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First Time Home Buyer Grants Chicago

Closing Cost Assistance Programs For Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyer $17,500 GRANT Can Buy A House in 2022

Closing cost assistance programs are home buyer stimulus plans that pay up to 100% of a buyers purchase closing costs, including title expenses, transfer taxes, and mortgage fees.

Typically, home buyers apply for closing cost assistance through their local housing agency, separate from their lender. You can look up your states housing agency on the National Council of State Housing Agencies website. The buyer and the home must meet the agencys minimum quality standards.

Closing cost assistance programs target lower-income home buyers with average credit scores, at least.

The first step towards getting closing cost assistance is getting pre-approved.

Homestarts Homebuyer Incentive Program

In partnership with Midland States Bank, the HomeStart Homebuyer Incentive Program offers qualified buyers a grant of $2,500 to be used towards the purchase of their home. To qualify, homebuyers must purchase within HomeStarts 10 county service area, the home purchased must be the primary residence of the homebuyer, and the applicant must be of low to moderate income or purchase within a low to moderate income census tract. Applicants must also complete one-on-one counseling and homebuyer education. To learn more about this program call our office at 815-962-2011!

Illinois State Treasurers Office

The Finally Home program is offered by the Illinois State Treasurers Office to guarantee up to 10% of a mortgage in partnership with eligible lenders. This program is designed for lower to middle-income families buying or refinancing a home who fall just short of the lenders guidelines.

There are several qualifications you must meet:

  • Be an Illinois resident and taxpayer
  • Buying or refinancing a home in Illinois
  • The 10% guarantee cannot be used for closing costs
  • You must contribute at least 3.5% toward a down payment
  • Meet income and housing limits
  • Fall just short of the lenders requirements due to poor credit, a high debt-to-income ratio, or other factors

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Good Neighbor Next Door Program

Must be a police officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician or a pre-K to 12th grade teacher
Best For Local public servants with little savings set aside for a downpayment

The Good Neighbor Next Door Program is one of the most unique federal mortgage offerings. Although technically not a loan, it provides emergency personnel and teachers with a 50% discount on the purchase price of a new home. To pay for the home, you could get a conventional, VA or FHA mortgage. Or you could simply pay cash.

Saving half on your homes value doesnt come without preconditions, of course. First, your home must be within what the Department of Housing and Urban Development determines is a Revitalization Area. Furthermore, you must agree to make the home your primary residence for at least three years. The good news is that if you meet these terms, you can sell the home after three years pass and retain any equity and profit.

Illinois First Time Home Buyer Grant Requirements

Ms. Munoz

However, each grant program or assistance needs the eligibility requirements and they all have different eligibility requirements. And the applicants must fulfill and follow all their rules and terms. Many of the grant programs or schemes need:

  • Your income will be low to moderate to get assistance.
  • Get the home as a primary residence.
  • You will buy the home in a specific geographical location.
  • You have to take the home buyer classes or participate in housing counseling, to understand how to buy the home.
  • You have to buy the house within the purchase limits.
  • You have to use your money to buy the home, up to $1,000 or the 1% of the house price.
  • Usually The credit should be 640 that is considered as minimum credit score for this assistance

You will also get help to buy a first-time home in Illinois from the getgovtgrants assistance, and get guidance to get assistance or a loan for buying the home in Illinois for the first time.

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First Time Home Buyer Programs In Chicago

Jun 13, 2020 | Getting Started Buying a Home, Home Buying Tips

As a first-time buyer, saving that 20% downpayment may sound daunting, if not impossible. You are not alone! In fact, the steep downpayment is the single biggest hurdle standing between new buyers and their first homes. For some, it can take a whole lifetime of work to muster the tens of thousands required to secure a purchase.

Thankfully, first-time buyer grants exist for those in need.

What is a first time home buyer grant?

Buyer grants and programs generally exist through federal funding. After they supply states like Illinois with money, individual states endow grant programs that offset downpayment and fast-track first time home ownership. Grants contribute to a variety of expenses, including the downpayment, closing costs, or the entire price of a home, and do not require repayment like a typical bank loan.

Possible qualifications

Most grants have specific requirements of recipients. Here are examples of some things the grant may require:

  • The home is your primary residence.
  • The home is in a particular zip code or neighborhood.
  • Moderate income and/or home purchase price.

Before Applying

These grants will be of no use without a mortgage loan, and loan approval takes a certain amount of credit and effort. Before applying for any of these grants, it may be prudent to prequalify for a mortgage loan to make sure you wont be held up when that time in the process comes.

