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City Of Chicago Senior Services

Benefit Access Program Benefits State Of Illinois

Chicopee vaccination site opens at RiverMills Senior Center

The Illinois Department on Aging helps older adults live independently in their own homes and communities. As the population ages, services and programs for older adults must evolve as well because longevity means more when quality of life is enhanced. To best serve older adults, we must also serve their families and teach younger people about the realities of aging, so many of our programs have an inter-generational emphasis. Working with Area Agencies on Aging, community-based service providers and older adults themselves, the Illinois Department on Aging strives to improve quality of life for current and future generations of older Illinoisans.

For additional information and resources regarding seniors, go to the City of Chicago website pages entitled Seniors and Caregivers and Initiative for Seniors.

The spring issue of the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services Senior Life Enrichment Guide is now available at our office, at the departments regional and satellite senior centers, libraries and many other locations. Inside the guide, seniors will find information about health and wellness, educational, recreational and many other types of events, trips, classes and lectures, along with schedules and registration details. Most of these are free or at a nominal cost.

In This Section

A Seniors Life In Chicago Il

Chicago is the third-largest city in the U.S., with a population of over 2 million. But despite the large population, the city has a laid-back vibe. The residents of Chicago are proud of their city that combines an internationally renowned metropolitan without compromising on Midwest values.

The city is also very diverse and welcoming to all age groups – including senior citizens. Here, we list down the key factors that will boost your appreciation for the city and help you find senior-friendly services.

Department Of Family & Support Services

DFSS Senior Services is designated by the United States government under the Older Americans Act, by the Illinois Department on Aging, as the “Area Agency on Aging” for the City of Chicago. Area Agencies on Aging provide a range of options that allow older adults, ages 60 and over, access to services that allow them to remain healthy, safe and independent.

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Chicago Section 8 Housing Voucher

As the name implies, the rental assistance for the Section 8 Housing Voucher program is provided in the form of vouchers. The eligible tenants will receive a voucher that pays a portion of their rent. The tenants will have to pay the pending 30%. They also have the freedom to choose any apartment unit in Chicago. The vouchers are also portable and can be transferred to another city or state.

To apply for the Chicago low income apartments, senior citizens can contact the Chicago Housing Authority. They will provide the application form along with other details.

The Chicago Housing Voucher is open to all U.S. residents. However, senior citizens, veterans, and the homeless are given special preference. But do note that the demand for these vouchers is very high and may require you to go through a long waiting period.

Section 202 Housing Units For Chicago

Senior Services via City of Chicago

The Section 202 Community in Chicago, Illinois, is an exclusive program for seniors. Private builders have been provided capital for building these homes by HUD. Most of these apartment units include different features like wheelchair ramps, security cameras, and an on-site maintenance team to keep the elderly residents safe.

The Section 202 Chicago low income senior housing units are available for all applicants above the age of 62. The income of the applicants should be 50% or below the AMI. Other adult family members can also reside with the senior citizen. However, the income of each resident will be accounted for qualification.

The rent for the apartment will also be decided according to the residents’ total income. In general, you will be asked to pay 30% of your total income towards rent, while HUD will cover the remaining portion.

Use the Senioridy property directory to find a Section 202 community in Chicago, Illinois. After locating the preferred apartment, you can contact the property manager directly to submit an application. A formal interview will be scheduled with the management team as well. You will be allowed to move in after the formalities are completed.

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Short Term Chore Program

This program is designed to assist individuals who are recuperating from an illness, a temporary medical disability or have been discharged from a medical setting. The services is for six weeks and will provide temporary help until the senior is well enough to do the chores themselves. The activities include light housekeeping tasks, laundry, and shopping.

For more information on this program, call 312.744.4016.

Chicago Senior Centers Locations List

Central West Center 2102 W. Ogden Avenue Chicago, IL 60612 312.746.5300 Built in 1987, the Central West Regional Center serves a diverse area that includes the 1st, 22nd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 31st, 32nd, 37th, and 42nd wards. There are an estimated 100 senior clubs and groups that participate in programs at the Central West Senior Center.

Northeast Senior Center 2019 W. Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL 60625 312.744.0784Built in 1979, the Northeast Regional Center serves the following city wards 26th, 32nd, 42nd, 43rd, 44th, 46th, 47th, 48th, 49th, and 50th wards. There are approximately 300 senior citizen groups and clubs that participate in programs at the Northeast Senior Center.Northwest Senior Center 3160 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60618 312.744.6681 Established in 1977, the Northwest Regional Center serves a diverse area that includes the 26th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 35th, 36th, 38th, 39th, 41st, and 45th wards. There are more than 100 senior citizen groups and clubs that participate in programs at the Northwest Senior Center.

Southeast Center 1767 E. 79th Street Chicago, IL 60649 312.747.0189 Established in 1980, the Southeast Atlas Regional Center is geographically located to serve the following Chicago wards 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 33rd and 34th wards. There are approximately 175 senior clubs and groups that participate in programs at the Southeast Atlas Senior Center.

