away
  • Contact Phone: 534-2850
  • Details: Our mission is to improve the well-being of the communities we serve by providing accessible, high-quality healthcare.
  • Contact Phone: 506-4283
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    Specialists And Care Centers

    Northwestern Medicine OB/GYNs* provide comprehensive care for all women’s health needs. From annual checkups and wellness education to pelvic exams and maternity care, your OB/GYN physician serves as your first line of care. Your OB/GYN physician provides the following care, including :

    • Health history assessment
    • Testing and screenings, such as annual pap smears and mammograms
    • Preventive care and lifestyle enhancement
    • Pregnancy and childbirth
    • Diagnosis and treatment of complex women’s health conditions
    • Access to comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and consultations

    OB/GYN services are available at many locations throughout the Chicagoland area. Find a location near you.

    High-Risk Conditions and COVID-19

    People with certain conditions or health concerns have increased risk of more severe illness after contracting COVID-19. Learn about the latest information.

    Support Our Work

    With the help of our donor partners, we hope to advance research and provide the highest quality health care to every patient throughout our communities. Learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of patients and the future of medicine.

    Obstetrics Patients at Prentice Womens Hospital

    Learn about Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women’s Hospital. We’ll answer questions about coming to the hospital, admission, labor and delivery, pain management, and what to expect after delivery.

    Chicago Women’s Health Center

    Women’s Health Tips | Living Healthy Chicago
    • 1025 W. Sunnyside, Suite 201
    • Chicago IL, 60640
    • Contact Phone: 935-6126
    • Clinic Details:Chicago Womens Health Center facilitates the empowerment of women and trans* people by providing access to health care and health education in a respectful environment where people pay what they can afford. CWHC provides care and services that people in Chicago need, but often cannot find anywhere else. Since we opened our doors in 1975, CWHCs programs have been shaped by our clients needs for accessible, high quality health care. We provide services to more than 6,000 clients through our programs annually.
    • Website:
    • Services:Gynecology Primary Care Counseling Trans* Health Services Alternative Insemination Acupuncture Massage and Bodywork Health Education Fertility Awareness
    • Remarks:Urban Area, Permanent Clinic, Year-Round, Part-Time
    • Payment Method:Sliding Fee Scale
    • Operation Hours:Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm

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    We Believe Everyone Should Have Access To Quality Health Care Regardless Of Their Ability To Pay All Services Are Offered On A Self

    Can I pay for a service through the website?

    We are in the process of setting up online payment options. If you have a PayPal account, you can make a payment through PayPal: . You can also call CWHC at 773-935-6126 during normal business hours to make a payment over the phone.

    Can I use insurance to pay for my visit?

    As of November 1, 2017, we accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Humana PPO, and United PPO insurance plans for our gynecological care, primary care services, and trans health services.

    A Note on Lab Costs

    • You may receive 2 separate bills for your visit, one from us for visit and one from LabCorp for labs.

    • What you will owe, if anything, for your labs is determined by your insurance company. LabCorp will bill you for that amount.

    • For more details visit the LabCorp website Billing & Insurance section.

    Paying for a visit

    We accept cash, checks, money orders, and debit and credit cards as payment. Payment plans are available for some of our services.

    Paying what you can afford

    To sustain our model of quality care on a sliding scale, we ask that you pay as much as you can afford for your visit. We believe that you know your finances best and that you can best determine what you can afford.

    It is important to know that CWHC must pay lab fees and other hard costs in order to provide care. With every payment you make, you help make health care accessible to others.

    Gynecology, Primary Care, & Trans Health Services

    Counseling Services

    Outreach and Education Services

    Comprehensive Care For Your Unique Health Needs

    At the Center for Womens Integrated Health, we challenge our experts to embrace a deeper understanding of what personalized, patient-centered care should be. Our team offers evidence-based and holistic care, thinking beyond standard approaches to empower our patients through diverse and complex health challenges.

