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How Much Is A Bbl In Chicago

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These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After* Only 6 months after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After * Only 6 months after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After * Only 4 weeks after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After*Only 3 months after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After* Only 6 months after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After* Only 4 weeks after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After * Only 3 months after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After * Only 3 months after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After* Only 3 months after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing

After * Only 3 months after AirSculpt®

Sensitive Content

Sensitive Content

Sensitive Content

Why Is Chicago Liposuction Lipo 360 Different

The clinic has the latest equipment. The surgeon has been performing these procedures for many years using a series of different techniques from SmartLipo Triplex Laser, WaterLipo, and Vaser liposuction. This combination offers better results than traditional liposuction by minimizing discomfort and performing the surgery most quickly and safely.

Why Is It Called A Brazilian Butt Lift Dr Kadz

A Brazilian butt lift takes approximately 90 minutes to perform. It is done on an outpatient basis. Once the patient has recovered from IV sedation and cleared …

The total cost of your Brazilian butt lift procedure will vary based upon how much treatment is required. During your consultation we will develop a … How Much Does a Butt Lift Cost? The cost of your butt lift will vary depending on your specific treatment goals. To determine the exact cost of treatment, we …

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What Is The Recovery Time After The Procedure

Most patients experience some discomfort after the fat removal procedure for a few days. The numbness or pain usually decreases after the second or third day. We recommend that you rest at least two days following the procedure. You will be wearing a compression garment that will help with the discomfort. Most patients can return to work in 3-4 days. You will have some drainage for the first 24-48 hours after the procedure, which is normal. The tiny incisions will heal and disappear in a few days.

A few days later, you will have a post-op check-up to see your progress.

Avoid any significant workout for at least three weeks.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For A Brazilian Butt Lift


The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure may be ideal for you if you:Are in good general health and able to tolerate anesthesia and recovery.Have realistic expectations after speaking with your board-certified plastic surgeon.Can stop smoking and consuming alcohol as specified by your doctor.Would like to sculpt your body to better proportions that include a shapelier backside.Have good skin elasticity and no sagging in the buttocks region.Have sufficient fatty tissue in one or more areas of your body.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Because treatment centers around a high-movement area, recovery after a Brazilian butt lift involves significant activity restrictions. Patients should plan to take up to two weeks off of work, and possibly more if their works involves a lot of sitting. Patients should wear compression garments for three to six months following the procedure.

Post-surgical pain and discomfort can be controlled with prescribed medication. Final results become apparent at about six months to a year after surgery after swelling subsides and the fat establishes itself in the buttock area.

What Should I Expect After A Bbl What Is The Recovery Process Like

Since you will be coming out of anesthesia and will be unable to sit down, you will need someone to drive you home from the center and stay with you for 24 hours after the surgery. BBL patients typically take at least one week off of work, although Dr. Ortiz recommends taking two weeks as you will not be able to sit normally for two weeks following the surgery. Patients that need to return to work after one week may sit on a BBL pillow. You will wear a compression garment for six weeks following your Brazilian butt lift.

After your surgery, you will be unable to exercise for six weeks and will be required to sleep on your stomach or side. You will be 80% recovered at 3 months post-surgery and 90% recovered at 6 months. You will see your full results at one year post-surgery.

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What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat to enhance the size and shape of your buttocks. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kotis performs liposuction to remove fat from another area of the body , then injects that fat into the butt cheeks and outer hips. Dr. Kotis’s Brazilian butt lift in Chicago enhances the contour of your derriere by extracting unwanted fat to add volume.

Brazilian Butt Lift Is It For Me

Packing For BBL? -Here’s What to Bring

If you are considering a BBL, think about whether youre healthy enough to get the procedure. Its essential that patients undergoing plastic surgery be in good shape. Certain heart or lung disorders may disqualify you as an ideal candidate for the BBL.

You can consult with Dr. Dreyfuss to determine if you are a good candidate for BBL. Usually, ideal candidates are close to their ideal weight. Candidates should have extra fat to give in areas like the flanks, the belly, the thighs, and back. To avoid sagging skin, the areas chosen for liposuction should also have great skin elasticity.

If you dont have enough fat or have trouble gaining the necessary weight, another butt enhancement procedure might be appropriate.

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Are There Any Non

Yes, there are a few non-surgical options for buttock enhancement, but the results are often questionable. While there are many devices and lasers being marketed as non-surgical procedures for butt lifts, none of these devices have been proven to provide any significant or long-lasting improvement. Another non-surgical method being advertised and performed by other places are use of filler injections. This option doesnt require liposuction to harvest fat, but the down-side is injection of even approved fillers can cause lumps and scar tissue, and the amount of fillers needed to get noticeable improvement can be very expensive, often double the cost of a fat transfer. Our surgeons at XSculpt do not perform non-surgical butt lifts or use butt injection fillers.

How Much Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Cost In Chicago

The cost of a Brazilian butt lift can vary among patients. Dr. Kotis offers personalized consultations with current and prospective patients to provide customized suggestions and to provide a realistic Brazilian butt lift cost. To enhance affordability and accessibility of surgeries, we offer financing options.

Our Chicago and Arlington Heights practices happily accept cash, credit card, and check. Visit our financing page to learn more about insurance and financing with Dr. Kotis.

A Brazilian butt lift may be best utilized if packaged with other procedures:

It may be the best utilization for you, both financially and for an overall look, to package your Brazilian butt lift with a tummy tuck procedure which Dr. Kotis specializes in delivering.

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What Will My Results Look Like

It really depends on a variety of factors, from your frame, the amount of fat youre able to donate, your aesthetic goals, and the amount of tissue coverage you have available. You can always discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Dreyfuss, and he will tell you if your expectations can be met, and how your results will ultimately look.

