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City Of Chicago Gas Card

Approximately 20000 Gas Cards And 25000 Transit Cards Distributed Through The First And Second Waves Of Lottery Selections

Prepaid gas, CTA cards will be available to some Chicagoans pending City Council approval

CHICAGO Today, Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot announced that approximately 10,000 gas cards have been distributed or are awaiting pickup at City Hall. An additional 25,000 transit cards and 10,000 gas cards will soon be in the hands of qualified applicants in the coming weeks. The cards are distributed through Chicago Moves, a financial assistance program aimed at providing financial relief for Chicago residents struggling with transportation expenses.

“The robust response to our Chicago Moves program demonstrates the vast need for this kind of assistance,” said Mayor Lightfoot. “People are experiencing economic hardship due to the skyrocketing inflation and the cost of gas, but the City is committed to providing continued financial relief to combat these challenging times. I’m grateful for all of the work that went into Chicago Moves helping our residents to make a living, enjoy our summer, and keep Chicago moving.”

Just over a month after Mayor Lightfoot launched Chicago Moves, the Citys $12.5M transit relief response to spiking gas costs and rising inflation, 90,000 Chicagoans have already submitted applications to receive a gas or transit card. Selected participants have the choice to receive their card through the mail or to pick it up from a designated location.

Another early recipient, Jacqueline Ezell, says the transportation assistance will help with the high cost of driving to accomplish her daily chores.

What Are The Application Requirements

Application requirements for the City of Chicago gas card application are not many except a few like

  • A working email address for future correspondence.
  • Your complete residence address including every detail about it.
  • Total gross household income information for a month alongwith your household size.
  • Chicago City Council Approves $125 Million Gas Card Giveaway

    Mayor Lori Lightfoots plan to provide eligible Chicago residents with one-time gas vouchers squeezed through City Hall, despite criticism from councilmembers on both the right and left flanks.

    CHICAGO The City Council narrowly approved Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s proposal for a $12.5 million gas card giveaway on Wednesday, following heated debate in the council chamber. The plan passed 26-23, with representatives of both the city’s conservative and socialist blocs voting against it.

    The giveaway, dubbed “Chicago Moves” by Lightfoot’s office, allows city residents making at or below the local household median income to apply for a pre-paid gas or public transit card. The $12.5 million fund sets aside $7.5 million for 50,000 gas cards worth $150 each, while the other $5 million will fund 100,000 pre-paid public transit cards worth $50 each. Three-fourths of both sets of cards will be reserved for those living in what the city calls “high mobility hardship community areas,” mostly low-income neighborhoods on Chicago’s West and South Sides. The remaining 25% of the cards will be available to residents living in any part of the city.

    To say it comes off as a gimmick would be an understatement, the city’s 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez, another 2023 mayoral candidate, said before the vote.

    Wilson himself called the proposal a “political stunt” by Lightfoot in late March.

    Lightfoot herself denied these accusations.

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    The City Will Provide $150 Prepaid Gas Cards And $50 Prepaid Cards For Use On Public Transit To Applicants Who Live In The City Have A Valid Vehicle Sticker And Meet Income Guidelines

    Gas pump credit card readers could pose security risk, experts say ...

    A new program announced Thursday is intended to offer some relief from high gasoline prices.

    Associated Press

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday threw a $7.5 million bone to motorists squeezed by soaring gas prices and tossed in a $5 million sweetener to lure commuters back to mass transit.

    The $12.5 million plan she calls Chicago Moves will be primarily bankrolled by corporate fund revenues with help from the avalanche of federal coronavirus relief.

    It will offer $150 pre-paid gas cards to eligible motorists who enter and win a rolling lottery, starting in May and continuing in four more monthly 10,000-card waves through the summer, in anticipation of continued pain at the pump.

    Lea este artículo en español en La Voz Chicago, un servicio presentado por AARP Chicago.

    To qualify for the lottery, motorists must be Chicago residents 18 or older with a valid city sticker and a maximum household income that does not exceed 140% of the area median income for Chicago. That puts the income limit at roughly $91,000 if youre single and $140,000 for a family of four.

    The 50,000 gas cards will be valid for one year and may be spent only on gas, and only at stations within the city limits.

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced the Chicago Moves program, to assist motorists and public transit users, at a news conference Thursday.

    Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

    Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times file

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    Body Found Near Where Person Fell Into Lake Michigan Authorities Say

    Cards will be distributed starting in May to waves of 10,000 city residents.

    The proposal just inched its way to approval, winning by only three votes, with 26 yes votes and 23 no votes, during Wednesday’s meeting over which Lightfoot presided.

    According to NBC Chicago’s Mary Ann Ahern, several aldermen during the council meeting called the program a campaign gimmick.

    Last week, a City Council budget committee narrowly brought the program one step closer to reality, with a close 15-12 vote.

