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Immigration Lawyer Chicago Free Consultation

Benefits Of Permanent Employment

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Once you have your green card, you will be a lawful permanent resident of the United States. This allows you to live anywhere in the country. Unlike most other temporary work visas, you will also be able to remain in the U.S. if you become unemployed. Your green card allows you to work almost any type of job.

Your visa will be valid for ten years unless you received your green card through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. You can generally renew your green card in ten-year increments fairly easily. You will also be eligible to initiate the naturalization process after you have undergone a five-year waiting period and meet certain other requirements.

Our Chicago employment-based immigration lawyer is an immigrant himself. He brings firsthand knowledge of the immigrant experience to Aparicio Immigration Law and is prepared to help you obtain your employment-based green card. Our entire team is invested in your success, and we are ready to provide the tailored guidance you deserve.

We offer our legal services in English and Spanish. Contact us online today!

Prompt Action Is Important

There are numerous deadlines that must be met in immigration processes. It is important to meet with a knowledgeable lawyer in a timely manner, so you do not miss a deadline and further complicate your case. Call or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients throughout the Chicago metro area from offices in Naperville, Joliet and Chicago.

What Are The Requirements For Us Citizenship

In order to naturalize as a citizen of the United States, the initial requirement for all applicants is to be a Permanent Resident . Depending on your situation, youll need to have been a permanent resident for at least three to five years prior to applying for citizenship. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old when you file your naturalization application be able to speak, read and write basic English and be a person of good moral character. For many of the requirements, certain exceptions apply and its useful to consult with an attorney near you to see whether you qualify for requirement exemptions.

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National Immigration Legal Services Directory

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Chicago Legal Clinic is a nonprofit law office offering low-cost and pro bono services on a variety of civil topics, including representation in immigration matters.

Counties served: Cook, Du Page
Detention Facilities Served: Elgin Police Department , Jefferson County Justice Center , McHenry County Adult Correctional Facility , Rock Island County Correctional Center , Tri-County Detention Center

Services Provided

What Is The H1b To Green Card Process

Chicago Immigration Attorneys in Illinois

During the Green Card application process, which can be lengthy, it is critical that you maintain lawful immigration status. Under certain circumstances, you can request an extension of your H-1B status in one-year increments while your Green Card application is being processed. H-1B extension processing time usually averages around 2-3 months although USCIS doesnt offer any time guarantees. Working with an attorney to ensure timely and proper filing while remaining in legal immigration compliance is crucial to a successful adjustment of your status.

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Sverdloff Law Group Pc

Sverdloff Law Group can assist you in achieving your immigration objectives, whether you want to reconnect with family, advance your profession, obtain a top-notch education, or simply enjoy life in the United States. It was founded with the intention of assisting people in realizing their American dream. To service the clients and deliver the individual attention they deserve, they rely on their expertise, teamwork, and professionalism.

They have a proven track record of success with even the most difficult immigration challenges, having handled hundreds of cases in court at various levels. Ms. Sverdloff, the firms founder and owner, has accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of immigration, which she puts to her customers benefit.

Features that make them stand out of the crowd are

  • Dedication and experience

120 S State St Suite 200,Chicago, IL 60603, United StatesTiming: 8 AM to 8 PMContact: +1 312-238-9090

What Makes An Immigrant Illegal

An immigrant is illegal when:

  • The visa has expired or the alien is overstaying
  • The immigrant is proven to have engaged in fraudulent immigration processing
  • The immigrant is proven to have engaged in a marriage fraud to acquire visa
  • The immigrant is proven to have engaged in a business fraud to acquire visa
  • In the case of refugees, asylum has not been granted
  • The immigrant has violated his / her terms of legal entry
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    Spanish Speaking Immigration Lawyer

    Another crucial skill for an immigration attorney is the ability to speak another language. We recognize this. At Villalobos and Associates, we have more than one Spanish-speaking immigration lawyer on staff. Itâs just one of the ways we set ourselves apart from other citizenship attorneys. If you or a family member canât speak English and need a Spanish speaking immigration lawyer to handle your case, we can take care of you.

    Why Hire An Immigration Lawyer

    The President and Immigration Law

    Navigating U.S. immigration processes may create unnecessary burden and stress. Focus on completing your visa documentary requirements and hire an immigration law firm instead. Keep in mind that an immigration consultant is not always a lawyer, but a lawyer can always be an immigration consultant.

