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How To Write A Chicago Style Paper

Chicago Style Paper Format: General Picture

How to Format your Paper in Chicago (Notes-Bibliography) Style

When you are writing a Chicago style paper, you should format it according to requirements from The Chicago Manual of Style . This unified set of regulations was put together at the University of Chicago and published there in 1906. The manual has proved to be quite useful since it survived many editions with multiple clarifications and updates. Today, you will have to use the most recent 16th or 17th edition. Interestingly, another manual on Chicago style paper format is well-known and recognized. It was put together by Kate L. Turabian and is titled A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. This is why this formatting style is sometimes called Chicago / Turabian.

Looking for some example of Chicago style paper, people most commonly come across essays and other academic papers in history, anthropology, and some social sciences. Chicago style sample paper is most popular in these areas of knowledge.

The most significant reason why a sample Chicago style paper is so popular is that it does not put the author under strict limitations instead, it allows using the standards of other style formats, so long as your Chicago style paper remains consistent and clear to your reader.

Regulations For Chicago Style Paper Heading And Title

In most kinds of writing, the volume is small, so in a Chicago style paper no title page is quite often necessary. If your example of Chicago style paper is a bigger one, then stick to Chicago style paper no title page format. Still, there is nothing to worry about, as there are only a few simple guidelines for a title page:

  • The center of the title page is occupied by the author’s name
  • The title of the work is between the author’s name and the top of the title page. If it is longer than one line, the spacing will be double
  • The course name, the tutor’s name, and the date of completion are between the author’s name and the bottom of the title page. The spacing is as usual – double

Chicago style paper heading also has its set of guidelines. However, they are also more like recommendations rather than limitations to your Chicago style research paper:

  • the main principle you have to stick to is consistency
  • headings can be capitalized
  • you can allocate separate lines for subheadings, but there will be no full stop at the end of each subheading
  • a subheading should have the same font, but you can put it in a bigger size to distinguish it
  • you can italicize or use bold for different subheading levels
  • the higher-level subheadings can be centered, while the lower-level ones can be flushed left
  • it is not recommended to have over three levels of subheadings
  • Chicago Style Citation Maker

    Can I use an automatic citation maker for my Chicago format reference list? Yes, you can but you will need to be careful that it has added all the details in it. Usually, these citation format makers may not be as effective as students consider them to be. When using it, make sure that you check them thoroughly before adding them to your paper.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is Chicago style reference or bibliography?

    Chicago author-date style requires the use of a reference list. This appears at the end of your paper and provides full details on every source you cited in notes or bibliography format, which is optional but recommended .

    Why do historians use the Chicago style?

    Chicago style is the standard form of documentation in historical research, as it allows readers to focus on evidence instead of distracting them with information about where this evidence comes from.

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    Need Help With Formatting

    The guidelines for this style of formatting were shaped for professionals in social sciences who publish their articles in journals, magazines, etc. An alternative to Chicago style that is geared more for students and researchers is Turabian format. It consists of slightly different requirements for citing and formatting academic papers. This style also applies to papers written in social sciencesâin particular: History, Business, Fine Art, etc.

    In contrast to many other formats, the Chicago Manual of Style suggests that authors use two different systems for citing sources: the Notes-Bibliography System and the Author-Date System.

    The Notes-Bibliography method requires placing numbered footnotes in the text with shortened versions of citations located at the bottom of the page. The full citations are then gathered on a separate Bibliography page at the end of the document. This method of documenting sources is the most preferred one for documents in the humanities disciplines.

    As it was said, the Chicago format is closely interlinked with another style manual called Turabian. It is a referencing and citing system shaped on the basis of the Chicago style. This format was named after its author â Kate Turabian, from the University of Chicago. This format is most often used for writing papers in social sciences, for example, Economics.

    Common Mistakes To Avoid

    How to write a paper in chicago style format. Chicago ...

    A writer should keep in mind the following points.