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    Chicago Womens Health Center

    How Women Unite! Got Connected

    Chicago Womens Health Center applied to be part of the 2019-2020 partner cohort, but Women Unite! decided to go in a different direction that year. CWHC applied again in 2020, and the organization was selected to be part of the 2020-2021 group of partner organizations. As CWHC stated in their application, Like Women Unite!, CWHC was also founded by a group of women who came together to make the world a more just, compassionate place by facilitating the empowerment of other women and those who have been marginalized through collaboration, education, and sharing resources. With that in mind, WU! And CWHC were a perfect fit.

    About Chicago Womens Health Center

    CWHC facilitates the empowerment of women, trans people, and young people by providing access to health care and health education in a respectful environment where people pay what they can afford. CWHC provides care and services that people in Chicago need, but often cannot find anywhere else. Since they opened their doors in 1975, CWHCs programs have been shaped by their clients and students needs for accessible, comprehensive health care and health education.

    Programs include:

    Who They Serve

    Each year, over 6,000 women, trans people, and young people access health services through CWHC. Half of clients are uninsured or underinsured, many come from low-income households, and more than 90% reside in Cook County. All of CWHCs services are offered on a sliding scale.

    Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery

    Chicago Heights Womens Health Center Chicago Heights Il ...

    While Minimally Invasive Surgical procedures do avoid fully open, invasive surgeries in favor of a closed or more localized surgery that create less trauma. We also find great benefit from using the robotic operating system, the da Vinci Surgical System. The daVinci system has helped Dr. Kafali-Nazarof to perform surgeries with unmatched precision and control using only a few small incisions.

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    Redefining Womens Health One Person At A Time

    Commonly, the phrase womens health brings gynecology to mind. While gynecologic care is an important component of your health, it focuses on just one of nearly a dozen organ systems in your body. Your biological systems cannot work independently. Theyre integrated and your care should be, too.

    No matter how isolated your condition or symptom may seem, our specialists take a broad look at your total health with a focus on the role of hormones and other factors that uniquely impact you. We bring together experts in gynecology, endocrinology, primary care, sleep medicine, dermatology and other specialties to determine the most effective, personalized approach to supporting your health and wellness goals.

    Whether you identify as female, transgender or non-binary, you can expect a respectful experience with us. Our team is committed to supporting every patients individuality, dignity, health and wellness with the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

    Obstetrics & Gynecology With Dr Judith Cothran

    Womens Health of Chicago is the practice of Judith Cothran, MD, and were devoted to womens health empowerment. When you select a womens healthcare specialist, you want the comfort of a doctor who understands your concerns, and you need expertise you can trust.

    At Womens Health of Chicago, youll find it. Dr. Cothran is a warm and personable specialist who has practiced and taught at some of Chicagos finest academic institutions. We offer a wide range of affordable treatment plans in obstetrics and gynecology. Prenatal care services, reproductive health, and preconception counseling with a holistic approach to nutrition and genetic screening are a few of our services. Dr. Cothran carries 20 years experience from practicing at Loyola University Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Faculty Foundation. Learn more about her here.

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    Activism Series: Chicago Women’s Health Center

    Harnessing our anger and sadness over the 2016 presidential election, we’re launching a new event series called ACTIVISM. The series will be held on a weekday every month from 7 to 8:30. For each meeting, we’ll be showcasing a specific local social justice organization. The organization will give a presentation detailing their mission, followed by a Q& A, and an action plan of how attendees can get involved. For our second event in this series, well be featuringCHICAGO WOMEN’S HEALTH CENTER .

    CWHC emphasizes collaboration and health literacy across its services, which include gynecology, primary care, trans health services, counseling, alternative insemination, health education, acupuncture, and massage and body work. Providers affirm that clients know their body best each appointment, class, and conversation is seen an opportunity for individuals to learn more about their body and to explore which health care options are best for them.

    Get to know more about collaborative, compassionate, and comprehensive health care and health education for women and trans people, as well as how to access services, show support, or get involved.

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