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City Of Chicago Parking Sticker

Vehicle Information For New City Residents

2019: Mayor Lori Lightfoot Announces City Sticker Amnesty

Q: – How soon must I obtain a city sticker?A: – You must purchase and display a city vehicle sticker within 30 days of becoming a resident of Chicago. Vehicles that do not display a current city sticker are subject to a $120.00 ticket. City stickers may be purchased from the Office of the City Clerk. Visit the City Clerks website for more information.

Q: – What are the requirements for license plates in Illinois?A: – State law requires license plates in Illinois be affixed to both the front and rear of passenger vehicles. Other types of vehicles can be subject to this requirement as well. The Illinois Secretary of State requires purchase of annual license plate renewal stickers that must be affixed to the rear license plate as proof of current registration. Vehicles that do not display current license plate registration stickers are subject to a $50.00 ticket. Visit the Illinois Secretary of States website for more information.

Q: – Are there special requirements for pick up trucks and vans?A: – Your truck or van may be required to display a special permit to park on the street in wards allowing truck and van parking. Trucks and vans that fail to display the proper permit are subject to a $120.00 ticket. There are wards thatdo not allow truck or van parking at all. Get more information from the Office of the City Clerk by visiting their website.

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Where Is Overnight Parking In The City

Most of the year, if you find an unmetered parking spot on the street, you can it is available for overnight parking. However, in the coldest part of winter between December 1 to March 31, you should not leave your car overnight on most main streets and certain residential streets. This is because the snow plows tend to roll through between the hours of 3am and 7am and you dont want your car to be in the way. The ban is still active even if there is no snow, and could cost you a minimum $150 towing fee, a $60 ticket and a $20/day storage fee.

Visit this overnight parking map to find where youre able to park your car overnight.

Pickup Trucks Commercial Vehicles

City of Chicagos Office fo the City Clerk Pickup Trucks & Commercial Vehicles website

Commercial and Non-Commercial Residential Truck Parking

In an effort to update an outdated section of Chicagos parking restrictions which adversely affects small, non-commercial pick-up truck owners and their ability to park on business and residential streets in the City, Section 9-64-170 of the Municipal Code has been revised to insure that non-commercial pick-up trucks weighing less than 8,000 pounds may park in the City of Chicago provided certain conditions are met:

  • If the non-commercial pick-up truck is owned by a City Resident and has a current and valid City Sticker, the owner may park the vehicle on a Residential or Business street.
  • If the non-commercial pick-up truck is owned by a Non-Chicago resident, and does not have a current and valid City Sticker, the owner may park the vehicle on a Business street.

Commercial pick-up trucks, junk vehicles, and any pick-up truck weighing more than 8,000 pounds are still prohibited from parking on ANY residential and business streets.

Contractor Parking Placard

Section 9-64-170 and of the Municipal Code of Chicago allows a contractor who is actually engaged in delivery, service or repair work at a particular address for a particular customer to park their vehicle within a reasonable distance of the address where such work is being performed if:

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Required Documents When Purchasing A City Of Chicago Vehicle Sticker:

You must provide a valid government issued I.D., your vehicle registration and proof of residency. If you are purchasing your sticker at a Currency Exchange, you must have in-state license plates.


The price of a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker depends on the following factors:

Vehicle Type Passenger, Large Passenger, Small Truck, Large Truck, Motorcycle, and Antique Chicago City Vehicle Stickers are assigned varying prices.

Purchaser Age Motorists age 65 and older by the first day of the month in which the vehicle was purchased or moved to the City of Chicago are eligible for discounted Chicago City Vehicle Stickers. Read More

Purchase Date New Stickers by default include a $60.00 late fee as well as possible monthly prorated backcharges. To avoid additional late fees please purchase your City Vehicle Sticker within the 30 day grace period. The grace period is 30 days from the date of move in to the City of Chicago and/or purchase of a new vehicle.

Annual Residential Zone Parking Residential Zone Parking is optional and not applicable for all vehicles. Read more

Chicago Vehicle Sticker Price Increase Starts Today

City Sticker Debt Relief Plan forgives unpaid parking ...

The Office of the City Clerk announced that the change in prices for annual vehicle stickers would follow Consumer Price Index changes.

