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Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago Illinois

Lou Malnati’s Multiple Locations

The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago | Best Of The Best

Lou, as you might have guessed, is the son of Rudy Malnati Sr., inventor of Chicago deep dish, and the brother of Rudy Jr., friendly competitor and owner of Pizano’s. With over 50 locations in Chicago , it’s a good bet that wherever you are in the city, you can locate one of Lou’s pizzerias. Even though this is a franchise, the pizzas have a level of consistency and quality that’s much higher than popular tourist traps like Gino’s and Giordano’s. The zesty sauce and balanced use of cheese are what truly differentiate Lou’s pies.

We Hope The Flavor Will Blow You Away With Our Savory Sauce And Flavorful Toppings We Choose The Best Quality Meats And Cheeses So You Never Have To Skimp On Delicious Options How Do You Find The Best Pizza In Chicago When There Are So Many Choices Consider Stepping Out Of Your Common Go

Yes, you will have to wait because were always poppin, so start your night early. After all, a slice is so good its worth the wait! Just plan to arrive before youre too hungry. Aim for our deep dish pizza or try the pan pizza in your neighborhood with your friends after a busy Friday in the office. We have great prices, especially during our Chicago lunch specials throughout the week. Enjoy a 7-inch personal pan pizza and cheap add-ons like your favorite soda or a simple lunch salad.

Visit Pequods in Chicago and Morton Grove to try our famous deep dish with caramelized crust for yourself.

Giordano’s Event Space Rental Menu

Not sure you want a buffet as part of your event space rental at Giordano’s? Talk to us about ordering food individually from our expansive menu, where every attendee of your special event is sure to find something to please.

Giordano’s wide range of menu options includes our famous stuffed pizza, unique sandwich boxes and baskets, and salads bursting with veggies and other fine ingredients. We also offer Italian specialty pasta just like you would find overseas, delicious appetizers and more.

Each meal reflects our commitment to offering our catering customers the best Italian and American specialties at our standard menu prices.

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Ginos Eastfamous For Chicago Fire Deep

Ginos East is one of the few Chicago-style pizza restaurants that did not evolve from Pizzeria Uno. The original Ginos East opened in 1966. It was founded by two taxi drivers, Fred Bartoli and Sam Levine. They asked their friend George Loverde to join them in getting the restaurant started.

However, the trio credit Alice Mae Redmond as the creator of the recipe that would make Ginos East famous. A highly talented African-American woman with 17 years of pizza-making experience before coming to Ginos, Redmond developed a unique dough recipe, dough conditioner, and dough-handling procedure that set her pies apart from the competition. She worked her magic at Ginos for 29 years.

Ginos East had their initial location on Wells Street, near Chicagos famous Rush Streetone of the major spots in Chicago for nightlife and great restaurants. In the early 1980s, their flagship restaurant moved from its original location to Superior Street in Chicagos River North area.

Ginos East is well known for creative pizzas like their Chicago Fire deep-dish pizza, featuring spicy patty-style sausage, fire roasted red peppers, and red onions. They also feature an Italian Beef pizza. This pizza is covered with Italian beef , sweet peppers, and giardiniera. All these pizzas are also available in thin-crust versions.

What Types Of Events Happen At Giordano’s

Deep dish pizza @ Gino

If you have a get-together on your calendar, Giordano’s can offer an event location for rent that will leave everyone raving.

Customers choose Giordano’s as their premier venue space for rent for parties, corporate meetings, business training workshops, family celebrations, thank-you luncheons and many other types of occasions. When you need a spacious venue and food that will wow your guests, give Giordano’s a call!

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Pequod’soriginator Of The Caramelized Crust

In 1971, in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove, Burt Katz opened Pequods, his third pizza-making venture. One of the things that distinguished the pan pizzas at Pequods from all the other deep dish style pizza in the city was its caramelized crust.

