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Dual Language Schools In Chicago

What Is Dual Language

West Chicago District 33 Dual Language Program

The Dual Language Program is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and academic content in two languages. It offers a unique opportunity for students to excel academically and learn a second language. Dual language programs foster:

  • bilingualism
  • enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity
  • high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages
  • Whats Something Happening In The Community That Affects What Goes On Inside Your Class

    I would say right now the closest thing would be COVID, obviously, but also, there is gun violence going around within the area. You know, there are students saying threats to one another in middle school in high school. A lot of our second graders have siblings in middle school and high school, and that kind of gets talked about within our classroom.

    A Proven Path To Future Success For Catholic Schools Exists:

    Dual-language immersion schooling is a pedagogically successful, academically rich, intercultural program of education policy and practice. Research on dual language education and student outcomes has consistently found that English learners in dual language programs outperform their peers in other educational models, both in terms of academic success and English language learning.

    Additionally, dual language schools help students maintain and develop their heritage language, build bridges to other languages and cultures, preserve intergenerational continuity and increase academic and economic opportunities. For this reason Notre Dames Dr. Luis Fraga suggests this innovative education model in Catholic schools may be, the most long-lasting way that Catholics can meet the expectations of the USCCBs to build more communities of intercultural competence grounded in a unifying living of the Gospel. It is hard to imagine a better gift that leaders of Catholic schools can leave to later generations of Catholic faithful.”

    Recognizing dual-language immersion to be an ideal fit for Catholic schools, the English as a New Language program teamed up with the Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies and Holy Cross School in South Bend and St. Procopius School in Chicago to design, implement, and research its two-way Spanish immersion program.

    To learn more about our two-way immersion efforts, contact Dr. Katy Lichon at .

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    Was There A Moment When You Decided To Become A Teacher

    I actually did not have a great experience in elementary, middle school, and high school. I never had any teachers Ive ever had a connection with. I hear all these amazing stories of Oh, I love my third grade teacher, or I love my high school teacher, and I never had that. For me, that was something that I thought I needed to change. When I first started teaching, my greater purpose of going into education was to be someone that the students can relate to, especially as somebody of color. I wanted to make sure that students can see themselves be successful in different areas.

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    Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts &  Dual Language

    CPS Dual Language Programs are currently offered in select neighborhood schools, charter schools, and magnet schools. Students in DLE Programs include those identified as English Learners , non-English Learners , or heritage language learners.

    One-way dual language programs provide instruction in two languages and serve mostly ELs, former ELs, and heritage language learners in the same classroom.

    Two-way dual language programs aim for a 50:50 balance of ELs/heritage language learners and non-ELs in the classroom. If this ratio cannot be met, each language group should account for at least one third. Students serve as language models to each other as they acquire the second language. Like one-way programs, two-way dual language programs provide instruction in two languages and include a mix of ELs, non-ELs, and heritage language learners in the same classroom.

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    Manuel Perez Jr Elementary Chicago Il

    Located in the culturally rich neighborhood of Pilsen, Perez Elementary finds its home among inimitable street art and colorful, family-run restaurants, and its only a 12-minute walk from the South Loop. GreatSchools gives Perez a rating of 5/10, but with its 13.5 student-to-teacher ratio and test scores 26.4 points above expected, this school is a real contender.

    The median home sale price for zip code 60608 is $310,300, which comes out to $236 per square foot . Even better, the most recent test score data shows ALL Perez students scoring at A- level or above, according to SchoolSparrow metrics. Shoutout to the 6th grade teachers, whose students have scored at A+ level for two years in a row!

    Sadly, enrollment at Perez is down due to increased housing costs as a result of gentrification, but new families in the area arent sending their kids to the neighborhood school. If these families are worried about school quality, they shouldnt be. Perez is undoubtedly an Out-Performer that beats expected test scores by nearly 100%.

    Address: 1241 West 19th Street, Chicago, IL 60608

    More Cps Schools To Add Dual Language Programs

    CHICAGO Chicago Public Schools plans to expand the district’s dual language programming to seven additional schools in the 2018-2019 school year, officials announced Wednesday.

    The seven schools include the first two CPS high schools to offer full dual language programs, CPS Chief Education Officer Janice K. Jackson said. By fall of 2018, a total of 27 CPS schools will offer dual language programs.

    Dual language programs integrate both English and Spanish into core instruction to provide immersion in both languages, with the goal of developing bilingualism in English and Spanish. To support students in their non-native languages, students receive language development instruction in the language they are learning.