    Chicago Businessman Willie Wilson, who has announced he has entered the 2023 race for mayor, last week held a third million dollar gas giveaway, which took place at dozens of gas stations across the city and Chicago suburbs. Wilson recently called Lightfoot’s plan a political stunt.

    As Wednesday, the national average price for a regular gallon of gas is $4.134, according to AAA. In Illinois, the average price for a regular gallon of gas is slightly higher, at $4.394. That’s down a bit from a month ago, when Illinois’ average gas gallon cost $4.494.

    This article tagged under:

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot Is Diligently Working On A Plan To Address The Citys Gas Tax

    This is 100% the wrong way to go, Ald. Raymond Lopez, 15th Ward, who is also running to replace Lightfoot. Gift cards, Ventra cards do not solve any issues that are facing our residents. To say it was a gimmick would be an understatement.

    Other opponents, including some of the mayors close allies on the City Council, complained the program does not go far enough and that the $12.5 million giveaway could be better spent on mental health, affordable housing or other support services for low-income residents.

    I might get two full tanks of gas and then what? said Ald. Leslie Hairston, 5th Ward.

    We can do more with this money than just pour it into gas tanks, Ald. Maria Hadden, 49th Ward, said, adding that everything from rent to food is getting more expensive.

    Several aldermen also took issue with the city supporting the fossil fuel industry, and urged the city instead to find ways to get people back on the CTA since ridership has taken a hit during the pandemic.

    Before the vote, Lightfoot urged aldermen to prioritize the entire city over their individual wards. The plea proved to be rather ironic after the 26 to 23 vote came down and two aldermen who voted against the measure in committee Ald. Deb Silverstein, 50th Ward, and Ald. Derrick Curtis, 18th Ward voted yes Wednesday after the mayor expanded the neighborhoods considered to be high mobility hardship areas to include their wards.

    Aldermen also took up several other big ticket items Wednesday.


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    How The Lottery Will Work

    Winners will be selected the second week of each month from May through September and will be notified by email.

    To be considered for the monthly drawing, you must apply by the first day of that month. Applicants who aren’t selected will automatically be entered into future monthly drawings. For that reason, it’s best to apply sooner rather than later.

    Cards will be distributed each month by mail or can be picked up in person at City Hall. When you complete an application, you can choose your preferred delivery method.

    City Of Chicago Opens Applications For Transit Gas Cards

    Mayor Lightfoot’s gas card program approved, but some aldermen call it a gimmick

    The Chicago Moves gas card application is now open after the city council approved Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s plan to give out free gas and transit cards.


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    Some Chicago Residents Will Get Relief In The Form Of Prepaid Cards

    Through the $12.5 million Chicago Moves program, the city will distribute prepaid gas and transit cards to eligible residents through a lottery system. The program will give away a total of 50,000 gas cards preloaded with $150 each and 100,000 transit cards preloaded with $50 each.

    Residents can use transit cards to purchase fares for public transportation purposes at Ventra vending machines. Residents can use gas cards to buy gas at pumps located at any filling station within Chicago.

    The program will prioritize residents with the most need:

    • 75% of these cards will be awarded to residents in community areas that face higher mobility hardships.
    • The remaining 25% of cards will be distributed citywide in equal amounts to each ward.

    How To Apply For City Of Chicago Moves Gas Card Application

    Wars can be devastating for the world economy and such a situation is being observed currently as the aftermath of the Russia Ukraine war is wreaking havoc. Crude oil was exported from Russia but due to the current US and other nation sanctions, the crude oil is no longer available abundantly.

    This particular situation has triggered an increase in fuel prices almost everywhere in the world.

    Several governments are responding to it differently and each of these is trying to find a real-world solution for their people.

    Responding to this crisis in Chicago is being dealt with by the issuance of gas cards and permit cards.

    The Mayor announced that applications for the gas card and permit card will open from 25th April 2022. The card is supposed to be given to people selected in a lucky draw to be held every first few days of the month.

    If you have already applied for their card in the previous month, you do not need to send the applications again. Instead, they will get auto pulled from the list of people who did not get through the lucky draw in the previous month.

    Almost 50000 cards will be given out by the Federal government. Out of these, 75% of the cards are being aimed at people who face acute difficulties in terms of travel. Rest 25% of the cards will be distributed to every county unanimously across 20 wards.

    The card will be accepted in 417 gas stations and another six of them have not been accepted due to some issues with those gas stations.

    Page Contents

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    Who Is Eligible For A $150 Gas Card In Chicago

    There are various requirements to be eligible to apply and obtain the gas cards, the first being that you must be a resident of the city of Chicago.

    You must be at least 18 years of age, and you must have a current and valid city sticker with correct mailing information for your vehicle.

    Thirdly, you must have a household income at or below 140% of the Area Median Income for Chicago.

