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Deep Dish Pizza Downtown Chicago

Traditional Pan Pizza Vs Deep

Chicago’s Best Deep-Dish Pizza, According to Locals Open Road

Often confused with thick crust pizza, there are a few notable differences between a traditional pan pizza and a Chicago-style deep-dish.

  • Pan: Traditional pizza cooks up on a pizza stone or a flat pan while deep-dish climbs to towering heights in a high-edge pan such as a cake pan or cast-iron skillet.
  • Dough: Unlike traditional pizza dough, deep-dish features a laminated dough with butter folded in for a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth finish.
  • Assembly: Traditional pizza pies follow the assembly of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. Chicago-style deep-dish pizza follows the assembly of crust, cheese, toppings, and sauce.

Pequods Is Regularly Featured On Food And Restaurant Television Shows In National Print Media And On Food And Travel Features As One Of The Top 5 Pizzas In The United States Pequods Has Earned So Many Local And National Best Pizza Honors That Its Difficult To List Them All Families Couples Friends Colleagues Foodies And Tourists From All Over The World Visit Pequods To Try Our Award

Our servers are always engaging and maintain that Midwestern nice that Chicago is known for. Stop in one of our locations and get to know your server or bartender at your local pizza restaurant. Well serve a cold beer to help you wash down a magical slice of pizza as you make friends with our staff.

The Local Favorite Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Restaurant: Pequod’s

Located in the city’s Lincoln Park section, Pequod’s is a neighborhood favorite that appeals to all ages across the spectrum, from toddlers to local old-timers. Here you will find a fairly different take on conventional deep dish . The kicker here is the invariable ring of burnt-to-perfection cheese that surrounds the border of your perfect looking Chicago deep dish pizza. It’s the bite you always look forward to, multiplied to serve you ultimate satisfaction.

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Our Downtown/ Central Loop Location

Youll remember every bite you take at Giordanos. Stop by our dining room and enjoy full bar service, or schedule a party in our private room. You can also order delivery or pickup to your Central Loop-area office or home!

Our Downtown Central Loop Giordano’s location in Chicago, IL, brings the city’s best pizza right to your neighborhood. We love being part of a community that gives so much to the people living here.

Pizzeria Unothe Original Chicago Deep

Chicago deep dish restaurant

Although there is disagreement about who actually invented Chicagos iconic deep-dish style, most historians and city experts will tell you that this style was first served at Pizzeria Unos flagship location at 29 East Ohio Street in Chicago. Does this mean that it has the best deep-dish in Chicago?

The restaurant rating service Zagat has this to say about Pizzeria Uno:

Fans forsake all other Unos for these world-famous River North originals thanks to classic deep-dish pizzas laden with cheese and tomatoes and balanced by crispy, pastrylike crusts sure, they’re not much for decor, but out-of-town guests appreciate the old-time feel, and despite long waits most agree you have to go at least once.

Their most popular pizza is the deep-dish Chicago Classic a pie they advertise as extra cheese, extra sausage, extra good in your mouth. Try it and see if you think its the best pizza Chicago has to offer!

Unos crust is hearty but not too thick just enough to encase and support the ingredients packed into it. One or two slices of this famous deep-dish pizza is about all I can take in a single sitting. As you would expect the pizza is a heavier food, but you can eat well and enjoy it without feeling overly stuffed after your meal.

Pizzeria Uno, the Original Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza

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Private Parties & Corporate Event Venue

Email us to book your next private party room in Chicago! We have Wi-Fi and monitors available for any event. We offer a private party room for birthdays, childrens parties, staff parties, anniversaries, special occasions, corporate meetings, holiday parties, media events and more!

Accommodations are subject to change based on the rules and regulations set forth by the City of Chicago on the day of the reservation.

Enjoy Our Hospitality At Whaletaleonly 22 Steps Away

Included with the culture of Chicagos best pizza is, unfortunately, the dreaded waitPequods Pizza in Chicago is no exception, however, its our attention to those waiting where we stand alone. Looking to appreciate both our long-standing Chicago pizza patrons and newcomers alike, our Pequods hospitality has expanded into the steps-away Whale Tale Chicago Restaurant and Bar. We will never make our wait as good as our pizza, but we are trying. #WaitAtTheTale

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Where Is The Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago

Post written in collaboration with Expedia.com. Pizza eaten by me.

