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City Of Chicago Building Inspections

How To Get An Easy Permit In Chicago

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The Chicago building authorities offer the Easy Permit Process. The EPP is good for small projects that do not require architecture designs and blueprints. It can be got when you repair an existing element on your building. An easy permit is mainly for the repair and replacement of an existing building structure. The EPP requires no appointment and can be got in a day from the Homeowners Assistant Program counter at Chicago City hall. All you need to do is visit the Chicago city website and see if you are eligible for an easy permit. You can get an easy permit by applying at the Homeowners Assistant program counter at Chicago City Hall Room 900.

Elevator Annual Inspection Certification Program

In 2009, the City of Chicago instituted a third party elevator inspection program. The Elevator Annual Inspection Certification program requires buildings in the central business district to use qualified elevator inspectors to conduct an annual elevator inspection and certify the results with the city before December 31st of the inspection year.

All inspections and the submittal of the inspection results must be completed by the year-end deadline. The building owner/manager must submit the results of the inspections via the website. If an elevator permit is required for repair work, it must be secured, but the work does not need to be completed before the end of December. If repair work does not require a permit, then that work must be completed by December 31st.

Under the program, inspection certificates can be printed once the online information has been entered and all fees paid. Certificates must be displayed in the elevators or on the devices. It is no longer sufficient to post a notice that the certificates are on file.

Report The Violation By Phone Or Online

The first step is to call 311 or go online to report the violation. If you go online, choose “building violation” as the service type. If you call, you will speak with an agent who will connect you to the building department.

You may, if you choose, remain anonymous. However, the buildings department may wish to follow up with you to schedule an inspection. It might be easier if you give your name and daytime phone number.

Youll receive a tracking number for your call. Save this number, as it will help you monitor progress on your complaint. If the agent doesnt offer you a tracking number, you should ask for one.

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Dont Forget About City Of Chicago Mandated Building Inspections They Are Not Only Limited To Facade Inspections

Its that time of year when City of Chicago facade inspections are coming due. Chicagos Rules Regarding the Maintenance of High-Rise Exterior Walls and Enclosures require one of two forms of facade inspection reports be filed for any building in the City of Chicago that is taller than 80 feet. Even if just a portion of the building such as a penthouse structure is taller than 80 feet, the building is subject to these rules.

The two forms of inspection reports are commonly referred to as Short Form and Critical Exam. Short Forms, for those buildings which are eligible, are to be submitted by November 1st every 2nd, 4th, or 6th year, depending on their category. The Short Form is a 2- page document which lists general information regarding the building, and its condition. It only requires visual inspection, and does not need to be performed close-up. The building must be in good standing with the City of Chicago to be eligible for the Short Form Program, and a request to the City must be made in advance to qualify. The frequency of submission of Short Forms is based on the buildings category, which is dependent upon corrodible metals used in its construction.

The Rules for facade inspections are a bit complicated and have changed several times over the years. If you have any questions regarding Chicagos inspection requirements, or are need of an inspection, contact a qualified Licensed Illinois Structural Engineer or Architect.

Michael Wiscons, SE, PE

Will The Building Be Reinspected

The City of Chicago issued 1,364 more building permits in 2017 than in ...

Follow-up reviews are based on risk which is determined by the number and severity of deficiencies. Twenty-five percent of University buildings scheduled each month shall be re-evaluated 90 days after the initial inspection. University buildings selected for re-inspections shall be prioritized based on which buildings have the highest number of concerns noted during the initial inspection. All buildings with serious concerns shall be reviewed in accordance with the timeframe identified on the report. All concerns shall be tracked until corrective action plans have been completed.

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Is There Any Type Of Escalation For Uncorrected Deficiencies

University buildings failing to correct concerns identified on any inspection report shall be subject to the progressive resolution process. Each identified concern shall be corrected prior to the corrective action date. For concerns not corrected, the following action shall take place:

  • Stage One of Non-Compliance: A letter identifying the concerns not corrected shall be sent to the Department Head with a copy sent to the Department Heads superior
  • Stage Two of Non-Compliance: A letter identifying the concerns not corrected shall be sent to the Department Heads superior with a copy sent to the Provost and Vice President for Administration/Chief Financial Officer and
  • Stage Three of Non-Compliance: A letter identifying the concerns not corrected shall be sent to the Provost and Vice President for Administration/Chief Financial Officer.

