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Luxury Train From Chicago To San Francisco

Amtrak Superliner Roomette Review: What You Need To Know

The California Zephyr – Amtrak’s most scenic route from Chicago to San Francisco

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What Is A Roomette

An Amtrak Superliner Roomette is a private sleeper car room on overnight trains that will accommodate up to 2 passengers. By day they feature two comfortable chairs and a fold out table. At night the room is converted into a bunk style sleeping accommodation. Roomettes are perfect for passengers looking for privacy but also interested in saving money over the cost of a bedroom. Amtrak Roomettes will fit up to 2 people with 2 suitcases. The rooms are 36 wide by 66 long.

Are Superliner Roomettes Private

Roomettes are completely private with a door that closes and locks and a window draping to cover the window to block out any unwanted light. Passengers that reserve a roomette will have it to themselves and wont share with any other parties. There is a speaker in your roomette so you can hear any passenger announcements while you have the door closed.

What Is Included With An Amtrak Roomette

Full list of items included with an Amtrak Roomette:

  • Private Room With Upper and Lower Berths
  • Dedicated Sleeping Car Attendant

Video Review: Buy One Get One Free Sale

What Does A Roomette Look Like On Amtrak

What Is The Difference Between A Roomette And A Bedroom On Amtrak

Are Amtrak Sleeper Cars Worth It

  • Auto Train

Texas Eagle Chicago To San Antonio

How Long? 32 hours

Another of the epic train trips in the US, the Texas Eagle cuts diagonally across the country through four states. Travelling the 1,306 miles through the western United States is the perfect way to enjoy this part of the country. And you can really get a sense of just how big Texas truly is! Wind down through Wild West country across the Mississippi River, and through the Ozark Mountains towards the pine forests of East Texas.

Glenwood Canyon & Glenwood Springs

2.00pm: Glenwood Springs… The California Zephyr snakes through the 12-mile-long Glenwood Canyon, shared on the opposite bank with an interstate Highway, and arrives at Glenwood Springs. A major recreational centre where the Colorado & Roaring Fork rivers meet, Doc Holliday of Gunfight at the OK Corral fame spent the last years of his life here.

The many Amish people travelling on our train get off at Glenwood Springs, see the bottom left corner of this photo. Just for the record, the Amish people we talked to on the train were friendly, very real & down-to-Earth. The photo shows the Sightseer Lounge car, with a cafe downstairs, an observation lounge above.

4.20pm: Crossings the Colorado-Utah State Line. After calling at Grand Junction, the train enters Utah, marked with white letters on the sandstone cliffs in Ruby Canyon. These also feature steps carved by early native Americans…

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Long Considered One Of The Most Scenic Routes In The United States The California Zephyr Takes You From The Beautiful City Of Chicago To The City By The Bay San Francisco By Way Of The Spectacular Rockies And Sierras

2021 Tour code: TU-CZEW-21

About the tour

Before embarking on your 2,300 mile journey to San Francisco,take advantage of your time in Chicago by visiting the city’s famedattractions such as the John Hancock Observation Deck, ride theFerris wheel at Navy Pier or window shop down The Magnificent Mile.The city also offers a rich cultural experience with its severalmuseums and the renowned Art Institute.

After your stay in Chicago, begin your journey west as you boardthe California Zephyr towards San Francisco. Along theway, engulf yourself in absolute beauty as you pass through thefrontier of the Colorado Rockies. As if that isn’t breathtakingenough, as you continue your journey be dazzled by the naturalbeauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. When you finally do reachSan Francisco, take your final days of the journey to explore thisstriking city. Make sure to visit Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, orhop on a cable car for a classic way to experience the City by theBay.

This tour truly encompasses natural beauty so spectacular ittakes your breath away – on a dazzling ride that touches thesky!

Itinerary is available Eastbound from San Francisco toChicago based on your travel preference.


  • Hop On Hop Off Chicago sightseeing tour
  • Experience the majestic Rocky and Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Ride through the Moffat Tunnel
  • See Colorado’s Gore
  • Transportation aboard Amtrak
  • Accommodation
  • Hotel accommodations for 2 nights
  • Food & Drinks
  • Whats not included
  • Flights and Airport transfers
  • Utah’s Buttes & Mesas: Beautiful Colourful Eerie

    Take the Most Beautiful Train Ride in the U.S. for $97 ...

