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City Of Chicago Parking Tickets Payment Plan

Standard Parking Ticket Payment Plan

Court ruling allows Chicago to double amount for parking tickets and fines

To enroll in a standard parking ticket payment plan with the Department of Finance:

  • You must be the registered owner of the vehicle, the owners court-appointed agent, or a lessee of the vehicle who has been designated as liable for judgment summonses by the vehicles lessor.
  • You must agree to include in the payment plan all open parking ticket judgments not already covered by an active payment plan.
  • You must pay 20% or more of the total amount due at the time you enter into the agreement.
  • For judgments under $350, you must agree to a 60-day plan.
  • For judgments that are $350 and more, you must agree to a payment plan length of no more than 24 months.
  • You must agree to pay the balance owed on all open judgment violations. If you wish to dispute any tickets in a hearing, you must do so before the payment plan begins.
  • You must pay all outstanding booting, towing, and related fees in full.
  • If your vehicle has been booted or towed, you must provide proof that your vehicle is currently registered and insured in order for the vehicle to be released.

City Of Chicagos Fresh Start Parking Ticket Debt Payment Plan Program

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In a Nutshell

Within the past few years, investigative reporters from ProPublica have uncovered the disparate effects of Chicagoâs parking and red-light ticketing system on low-income communities of color. Under a new Illinois ordinance, people filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy could erase their ticket debt if they met certain qualifications.Read on to learn more.

Written byAttorney Tina Tran.

Present This Page To A Cashier And Make Your Payment

Your payment plan will be activated only upon receipt of your first payment. Chat with Parker

https://parkingtickets.cityofchicago.org/PaymentPlanWeb/#forward 1/2 4/21/2021 City of Chicago :: Parking Ticket Payment Plan

IMPORTANT: Your vehicle may be subject to boot or tow and your driver’s license may still be eligible for suspension until your down payment is made. If towed, storage fees will be calculated at the time of payment.

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Couldnt You Get Tickets Forgiven In Bankruptcy Before

Yes, but only in chapter 13. Chapter 13 is more difficult than chapter 7 because you have to agree to a payment plan for all of your debts. The Fresh Start program allows you to get rid of your tickets as part of a chapter 7, which does not require an overall payment plan. You do, however, have to agree to a payment plan with the City of Chicago.

Cash Down Payment Receipt

City of Chicago :: North Branch (North) TIF



Thank you for initiating a payment plan with the Department of Finance for the violations listed in the summary below. In order to activate your payment plan, you must complete the following steps by 4/23/2021.

Step 1. Print this page and bring it to one of our payment centers.

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Parking Ticket Payment Plans

A parking ticket payment plan is an agreement between you and the Department of Finance under which you agree to pay the total amount you owe for parking ticket judgment debt in installments, over time, instead of paying all at once. Entering into a parking ticket payment plan can prevent enforcement actions, such as having your vehicle booted or towed.

Although your payments will be more manageable with a payment plan, the total amount you owe will increase because interest will continue to accrue until the amount you owe is completely paid off. For example, if you owe $1,000 and you choose a 24-month payment plan with 9% interest, you will end up paying a total of more than $1,100. You can avoid additional interest by paying the full balance owed, or by paying more than the monthly installment amount, at CityPay.

File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

To qualify for enrollment in the program, youâll need to be in a pending Chapter 7 bankruptcy case or have filed for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case and received a discharge previously. Making the decision to file bankruptcy is not a decision you should take lightly. You should consider all the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy, including how filing for bankruptcy will affect the other debts you owe and the property that you have.

If you are currently in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you will only be eligible to enroll in the âFresh Startâ program once youâve converted your case to a Chapter 7. The â3-year look-backâ period begins at the date of your Chapter 13 filing. To convert your Chapter 13 case to a Chapter 7 case, you can contact a bankruptcy attorney or law firm in your area for a free consultation.

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How To Challenge A Parking Ticket In Chicago

Following these procedures will ensure a smooth contestation and appeals process for any parking ticket in any state. Even better, DoNotPay will send the letter for you! How can you do it?

  • Log in to the website or download the DoNotPay app for iPhone.
  • Search your Notice Number in the Chicago system, which will then pull up an eligible payment plan to suit your needs.
  • Please fill out the form below with details regarding your ticket.
  • We’ll send you an automated letter that includes all of your city’s applicable legislation.
  • DoNotPay can handle the letter delivery for you reducing the time it takes to complete.
  • Expect to hear back from Chicago, as soon as possible.
  • Simply said, it’s that easy. If you win a traffic ticket, keep an eye out for communication from the company or City of Chicago that issued it.

    Violations In Motion And Stalled

    City Plans To Issue More Parking Tickets
    • There are two types of traffic violations: moving and nonmoving crimes, which differ depending on the jurisdiction.
    • Moving offenses are usually harsher than non-moving offenses because they involve movement.
    • Moving crimes include things like speeding and running through red lights.
    • Non-moving infractions include things like traffic violations, defective vehicle equipment, and other pro offenses.