    The seven CPS schools selected to begin dual language programming in 2018 are:

    Back of the Yards IB High School, 2111 W. 47th St.

    Bateman Elementary School, 4220 N. Richmond St.

    Chase Elementary School, 2021 N. Point St.

    Cooper Elementary School, 1624 W. 19th St.

    Darwin Elementary School, 3116 W. Belden Ave.

    Schurz High School, 3601 N. Milwaukee Ave.

    Stowe Elementary School, 3444 W. Wabansia Ave.

    Jackson said CPS is committed to expanding academic opportunities that complement “the diverse backgrounds, languages and cultures of our student population and city.”

    Funding for the dual language program is provided through Title III funds, federal funding dedicated to the support of English language learners.

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    Spanish/english Dual Language In U

    The U-46 Dual Language Program mirrors and honors the linguistic and cultural diversity of our learning community. In our 80:20 Dual Language Program Model design, students learn school subjects through both English and Spanish instruction. Students are able to develop high levels of academic and language proficiency in their first and second languages. The curricula implemented in the dual language classrooms are School District U-46s adopted curricula and are taught through scaffolding and interactive approaches, which ensure that children learn the academic content while developing their first and second languages.

    Find more information on this page about our signature Dual Language program. Below is a detailed video presentation about the Dual Language Program in English and Spanish.

    Dual Language And Immersion Programs


    Dual Language and Immersion are programs of choice that are available for all students in District 54. Dual Language classes at the elementary level are composed of approximately 50% English or other language proficient students and 50% Spanish or Japanese-proficient students. Chinese Immersion is a one-way immersion experience where the vast majority of students have no prior experience or proficiency in the Chinese language. Dual Language and Chinese Immersion teachers and the English partner teachers foster high academic achievement by teaching the two target languages through content. These programs seek to develop academic and cultural competence and bilingualism for students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

    District 54 has partnered with the Spanish Embassy and is honored to have our Spanish Dual Language Schools recognized as International Spanish Academies.

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    Bonus: Madison Elementary School Lombard Il

    No list of Chicagos Out-Performers would be complete without suburban schools! Thirty minutes west of the city, Madison boasts above average scores for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, even without normalizing for parent income, but, since it scrapes only 6/10 in GreatSchools, itd be easy to miss.

    When you adjust scores for parent income, the news is even better. Overall, Madisons students score 13.4 points higher than expected! And with a diversity score of 30.0 , you can be sure your child will be entering a vibrant, inclusive community in one of the best elementary schools in Chicago.

    Located a 30-40 minute drive from the South Loop, the zip code 60148 has a median sale price of $253,400 and an average $185 psf.

    Address: 150 W Madison St, Lombard, IL 60148

    Dual Language In Gentrifying Neighborhoods

    Another challenge with creating so many dual language schools: Several neighborhoods once home to many Spanish-speaking immigrants are gentrifying or have gentrified. This has pushed families out who are unable to afford housing, and now some of the oldest dual language schools are now in desperate need of students.

    A WBEZ analysis of dual language schools found that half are in Chicago neighborhoods that are at high risk of gentrifying, according to data from University of Illinois at Chicagos Voorhees Center for Neighborhood and Community Change. The Voorhees Center makes this determination by looking at demographics and area rents.

    Two of the neighborhoods with the most dual language schools Logan Square and West Town are two of the most gentrified.

    The dual language expansion is creating some suspicion, especially because they are also popular among white, more affluent families who want their children to learn two languages.

    Barrera said she worries the school district is adding these programs in Logan Square schools to make them more attractive to new residents.

    Instead of honoring and bringing pride from our native language, in this case Spanish, I think it is a way of playing with part of our culture, Barrera said.

    The two new dual language schools announced this summer, though, are in heavily Latino areas.

    Sarah Karp covers education for WBEZ. Follow her on Twitterand.

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    How Do You Approach News Events In Your Classroom

    In second grade, theyre 8 or 7 and more aware of whats going on in the world. Were reading a book about individuality, how were all different, and how that is okay. A student brought up the topic of Black Lives Matter into the classroom and the things that were going on. We went into a full discussion of gun violence happening throughout the United States and within our neighborhood, too. So theyre very aware of the topic, and Im giving them space to actually share their thoughts.