    • The format uses the first name last name while the bibliography uses last name, first name
    • Do not reuse numbers for citations
    • Use a first-line indent. Also, a bibliography uses a hanging indent
    • Bibliography follows an alphabetical order
    • Notes are numbered
    • Page numbers
    • URL

    All the editions of The Chicago Manual of Style, either the 16th or 8th edition, require a bibliography at the end of the paper. Even though complete bibliographic information is mentioned in the footnotes or endnotes.

    Turabian style referencing is almost the same as Chicago. Continue reading to understand more about writing a Turabian-style paper.

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    How Are Chicago And Turabian Styles Different

    In a nutshell, Kate Turabian adapted the Chicago style for students and researchers. Thus, the main difference is that the Turabian style is simpler, shorter, and contains fewer requirements. In particular, it doesnât contain any instructions on publishing since, unlike the Chicago style which is created for professionals who publish their works, the Turabian style was created to guide students while writing papers and essays. Still, most of the guidelines applicable to the Chicago paper format would be the same for a Turabian style paper, so, with the help of this article, you can write in both styles.

    What are the main elements of a Chicago format paper? Both the Chicago and Turabian styles imply that the author should divide his document into three parts: Title Page , Main Body, and Bibliography.

    Multiple Sources By The Same Author

    If you include multiple works from the same author, only include the author name in the first entry. In subsequent entries, replace the name with three em dashes, followed by the rest of the citation formatted as normal. List the entries in alphabetical order by title.

    Good Morning, MidnightQuartetWide Sargasso Sea

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    Chicago Style Paper Format Overview

    Chicago Style Format Tutorial

    Here are the general guidelines for a sample Chicago style paper:

    • Font. Technically, a Chicago style research paper or essay can use any font type or size to use in ones paper. The only requirement is that the font is clearly readable. So, the choice is up to you. We suggest that you dont get inventive here and stick to Times New Roman size 12.
    • Spaces. You use double spacing, except in block quotations.
    • You should not divide paragraphs with blank lines.
    • Page numbering. If you have a title page and Chicago style paper no title page is not the case, the numeration begins on the page that follows it, with number two. If it is a Chicago style paper no title page, you begin your numeration from the first page from number one. You put the number next to the authors name.

    Usually, your Chicago style research paper will have three sections: the title or cover page, the main body, and the bibliography. If you write a small five-paragraph essay, your instructor may suggest that you skip the title page. Let us see what each of these sections are about.

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    Bibliography Or Reference List

    At the end of your paper, youll likely include a bibliography or a reference list .

    Bibliographies and reference lists are not double-spaced, but leave a blank line between entries.

    If an entry extends onto a second line, a ½ inch indent should be applied to all but the first line of the entry.

    If you have to create a Chicago style annotated bibliography, follow the same format as a normal bibliography, but indent and double-space the annotations under each source reference.

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    Chicago Style Numbers And Acronyms

    The Turabian format of the Chicago Manual of Style doesnt have many rules for numbers and acronyms. However, they do want you to introduce an acronym the first time you use it. For example, to introduce the acronym for the Chicago Manual of Style, it would look like the Chicago Manual of Style .


    Cite A Journal Article

    Chicago Style Sample Paper

    A journal article consists of the author name, article title, journal name, volume number, date published, and page numbers.

    For footnotes and endnotes:

    First Name Last Name of Author, Article Title, Journal Name Volume Number, no. of the issue : Page-Range, DOI address.

    For Bibliography:

    Last Name, First Name. Article Title. Journal Name Volume Number, no. of the issue : Page-Range. DOI address.

    For example,

    Smith, John. Studies in Pop Rocks and Coke. Weird Science 12, no. 3 : 78-93. https://doi.org/10.1086/5422323

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    How To Format Your Paper In Chicago Style

    Worried about writing your paper in Chicago style? Follow the below-mentioned essential guidelines.