Buildings That Require Inspection

Chicagos facade ordinance is applicable to building enclosures and exterior walls that are eighty feet or more in height.The ordinance term exterior walls and enclosures refers to the exterior envelope of a building or structure, or any part thereof. With regard to âappurtenances,â including balconies, fire escapes, chimneys, hanging air-conditioners, marquees, at-grade canopies, signs, flagpoles, fire escapes, and window washing and exterior maintenance systems, the Rules limit the scope of the inspection to a visual examination of the surface of the exterior wall where appurtenances are in contact with the wall, and their impact, if any, on the integrity of the exterior wall.

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Why Should You Hire Building Permit Services

To avoid problems of permits and inspections, hire a building inspection service in Chicago to get your permits from the Chicago city department of buildings. Your contractor should get you a permit so he can start the construction. If you hire a contractor, dont get a permit yourself. It then becomes your responsibility to make sure your building project conforms to the construction codes and not the contractor.

Getting a permit and scheduling an inspection can be done on your own but it takes time. It involves rescheduling your day and waiting at city counters. Murray Demolition in Chicago can help you facilitate a building permit for any construction project. We can also arrange inspections by certified authorities to a get your construction or renovation project off to a good start.

Permit Applicants Please Note:

Chicago Buildings Dept. Plumbing Inspection Overview

In accordance with the Cook County Child Support Ordinance, a Child Support Enforcement Declaration Form is to be submitted by every applicant/substantial owner for a County privilege to show they are in full compliance with any child support order before they are entitled to receive or renew such privilege.

Those applying for building, plumbing and/or electrical permits for work in Cook County must submit a Child Support Enforcement Declaration Form along with their application.

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If I Carry Out Home Renovation Do I Need A Permit

Yes, for certain projects you do. You will need a permit for the following work:

  • Building garages,
  • Moving walls, columns, beams and doors,
  • Changing the location windows and doors
  • Adding new windows and doors
  • Installing a new boiler system

Replacing windows and doors of the same size, or furnaces and siding, require no permits. As a property owner, your ultimate responsibility is to get a permit. If your building is not in a landmark area, you can get a certified architect or contractor to verify and sign your application.

Inspections & Permit Division

The East Chicago Building Department is the Citys building code enforcement agency under the administrative and operational control of the Building Commissioner. The Building Commissioner is authorized and directed to enforce all the provisions of the Indiana Building Code , which is adopted by reference by the City of East Chicago.

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What Is The Process For Building Inspections

Campus buildings shall be inspected as follows:

  • A representative from Environmental Health and Safety shall tour the building unescorted
  • When there is a need for additional information and/or clarification during fire/general safety reviews, the facility manager or building contact shall be notified
  • If any general areas not accessible, the facility manger or building contact shall be notified and directed to provide access to all areas and rooms within the building and
  • Fire/general safety review results shall be provided to the facility manager or building contact within ten business days of a particular buildings inspection.

Boiler Inspection Questions And Answers

City of Chicago Online Permits

Q: Why is our boiler inspected every year?

A: The Chicago Building Code states all boilers and pressure vessels must be inspected annually.

Q: Why do boiler inspectors also inspect pressure vessels?

A: Boilers and pressure vessels are constructed similarly. Essentially, a boiler is a pressure vessel.

Q: Can you inspect my new boiler?

A: Yes. Please contact us to schedule this inspection.

Q: Who can repair my boiler?

A: Any Boiler Contractor who is licensed with the City of Chicago.

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Building Permit And Inspection Records User Agreement

This application provides public access to building permit and inspection records maintained by the City of Chicago Department of Buildings.

This web page is a resource of building permit and inspection information. The City of Chicago makes no warranty, representation or guarantee as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any of the database information provided herein. The City of Chicago explicitly disclaims any representations and warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The City of Chicago shall assume no liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information provided regardless of how caused. Any decision made or action taken or not taken by user in reliance upon any information or data furnished hereunder is done so entirely at his or her sole risk.

Building Permit Status Search

During the permit review process, you can monitor the status of the permit and any Review comments as follows:

  • Check the related link on the side and click the Building Permit Status Search. Use the Property Index Number and Permit number to access your permit.

  • Receive automatic notifications and updates to permit when applicant register their email. Multiple emails can be registered for each permit.

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    Important Steps Before You Start A Business:

    Before taking out a business loan, signing a lease, or applying for a business license, ensure that the site where you intend to operate is in an appropriately zoned area and that it complies with the current Chicago Municipal Code. The Code is frequently updated so a new owner needs to check current zoning and code regulations and not assume the previous owner’s designation applies.