A layer of Mozzarella cheese was sandwiched between the dough and the edges of the pan in which it was made. The bottom crust and all the tall crust along the tall edge of the pan formed a caramelized coating of cheese while the pizza baked in the oven.

Today, more than 50 years later, Pequods is still renowned for its special pies, and routinely wins awards for making some of Chicagos best pizza. Recently, their Italian Sausage Pan Pizza was chosen by The Food Network as one of the 5 best pizzas in the entire United States.

In addition to its original Morton Grove location, Pequods now has a second location, in Chicagos Lincoln Park neighborhood.

The Most Awarded & Recognized Pizza In Chicago

Pequods is regularly featured on food and restaurant television shows, in national print media and on food and travel features. Pequods has earned so many local and national Best Pizza honors that its difficult to list them all. Families, couples, friends, colleagues, foodies and tourists from all over the world visit Pequods to try our award-winning pizza.

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Enjoy Our Hospitality At Whaletaleonly 22 Steps Away

Included with the culture of Chicagos best pizza is, unfortunately, the dreaded waitPequods Pizza in Chicago is no exception, however, its our attention to those waiting where we stand alone. Looking to appreciate both our long-standing Chicago pizza patrons and newcomers alike, our Pequods hospitality has expanded into the steps-away Whale Tale Chicago Restaurant and Bar. We will never make our wait as good as our pizza, but we are trying. #WaitAtTheTale

That Famous Scrumptious Burnt

Chicago Food – The BEST DEEP DISH PIZZA in America! Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

When you order, your pizza will come out piping hot, gooey, and crispy but never too hard or crunchy and it will have a generous amount of toppings. Sometimes one slice is just enough due to the exceptional flavor and great balance of toppings and sauce. Chicago has many pizza joints to choose from, but whether youre local or just passing through, youll find the best toppings and the yummiest experiences at Pequods. Our unique pizza delivery process is worth every penny, and our rates are reasonable, even with delivery fees.

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Private Parties & Corporate Event Venue

Email us to book your next private party room in Chicago! We have Wi-Fi and monitors available for any event. We offer a private party room for birthdays, childrens parties, staff parties, anniversaries, special occasions, corporate meetings, holiday parties, media events and more!

Accommodations are subject to change based on the rules and regulations set forth by the City of Chicago on the day of the reservation.

A Family Tradition Serving The Best Chicago Pizza For Over 60 Years

My father, Rudy Malnati Sr. opened his first restaurant, Pizzeria Uno, in 1943. Located in Chicago, he featured “The Original Deep Dish Pizza“, an innovative creation that made a meal of pizza, which had previously only been eaten as a snack.

He loved traditional food based on authentic recipes using quality ingredients. And he was a stickler for making sure this is what his customers received from his kitchen, along with warm, friendly service and a comfortable setting in which to enjoy these fine dishes.

I opened Pizano’s in 1991 and this legacy is our foundation. We feature great food steeped in the Italian tradition, skillfully prepared from the highest quality ingredients, and served in an inviting atmosphere in which to celebrate friendship and family.

Rudy Malnati Jr.

Reviews and Awards

“Best thin crust pizza in Chicago”

Stuff yourself silly at these credible Italian joints where fans taste the Malnati heritage in buttery, flaky deep-dish pies offered alongside tasty thin-crust

“The deep dish pizza is a fragrant, bubbling thing of wonder

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How Do You Make Chicago

Now that you know what the expect from Chicago pizza, how do you make it? If youve baked pizza at home on a pizza stone, making deep-dish is completely different! First, youll need an iron skillet or a round, steel pan similar to a cake or pie pan. Then follow these steps:

  • Oil the pan to create a crispy crust.
  • Press a thick layer of dough up onto the sides of the pan.
  • Cover the crust with sliced mozzarella cheese. Why cheese first? Because Chicago-style pizza takes extra-long to bake, the cheese would burn if it were added last on top. To prevent that, Chicago pizzas are assembled upside-down.
  • Add various meat options like pepperoni or sausage.
  • Add other toppings like bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, and anything else you like.
  • Make a thick sauce from crushed canned tomatoes and spread on top.
  • Fold in a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese for extra flavor.
  • Whats The Difference Between Deep Dish Pies And Stuffed Pizza


    Im sure there are a thousand pizza aficionados whod queue up to give me a stern talking to for what Im about to say but I personally didnt notice much difference between the deep dish style pizza and the stuffed pizza . In fact, it wasnt until I took a closer look at the respective websites to write this post that I realised there is, apparently, a difference.