    • Always use a standard font of 12 pt. Times New Roman
    • Add double spacing in the text
    • Use 1-inch margins on all sides
    • Indenting new paragraphs by ½ inch
    • Page numbers must be placed in the top right or bottom with centered justification
    • The text should be left-aligned

    Furthermore, it includes the formatting of the following sections.

    • Title Page

    Let’s discuss the detailed formatting of each section.

    Line Spacing And Indenting Paragraphs

    As for line spacing, your paper should be double-spaced throughout, excepting only block quotes, captions, and titles.

    Chicago Style dictates that you use 1/2 inch indents before all paragraphs, bibliographies, and block quotes. You might need to go into your paper’s settings to change the automatic size of indents when you press “tab,” but most word processors default to 1/2 inch indentations.

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    Main Body Of A Sample Chicago Style Paper

    In the main body of your sample Chicago style paper, you should follow the general formatting guidelines that we have already mentioned. However, there are two more critical points to pay attention to here: the Chicago style paper heading and the citations.

    Chicago style paper format suggests the following set of guidelines for headings and subheadings:

    • You can capitalize the Chicago style paper heading .
    • Subheadings can be put in separate lines, but you dont end them with a period.
    • To avoid confusion, be recommended not to use over three levels of subheadings.
    • Use bold and italic for different subheading levels.

    Chicago style citation example paper allows for both in-text citations and footnotes.

    Here is what you do if Chicago style in text citation sample paper is the case:

    • A citation consists of the authors name, publication date, and page number.
    • If the author is unknown or there is no author, you use the shortened title instead.
    • If you are citing an online source, then the page number is non-applicable, so you avoid it.
    • The abbreviations are only allowed when they are authentic.
    • The only punctuation is the comma between the date of publication and the page number.
    • If you have several quotes of the same pages from the same source, you cite this source after the final quote.

    In-text citations make the text look less welcoming to read, so be encouraged to use as few quotations as possible. You should not, however, clear your text of all quotations altogether.

    Why Is Chicago Style Used In History Papers

    Chicago paper formatting basics | EasyBib

    Chicago style is especially popular in historical research. When developing a historical explanation from multiple primary sources, using footnotes instead of inserting parenthetical information allows the reader to focus on the evidence instead of being distracted by the publication information about that evidence.

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    How To Format An Essay In Chicago Style

    Different kinds of writing formats have varying requirements on how an individual should format the paper. Your examiner has assigned you an assignment, and one of the requirements is that you should format it using Chicago style. All the instructions are okay, apart from when you start wondering what the Chicago writing format is? With all the different writing formats such as Harvard, MLA, and APA, it can be challenging to keep track of what is entailed when it comes to writing using the Chicago format.

    It Also Goes A Long Way To Prove That A Write Up Is Free From Plagiarism And Thus Meets The Demands Of A Well Written Paper

    History research paper example chicago style. Exploration and anthropology professor. Included on this title page should be the title of the paper the students name and the course information about the papers class. Included on this title page should be the title of the paper the students name and the course information about the papers class.

    How to solve equation problems. History research paper example chicago style author. Chicago cms research paper bishop source.

    Professor taylor lohman september 25 2013 sample chicago paper 16th ed chicago papers start with a title page. You can learn about chicago research paper footnotes and endnotes. This chicago paper has 10 pages so please wait a little bit for images to fully load.

    In conclusion chicago citation style gives a research paper a touch of thorough research. Here is a sample chicago style paper for your review courtesy of university of washington writing and research center. Papers that are written in chicago style should have a title page that presents the students information.

    The title of the paper should be 13 of the way down if there is a title and subtitle the two should be on different lines separated by a colon. The example title page of this example essay was modeled from rampollas pocket guide from page 146. Additionally you will get information on chicago style bibliography chicago style thesis chicago style research paper essay.

    History Research And Documentation Online 5th Edition

    Chicago Sample Paper

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