    Here are some of the few advantages of hiring an immigration lawyer:

    • Can expedite processing through comprehensive knowledge in immigration law
    • Can save you aggravation and sometimes money
    • Gives you peace of mind that the process is under legal standards, thus, avoiding potential penalties post-visa acquisition
    • Should your application be denied, an immigration lawyer will help you understand possible grounds for denial and address the issues when you reapply
    • Safeguards you from the troubles of scam immigration companies and
    • Defends you from unlawful application procedures that may potentially occur even under the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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    Welcome To Ray Law International

    Immigration or naturalization can be quite a long and arduous process, and without the proper assistance, it can feel borderline impossible.

    Whether you are considering taking the first step or are already partially underway on your journey, finding the right immigration representation can make a world of difference.

    Not only will you save time and resources, but you can also find the peace of mind that you are completing each step in the process properly and are on the fastest route to your immigration goals.

    At Ray Law International, we have offices located across the country. No matter what office you choose to visit, you will be met with the same care, diligence, and quality of work.

    Additionally, you will find the signature Ray Law Advantage and the knowledge gained over the course of more than two decades of practice.

    Comprised of the promise of expertise, speed of resolution, and consistent communication and follow-up, the Ray Law Advantage will uniquely equip you to find success in any of your immigration goals.

    Whether you seek immigration representation, a citizenship attorney, or anything in between, scheduling a consultation at any of the Ray Law International locations is the first step.

    At Ray Law International, you are not just a case number. Our Chicago immigration lawyers handle each client who walks through the doors with the respect, care, and compassion they deserve.

    How Our Chicago Immigration Attorneys Can Help

    Potential Issues That Can Jeopardize Obtaining Lawful Permanent Residencies:

    Applying for a Green Card can be both exciting and disappointing, depending on the circumstances you are in. Youre looking at anywhere from 7 months to 10 years of processing, and it can be an emotional ride for a lot of people. The worst thing that can happen is being denied of an immigrant visa for at least one of the issues listed below.

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    Our Immigration Legal Services In Chicago Can Assist You With:

    Contact us online to learn more about we can assist you. We offer our legal services in English and Spanish.

    I got the incredible news that my case was granted, Victor Aparicio is very professional and very knowledgeable about what to do in cases of immigration, excellent service.

    He is constantly brainstorming solutions to complex immigration problems, and the results speak for themselves.

    I’ve worked with him in the past, and I’ve also been a client of his. He made a very complicated and delicate process easy to understand.

    Victor Aparicio is a very professional and knowledgeable immigration lawyer. I’ve worked with him in the past, and I’ve also been a client of his. He made a very complicated and delicate process easy to understand.

    Victor explained the process and timeline of how everything works over the next years to come I remember that day like yesterday we didn’t even leave his office, we hired him on the spot.

    What Is The Current Wait Time For Us Citizenship In Illinois

    Divorce Lawyers in Chicago Give Free Consultations? We Do

    From filing your N-400 form, the waiting time for issuance of citizenship, through naturalization, will vary per field office or service center for which the form was filed.

    According to the USCIS, the estimated waiting time for the field office of Chicago, IL, is 7.5 19 months. However, the estimated time durations may be subject to change regularly, hence, we recommend that you check with the USCIS website for any updates.

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    Consular Processing And Adjustments Of Status

    The first step to procuring a green card is confirming you are eligible for one. For example, a family petition confirms that an applicant is a qualifying relative of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident and is therefore eligible for a green card. Once eligibility has been established, you must wait for a visa to become available. In some cases, there will be no additional wait, and a visa will be immediately available.

    What comes next depends on whether you are currently located in the United States. After a visa becomes available to you, you will need to either adjust your immigration status or go through consular processing.

    If you are currently in the United States on another visa, you can remain in the country and file to adjust your status. You will generally be permitted to remain in the U.S. while your adjustment of status request is processed, even if your current visa is set to expire in the interim.

    If you are living abroad, you will need to complete consular processing. This requires meeting with a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services officer at your home countrys U.S. embassy or consular office. You will also typically need to submit to a medical exam. If the USCIS officer is satisfied with your application, you will be issued a green card and can travel to the United States.

    Top 10 Immigration Lawyers In Chicago

    Chicago is home to some of the nations most skilled and experienced immigration lawyers. The city has attracted the best immigration lawyers for a number of reasons, including its high foreign-born population , a cluster of prominent law schools in the area, and a variety of other compelling reasons. All of this has inspired many Chicagoans to devote their careers to helping immigrants and has also attracted immigration lawyers from all over the country.

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    Qualifying For United States Citizenship

    Only lawful permanent residents can qualify to naturalize and become United States citizens. To become a lawful permanent resident, you must first procure a green card. However, you cannot begin the naturalization process immediately after securing your green card.

    If you wish to apply for naturalization, you must first undergo a mandatory waiting period. The waiting period starts automatically as soon as you receive your green card and become a lawful permanent resident. The amount of time you must wait depends on how you obtained your green card and other situational factors.