    City Council Approves Mayor Lightfoot’s Gas And Transit Card Program

    BP Testing Gas Pumps That Sing and Talk to Help Pass Time

    CHICAGO — The City Council on Wednesday narrowly approved Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s $12.5 million plan to give out prepaid gas cards and transit cards to thousands of Chicagoans.

    The council voted 26-23 to approve the mayor’s “Chicago Moves” program, which would provide 50,000 prepaid $150 gas cards, and 100,000 transit cards that could be used to cover $50 worth of CTA fares.

    Many aldermen who supported the program said they’ve already been flooded with calls from people who live in their wards asking how they can apply for one of the cards.

    “I stand in support of this,” said Ald. David Moore . “Had to listen to my residents on this, and they’re saying they need something now because they are hurting right now.”

    “My office has been flooded with calls from our constituents with a need for us to help them trying to apply for these cards. So I think that this is a home run for many, many constituents,” said Ald. Roberto Maldonado .

    However, many aldermen argued the city would be better off spending the $12.5 million on other matters, particularly public safety.

    Ald. Anthony Beale said the city should instead be focused on addressing violent crime, especially carjackings and shootings.

    Lightfoot shrugged said criticisms that the gas card and transit card plan is a political gimmick were “nonsense.”

    Reilly said he wished the $12.5 million would instead be spent on improving safety on the CTA.

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    Find Out If You’re Eligible

    You’re eligible to apply for the lottery if you meet all of the following criteria:

    • You’re a Chicago resident
    • You’re at least 18 years of age
    • Your household income is at or below 100% of the area median income for Chicago

    If you’re applying for the gas card lottery, you must also have a current and valid city sticker with the correct mailing information for your vehicle.

    Are you wondering if you meet the income qualifications? The total household income for a two-person household must not exceed $74,600. You can find additional income requirement information at Chicago.Gov/ChicagoMoves.

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    Thousands of families in Cambridge, Massachusetts are set to receive monthly payments under an expanded program.

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    Apply For City Of Chicago Moves Gas Card Application

    What is the City of Chicago Gas Card?

    Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine with Russia, crude oil export is restricted due to the sanctions imposed on Russia by the US. In the event of this continuous dearth and scarcity, fuel prices rose in many countries across the world including the US.

    In response to this ongoing crisis, the Mayor of Chicago announced in the latter half of March 2020 mentioning the giving off of 50000 gas cards through a lottery that will be held soon.

    The City of Chicago is to conduct a lottery for $150 Gas Card or $50 Ventra cards. These cards will help Chicagoans combat the high level of fuel prices with free gas and CTA cards. The cards will be functional at 417 active gas stations across any of the 50 States of the US while nine gas stations were not selected for the program as they do not have a good standing.

    Seventy-five percent of the cards will get distributed to people who face difficulty and hardship in moving around. The rest 25% of the cards will be distributed across the 50 wards. They plan to give out the gas card through the City of Chicago gas card application from May to September. If you do not get incorporated in the lottery in the first month, your name will automatically get incorporated in the next months lottery. The lottery online application is opening on 27th April 2022.

    Page Contents

    Where Can You Use The Cards

    Prepaid gas, CTA cards will be available to some Chicagoans pending City Council approval

    If you win a gas card, you will be able to use it in 417 active filling stations within city limits.

    According to city officials, nine stations were excluded from the program because they are “not in good standing with the city.”

    You can use Ventra cards at Ventra vending machines at the Chicago Transit Authority stations, Ventra locations, and the Ventra website or app.

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    Lightfoot Defends Proposal For Gas Cards Hairston Skeptical But Says She Will Listen To Constituents’ Opinions

    A mock-up of the gas cards Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to distribute to eligible Chicago motorists by lottery

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot is proposing to give out 50,000 vouchers worth $150 each to Chicagoans with a household income at or below 140% of the city’s median income, $91,420 for a household of one and $130,480 for a household of four.

    Distribution for the “Chicago Moves” program would be by lottery for those who apply.

    She is also proposing to give out 100,000 pre-paid transit cards worth $50 to applicants with the same eligibility guidelines, though 75,000 will be earmarked for Chicagoans in low-income areas with high rates of CTA usage.

    Alderpersons, who would have to approve the allocation of $12.5 million in total transit relief, have greeted the plan skeptically. It did not move through the Budget Committee earlier this month, so City Council did not approve it in time for the application system to go live this week.

    “It is not sustainable. It’s bad policy, picking and choosing,” said Ald. Leslie Hairston in an interview. “And everybody understands that there are people hurting, so that is not the question.”

    But Hairston said she is listening to her constituents on the issue.

    Lightfoot, for her part, said many Chicagoans are telling her they are struggling, especially because of gas prices, to make ends meet.

    They decided on cash benefits over pausing the city’s “very small” gas tax because she was afraid consumers would not feel it.

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