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How Much Is Liposuction In Chicago

Liposuction Cost And Financing

Liposuction in Chicago | Chicagoland Aesthetics Chicago IL

The overall cost of your liposuction procedure can vary. The price of your treatment will depend on the number of areas on you body you have treated, as well as where on your body you have the surgery performed. Again, the Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa offers all types of liposuction, from abdomen liposuction to calf and ankle liposuction. It is more expensive to treat certain areas of the body than others.

During your consultation, you can discuss specific pricing with you doctor. Before you leave the meeting, you will have a better understanding of how much the entire procedure will cost you. Further, you can also learn about possible financing options, and what different types of payment options are available.

Are you ready to schedule your liposuction consultation? Contact our Vernon Hills office in the Chicago area today by calling 847-367-8815.

What Should You Expect After Abdominoplasty

Your immediate recovery time will be the first 48 hours after your surgery during this time, patients should rest as much as possible to facilitate recovery. After these 48 hours, patients are encouraged to engage in mild to moderate activity, such as walking around the house, showering, and other light activities that will keep blood circulation good.

After your procedure, you will need to wear compression garments to help the body heal more quickly. Compression garments are used to ensure that the remaining fat and skin will heal in the preferred aesthetic shape so your results will appear smooth and natural-looking. You will need to wear compression garments most of the day, except showering, for a few weeks. You will also likely need to attend follow-up appointments to assess your healing.

How Soon Will You See Results

Most people can see the first results of their procedure during the middle stages of their recovery period, usually within about two to four weeks depending on the rate of healing. The final results of your treatment will be visible about four to six months after the procedure depending on the amount of work done.

It will take several months for your body to fully heal and for your tissues to settle into a new placement so its important to be patient about your results. You may be able to see the results of this treatment sooner if you engage in mild to moderate exercise during the later stages of your recovery period.

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What Is Tumescent Liposuctionlipo Where Sterile Saline Is Used

Tumescent liposuction refers to liposuction where a tumescent solution is used, which most liposuction procedures are performed. Tumescent solution is a sterile saline solution that contains medications to help make liposuction safer and more tolerable.

These medications often include lidocaine and epinephrine , and bicarbonate . Bathing the fatty tissues with saline solution helps to wet and disperse the fat allowing for easier removal with small cannulas. The lidocaine helps make the procedure less painful, while the epinephrine significantly reduces the amount of bleeding, and the bicarbonate makes the solution less acidic.

The most commonly used tumescent solution is Kleins solution developed by dermatologist Jeffrey Klein in 1987. Each liter of Kleins solution consists of 0.9% Normal Saline, 100ml of 1% lidocaine, 1ml ampule of 1:1,000 epinephrine, and 10ml of 8.4% bicarbonate. Today there are many variations on Kleins solution, but the basic principle is the same.

Dr Rajendra Shah And Dr Samir Shah

Liposuction in Chicago, IL
  • Are both board certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience and skill in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Have thousands of satisfied patients, including liposuction patients .
  • Provide an in-office surgical suite that is fully accredited by AAASF
  • Are both on staff at Advocate Christ Hospital. The office is located next to this premiere medical center.

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What Is The Difference Between Smart Lipo And Lipodr Truong Will Use A Focused Laser To Disrupt And Loosen Fat Cells

  • Regular liposuction uses a combination of tumescent solution and cannula suction to loosen and remove fat cells. Smartlipo works a little differently. The focused laser technology disrupts and loosens fat cells at your treatment site. These cells can either be removed from the body with a cannula, or left behind to be reabsorbed by the bodys natural processes.
  • The laser is what sets Smartlipo apart laser procedures can provide subtle contouring without excessive tissue damage.

Improved Liposuction Recovery & Results

Dr. Mustoe and Dr. Sinno are dedicated to improving surgical techniques and minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissues during liposuction. Their patients experience a significantly more comfortable and shorter recovery due to their innovations in these areas. Depending on the area treated, patients can usually return to light activities within just a few days of their procedure.

Usually support garments are not needed, but they can help the initial swelling when worn up to 1 week after surgery. Bruising resolves within 2 weeks, and your incisions, which are tiny, will continue to fade over several months. Despite some swelling, results from liposuction are visible within 2 weeks, and will continue to improve over the course of several weeks. Results from fat removal with liposuction are long lasting. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and stable weight will allow you to enjoy your new body contours for many years.

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Other Body Contouring Treatments To Consider

If i-Lipo doesnt suit your budget or needs, you might have to consider other treatments. There are other body-contouring options such as VelaShape, Vanquish Fat Removal, Liposonix, SculpSure, Smartlipo, UltraShape, and Sonobello Laser Lipo. For double chin removal, you might have to get another option like Kybella.

How Much Does Smart Lipo Cost In Chicago

Cost of Liposuction: Chicago Liposuction Exper Discusses the Decreasing Cost of Lipo

The cost of Smart Lipo procedure in Chicago, IL will range anywhere from $5,000 $10,000 or more depending on the areas that are treated. The cost of smart lipo will also vary depending on your surgeon and the location. While the cost of your procedure is important, it should not be the only factor. Its important to research your surgeon and see that they have great results.

Financing Available

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What Are The Alternatives To Double Chin Lipo

If youre willing to consider other surgical options, your plastic surgeon can tell you whether youre a good candidate for these relatively minor procedures.