    However, if you are interested, the main difference seems to be that the stuffed pizza has a second layer of dough, which tops the pizza like an actual pie. However, as stuffed pizzas can be slightly deeper in terms of toppings and because the second dough is slathered with more tomato sauce and cheese, I really didnt notice any taste difference.

    So, thats my take on the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Have you tried deep dish pies in the windy city? Where was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Beggars Pizza: Serving The Community

    Since our first store opened in 1976, we take great pride in having fed generations of families. Weve been the local destination after little league baseball games, new job celebrations the list goes on. We love it, and we are proud to continue our family tradition of serving our communities in every way.

    Pizanosanother Facet Of The Malnati Pizza Legacy

    Putative inventor of Chicago deep-dish pizza, Rudy Malnati, Sr., was not only instrumental in changing the world of pizza forever back in the 1940s. Two of his sons went on to open their own popular pizzerias in Chicago.

    Weve already discussed Lou Malnatis Pizzeria, but Rudy Malnati, Jr., also followed in his fathers footsteps when he opened Pizanos in 1991. Pizanos does a first-class deep-dish pizza, of course, but it has also won great acclaim for its thin-crust pies.

    At first, branching into thin crust was an idea that did not sit well with Rudys mom, Donna Marie Malnati, family matriarch and custodian of the family dough recipe. But son Rudy Jr. finally convinced her, and Mama Malnati lovingly rolled doughs for both types of pizza at Pizanos into her 90s.

    Pizza lovers of all stripes can find something to make them happy at Pizanos. Its deep dish has been rated by USA Today as one of the 10 best pizzas in America, while Oprah Winfrey has declared Pizanos thin crust as the best thin crust pizza in Chicago. If those accolades arent enough, trust the crowds that pile into Pizanos 4 Chicago locations.

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    History Of Pequods Pizza

    Regularly listed as serving some of the best pizza in Chicago, Pequods Pizza is home to the pan-style deep-dish pizza with a caramelized crust. Just minutes from the bustle of downtown Chicago in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, Pequods has been a staple in this area for more than 40 years.

    Since 1970, Pequods Pizza has served some of the citys most mouthwatering pan pizzas. Our original location, which still operates in Morton Grove, was the brainchild of the late Burt Katz. He sought a way to bring his signature caramelized crust from Gullivers Pizza & Pub, which is still in existence in nearby Rogers Park.

    Katz stayed at Pequods until 1986, when he sold the business to new owners, and in 1992, these new owners opened a second location in Lincoln Park. The Lincoln Park neighborhood is the perfect spot for nature lovers since it has a bevy of parks, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and the Chicago Lakefront Trail. Its also a shoppers paradise with numerous beautiful boutiques lined in historic row homes. Once youre done exploring the outdoors or shopping to your hearts content, you can head over to Pequods to refuel.

    Burts Placeanthony Bourdains Favorite Deep

    Chicago’s Best Deep-Dish Pizza, According to Locals Open Road

    After selling Pequods Pizzeria in 1986, Burt Katz took a break from the pizza business. In 1989, however, he got back in, opening Burts Place in Morton Grove. He went back to making the caramelized crust deep pan pizza that had already made him a Chicagoland legend.

    At his new place, Burt was the only pizza maker his wife Sharon ran the front of the house. That was the entire staff.

    People would come from all over Chicago, elsewhere in the U.S., and even from abroad to enjoy Burts world-famous pizza. Among them was Anthony Bourdain, who visited during the filming of a Chicago episode of his beloved show No Reservations.