Available Grants

Purchasing A Home In One Of Illinois Largest Cities

Unsurprisingly, Chicago has the highest home prices of the states three major cities. However, as of April 2022, those prices were unchanged year on year. So, at the very least, Chicago home buyers arent facing the sky-high inflation found in many other real estate markets around the country.

Aurora and Joliet real estate values both increased. Nonetheless, they are less expensive than in Chicago.

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Ihda Access Repayable Mortgage

IHDAs Access Repayable Mortgage package includes a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage and a loan for 10 percent of the purchase price, up to $10,000. Designed to help cover down payment and closing costs, this loan is repaid in monthly installments over a 10-year period. The Repayable program has similar credit requirements and income and purchase price limits as other Access programs.

Tips To Incorporate Your New Mortgage Into Your Financial Life

IHDA’s First-Time Home Buyer Program
  • No matter where you buy a home, the purchase will impact your entire financial picture. Its probably wise to work with a professional as you prepare to buy your first home. SmartAssets financial advisor matching tool will match you with up to three advisors in your area who can meet your needs.
  • Determine how much house you can afford before you begin shopping for homes. This way, your mind and wallet will be in sync.
  • Just because you qualify for a mortgage, doesnt mean its right for you. Investigate the lenders, interest rates and down payment requirements of each choice. But buying a home is so much more than forking over a down payment. Be sure you know the closing costs, inspection fees and moving expenses too.

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Additional Financing Tips For First

In addition to federal and state government-sponsored lending programs, there are other financial strategies that may help you become a homeowner. Some examples:

Traditional IRA withdrawals. The IRS allows qualifying first-time homebuyers a one-time, penalty-free withdrawal of up to $10,000 from their IRA if the money is used to buy, build, or rebuild a home. The IRS considers anyone who has not owned a primary residence in the past three years a first-time homebuyer. You will still owe income tax on the IRA withdrawal. If youre married and your spouse has an IRA, they may also make a penalty-free withdrawal of $10,000 to purchase a home. The downside, of course, is that large withdrawals may jeopardize your retirement savings.

Roth IRA withdrawals. Because Roth IRA contributions are made with after-tax money, the IRS allows tax- and penalty-free withdrawals of contributions for any reason as long as youve held the account for five years. You may also withdraw up to $10,000 in earnings from your Roth IRA without paying taxes or penalties if you are a qualifying first-time homebuyer and you have had the account for five years. With accounts held for less than five years, homebuyers will pay income tax on earnings withdrawn.

State and local down payment assistance programs. Usually offered at the regional or county level, these programs provide flexible second mortgages for first-time buyers looking into how to afford a down payment.

What Is A Homebuyers Program

There are different types of homebuyer programs, but they all have one goal: to make homeownership accessible to more people. Those who face financial obstacles or disadvantages through conventional loan or mortgage programs may benefit from a homebuyer program. Suitable applicants might include first-time buyers, veterans, or lower-income families.

Not everyone can access enough credit to purchase a home. State and private homebuyer programs help bridge the gap by offering mortgage benefits to those with lower-incomes.

Some homebuyer programs are guaranteed by the federal government, allowing the participating lender to compensate you with much better interest rates than if you were simply purchasing a home through conventional loans.

Nervous about getting started with the Illinois real estate market? Dont be. At HomeLoanExpert, we aim to replace the stress of homebuying with kindness and community. The first step? Learning about how first-time homebuyer programs can help you reach your goals.

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Home Price Trends In Illinois Major Areas

Median home prices in the state of Illinois fall below $150,000 in many parts of the state, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. These prices are rising, but more slowly than in many parts of the country: around 5% to 10% year over year in many areas.

In Cook County, home to Chicago, the median home price increased 7% to $284,509. This translates to a monthly mortgage payment of $1,080, which is up $42 year over year. In Will County, the median home price is $273,843, up 7% year over year. This translates to a monthly mortgage payment of $1,039, up $39.

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Common Home Buyer Grant Terms

Each first time home buyer program typically has its own eligibility terms and conditions, so its important to speak with a professional about the most up-to-date qualification guidelines. But many grants have the following stipulations:

  • Must occupy the home as a primary residence
  • Must have low to moderate income
  • Must buy within specified purchase price limits
  • Must put some money down, often $1,000 or 1 percent of the homes price
  • Must buy in pre-determined locations
  • Must take buyer classes or participate in housing counseling.

Fannie Mae Homeready Mortgages

Fannie Mae HomeReady® Mortgages allow down payments as low as 3% for low-income borrowers. Applicants generally need a credit score of at least 620 pricing may be better for credit scores of 680 and above. Like the Freddie Mac program, HomeReady loans allow flexibility for down payment financing, such as gifts and grants.