  • A chin implant can turn a recessed chin into a well-defined one, reducing the look of a double chin.
  • A neck lift is another common surgical option for getting rid of a double chin while tightening sagging and removing excess tissue.
  • A submentoplasty is a less invasive form of neck lift, specifically removing fat under the chin .You also have a few options for getting rid of chin fat beyond plastic surgery.
  • SculpSure uses laser energy to heat and destroy up to 24% of unwanted fat cells in the treated area per session. As your body flushes them out, youll start seeing results within six weeks and full results in three months. This noninvasive option has no downtime and few side effects, and the heat has a mild skin tightening effect.
  • Kybella is a nonsurgical, FDA-approved option for treating a double chin. A doctor injects deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring enzyme, to permanently dissolve excess fat. However, Dr. Mesa says that downtime can actually be much longer with Kybella than with chin lipo. After each Kybella injection, you have inflammation that lasts one to two weeks. In order to have a good result, you need to do two or three treatments, spaced four weeks apart, he says. In a three-month period, youd have six weeks of significant swelling.

How Much Does A 360 Lipo Cost

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What Affects The Cost Of Liposuction

Among body contouring procedures, liposuction is considered the gold standard.

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Liposuction costs are usually determined in one of two ways: by the number of areas treated or the amount of time a procedure takes.

  • When a surgeon bills by the area, the cost of the first area typically includes facility fees and anesthesia, so its common to see a discount on additional treatment areas.
  • If they bill by the hour, a small area like under the chin might take longer than youd think, because it may require precise sculpting.

Generally, large areas like the tummy, back, or love handles take more time and effort, so they cost more. But sometimes treating a small, very specific area can be more challenging and time-consuming. Difficult areas to treat well, such as the chin, arms, and inner thigh, can cost a few thousand dollars for a relatively small amount of fat, according to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Pyle, whereas large, fairly forgiving areas, such as the abdomen and back, can be the same cost for fairly high volumes of liposuction.

Other factors that impact your liposuction cost include:

How Liposuction Is Performed

Hip Liposuction Chicago

Liposuction is performed through small incisions that, whenever possible, are placed in well-hidden areas of the body. After general anesthesia is administered and the incisions are made in the target areas, a thin hollow tube is inserted to loosen excess fat. This technique uses a controlled motion to dislodge the fat deposits, which are then suctioned out of the body through the cannula.

Once the desired results are achieved, the incisions are closed with sutures and elastic bandages are applied to the site, both to reduce swelling and to compress the skin to the new contour.

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Will Liposuction Eliminate Skin Imperfections

If skin is already sagging or loose in a certain area, liposuction will not improve its appearance. Cellulite and stretch marks are also not likely to improve significantly, although there may be a slight smoothing of the area, depending on the firmness of your skin.

The elasticity of a patients skin is a key factor in how the skin will look after the procedure. If skin is elastic and muscle tone is good, the skin will conform well to the new body shape. With skin that has been stretched and is less elastic, folds of skin may be apparent after removal of fat.

Which Abdominoplasty Is Right For You

The abdominoplasty variant that is right for you will depend directly on your physical condition and your treatment goals. For example, if you only want to treat mild to moderate excess skin, then mini-abdominoplasty is a good choice.

Women who have been pregnant and would like to tone the stomach usually select a full abdominoplasty. We will recommend the abdominoplasty variant that is ideal for your treatment needs.

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Are My Liposuction Results Permanent

While liposuction is permanent, it cannot erase or prevent obesity. If additional weight is gained following liposuction, the treated areas may begin to ripple, and fat will appear in other areas of the body. To maintain your new shape and contour following liposuction, you are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercise.

How Is Lipo 360 Performed Minimally

Body Jet Liposuction on The Doctors TV Show – Lipo Chicago

Lipo360 is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that is performed using small instruments and very tiny incisions. Depending on the patient and the extent of the liposuction needed, this procedure can be performed using general anesthesia, local anesthetic, or IV sedation. Your surgeon will provide a recommendation during your consultation.

Once you are anesthetized, your surgeon will make a tiny incision in well-hidden areas. Through that incision, the tumescent solution is injected to wet the fat and anesthetize the area. Once the site is adequately medicated, the treatment begins.

If a laser-assisted device like SmartLipo® or ultrasonic Vaser® is used, it is done at this time. Next, a long thin tube called a liposuction cannula is carefully inserted to safely remove the fat using a vacuum device called an aspirator.

The amount of fat and the areas treated are determined by your surgeon using their artistic and medical judgment. Once the fat is removed evenly, the incisions are usually closed with a single stitch. You will then be placed into a compression garment which will be worn during the recovery period.

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How Should You Maintain These Results

A large part of maintaining the results of this procedure for women is waiting until all of your family planning is done before having this procedure additional pregnancies will undo the results of this treatment. Otherwise, maintaining your results will depend on your lifestyle choices. Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly, particularly your core muscles, will ensure that your desired results last for as long as possible.

Who Is The Best Liposuction Surgeon In Chicago

There is no best surgeon for any procedure. But, there are some qualifications and credentials that improve the chance that you will achieve your desired result safely. Make sure your surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Make sure they operate in a fully accredited facility. If the procedure is not being done in a hospital, make sure they have privileges at a local hospital to do the procedure you are getting done. Make sure they have completed an accredited residency or fellowship program. Read their reviews to get a sense of what other patients have experienced. Check out their before/after pictures to get a sense of their technical and artistic style, and see if they operate on patients that appear similar to you.

And most importantly, schedule a consultation with that doctor to see if they are a good fit for you. Every doctor has his or her own personality and approach to patient care, so you will want to see if you like that particular approach. Do they inspire confidence and trust? Are they calming and reassuring? Do they take the time to answer your questions? Do they discuss alternative approaches and say why those approaches may or may not work? Do they seem like they will continue to care for you after the procedure?

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