To say I was jet-lagged when I stepped off the plane at OHare airport would be a vast understatement.

Id zig-zagged across the Atlantic twice in two weeks with stops in London, Istanbul, Bologna and New York.

Not sure which way was up, I arrived in Chicago on a crisp October morning, craving a week in bedduring the only week I had to explore the city.

Pizzeria Due Popular Chicago


Pizzeria Due is a sister restaurant to Pizzeria Uno . Its literally just around the corner from the original Pizzeria Uno. If you want to try Uno and its too busy or booked up, Due is a good alternative.

Due also gets a 4.5/5-star rating on Google, and 3.5/5 on Yelp. Dues menu is nearly identical to the original Uno with a few minor tweaks. Some reviewers have expressed a preference for Due over Uno, others have expressed the opposite opinion.

Regardless, if youre on the hunt for restaurants that are historically significant in the development of Chicago-style pizza, you should put Pizzeria Due on your list of places to visit.

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While Youre In The Area

My trip to Chicago was part of a wider trip through the USA that included a stop in Detroit. I was inspired to visit after all of the coverage online about the citys downfall and then the slow movement towards regeneration. With a bit of hesitation, I hopped on the Amtrak from Chicago and landed in downtown Detroit. And I wasnt disappointed.

Here are my posts about Detroit

We Hope The Flavor Will Blow You Away With Our Savory Sauce And Flavorful Toppings We Choose The Best Quality Meats And Cheeses So You Never Have To Skimp On Delicious Options How Do You Find The Best Pizza In Chicago When There Are So Many Choices Consider Stepping Out Of Your Common Go

Yes, you will have to wait because were always poppin, so start your night early. After all, a slice is so good its worth the wait! Just plan to arrive before youre too hungry. Aim for our deep dish pizza or try the pan pizza in your neighborhood with your friends after a busy Friday in the office. We have great prices, especially during our Chicago lunch specials throughout the week. Enjoy a 7-inch personal pan pizza and cheap add-ons like your favorite soda or a simple lunch salad.

Visit Pequods in Chicago and Morton Grove to try our famous deep dish with caramelized crust for yourself.

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Deep Dish In The Pizza Hall Of Fame

Though originated in Chicago, deep dish pizza is widely spread and loved by pizza lovers in the whole country.

This thick, savory pie became popular thanks to many pizza restaurants in Chicago which preserve the history and tradition of the recipe with some small changes and individual recipe secrets.

Some of the legendary pizza spots where you can try the original deep dish pie are Pizzeria Uno, Rosatis Pizza, Lou Malnatis Pizzeria and Pizanos Pizza & Pasta.

This amazing pie has over 70 years of tradition and through the years it has become an American staple. Celebrate this midwestern classic with a slice. Order deep dish pizza for takeout or delivery via the Slice app.

Deep Dish Pizza In Downtown / The Loop

Historical Roots Of &  Where To Get the Best Deep Dish ...

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Labriola And La Barra

The sign of any great pizza is that the crust is so good that even the unadorned parts never get left on the plate. And that’s what happens at Labriola and La Barra. Labriola got its start as a bread-baking concern and in the process produced artisanal-style loaves for some of Chicago’s best restaurants. The owners took this bread-baking experience and created for the pizzas in their restaurant a deep-dish crust filled with airy bubbles, the kind you might find in a good croissant. As a result, even the most-carb-conscious diners will have a tough time leaving any part of the slice behind.

More On Your Foodie Tour

Take a deep dive into a deliriously delicious world, where lofty, flaky crusts brim with sweet tomato sauce and a brazen amount of melty, gooey cheese. No trip to Chicago is complete without indulging in its most iconic and original food deep-dish pizza. You could spend hours researching which place is best, then queuing up for a table, and waiting patiently as the long baking time for these hefty pies ticks down. Or you could simply take a Finger Licking Chicago Deep-Dish Tour to enjoy not one, not two, but three legendary joints all in one easy-breezy 2-hour outing. This self-guided excursion, which is exclusive to only your invited guests, provides immediate seating with VIP service at the four institutions most responsible for Chicagos celebrated deep-dish reputation. Wait time is at a minimum, too, as these knife-and-fork pizzas, which normally take upwards of 45 minutes to bake, will arrive hot out of the oven to you in a mere 10 minutes. Best yet, you can take leftovers with you.