For income limits, a comparison to an FHA loan, and other information, go to this Fannie Mae site.

Three or more children: 5%

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Kankakee Homebuyer Incentive Program

The Kankakee Homebuyer Incentive Program, or KHIP, offers $2,500 grants on a first-come, first-served basis for residents buying a home within Kankakee city limits. The grants are for low- to moderate-income households or families buying homes in low- to moderate-income census tracts. Applicants are required to complete a home buyer education course.

Which Loan Is Best For First

TOP 5 First Time Homebuyer Grants | Best Down Payment Assistance Programs in EVERY STATE!

The majority of first-time home buyers use 30-year fixed-rate mortgages backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to purchase their first home but that doesnt make it the best loan for first-time buyers. Mortgages are not one-size-fits-all. Get pre-approved and let your lender advise you on which mortgage loan is best for you.

Read more of our other first-time home buyer tips.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage today.

Dan Green

Dan Green is a former mortgage loan officer and an industry expert. He’s appeared on NPR and CNBC, and in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and dozens of local newspapers. Dan has helped millions of first-time home buyers get educated on mortgages, real estate, and personal finance. Have mortgage questions? Ask Dan in the chat.

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Freddie Mac Home Possible Mortgages

Very low- and low-income borrowers may make a 3% down payment on a Home Possible® mortgage. These loans allow various sources for down payments, including co-borrowers, family gifts, employer assistance, secondary financing, and sweat equity.

is for buyers who have a credit score of at least 660. Once you pay 20% of your loan, the Home Possible mortgage insurance will be canceled, which will lower your mortgage payments.

City Of Altons Homeownership Program

People who want to buy a home in Alton will get the five years forgivable loan. This loan they will get for the down payment and closing costs. And also get this loan on a first-time, first-served basis.

If any buyer fulfills all the requirements of the loan, along with the very low-income, they will get help up to $5,000. So, if you want to have a home in Alton then meet the requirements of the program.

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What To Know About Different Types Of Down Payment Assistance

Illinois offers three of the most common types of down payment assistance loans. All are structured as a second mortgage, but the terms of how you repay them are different.

  • Forgivable loan. The IHDAccess Forgivable is a second mortgage that you dont need to make payments on. Instead, it is forgivable over 10 years meaning that each month you live in the home, a portion of the balance is wiped away. If you sell or refinance the home before the 10 years have passed, youll need to pay back the balance of the loan.
  • Deferred loan. These loans, including the IHDAccess Deferred, do not require monthly payments as long as you live in the home. Generally, they are repaid in full when the first mortgage is paid off .
  • Interest-free loan. The IHDAccess Repayable loan must be paid back with monthly payments over 10 years, but Illinois does not charge interest on the loan.

If you search down payment assistance programs in other states, you may also find traditional second mortgages that do charge interest and, in some cases, grants that do not need to be repaid.

Dont Make Any Big Purchases Before Closing

designcareerweek: Home Buying Assistance Programs In Illinois

The reason being now is when your credit needs to be at its best and nothing should change. Lets say you buy something big, like that car youve been eyeing up for months. Now lets think about what happens when you buy this new car right before you buy a home.

This new car is a $30,000 car. By purchasing it you have now have changed your debt to income ratio. I wont go too deep into this now so lets just keep it simple. You now have more debt , which means less net effective income, which means the Lender now sees your situation as you being less financially secure. Unfortunately, its things like this that can hurt your credit that a lot of people are unaware of.

It happens all the time, less money in your pocket makes the bank more skeptical. And what does the bank do when they are skeptical? They raise your interest rate, which will in turn raise your payments, and that means they will have you paying more for your home than you should have. Get it, NO BIG PURCHASES PRIOR TO CLOSING! After closing, go crazy if you can afford it.

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Loans For First Responders And Public Servants

Known as the Good Neighbor Next Door , this loan program serves firefighters, EMS workers, law enforcement, teachers, and other public servants. One unique benefit is that the GNND loans are available to all home buyers, not just first-timers. This is offered on a first-come basis, so applicants must be prepared to act quickly upon finding a home.

All the loan programs above are available for single-family homes, condominiums, and multi-unit dwellings. Depending on the property type, there might be slightly different lending requirements.

Home Investment Partnership Program

The Home Investment Partnership Program helps eligible homebuyers buy or build a new home. Assistance takes the form of grants, loan guarantees, lower interest rates, and deferred-payment loans, depending on individual scenarios.

At the minimum, heres what you need to qualify:

  • Intent to live in the home
  • Property cant exceed 95% of median area purchase price
  • Jurisdiction must implement resale provisions to protect affordability

Best for: Everyone needing some form of assistance for a mortgage.

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