    4.30pm: The scenery changes again. At the edge of an open plain, the Zephyr runs along a range of arid hills. The train calls at Helper and Provo, home town of Donny Osmond.

    5.30pm: Time for an early dinner with tasty salmon & white wine, with breathtaking scenery like this speeding past the window, a ground level tour right across the American Wild West.

    7.00pm: Overnight in a seat or sleeper. Pyjama time for certain small passengers , the second night on the Zephyr. The train calls at Salt Lake City and during the night it crosses from Utah to Nevada. Remember to put your watch back another hour, as you enter yet another time zone…

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    How Much Luggage Is Allowed

    If youre used to flying, youll be shocked to learn that every passenger on Amtrak can bring two small bags up to 25 lbs. each as well as two larger bags up to 50 lbs. each.

    Whether you want to crowd yourself in your bedroom or check your bags is of course your decision. Generally, Ill pack so that I can check the largest piece of luggage and then bring into my bedroom any smaller pieces like my computer suitcase, a soft-sided overnight bag and maybe another bag with snacks and miscellaneous stuff. But you can check up to two 50 lbs. bags for free.

    Amtrak Superliner Bedroom Review And Photos

    I dont fly so I travel a lot aboard Amtrak trains all over the country. One thing is certain. I always try to have my own sleeping compartment with a cozy bed. Depending on the route and current cost of a sleeper, Ill buy an Amtrak Superliner Bedroom whenever possible.

    Whether its one night on the Amtrak Capitol Limited or two nights cross-country on the Amtrak Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles, I love having the larger deluxe bedroom. Especially because it has an en suite bathroom. Ive even rearranged my travel dates to find the most affordable Superliner Bedroom.

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    Sleeper Carriages On The California Zephyr

    On this two-night journey on the California Zephyr, you could, technically sleep on the reclining coach class seats but youll have a terrible journey so its always worth the extra money to book a space in one of the sleeper carriages. You also get breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the fare so its a false economy to rough it. Unlike European trains, in the US you have to pay for the whole sleeper carriage, whether there are one or two of you.

    As well as your included meals, each sleeping carriage features a coffee station where you can pick up a complimentary tea, coffee or fruit juice. All bedding, toilets and towels are provided for the journey and while you eat dinner each night the on-board staff will make up your bed for you. Heres whats on offer

    Roomettes these compact sleeper carriages consist of two facing seats and a small table. By night, these convert into two sleeping berths. WCs are situated along the corridor, with a shower on the lower deck.

    Bedrooms these are larger than roomettes, and some have an ensuite shower and WC. During the day they have a chair and a sofa then at night they convert to upper and lower berths. You can choose from a two-person bedroom , a family bedroom for two adults and two children or a wheelchair-accessible special bedroom with a private WC .

    Coast Starlight La To Seattle

    Amtrak California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco

    How Long? 36 hours

    On the other side of the country, the Coast Starlight is the West Coast counterpart to the Crescent. Amtraks most popular route, the Coast Starlight offers up incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains.

    Waterfalls, lush forests, and snow-capped mountains all pass by, as well as long stretches of the Pacific shoreline. So you may struggle to tear your eyes from the window! Book a seat on the western side of the train for coastal views.

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    Coast Starlight: Seattle To Los Angeles

    With breathtaking scenery throughout the journey, the nearly 1,400-mile Coast Starlight route runs daily between Seattle and Los Angeles. For riders that board the train in Seattle, the 35-hour trip will take them through popular cities like Portland, Santa Barbara, and then Oakland. With snowy views of the Cascade mountain range, the striking Mount Shasta, and stretches of the Pacific Ocean, its no doubt a beautiful ride bookmarked by two popular travel destinations. Scenic vistas are particularly lovely from the Sightseer Lounge Car, and cars with up to four beds are available. Two different educational programs from the National Park Service are available on this route. The Amtrak train is outfitted with a cafe and dining car. A one-way value ticket is around $115.

    Our Hotel Picks:

    • The Hyatt at Olive 8 is a sleek, eco-conscious pick in downtown Seattle. This upscale hotel incorporates eco-friendly touches throughout, and offers well-maintained rooms with flat-screen TVs, iPod docks, and showers. A destination spa, farm-to-table restaurant, wine bar, and large fitness center add to its value.