    Bourdain was a New Yorker, New York pizza lover, and longtime Chicago-pizza skeptic. But Burts Place won him over. After trying a pizza at Burts during his 2009 visit, he proclaimed, Burts is the only deep-dish pizza I ever loved.

    Burt passed away in 2016, but he passed along his original recipes, techniques, and iconic pizzeria to its current owner, Jerry Petrow. Burts Place is still going strong, retaining lifelong customers by staying true to its roots and earning new fans by continuing to make marvelous pies.

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    Where Is The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago

    This is such a controversial topic in fact, I didnt realise until I ate deep dish pizza in Chicago and wrote this article, how passionate and divided people are on the topic. You only need to read the hundreds of comments to get a flavour of how split people are. If youre looking for a quick list of the best deep dish in Chicago, here it is.

    Read on for more details of my experience finding the best deep dish in Chicago.

    Why Choose Giordano’s For Your Event

    The Giordano’s story began in Italy many years ago, and every step of our success has been made possible by family, friends and community. We celebrate togetherness and gatherings because we believe all occasions are made better by great conversation and incredible food.

    When you rent a private or semi-private dining room for event space at Giordano’s, we go the extra mile to ensure our venue matches your needs. From the incredible service offered by our friendly, knowledgeable staff to a collection of mouthwatering menu items sure to please everyone at your celebration, you can trust Giordano’s to be second to none.

    Best of all, you can enjoy all the fun of hosting an event with none of the prep or cleanup. Let us do the backstage work so you can enjoy your day or evening with friends, family members, coworkers or volunteers!

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    How To Order Your Pequods Pizza

    For starters, consider your crew and your favorite toppings. If youre coming in with your favorite tree huggers and vegetarians, you might want to skip our famous sausage and pepperoni and opt for mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and basil. Remember, the caramelized crust will bring you great joy for those days when nothing but deep dish and cheese will do. You can pick from premium toppings like Italian beef or meatballs, or choose our fresh Italian giardiniera relish, mild pepperoncini peppers, or fresh garlic. The perfect caramelized crust, also described as a halo of goodness, leads to a wonderful meal that keeps our guests coming back regularly.

    You know its good when locals prefer it to the larger chains downtown. If youre looking for something a little different, consider our famous wings or pasta options. Pequods loves serving up spaghetti, mostaccioli, ravioli, and tortellini in full or half order sizes to go along with your pizza and beer. If you order an entire pizza, youll have leftovers to heat up throughout the week for lunch or a late-night snack. If you prefer a sandwich, consider the meatball or our Italian combo. For a lighter option, go for our signature Pequods salad or a Caesar with that fresh parmesan.

    Which Pizza Is Better Unos Vs Giordanos

    Deepest deep dish pizza in Chicago! Abundance of cheese makes it soooo ...

    Like anything involving taste, it will always come down to personal preference. For me, Unos won.

    Why? If youre new to Chicago style pizza, let me give you a chocolate-based analogy.

    Cadburys chocolate is a brand I can consume by the truck load just ask the Easter bunny. Its an enjoyable taste thats reliable and consistent right down to the last flake of that family-sized bar. But then you have the chocolates created by the Belgians and the Swiss. Delectable, divine and likely to leave you feeling over-indulged before you get half-way through a small piece.

    To me, that was the difference between Unos vs Giordanos. The former was the fine chocolate the latter offering the more consistent and predictable taste. And, it turns out I like my pizza just like my chocolate for the taste and pleasure I can derive from just a few bites of something rich and indulgent, Ill take the risk of overwhelming my tastebuds. In a world where average flavours abound, Id prefer the experience of somewhere like Unos every time.

    Of course, I accept that its not possible to determine the best deep dish pizza in Chicago from just two pizzas but Ill commit to this as a work in progress and the next time Im jet-lagged in Chicago, Ill get a few more deep dish pizzas under my belt. Literally.

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