Are There Other Options Beyond A Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Chicago, IL

Any significant weight loss has the potential to cause sagging, not just on the buttocks, but on the belly, breasts, face, and more. Loose skin that droops can be addressed on its own with a backside lift, or as part of a larger set of surgeries designed to give the entire body a slimmer look with better-defined contours.

Dr. Iteld can perform a tummy tuck for a saggy abdomen, a breast lift for drooping breasts, a facelift for jowls and other signs of shifting tissues, an arm lift for bat wings, and various other post-massive weight loss body contouring procedures as needed.

For a nonsurgical solution to facial sagging, Dr. Iteld offers Silhouette InstaLift to provide support for lifted facial contours. Profound Skin Tightening can also firm up a loose neck, in addition to smoothing out age-related wrinkles.

The best option for addressing sagging differs from person to personand, of course, depends on the part or parts of the body where sagging is apparent. Dr. Iteld works with each patient to assess the condition of their skin and determine what route to take.

Schedule your consultation today to find out more about a Brazilian butt lift at Chicagos Iteld Plastic Surgery. Call .

* Results will vary from patient to patient. No guarantees about an individuals result can or should be made based on information provided here.

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How Is The Power Bbl Different

The Power BBL procedure involves the transfer of one’s natural fatty tissue to augment the buttocks and provide a smooth, even contour. A good candidate for this minimally invasive Brazilian butt lift surgery has the extra fat needed to add volume to the buttocks. Our technique is far safer and more comfortable than silicone implants or painful butt filler injections. These benefits are thanks to our patented technology, which no other Brazilian butt lift can match regardless of its cost. Call us today to schedule your first consultation and learn more about what sets AirSculpt apart.

Some Of The Benefits Of Sculptra

The benefits of fillers are that they give you subtle results that are temporary. They’re much more natural-looking than artificial enhancements, ensuring you change contour and shape rather than a lifted look.

The non-surgical butt lift is an excellent option for patients who do not want to undergo abrasive liposuction. The cannula utilized in traditional liposuction uses a fat extraction technique that can be compared to grating cheese.

Additionally, traditional liposuction requires that you have a substantial amount of excess fat in one area to shift to your buttocks. Therefore, view Sculptra as the accessible plump butt for the skinnier frames.

Non-surgical butt-lifts also have the benefits of no recovery time. Injections in and you’re out the doors to continue with your projects and world-changing endeavors.

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How Much Fat Can Be Transferred Into My Butt

Depending on your body type and the quality of the harvested fat, will determine how much fat can be injected into the area. For safety reasons, there is a total recommended limit that can be harvested then injected. XSculpt prides itself on giving you the cosmetic results you want while still staying well within the safety limits. Our primary goal is to perform safe procedures while providing a cosmetic result that will make you happy!

Whats The Recovery Time For A Brazilian Butt Lift

Im Finally Healed!!! 6 Month BBL Update Mini ZARA Try-On Haul | Maya Galore

It is recommended to avoid any type of prolonged sitting on the buttocks for the first 4 weeks after the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. This will help prevent certain complications like the unintentional shifting of the fat. The donated fat cells should grow a new blood supply a few weeks after the procedure, so in the meantime the fat grafts should be treated gently. Patients are able to sit when using the bathroom, but at night they should sleep on their stomachs. Patients should sit on a donut-shaped pillow if they ever need to sit.

Though liposuction does not create large incisions, it creates a significant amount of surface area that needs to heal. It can take 2-3 months for the areas treated with liposuction to fully smooth out and stop swelling. Wearing a compression garment as much as possible during the first few months of recovery will help the healing process.

Most patients will be able to return to work 1-2 weeks after their Brazilian Butt Lift. Patients usually make a full recovery after 6-8 weeks. It will take 6-12 months for you to see your full results.

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Discover The Jw Difference

Were as invested in your good outcome from your brazilian butt lift as you are. Maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy diet is the best way to ensure optimal results from your surgery. We will monitor your progess to ensure you get optimal results. Your weight must stay stable after this procedure and if you are getting off track we will ask that you see a medical weight maintaince doctor – we want to protect your new contour!

What Is Buttock Augmentation With Implant

Implants may be placed in the top or sides of the buttock for aesthetic appeal. During an implant surgery, Dr. Kotis will place implants after making the appropriate incision. The placement of these incisions include near the lower end of the muscle, near the sides or down the center, depending on the anatomy and the desires of the patient.

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What Can I Expect During Bbl Treatment

The best part about BBL treatment is that the process is quick and painless. The procedure can be customized for each patient, depending on what needs to be treated. The treatment could include three or four separate filters depending on the treatment areas. Each filter targets different skin issues. So, multiple skin conditions will be treated in just one single treatment.

Heres what to expect for your BBL treatment:

  • A cold gel will be applied to the targeted area, and you will be given dark glasses to wear to protect your eyes from the bright light.
  • The BBL handpiece that gives off pulses of light will be applied to your skin. This is a smooth glass surface. During the treatment, you may feel a slight sting. The pain has been compared to the snapping of a small rubber band.
  • A series of four to six treatment sessions are recommended for maximum results.

    Give Your Buttocks A Boost At Chicagos Iteld Plastic Surgery

    Barside Wisdom: When Booze Met Barrels

    We know you check out those magazine coversthe ones featuring celebrities with their backsides to the camera. Their large, round, shapely backsides. If youve ever wanted a photoshoot-worthy posterior of your own, Lawrence Iteld, MD, can help with a Brazilian butt lift at Chicagos Iteld Plastic Surgery. The surgical procedure is ideal for anyone who wants to add volume to their buttocks, whether to address sagging or just to enjoy new, shapelier contours.

    Discover more about Brazilian butt lift from Chicago board-certified plastic surgeon Lawrence Iteld, MD. Send a message online or call .

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