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Flash Cab Chicago Phone Number

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Flash Cab with Alexis Texas on the Preston and Steve Show on 93.3 WMMR
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Chicago Transportation Taxi Service Flash Cab Co In Cook County Il 60656

Find a Chicago Transportation Taxi Service that is here to serve you. Flash Cab Co is that company. Please reach out to us today so Flash Cab Co can help you solve any questions you have to meet your goals as a local consumer.

If you own a home or a business in Chicago Cook County and you need Chicago Transportation Taxi Service, then give Flash Cab Co a call now or fill out the contact form below and someone will get back to you and help you with your Chicago residential, commercial, or industrial needs.

To Schedule An Appointment with a Chicago Transportation Taxi Service just reach out to them now!

Recovering Damages For Taxicab Accidents

The complexity involved in taxi accident cases arises from taxicab companies classification as common carriers. Common carriers are companies or entities that provide transportation services, and they also include buses, planes, and limousines. As common carriers, taxi companies are required to provide the highest duty of care to protect the safety of passengers when they are boarding, riding in, or exiting a taxi.

Unfortunately, taxi passengers who are injured in a collision often struggle to receive compensation from taxi companies. In many cases, taxicab companies or their insurance providers may claim that the accident was the fault of the driver in order to avoid responsibility. In these cases, representation by an experienced attorney is essential in order to demonstrate liability by the taxi company and secure compensation that fully addresses a passengers injuries.

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Get Ride X Rewards With Every Ride

Get Ride X Reward Points with every trip!
Use your rewards towards more rides, gift cards and more!

Easy to Join

Text JOIN to 708-725-1212 and youre all set! Text BAL to check your current balance or redeem points for amazing rewards.

Free Points

Get 150 complimentary points once you join and automatically get points for any non-account trip taken with Ride X Taxi.

Get A Wheelchair Accessible Taxis In Chicago Illinois

Majestic Theater in Dallas, TX


One taxi driver reported that 20% of taxis in Downtown Chicago are wheelchair accessible. Still, its a good idea to get the direct cell phone number of a driver in case you get into a jam and the wait is long for an accessible taxi. Every wheelchair accessible taxi I saw had a side-loading door, as opposed to the rear, and used the QStraint 4-Point Securement System to hold a wheelchair in place. If you desire or need a seatbelt to secure your body, speak up because it was not the norm to add this automatically.

Some wheelchair accessible taxis were the traditional minivans and others were an MV-1. The original intent of the MV-1 was to be able to transport two wheelchair travelers at once. However, the design was flawed as it created the two chairs to clash together and so, I was told that no taxi driver will agree to transport wheelchair passengers in this matter. However, if one wheelchair user is able to transfer out of his or her wheelchair and into a seat then this can be done. Furthermore, in the three short nights I was in Chicago two out of a few taxis had technical issues with the ramp. One guy did not know how to put the ramp away once out and another accessible taxi arrived either without a ramp or this guy also did not know how to work it at all. English was sparse and my questions were never clearly answered. Despite these two inconvenient experiences, other drivers I had were just delightful and enjoyed our insightful conversations.

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Contact An Illinois Taxicab Accident Lawyer

Those who have been injured in cab accidents are often left wondering about their options for recovering damages. The costs of medical treatment, the income lost during recovery from injuries, and the pain and suffering experienced can all take a serious toll on a family. At TKK, our experienced personal injury attorneys can provide you with the legal help you need in these situations. We will gather the evidence needed to demonstrate negligence by taxi companies, working to hold them liable for the harm that was caused and ensuring that you are able to receive compensation that fully addresses the damages you have suffered. Contact our office today at 312-605-8800 to schedule a free consultation with our Chicago taxicab injury attorneys.

Chicago Wheelchair Accessible Taxicabs

The City of Chicago is committed to transportation access for people with disabilities. Wheelchair accessible vehicle taxicab drivers provide a critical service for people with disabilities by increasing accessible transportation options throughout Chicago.

Request a WAV Taxicab

The Centralized WAV Taxicab Dispatch Service allows the public to contact one phone number or use a single smart phone app to request a WAV taxicab. Curb Mobility, LLC manages the Citys Centralized Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Taxicab Dispatch Service.