Today marks the start of changes in pricing for vehicle stickers in the city of Chicago.

City Clerk Anna M. Valencia announced Jan. 31 throughsocial media that price increases would start in accordance with reported Consumer Price Index changes and take effect Feb. 1.

Vehicle stickers are issued to motorists as a means of collecting Chicagos Wheel Tax. Residents who drive or park cars in the city are required to purchase an annual city vehicle sticker. This applies also to residents who maintain their registration elsewhere but drive or park within Chicago city limits.

Effective Feb. 1, these are the sticker fee increases for each vehicle classification:

  • Motorbikes $46.49, up from $45.89
  • Passenger vehicle $87.82, up from $86.69
  • Large passenger vehicle $139.48, up from $137.69
  • Small truck $206.63, up from $203.98
  • Large truck $464.92, up from $458.95

Revenue from the Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Sales Program funds the repair and maintenance of more than 4,000 miles of Chicago streets, according to the Chicago Office of the City Clerk website.

Based on Mayor Rahm Emanuels budget for 2018, the vehicle sticker price hike is projected to deliver the city $127.6 million in revenues. Last year, the 2018 budget acknowledged, vehicle sticker fee revenues fell short of projections.

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+ Residential Parking Permits

Residential parking permits are not available at our 1958 N Milwaukee office at this time.

You can look up your parking zone here or use the map below to find your zone. Residents on permit zoned streets are eligible to purchase the $25 yearly parking permits as part of their city sticker. However, the aldermans office grants exception letters to residents who live on blocks perpendicular to and touching any zoned parking streets. Residential parking permits can be purchased at these two City Clerk of Chicago locations. Remember to bring proof of residency:

  • 121 N. LaSalle Street, City Hall Room 107, 312-742-5375, Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM
  • 5430 W. Gale Street, 312-742-5375, Hours: M-F 9AM-5PM

If you are seeking a change to your parking zone, please call our office 206-2685 for more information.

+ Residential Driveway Permit

Residential Driveway application can be found here

Please provide the following when submitting application:

  • 5 copies of plat of survey for proposed driveway
  • 2 copies for existing driveway or sketch showing location and curb cut
  • 1 picture of proposed location for driveway showing curb and sidewalk
  • Copy of home owners insurance policy for the amount of $250,000 with City of Chicago, its Officers, Employees or Agents added to insurance policy as Additional Insured
  • Application fee of $10, check or money order payable to the City of Chicago, Department of Revenue
  • Proposed Driveway Only:
  • Must be signed by Zoning Department, in City Hall Room 905
  • Must provide a Plat of Survey and verify driveway address with Bureau of Maps and Plats, City Hall room 803.
  • Application must be taken to: Zoning Department City Hall 121 N LaSalle St Room 905
  • To receive tow zone parking signs, click here

    For more information, check out .

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    What About Chicago Street Cleaning

    Between April 1 and mid-November, the city sends street sweepers through areas of Chicago to clean the streets.

    In most cases, street cleaning will occur between 6am-9am. On residential streets, bright orange signs are posted 24 hours prior to sweeping and the street cleaning will take place between 9am-3pm. In most Monday cases, the signs will be posted on the Friday prior.

    Generally speaking, there are four to eight signs per block on either side of the street, depending on the size of the block. Look for signs on street poles and trees.

    Keep your car off the street at all times during street cleaning , or you could face a $50 fine or get your car towed. If you want to learn more about Chicago street cleaning schedules and rules, check out our comprehensive Chicago street cleaning guide.

    New Resident New Vehicle New License Plates

    City tows over 230 vehicles on first day of overnight parking ban

    If you are a new resident to Chicago, you must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker. If you obtain a new vehicle you must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker or transfer your vehicle sticker to your new vehicle.

    If you are a new resident to Chicago, or your vehicle is new to you , avoid late fees and only pay for the time you began your residency/purchase date through the sticker expiration date by providing one of the following items in addition to your vehicle information:

    In order to create or update your record, we will need proof of your full VIN, license plate number, and plate expiration, which are listed on your State Vehicle Registration ID Card.