    If you acquired your green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen, you can begin the naturalization process after 3 years of continuous presence in the country. You must also accumulate at least 1.5 years of physical presence during that time.

    If you procured your green card through most other means , you must accrue 5 years of continuous presence before you can apply for naturalization. You must also accumulate at least 2.5 years of physical presence in that time.

    Continuous presence involves maintaining a primary residence in the United States. You can disrupt continuous presence by traveling outside the country for a period longer than six months at any one time.

    Physical preference refers to the number of days you spend physically located inside the country. You must stay within the United States for at least half of your mandatory waiting period.

    Best Immigration Lawyer Chicago

    Will Texas declare illegal immigration across border an ‘invasion?
  • IMMEDIATE HELP, CALL US NOW:404-924-8861

    Our Network of Chicago immigration attorneys helps immigrants and their family members in Chicago, Illinois and the communities nearby. Our network has multiple years of effective experience with numerous different immigration cases, so they can assist you no matter your current challenges. Start learning about our Illinois lawyers and how our immigration law firm network can help you and your family. No matter the immigration services you need, they can provide them affordably and effectively. Please review some of the specific ways they help our clients in Chicago, Illinois 24 /7/365:

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    Milla & Associates Llc

    The organization is committed to assisting customers who are in a range of situations. You can enjoy restored confidence and fresh optimism for the future by hiring their team of devoted Chicago immigration attorneys. Their legal staff can help with work and family-based immigration, as well as removal defense, citizenship, and federal litigation. They are committed to assisting people who are dealing with legal difficulties related to immigration. The system is perplexing, but with their attorneys on your side, you may rest assured that your case is headed in the right route.

    They work hard to stay current on changes in immigration law so that they may assist their clients as efficiently and strategically as possible, adopting cutting-edge strategies customized to each case.

    Features that make them stand out of the crowd are

    What Is The Penalty For Overstaying Visa

    Overstaying your visa is considered a civil offense. Your visa will automatically become void and you will not be granted reentry for a particular number of years. In addition, you will not be allowed to apply for reentry in any consulate in your home country and run the risk of being formally removed from U.S. territory if you are arrested before your intended date of departure.

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    Free Consultations Every Time Din Law Llc

    We are available to discuss your situation whenever you need. Contact us at . Because your case is important to us, a lawyer will meet with you any time days, evenings, or weekends, and off-site appointments are available. The office is located near the Brown Line exit for Kedzie Avenue stop just 10 minutes from downtown. Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, Albanian, Dari, and Romanian language services are available. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

    Is It Illegal To Enter The Us Without A Visa

    Robert Aaron Perkins

    Yes, it is illegal to enter the U.S. without a visa, unless you are a refugee who intends to seek for official asylum.

    The United States issues 2 main types of visas: immigrant and non-immigrant. Immigrant visa covers lawful permanent residency status while non-immigrant visas includes tourist visa, work visa, student visa , or temporary visas encapsulating diplomatic capacity.

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    Immigration Law: Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand that the laws for immigration can be quite confusing. We at Venditti Law Group, commit to make the immigration process as hassle-free as possible for you and your family.

    Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions from our clients and we hope you find what youre looking for in here. Nonetheless, our group is available to assist you should you have other matters to clarify.

    Your Case Is In Good Hands

    We seek to empower our clients and provide them with the peace of mind they deserve. When you come to our firm, you will work directly with our Chicago immigration attorney, Victor Aparicio, an immigrant himself with firsthand knowledge of the U.S. immigration system.

    Our entire team strives to provide accessible services that are responsive to your needs. We are always available to provide timely updates, answer questions, and address concerns. Our firm understands that every case is different and will require a unique and tailored approach. You can rest assured that we will explore all available options and handle your case with the efficiency and personal attention it deserves.

    We offer free initial consultations and serve clients in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Contact us online to get started today!

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    Serving Chicago And Surrounding Areas

    If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, whether it be a serious felony or a simple traffic ticket, you need legal representation. At Venditti Law Group, we provide our clients with excellent legal representation. We practice criminal defense in Chicago, Chicagoland suburbs, and the surrounding counties.

    A Trusted Lawyer Is Standing By: 404

    The California New Parent Leave Act — 3 Things to Know

    Having a family member or family members that are lawful permanent residents or United Illinoiss citizens can help you secure a green card. However, USCIS immigration forms can be confusing and overwhelming. Filling them out wrong will extend the time it takes to obtain your green card and cost you more money long-term. Our network of attorneys can help you find solutions amidst the intricacies of family immigration. In order to explore the specific processing details of your family immigration matter, contact us for a free consultation.

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