An innovative virtual guide provides fascinating facts about each restaurant. The price of the tour is all inclusive with gratuities. An optional $35 beverage package includes a distinctive brewed-in-Chicago beer at each stop. Whether youre a local or a visitor, a deep-dish connoisseur or newbie, this tour will whet your appetite for Chicagos finest like never before.

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That Famous Scrumptious Burnt

When you order, your pizza will come out piping hot, gooey, and crispy but never too hard or crunchy and it will have a generous amount of toppings. Sometimes one slice is just enough due to the exceptional flavor and great balance of toppings and sauce. Chicago has many pizza joints to choose from, but whether youre local or just passing through, youll find the best toppings and the yummiest experiences at Pequods. Our unique pizza delivery process is worth every penny, and our rates are reasonable, even with delivery fees.

What To Do In Chicago Eat Deep Dish Pizza Of Course

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Cracking open the cloud and searching for the glorious silver-lining, I remembered that jet-lag leaves me craving carbs and Italy had provided a residual hankering for pizza.

And the solution to both of these urges surrounded me in Chicago, one of the most famous pizza cities on earth.

Consequently, for the first few days in Chicago as I fought my bones out of bed and onto the city streets, I did one of the best activities anyone can do in the windy city , I ate deep dish pizza.

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Best Deep Dish Pizza Places In Chicago

We all know the deep dish was born in Chicago. However, not every restaurant in Chicago gets it right.

If you are a Chicago tourist, you will want to go to the best place where this mystical pizza is served.

Here, I will tell you about the best restaurants that serve the best deep-dish pizza slices in Chicago.

These are the places frequented by most locals, and we have to trust the locals, right? Let us get into it.

Here are some best pizza in other places you may want to check out.

Location: 864 N. State St, Chicago, IL 60610

Contact: 312-751-1766

Pizanos has four other locations apart from State street. They include 61 E. Madison Street in Chicago, 800 N Dearborn St in Chicago, 2106 S. Indiana in Chicago, and 1808 N. Waukegan Road in Glenview.

The founder of Chicago deep dish was Rudy Malnati Sr. He first made this pizza at Uno. It is no wonder Pizano has one of the best deep-dish in Chicago. Rudys son, Rudy Jr, opened it.

What Pizano serves is the original deep dish but with a modern twist. The crust is buttery and crispy. They make the crust using a special dough that follows the recipe developed by Donna Malnati, Rudy Jr.s mother.

However, it is less thick compared to the deep dish at Uno.

This means there is a perfect blend of the cheese, toppings, sauce, and crust. Everything balances. You can feel that excellent taste of everything.

They offer carryout and deliveries. They are also available for pizza parties.

Location: 2207 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

The Secret Behind Deep Dish Pizza

So, what is the secret behind deep dish pizza?

Lets take a look at the order by which this famous Chicago pizza is made. As the name says the pie is baked in a deep, round pan, therefore, you get a thick, two to three inches crust.

After the pan is lined with the dough, pizzaiolos cover the crust with cheese first. You may ask yourself why? Well, since deep dish pie is cooked around 30 to 40 minutes, if the cheese goes on top, it can easily burn. And thats something nobody wants, right?

The cheese is followed by meat toppings like salami or pepperoni, different kinds of veggies, all lavishly covered with tomato sauce. You get the best taste in an upside-down kinda pie. Just dont forget to grab a fork and knife before you dig in.

Its in the Crust

It is enough to just say that the crust of the deep dish pie is thick. A lot of things happen to the dough so that at the end you can enjoy a thick but smooth, both crunchy and soft crust.

This is because the dough is laminated with butter. What does that mean? While kneading and rolling the dough covered with butter, pizza chefs leave it to rest before they knead it one more time.

The result? Buttery mouth-watering crust you can easily get addicted to.

The steel deep pan is lined with dough, thats covered with mozzarella all over. And the chef adds different toppings and covers them in tomato sauce before the pie goes in the oven for about 30 minutes or more.

What about the Sauce?

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