    John M Palmer Elementary School Chicago Il

    Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts &  Dual Language

    Dont dismiss this school just because it only achieves a 6/10 on GreatSchools. Palmers 3rd through 6th grade students achieve far above average4th graders are doing especially awesomeaccording to SchoolSparrow rankings.

    Located 12 miles away from the South Loop, the zip code 60630 boasts a $326,700 median sale price , making it slightly more expensive than Chicago overall. Still, with a 19 student-to-teacher ratio and an impressive diversity score, Palmer would be a great elementary school for anyone searching in the Albany Park or North Park areas.

    Address: 5051 N Kenneth Ave Chicago, IL 60630

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    Dual Language Informational Meetings

    Dual Language Informational videos are now available below as voice-over PowerPoint presentations in English and Spanish for parents of incoming Kindergarten and 1st-grade students interested in learning more about the Dual Language Program.

    Las presentaciones informativas del Programa de Lenguaje Dual están actualmente disponibles más abajo en inglés y español para padres de estudiantes que comienzan kindergarten y estudiantes de 1er grado interesados en aprender más acerca del Programa de Lenguaje Dual.

    Hen K Hayt Elementary School Chicago Il

    Since Hayt scores only a 6 out of 10 on GreatSchools, itd be all too easy to overlook this school. But when normalized for parent income, Hayt Elementarys 3rd through 8th graders all score well above average, making it one of the best Chicago elementary schools!

    Hayt Elementary is located in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago with great access to the Red Line, the Lake, and tons of restaurants and shopping options on Clark Street. The median price of homes currently listed in 60660 is $250,000 .

    With the Loop only 20-25 minutes away, its a perfect location for those who love the city.

    Address: 1518 W Granville Ave Chicago, IL 60660

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    Ten Archdiocesan Schools To Pilot Preschool Dual

    By Michelle Martin | Staff writer Wednesday, May 19, 2021

    Ten archdiocesan schools will begin offering preschool students daily core instruction in Spanish, Mandarin or Polish next year as part of a pilot program developed in partnership with the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame.

    Schools in the Early Childhood Language Intensive Preschool pilot program will teach students in languages widely spoken in their communities for at least 30 minutes a day, with a goal of helping students become both bilingual and biliterate, said Katy Lichon, director of Catholic School Advantage and English as a New Language at Notre Dame.

    Learning two languages at a young age builds a strong foundation for students raised in non-English-speaking households and provides an excellent opportunity for those from English-speaking homes to learn about other cultures, Lichon said.

    There is solid research indicating when you reach students at the pre-K level with multilingual instruction, it tends to stay with them in later years, she said.

    Eight schools offering 30 minutes to an hour of daily core lessons in Spanish will be Annunciata, St. Bartholomew, St. Bede the Venerable, St. Mary of the Angels, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Nicholas of Tolentine and St. Richard, all in Chicago and Pope John XXIII in Evanston. St. Therese in Chinatown will offer a curriculum in Mandarin Chinese, and St. Zachary in Des Plaines will provide instruction in Polish.


    Durkin Park Elementary School Chicago Il

    Language and Identity in a Dual Immersion School – Dr. Kim Potowski

    With test scores an average of 13.3 points higher than expected, Durkin Park ranks as one of the best elementary schools in Chicago, according to SchoolSparrow rankings! Students from all gradesbut especially 3rd, 4th, and 8thall score significantly higher than expected, when adjusted for parent income.

    Dont write this K-8 school off just because GreatSchools rated it 5 out of 10. A closer look at its students performance suggests that the quality of education your child would receive should rate closer to 8/10!

    Located half an hour away from the South Loop, the median home sale price in zip code 60652 is $197,700 and $172 per square foot, which makes it affordable in comparison to Chicago overall .

    Address: 8445 S Kolin Ave Chicago, IL 60652

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    William C Goudy Technology Academy Chicago Il

    Situated right between Sheridan Ave. and North Broadway, Goudy is a perfect option if youre looking for a home in the heart of Chicago!

    With a 16.8 student-to-teacher ratio and a high diversity score, Goudy promises a tight-knit, vibrant community for your K-8th grade student! Whats more, although GreatSchools awards Goudy only 6/10, its students from all grades score well above average when normalized for parent income. Special shoutout to the third and eighth graders, who both score A+ on SchoolSparrow rankings!

    The median sale price for homes in zip code 60640 is $293,400 or $246 psf. And whats better than going to school five minutes away from Lake Michigan?

    Address: 5120 N Winthrop Ave Chicago, IL 60640

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