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Low Income Senior Living In Chicago Illinois

Can seniors enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in Chicago?

This question pops up in the mind of every aspiring Chicagoan of the golden age. And their concerns are not invalid for many reasons. For years, Chicago, Illinois, has been considered a working-person city. It is a lively place that bursts with a constant stream of energy from the young, the competitive, and the adventurous.

But despite the misconceptions, Chicago, IL, is a nice place for senior citizens. Yes, it may not be a retirement paradise, but the city is filled with amenities for every demographic. Plus, Chicago prioritizes the seniors quality of life and provides various services to help them live a comfortable lifestyle. You can also find many cost-effective opportunities, like affordable senior housing programs to help elderly residents stretch their income further.

In this guide, lets learn more about Chicago, Illinois low cost senior housing programs, and initiatives to keep the elderly engaged in the thriving city:

Regional Centers And Satellite Centers

DFSS Senior Services Community Based Operator Satellite Senior Centers RFP Application

The centers listed below offer a variety of social, educational & recreational activities for seniors and their informal caregivers. The centers are located throughout the city. Each center is tailored to the needs and interests of the local community. All centers offer resources for caregivers, Life Enrichment Activities, Computer Learning Centers, Fitness Centers, Golden Diners and more.

The closest centers in our ward are:

Southwest Senior Center

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Where To Live In Chicago Illinois

Finding a suitable apartment in a big city like Chicago can be quite a struggle, especially if you don’t know where to start. The challenge also magnifies as housing expenses in Chicago are 59% higher than the national average, and locating one within budget can be difficult for many seniors.

Fortunately, Chicago subsidized senior housing programs are available to help low-income individuals live comfortably without putting a strain on their finances. Most senior citizens rely on a fixed income and are often unable to keep up with the rising inflation. Through these programs, eligible seniors can receive assistance that covers a major portion of their rent. This way, they have a significant amount left over every month for various expenses and unpredictable needs.

Public Housing Program By Chicago Housing Authority

The Chicago Housing Authority is responsible for building and maintaining safe, comfortable, and affordable units for the citys residents. While the program is open for all age groups , they do have separate units exclusive to senior citizens.

These apartment units are designed with accessibility in mind to ensure they meet all the requirements of senior citizens. Additionally, age-friendly amenities are present in all properties.

You can find the application form here. After submitting the form, you will be put on a waitlist and called by the management once a preferred unit becomes available.

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Senior Community Service Employment Program

The Senior Community Service Employment Program, sponsored by the Illinois Department on Aging, is a training program designed to assist the mature worker in re-entering the job market. It operates under a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor under the Title V of the Older Americans Act.

The training program places eligible individuals, usually for 20 hours a week at minimum wages, in nonprofit agencies or community service agencies community assignments. Mature workers will also be assisted in skill enhancement opportunities and assistance in the transition to unsubsidized employment.

There are two types of community service assignments available:

Program Trainee I

  • Provide assistance to the Department by performing direct service duties
  • Provide information to seniors regarding services and programs offered by the Department
  • Assists at nutrition sites to reserve meals tickets, set-up, serve food, keep kitchen and dining areas clean-up

Program Trainee II

  • Develops relationships with nursing home residents by conducting regular visits
  • Performs support services such as listening, talking and reading to residents
  • Keep residents aware of various advocacy services available to them
  • Alerts City Department to actual and potential abuse situations

To become a Senior Community Service Employment Program trainee, you must:

Training Benefits:

  • Training wage – $8.25 an hour
  • Annual physical
  • Assistance in the transition to unsubsidized employment

Chicago Senior Center Directory

Meet Mike Cooper of Naperville Senior Center, Adult Day Services in ...

Chicago Senior Centers offer a variety of programs and services to help senior citizens maintain their independence and vitality and provide a place for seniors to have the opportunity to meet other seniors through social interaction. Programs include activities, educational classes, counseling and support groups, volunteer opportunities, and wellness programs. Many Senior Centers in Chicago also offer meals, help with financial and medical paperwork, transportation to and from the center, shopping trips, outings, and other social services. Chicago Adult Centers for education and activities for those 50+ are for those more active adults. Adult centers are usually part of the Parks & Recreation Departments of city and county.

Norwood Park Senior Center Chicago, IL 60631 773-775-6071 Programs offered at the Norwood Park Senior Center include computer classes, exercise, dance, Tai Chi, yoga, health consultations, and nutrition and health seminars. The Norwood center is a recently constructed state-of-the-art facility located in the Norwood Park community. Amenities at the center include a computer lab, lounge and dining area, health screening area, meeting room, reading room, and fitness center.

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Chicago Department On Aging

30 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 2320
Suite 2320


  • The Chicago Department on Aging is the municipal agency for the City of Chicago that provides programs and services to help senior citizens maintain their independence and health.