    Please provide a legible copy of your State Vehicle Registration Card and government issued ID

    New Residents should provide one of the following documents:

    • Lease document proving date of lease of residential property
    • Mortgage document or deed proving purchase date of residential property

    New Vehicles should provide one of the following documents:

    • Bill of sale from a bona fide vehicle seller/dealership
    • Executed vehicle title document must include VIN
    • Customer-copy of a validated Illinois Department of Revenue Official Form: ST-556
    • Customer-copy of a validated Illinois Secretary of State Official Form: VSD 190

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    Disabled Parking Permit Info

    Residential Disabled Parking was established to provide disabled City residents with convenient and accessible parking in close proximity to their residences.

    Requirements and Conditions :

    Disabled individuals who apply for signs must meet the following conditions to qualify for a restricted parking space:

    • The applicant must reside on a residential street that is zoned R-1 through R-5.
    • The applicant must have either a current disabled Illinois license plate or a disabled placard issued by the Illinois Secretary of State.
    • The applicant must reside at the location for which the signs are being requested.
    • The applicant may not have access to off-street parking.
    • The number of restricted parking spaces on the street does not exceed the maximum allowed on a residential street.


    Sign installation and maintenance costs must be paid by the applicant.

    • The application fee for the signs is $70.00. This fee must be submitted with the application.
    • The applicant will be billed a $25 maintenance fee on an annual basis.
    • The application fee may only be waived if the applicant holds a valid, current disabled veterans state registration plate or provides a certification of approval under the Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Property Tax Relief and Pharmaceutical Assistance Act, 320 ILCS 25/1, et seq., as amended.

    How Residential Disabled Parking Signs Work

  • The applicant must observe and comply with any other parking restrictions which may apply at the approved location .
  • How to Apply

    + Disabled Parking Signs

    Residential disabled parking was established to provide disabled City of Chicago residents with convenient and accessible parking in front of their residences through the installation of parking signs. Applications are available at the 1st Ward office. Note that applicants are required to have a disabled placard or license plate and no access to off-street parking at their home.

    You may return the disabled sign application to the 1st Ward office or mail it in to the Chicago Department of Finance. When submitting an application, please include a copy of your disabled placard or plate, proof of residency and a $70.00 check or money order made out to the City of Chicago Department of Finance. For more information on this program, please .

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    Where Can I Park Near The Airport

    There are tons of options within close proximity to the Chicago OHare airport and Midway International airport. Options available include short-term lots, long-term parking, and off-airport lots or hotel parking.

    At the end of the day, the most reliable way to avoid parking tickets is by using real-time information, which is easily accessible via the SpotAngels App that is available for free download in the Apple Store and Google Play.

    Two: Apply To Have Your Debt Forgiven

    Chicago grants extension to ticket enforcement dates

    Once you have a sticker and are compliant , you can apply to have your city sticker ticket debt forgiven.

    Between Nov. 15 and Dec. 15, you can go online to fill out the application and request forgiveness for those tickets.

    Those applying will need their valid city sticker number, license plate number and drivers license or state ID number.

    The city will forgive debt for up to three city sticker tickets and since each ticket costs $200 and not paying them incurs late fees, that can quickly add up. Anyone who has a city sticker is eligible for the debt relief.

    Those who are low-income can also have all their sticker ticket debt erased, tweeted ProPublica reporter Melissa Sanchez, whos written extensively about Chicagos ticket debt.

    Those who apply will get an email saying their ticket debt has been forgiven once the city processes their application.

    And no, those who have already paid sticker tickets wont be given a refund. The forgiveness program is only available to those with outstanding debt for city sticker tickets.

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    Where Can I Find Free And Cheap Parking In Chicago

    The easiest way to find free parking in Chicago is to consult a real-time parking map that displays parking rates on every street. Rates vary block by block and throughout the day, and our comprehensive Chicago parking map makes it easy to find parking close to where youre going.

    How Do I Get My License Back

    The city is still waiting for state legislators to pass reforms that will make it so Chicagos drivers can get back their licenses if they lost them due to ticket debt. That means theres no way to get your license back yet.

    On the plus side, the city is no longer suspending the licenses of people for non-moving offenses, like parking tickets. You can still lose your license for driving offenses, though.

    Do stories like this matter to you? . Every dime we make funds reporting from Chicagos neighborhoods.

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