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    Strictly Liable Offenses In Chicago And Illinois State

    • In most cases, traffic infractions are classified as “strict responsibility” offenses, which means that a driver can be found guilty even if he or she did not intend to commit the offense.
    • It is not necessary to prove that a driver was aware that he or she was speeding in order to be convicted of speeding.

    Moderate Income And Hardship Parking Ticket Payment Plans

    • Moderate-Income Payment Plan. The Department of Finance offers a moderate-income payment plan for motorists with adjusted gross income below $86,400. A moderate-income payment plan requires a minimum down payment of 15% of the judgment debt amount owed. The plan may last as long as 36 months. It requires a motorist to submit an application and supporting documentation that must be reviewed and approved by DOFs Collections Division. For more information, please contact the Collections Division at 440-5300 or via our Customer Service Portal.
    • Hardship Payment Plan. A hardship payment plan is available to individuals who are unemployed, have suffered the loss of an income-earning family member, or have lost their home due to a natural disaster. Hardship plans also are available to small businesses that have suffered economic losses and not-for profit organizations that have a 501 designation from the Internal Revenue Service. A hardship payment plan requires a minimum down payment of 5% of the judgment amount debt owed. The plan may last as long as 48 months. It requires a motorist to submit an application and supporting documentation that must be reviewed and approved by DOFs Collections Division. For more information, please contact the Collections Division at 440-5300 or via our Customer Service Portal.

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    Judgment Satisfaction And Release Of Registration And Vehicle

    • Satisfaction of Judgment or Registration Clearance will not be provided until payment in full has been made and there are no other judgment summonses outstanding.
    • Vehicles will be released upon payment in full of all outstanding judgment debt plus fees, or, in the event of a payment plan, the down payment plus all fees.

    How Do The Debt

    Rockford IceHogs

    The Fresh Start payment plan program provides Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers with the opportunity to pay just the initial fine amount for parking, standing compliance, and red-light camera tickets that were incurred in the 3-year period immediately before the bankruptcy filing date and up to the date of enrollment in the program.

    The amount paid under the plan and the length of the plan will depend on the total amount owed, as shown in the chart:

    Once you have completed all your payments under the âfresh startâ plan and have received a Chapter 7 discharge, all unpaid parking, standing, compliance, and red-light camera tickets older than 3 years as of the date of your bankruptcy filing and all penalties , fees, and costs associated with parking, standing, compliance, and red-light camera tickets will be waived.

    If you have no tickets, fines or fees incurred within the 3 years before your Chapter 7 filing date, you will not have to make any payments to the City of Chicago. All parking, standing, compliance, and red-light camera tickets older than 3 years at the time of your Chapter 7 filing will be erased once you receive your Chapter 7 discharge without you having to make any payments at all to the bankruptcy court or the City.

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    What Is The City Of Chicagos Fresh Start Program

    It is a way for people with unpaid tickets from the City of Chicago to have them forgiven. You must file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and agree to a payment plan with the city. You then can have the following tickets forgiven if they are more than 3 years old:

    • Compliance, and
    • Camera tickets.

    You can also have any penalties, fees, and costs forgiven, even if they are less than 3 years old.

    How Do I Enroll In The Program

    Step 1: Get payment plan terms

    The city prefers that you get the payment plan terms via email. Send an email to . Include in the email your:

    • Drivers license number, and
    • All known vehicle license plate numbers .

    If your car has been booted or impounded, state this in the email. Also state the reason for the impoundment. The City will then respond with proposed fresh start plan terms.

    You can also enroll in person. Go to the payment center at 400 West Superior Street, Chicago, IL. Bring the same information listed above. The City will send you proposed payment plan terms in the mail. They will not have them ready on the same day you walk in.

    Step 2: File bankruptcy, if you havent yet

    Decide whether bankruptcy is the right decision for you. Talk to a lawyer first if possible. If you decide it is the right decision, file your bankruptcy petition.

    Step 3: Complete the enrollment process and make first payment

    Once you have your payment plan terms, and have filed your bankruptcy petition, you can enroll in the program. Bring the following to the payment center at 400 West Superior Street, Chicago, IL:

    • A copy of your filed bankruptcy petition, schedules, and statement of financial affairs, and
    • Your drivers license.

    Arnold Scott Harris, P.C.

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    Clear Path Relief Pilot Program

    This program provides low-income motorists with relief for vehicle-related debt, excluding expired meter tickets. Benefits of CPR include:

    • Pay off the original fine amount for tickets issued in the last 3 years and all eligible older debt will be waived.
    • 50% reduction of new tickets issued within 365 days from down payment of debt relief payment plan.
    • New unpaid tickets will not be assessed penalties until after December 31, 2023.