    Chicago Department on Aging has built a senior center in each of these five regions: Northeast, Northwest, Central West, Southeast, and Southwest. These centers serve as a focal point to Chicago residents , who are 60+ and their spouses, and caregivers where a variety of social, educational & recreational activities are available. Each center is tailored to the needs and interests of the communities. However every center provides a core of program and services including:

  • Information & Assistance

Are Chicago Low Income Senior Living Apartments Available For Everyone

No! There are guidelines placed with every affordable senior housing program that decides whether each applicant is eligible for rental assistance or not. However, the main criterion for qualification is income. Each state has an income threshold configured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development .

For Chicago, the Area Median Income is $107,800, while the limits determined by the authorities are:

Apart from the income limits, the management of each housing program in Chicago will look at the applicants background. This includes

  • Criminal records

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Chicago Illinois Lihtc Program

The Chicago LIHTC program was launched by issuing tax credits to private builders and construction companies. In return, they were required to build affordable housing units for the eligible families of the state. The program is available for all residents of Chicago. However, a portion is designated for senior citizens only.

You can visit the HUD’s LIHTC real estate listing to find a unit in Chicago. Contact the property manager directly from the portal to submit your application. Similar to the other affordable housing programs, applicants will be put on a waitlist for an indefinite time frame.

The rent guidelines for the LIHTC unit differ from other programs. The rent is not decided according to the applicant’s rent. Instead, each unit is assigned an income bracket, and the potential tenant cannot earn more than that.

For Cha Senior Residents

Jennie Huang Bennett, Chief Financial Officer, City of Chicago

Resident Services offers a range of services and programs for seniors living in senior-designated housing and seniors living in family, mixed income and scattered sites developments. Services are designed to enhance seniors quality of life. Resident Service Coordinators and FamilyWorks providers offer assessment/referral services, assistance in applying for benefits and also plan social, health/wellness and educational activities. For more information contact your building or developments Resident Service Coordinator in senior-designated properties or FamilyWorks provider in family, mixed income and scattered sites properties.

For general information about Senior Services please call the Senior Hotline at 913-7164.

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Finding Affordable Senior Apartments In Chicago With Senioridy

Just like many other cities in the U.S, Chicago has its challenges. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome the obstacles and find your place in the lovely city. And the best way to start is the Senioridy low income property search listing.

With the innovative tool, you can easily choose a suitable Chicago home according to your preference. The process is straightforward with the help of tools like the picture gallery and map-based directory.

Once you spend some time in the city, you will easily understand why other residents love Chicago and call it their favorite city.

Small Accessible Repairs For Seniors

The Small Accessible Repairs for Seniors program provides safety, security and accessibility improvements that help seniors remain in their homes. Repair services are limited to minor improvements that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Wheelchair ramps

SARFS serves Chicago seniors at least 60 years of age who earn no more than 80 percent of the area medium income . Qualified recipients may be owners or renters residing in a one- to four-unit building .

Delegate agencies, under contract with the Department of Housing are available to assist seniors with the following:

  • Application process
  • Make on-site assessments to determine service needs
  • Provide limited home improvements at no cost to the applicant

Residents must provide proof of age, income, and ownership, or owner/agent approval at time of application.

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Find Out What Benefits And Services You Are Eligible To Receive

The Chicago Department of Family & Support Services uses the Benefits CheckUp to assist Chicago residents age 60 and better to determine their eligibility for more than 70 city, state and federal benefits to which they may be entitled. These programs include:

  • Legal and,
  • Many Support Services

To use the service, please complete the online application and read or print out the results. If you do not have access to a computer, contact CDFSS’s Central Information and Assessment at 312.744.4016, or go to the Regional Center nearest your home for a printed application.

Benefits CheckUp staff are available to assist you in filling out the application. The information from this application is entered into in a computer and a print out is produced that informs you of benefits and services you are eligible to receive. A description of the entitlement and how and where to apply for each program is provided. The Benefits CheckUp staff will help you apply to each department that administers the benefit you eligible to receive.

The Benefits CheckUp provides a screening for benefits and a separate screening for pharmaceutical assistance. A screening can be done for benefits, just pharmaceutical assistance, or both.

To receive a Benefits Eligibility CheckUp application via post mail or if you have questions about the program, call 312.744.4016, send e-mail to:

Free Contactless Prescription Delivery

Meet Mike Cooper of Naperville Senior Center, Adult Day Services in ...

CHA is excited to share a new resource, Capsule, an online pharmacy that provides free, same-day prescription medication delivery across all of Chicago, along with the greater Cook and DuPage Counties. Capsules online platform enables customers to use Capsule via mobile app or website so customers can chat in real time with a pharmacist, see the cost of their medications, and schedule free, same-day delivery. To get started, call or text 312-589-7620 or visit Capsule.com, or download the Capsule app on your mobile phone.

Capsule’s free, same-day delivery is contactless. Learn morehere.

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