Passengers can request a WAV taxicab ride by calling 1-888-WAV-CABS or by downloading the CURB app. Passengers will also be able to make in-app electronic payments for their rides via the CURB app. For more information, including steps on how to download the CURB app, visit gocurb.com/ChicagoWAV.

Pace Taxi Access Program certified paratransit passengers should book TAP rides by phone if they want to pay by TAP card. Note that rides booked via the CURB app must also be paid for via the app, which prevents the rider from using TAP to pay. TAP riders should follow the protocols of the TAP Users Guide, which requires TAP passengers to swipe their card in the card reader in the back of the taxi to deduct a ride at the end of the trip.

Taxicab Driver Excellence Awards

These 10 taxicab chauffeurs responded to and completed over 3,500 WAV trips in 2020 and over 2,800 WAV trips in 2021 requested through the Centralized WAV Taxicab Dispatch Service.

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Lawyers Assisting Victims Of Cab Injuries In Illinois And Throughout The Us

Taxis are an essential part of city life, and they provide people with an easy way to get to their destination quickly. In Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, there are thousands of registered taxicabs operated by companies such as Yellow Cab, Flash Cab, Blue Diamond Affiliation, and American United Taxi on the road every day. Unfortunately, the constant presence of these vehicles means that car accidents involving taxis are inevitable. When passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, or those in other vehicles are injured in a taxi accident, determining liability and pursuing compensation can often be a complex matter.

At Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC, our attorneys are highly experienced in injury cases involving taxis and public transportation, and we have the knowledge and resources to help our clients achieve justice for the injuries they have suffered. In 2015, we obtained a record $26 million verdict against Yellow Cab in a case in which our client was seriously injured and left brain damaged as a passenger in a taxi accident. We are dedicated to improving public safety by holding negligent companies responsible for the harm they have caused.

Chicago Taxicab Service Booking

Cash cab moments

Flash Cab Co is a local Chicago Taxicab Service Booking area business. Feel free to fill out our contact form here at the bottom of our profile on researchgiant.com so we can reach out to you!

If you need Taxicab Service Booking services, then call us now at 561-4444. We are always happy to provide you with quality Chicago Taxicab Service Booking and excellent customer service.

Inquire about Chicago Taxicab Service Booking and call Flash Cab Co today!

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Chicago Cab Service Dispatch

Flash Cab Co is a Chicago Cab Service Dispatch company servicing your local community in Cook County IL, 60656.

Talk directly with the Cab Service Dispatch experts or a business owner on each call. Our business community thrives when each of us researches locally first for Cab Service Dispatch Chicago and then makes an honest effort to do business with them.

Chicago Taxicab Rates & Information

Curb utilizes Upfront Pricing in Chicago in order to provide price certainty and transparency to both riders and drivers alike. Your Upfront Fare includes all estimated tolls and government-mandated taxes/surcharges . Any tip you select is applied at the end of the ride and is not included in the Upfront Fare.

Upfront Fares are based on expected travel time and distance for your booked pickup and dropoff in compliance with local taxi regulations. For more information on standard taxi meter pricing and applicable taxes and surcharges, please visit the City of Chicago: Business Affairs & Consumer Protection website, or for a fare breakdown.

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What People Say

  • Georgina M.

    When you are in a rush, nothing beats having a reliable taxi service to count on! Ive booked 303 Taxi on numerous occasions and they havent failed to provide absolutely fantastic conditions, not once! If you ask me, the way 303 Taxi is doing business is the way everyone should be approaching their customers.

  • Steven P.

    Just when I thought there were no more honest people around, I was blown away with 303 Taxi! I travel on business a lot and I practically carry a small office with me. Riding in 303 Taxi from the airport, I forgot my laptop and planner at the back seat. My driver Michael drove back and brought me my stuff. Phenomenal service, and great people!

  • Jenna S.

    Ive got two jobs and getting from point A to point B on time isnt always possible if you are relying on public transport. I ride with 303 for the most part and thanx to their competence and fantastic organization I have never missed a meeting so far! Plus, the drivers are always so friendly and polite, its really refreshing!

  • Simona C.

    I send my kid to school and back with 303 Taxi because neither me nor my husband have time to carpool. The drivers are exceptionally reliable, the plan were on pays off and I can trust my child will arrive to school and back home safely each time. 303 Taxi has my glowing recommendation!

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