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Dump Trailer For Sale In Chicago

Used Trailer Shopping Tips

Mega Dump Trailer For Sale in Chicago

Gather as much information as possible about any used trailers you are interested in. Ask about the rig’s history, get information about previous owners, see records of maintenance checks, and so on. The better you know the used trailer’s past, the better you can predict its future performance.

Next, give the rig a thorough inspection. See if you can spot any red flags that could lead to expensive repairs down the road. Check the tires, axle, frame, brakes, electrical connections, floor, suspension, and so on. You can also consider hiring a professional to perform an inspection since they can catch things the average person would miss.

Ready to check out used trailers for sale? Head over to Gina’s Motorsports of Monee for a range of options. Our friendly staff can help you find the right model for your lifestyle, so stop by today. Our dealership is located in Monee, Illinois. We welcome all those in Kankakee County.

Quarter Star By Iloca Dump Trailer

We have 2 models outfitted with different rear gates. Weight on these trailers is estimated at 16,000#s.The Air Actuated gate can be operated manually by a pull valve or electrically by an Aux Receptacle on the front.Additionally, the trailer host a compliment of cross members on her belly and the tub itself is made of 100% Hardox AR-450 steel. This Hardox is a Swedish tempered steel. Once heated to temper it is then quenched in the Baltic Sea, and makes the hardest, dent resistant steel of any other line. The Top Rail of the Tub is also a Hardox AR-450 and integrates the Shedder. The advantage to this top rail is it will keep the tub from bowing out. The Front and gate are also this Hardox AR-450, so consistent strength and durability throughout.These are on the ground at ILoca in Aurora IL, available now and I would invite and encourage you to come see these trailers personally. or call 855-707-2909 today for more information.Your Partner For The Long Haul ®

Utility Trailer Rentals For The Greater Chicagoland Area

When you rent utility trailers from Express Trailer you can expect fast friendly service. We provide a variety of trailer types and sizes that are easy to pull and well maintained. Our goal is to make the rental experience as quick, painless and carefree as possible.

Our utility trailers come in the following types and sizes:

6 x 12 Open Single Axle

Economical and perfect for moving items that do not need protection from the elements. The rear of the trailer drops down and acts as a ramp.

6 x 12 Enclosed

Ideal size for picking up furniture or appliances you may have recently purchased or need to relocate. Perfect for moving your student to or home from college. The rear trailer door drops down and acts as a ramp.

7 x 14 Enclosed Dual Axle

Designed to transport larger and heavier loads. Many people use this trailer to move several large pieces of furniture. Logistics rails built into the floor and wall enable ratchet straps to be utilized to secure items inside the trailer. Because of these logistics rails, this unit is perfect for hauling up to two large motorcycles. The rear trailer door drops down and acts as a ramp.

7 x 16 Enclosed Dual Axle

This trailer is also designed for hauling larger and heavier loads. Many people use this trailer to move an entire apartment full of furniture. The rear trailer door drops down and acts as a ramp.

at 488-0079 for more information on our utility trailer rentals or to receive a quote for your cartage project!

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Buyer’s Guide To Used Trailers

If you need to invest in a trailer to expand your hauling capacity, consider a used model. You can find used trailers with minimal wear and an appealing price tag. Below we cover the benefits and strategies for shopping used trailers. When you are ready to check out used trailers for sale, visit Gina’s Motorsports of Monee. We are located in Monee, Illinois, and serve those in Chicago as well.

Chicago Style Dump Trailer By Manac For Iloca

2O13 Dump Trailer. No Problems. for Sale in Chicago, IL

ILoca is a full servicing Semi Trailer Dealership, selling Dry Vans, Reefers, Platform and Heavy Haul trailers.One of our manufacturers, Manac, has improved and designed ILoca a Chicago Style Dump. The success of Manac with their line of Dump Trailers, is primarily due to them over-engineering these trailers. They can hold up to the type of conditions they are prone to. Minimizing maintenance and avoidable damage. These trailers unlike others, are built on New Suspensions and Axles. Fully warrantied ILoca is a full servicing dealer providing parts, repair including Warranty services, if needed. We want to become your transportation partner for the long haul.

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Custom Trailer Sales And Product Options

We’re especially proud of our custom trailers! We specialize in creating custom trailers for personal and business use. We’ve designed and built marketing trailers for known names such as Xbox Kinect and an array of Fortune 500 companies. Our four factory-trained designers keep individual businesses’ goals and values in mind when customizing premium display trailers. No matter what your requirements are, our friendly staff in will work with you every step of the way, until you drive off with the trailer of your dreams! Some of our quality products include:

The Benefits Of Buying Used

Often, the most compelling reason to shop used trailers for sale is the lower price. Thanks to depreciation, a model begins losing value the moment it leaves a dealership’s lot. Even if the trailer was hardly used, it’ll be sold at a significantly lower price than its new counterpart. Maybe the previous owners realized they don’t use a trailer enough to justify owning it. Maybe they wanted to upgrade to a larger or newer model. There are plenty of reasons people sell their trailer other than they wore it down to the bone. With a little research, you can find a high-quality used trailer at a low price.

Another benefit of used trailers is you’ll get greater access to information. These models have already been on the road for some time and current owners often use customer reviews to share their experiences. Maybe owners complain of common performance or maintenance issues, so you steer clear. Maybe owners report they love their model, so you prioritize seeking it out at a used trailer dealership. Use current ownersâ experiences to guide your search.

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