    The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection also holds FREE business workshops the first Wednesday of every month. .

    Who Is Responsible For Correcting Deficiencies

    Chicago Buildings Dept. HVAC Inspection Overview

    Each department shall ensure that corrective action plans have been implemented or are in process prior to the timeframe listed on the Fire/General Safety Review for each concern. A written corrective action plan shall be submitted to Environmental Health and Safety for all outstanding deficiencies identified during the follow-up review.

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    Important Information Regarding Operations During Covid

    As the City of Chicago and State of Illinois have enacted measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Chicago Department of Transportation , Division of Infrastructure Management reminds its stakeholdersincluding utility providers, construction companies, locators, and project managersthat public way management is an essential function. As such, DIM intends to operate its core work groupsOUC, Permitting, 811 Chicago, and Public Way Enforcementin accordance with measures proposed by public health officials. To ensure that work in the public right of way proceeds in an effective, efficient, and safe manner, DIM will continue to require companies planning to excavate in the public right of way to obtain a permit and a dig ticket from CDOT prior to starting work. However, to accommodate COVID-19 mitigation measures, DIM asks users to adhere to the following procedures.

    Permit Expiration And Request For Extension

    If work authorized by a permit is not completed within twelve months of its issuance, such permit shall become invalid until an extended permit has been taken out by the Owner or his agent at a fee of 10% of the original permit cost or $25, whichever is greater. An extended permit shall be valid for six months following the date of expiration of the original permit and must be applied for within ten days after the expiration of the original permit. Unless otherwise determined by the Building Commissioner, one extension only shall be granted, and if work has not been completed within 18 months after the date of issuance of the original permit, all rights under the permit shall thereupon terminate. Where, under authority of a permit or extended permit, work has begun and has been abandoned for a continuous or cumulative period of 12 months, all rights under such permit shall thereupon terminate.

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    How Soon Do Deficiencies Have To Be Corrected

    Safety concerns identified during the initial inspection shall be corrected within 90 days, unless a shorter period of time is specified due to the severity of concerns or a longer period of time is necessary because of operational considerations. Longer periods of time shall be agreed upon by Environmental Health and Safety.

    The Vacant Building Registration Ordinance

    City of Chicago :: Building Permits

    An important fact to know is the vacant building registration ordinance effective July 2, 2018. This has been started by the Chicago building authorities to ensure that owners of vacant properties know the responsibilities of ownership under the building codes and regulations, The ordinance has been set up to make sure property owners abide by the standards for maintaining a vacant property.

    There have been amendments to the vacant building registration in Chicago. The council had earlier amended the code on September 6th 2017 for the streamlining of the fee structure for ownership and mortgage registrations. This was amended to include unregistered vacant non-residential buildings as well. Changes were made to the fee structure for registration which are available on the website of the Chicago City.

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    The Different Inspections For Building Construction

    Once you have got a permit to build, it doesnt end there. You will still be subject to various Chicago building inspections as the project will progress. Inspections will be made according to the International Code Council. This part of your building project is important because you dont want a bad inspection report. There are usually five inspections that will be carried out in different phases of the construction.

  • Plan and approval: An inspector reviews your building plan for approval before beginning of construction.
  • Footings and Foundation: Footings and foundation of every construction has to include engineered fill which complies with the Chicago state building code. The foundation needs support from undisturbed soil for you to progress with the construction. They should be able to transfer the building load onto the supporting sub grade soil. Additional inspections under this category include:
    • Footings/ Exterior walls Inspection: Exterior walls should have support from concrete or masonry footings, wood foundations or other support structure mechanism that are approved by the building code. The inspector will look for reinforcement, depth, anchorage, elevation, drainage, waterproofing, and backfill to make sure these comply with the building codes.
  • Insulation and vapor barrier: This is done after rough-in inspection. The inspector checks if the ceilings and walls have the necessary insulation installed. Vapor retarders also should be in place, well sealed.
  • Online Permit Payments Are Highly Recommended

    The Cook County Department of Building and Zoning provides permit customers the ability to pay their permit fees online. After your permit application has been approved, payment amount will be posted to the online building permit status search.

    Applicants can pay their permit fees online with a MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express credit card through the departments Building Permit Status Search link.

    During this Covid-19 pandemic our staff is working remotely. We strongly encourage that payments be made online.

    Online payment services are provided by LexisNexis Payment Solutions.

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