    Adirondack: New York City To Montreal

    The Adirondack line is easily one of the most scenic of Amtraks routes from New York City to Montreal , riders take a 10-hour journey through gorgeous areas of New York and Canada. Manhattanites or Montrealers can escape their bustling cities for trips through the Hudson Valley and Adirondack Mountains, the latter in particular being favorite in the fall for its foliage viewing. Some popular spots passengers will see along the way include Hudson, Lake George, and Saint-Lambert, plus loads more charming little towns. The train is equipped with a cafe car for sandwiches and snacks, as well as Wi-Fi, but wed recommend skipping checking your email and sticking to posting photos of your ride tag @oysterhotels and #oystertravel and we may regram them! A one-way value ticket costs about $68.

    Our Hotel Picks:

    • For a night in NYC, check out the hip Bowery Hotel for a lovely boutique stay. Located in the trendy and bustling East Village area, Bowery Hotel has a cool lobby bar, a popular Italian restaurant, bright and beautiful guest rooms, and free bike rentals.

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    How To Get A Red Cap Assistance

    You can arrange for a Red Cap to help with your luggage by requesting service at the desk in the lounge. If there is no lounge, ask the ticket agent where the Red Caps congregate and head over to their station.

    After your luggage is in your room, please tip the Red Cap for their service. $5.00 per one or two bags is customary. The only time I dont use a Red Cap if I have a lot of luggage is if there are a lot of elderly or wheel-chair guests. I dont want to take up their seat on the golf cart.

    Also, if you are boarding in Sacramento, while theres no official Red Cap service, their is someone with a golf cart to drive you to the train. Its quite a long walk from the waiting room to the boarding platform.

    An Amazing World Rushing Past Your Window

    Lounge Car

    Two years ago I took the California Zephyr all the way from San Francisco to Chicago, and out of all the travelling I have done in the States, I think this train ride beats everything else to a pulp. Over the course of two and a bit days you will pass through California countryside, the perma-snowy Sierra Nevada, the Nevada Desert, the dramatic upper Rockies and then rural USA all the way to Chicago. It really is amazing to sit there is comfort as an awe inspiring, and at times literally jaw-dropping.

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    What Does An Amtrak Superliner Bedroom Look Like

    The main difference between and Amtrak Superliner Bedroom and Roomette is the amount of space. The bedroom features a long sofa and a separate chair that faces the sofa. Theres a pull-up table between the sofa and chair.

    There is also the large vanity area with counter-space for your toothbrush etc. Youll also find a small enclosed cabinet with a couple of shelves. There are also extra hand towels and wash cloths.

    Superliner Bedroom with a Private Bathroom

    Aside from extra space and a bigger bed, the really best thing about having an Amtrak Superliner Bedroom is your own private bathroom with shower. Fresh towels, soap and a handle to hang on to as you travel!

    Amtrak Insider Tip: Try to time your shower to when the train is going slower, or pulled over while waiting for a freight train to pass. Dont waste a daytime station stop, though, by showering instead of getting fresh air.

    Interesting Facts About Amtrak’s Empire Builder

    • The distance covered between Chicago and Seattle using Amtrak’s Empire Builder is 90 miles, or 2789.73 kilometers.
    • Wednesday is the busiest day when using Amtrak’s Empire Builder train from Chicago to Seattle/Portland. It is advisable to travel on Sunday instead.
    • There are 5 train schedules en-route to Seattle, offering 3 trips per day from Chicago to Seattle.

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    Route Of Amtrak’s Empire Builder

    The route taken for this trip is as follows: Chicago – St. Paul/Minneapolis – Spokane – Portland/Seattle. En-route, cross North Dakota plains, Missouri, through Montana to the popular Glacier National Park. At Spokane, head to Seattle or divert to Columbia River Gorge as you head to Portland for more spectacular views.

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    What Is Included With A Superliner Bedroom

    Amtrak Adventure from Chicago to San Francisco on The California Zephyr

    Whether you choose a Superliner Bedroom , all of your meals for the entire journey are included. The same goes for bottled water, coffee and juice.

    In addition to all of the included bedroom amenities, youll also have a Sleeping Car Attendant. He or she will introduce themselves as you board the train and make sure you are in the correct sleeper.

    Once the train leaves the station, your car attendant will stop by your bedroom to explain how to use all the gadgets and dining procedures. Youll also be informed of their schedule for turning down and making up the beds. Yes, even making your bed in the morning is included with your bedroom.

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