    Applicants are required to have outstanding vehicle-related debt and be the registered owner of the vehicle associated with the debt. In order to qualify, an applicant has to be a member of a household currently enrolled in the Utility Billing Relief program or have a household income of less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

    Program Benefits


    Motorists are required to have existing vehicle-related debt and

    • Reside in a household currently enrolled in Utility Billing Relief or

    • Have a household income less than or equal to 300% of the 2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines


    Application Tool Kit
  • Debt verification
  • To begin the application, existing vehicle-related debt is required. You can enter your notice number, drivers license, or license plate to confirm the debt. If no debt is found with the information you entered, but you believe you have existing debt, please contact 312-744-7275.
  • Owner information
  • UBR participants
  • Apply Here

    What Is The Payment Plan Like

    In Chicago, Decades-Old Parking Tickets Offer Drivers Few Options

    Each payment plan is different. It will depend on the amount you owe. You will have to work with the City of Chicago to determine your plan. The plan can be as long as 5 years, or you may not have to have any payment plan at all. Here is are some examples of what your monthly payment and number of months may look like:

    Total plan debt
    Total plan debt x .017 60 months

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    Infractions With The Highway Code Of Illinois

    The vast majority of traffic violations are caused by infractions. A traffic infraction is the least serious type of traffic violation, defined as an act or omission that is illegal but not criminal. Common infractions include the following:

  • Inadequate lighting in a vehicle
  • Not fastening one’s seatbelt is a serious offense
  • A parking citation
  • Can I Use This To Get My Car Back

    Yes. If you had your car impounded because of unpaid tickets, you can use this program as a way to get it back. However, you will have to pay an additional fee of $1,000. You will also have to pay 25% of your fresh start plan as a down payment if any of the following is true:

    • Your car is booted or impounded
    • You have a ticket for driving on a suspended license or
    • Your driver’s license is currently suspended.

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    The Benefits Of The Chicago Parking Ticket Payment Plans

    The City of Chicago has many parking ticket payment plans. These plans include the following:

    • $10 payment is duly required for each ticket, with a $5 credit applied to a future ticket.
    • $15 payment is duly required for each ticket, with a $10 credit applied to a future ticket.
    • And lastly, $30 payment is duly required for each ticket, with a $20 credit applied to a future ticket.

    These plans provide significant financial relief for people who are unable to pay their parking tickets fully.

    The downside of the Chicago parking ticket payment plans

    The City of Chicago has recently introduced a new way to pay for parking tickets. This new plan allows you to pay for your parking tickets with a credit card. The downside of this new plan is that if you dont pay for your tickets promptly, the City of Chicago will charge you interest on the total amount.

    How to check your eligibility status for a payment plan

    There are three steps to take to check your eligibility status for a payment plan. These are:

    • Visit the City of Chicago website and select the Pay Tickets button.
    • Type in your license plate number and ticket information.
    • If youre eligible, the City of Chicago will provide you with information on how to sign up for a payment plan.

    Process of subscribing to a parking ticket payment plan

    The following steps need to be done to successfully subscribe to a parking ticket payment plan in Chicago:

    • Complete the online payment plan application
    • Provide your contact information

    Enrolling In A Parking Ticket Payment Plan

    Comerica Park Seating Map Suites

    To enroll in a parking ticket payment plan, please complete the Standard Payment Agreement Enrollment Form for Parking and Camera Violation Judgments.

    Once you have completed the form, you can upload it through our Customer Service Portal at www.nyc.gov/parkingticketpaymentplans. You can also use the Customer Service Portal if you are having difficulty with standard payment plan enrollment.

    To learn more, please call 440-5300, contact us through the Customer Service Portal, or visit www.nyc.gov/finance.

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    Complete The Enrollment Process And Begin Making Your Payments

    Bring the following documents to 400 West Superior Street:

  • A copy of your filed bankruptcy forms, schedules, and statement of financial affairs

  • Your driverâs license

  • The âFresh Startâ proposed payment plan terms

  • You will then be provided with a contract stating the final terms of the program. You are effectively enrolled once the contract is signed and you have made your first payment . The first payment of your repayment plan and any down payment can be paid with cash, cashierâs check, or money order .

    All future monthly payments must be made payable to the âCity of Chicagoâ and mailed or delivered to Arnold Scott Harris, P.C., 111 W. Jackson, Blvd., Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60604.

    If your driverâs license is currently suspended for unpaid parking tickets, you can now reinstate it upon the filing of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case and upon acceptance into the âFresh Startâ program.

    Find Out What The Payment Plan Terms Will Be

    Send an email to Arnold Scott Harris, P.C. at with the following information:

  • Your driverâs license number

  • All known vehicle license plate numbers

  • If your car has been booted or impounded, also state the reason for the impoundment or boot in the email . You will receive a response with the proposed terms of your plan.

    If youâre unable to send an email, you can visit the payment center at 400 West Superior Street and bring in all the information required. You will need to provide the City with your contact information so that they can follow up with the proposed payment plan terms at a later date.

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