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Map Of Suburbs Of Chicago

Map Of Chicago And Its Western Suburbs

Mapping Chicago Neighborhoods by Top Industries
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Neighborhoods Are A Part Of Chicago

Like most large cities, Chicago has neighborhoods. These neighborhoods have names, and they are all still a part of Chicago. Some neighborhoods are centrally located and contain famous landmarks, like the Loop, Gold Coast, Streeterville, and River North.

Other neighborhoods are not at all centrally located and contain nothing notable to most people. Anyone know where Schorsch Village is? Well I do, but only because I grew up there.

If you wanted to mail a letter to someone who lived in Hyde Park, a neighborhood in Chicago, you would write Chicago, IL on the envelope.

Chapter 1 Of Chicago Suburbs: Northern Suburbs

When it comes to schools, quality of life, and real estate, the North Suburbs is on top of the list. Its a perfect location to raise a family if youre seeking for one with exceptional sports facilities, high schools, and shopping establishments and unique landmarks such as the Navy Pier.

Heres a rundown of our most favorite suburbs in the North area.

This 160-year old suburb is located along the coast of Lake Michigan, with easy access to beautiful beaches and downtown Chicago for fun nights and shopping sprees. This windy suburb has approximately 21,000 residents to date.


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United Nations’ Chicago Urban Agglomeration

The Chicago urban agglomeration, according to the United NationsWorld Urbanization Prospects report , lists a population of 8,864,000. The term “urban agglomeration” refers to the population contained within the contours of a contiguous territory inhabited at urban density levels. It usually incorporates the population in a city, plus that in the contiguous urban, or built-up area.

Chicagoland is an informal name for the Chicago metropolitan area. The term Chicagoland has no official definition, and the region is often considered to include areas beyond the corresponding MSA, as well as portions of the greater CSA.

Colonel Robert R. McCormick, editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune, usually gets credit for placing the term in common use. McCormick’s conception of Chicagoland stretched all the way to nearby parts of four states . The first usage was in the Tribune’s July 27, 1926 front page headline, “Chicagoland’s Shrines: A Tour of Discoveries”, for an article by reporter James O’Donnell Bennett. He stated that Chicagoland comprised everything in a 200-mile radius in every direction and reported on many different places in the area. The Tribune was the dominant newspaper in a vast area stretching to the west of the city, and that hinterland was closely tied to the metropolis by rail lines and commercial links.

Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area

Chicago maps: transport maps and tourist maps of Chicago in USA

The Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area was originally designated by the United States Census Bureau in 1950. It comprised the Illinois counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake and Will, along with Lake County in Indiana. As surrounding counties saw an increase in their population densities and the number of their residents employed within Cook County, they met Census criteria to be added to the MSA. The Chicago MSA, now defined as the Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI Metropolitan Statistical Area, is the third largest MSA by population in the United States. The 2015 census estimate for the MSA was 9,532,569, a decline from 9,543,893 in the 2014 census estimate. This loss of population has been attributed to taxes, crime, political issues, weather, and other factors however, a negative net migration rate statewide has been shown to be a result of poor gross in-migration, rather than an unusually high rate of gross out-migration.

The Chicago MSA is further subdivided by state boundaries into the Chicago-Naperville-Joliet, IL Metropolitan Division, corresponding roughly to the CMAP region the Gary, IN Metropolitan Division consisting of the Indiana counties of Lake and Porter, as well as two surrounding counties and the Lake County-Kenosha County, IL-WI Metropolitan Division.

A breakdown of the 2009 estimated populations of the three Metropolitan Divisions of the MSA are as follows:

  • Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, Metropolitan Division
  • Kenosha County
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    Average Home Prices In Chicago Suburbs

    On top of the community divide, Chicagos high cost of living will also be a major factor when determining where you want to live.

    Chicagos median home price is significantly higher than the national average of $188,900. That being said, youll still be able to find homes listed on both sides of the spectrum.

    Those looking for more reasonably priced homes will want to focus on Round Lake, Woodridge, Palatine, and Hoffman Estates to find houses closer to Chicagos average.

    But hey, maybe you arent quite ready to invest in a house? Heres what the suburban rent situation looks like.

    Youll probably have more luck finding a good deal in the suburban rental market.

    Of all the areas we are covering, only Buffalo Grove, Round Lake, and Evanston come close to or exceed the average for rent in Chicago.

    Village Of Schaumburg Il Data:

    • Population: 78,723
    • Annual Property Tax : $5,787
    • Median Household Income: $83,096
    • Average Home Value: $251,100

    As a highlight, the village of Schaumburg has countless restaurants, shopping, and things to do. The Town Square is Schaumburgs official downtown, located right off of Roselle Road. As a final note, its 10-year population growth rate is 6.1% which is higher than a majority of cities in Chicagos suburbs.

    Want to see how Chicago compares to other major metros like St Louis? Read about our 10 best Saint Louis suburbs to see how the cities compare!

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    Chapter 4 Of Chicago Suburbs: Southwest Suburbs

    Southwest Chicago is among the fastest progressing suburbs in the state. Not only is it very accessible, but it also is overflowing with great places to visit, including specialty shops, antique stores, art galleries, and fancy restaurants.

    Retailing avenues, aircraft maintenance facilities, beautiful landscapes, top-notch educational programs, nature, and wildlife find them all here at Chicagolands SouthWest Suburbs.

    Downtown Is An Informal Part Of Chicago

    Chicago Suburbs With the Best Downtown Areas | Best Chicago Suburbs

    If youre not a native speaker of American English, let me first clarify that downtown typically refers to the commercial / cultural center of a city.

    Theres no official downtown Chicago. The closest formal area to assign that term to would be the Loop. The Loop is a neighborhood in Chicago that is bounded by the Chicago River, Lake Michigan, and Roosevelt Road .

    The Loop is the central business area for the city and a major transit hub in addition to being home to several cultural landmarks, like Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago.

    The Loop is definitely smaller than the common understanding of the term downtown, though, as it excludes, for example, the Magnificent Mile.

    Our navigating downtown Chicago post explains a bit about finding your way around what we consider the best definition of downtown, which includes the Loop and some neighboring area.

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    List Of Neighborhoods In Chicago

    Rahm EmanuelSt. Hyacinth BasilicaAvondaleBack of the YardsUnion StockyardsUpton Sinclair1906The JungleBridgeportJohn S. FlizikowskiSerbian OrthodoxEast SideGreektownGateway TheatreSolidarity TowerJefferson ParkRoyal CastleWarsawKosciuszko ParkLincoln SquarePortage ParkPolish flatBungalow BeltWacawowoSt. WenceslausRichard NickelWicker ParkWrigleyvilleChicago Cubs

    There are sometimes said to be more than 200 neighborhoods in Chicago, though residents differ on their names and boundaries. A city ordinance prescribing and mapping 178 neighborhoods is almost unknown and ignored even by municipal departments. Neighborhood names and identities have evolved due to real estate development and changing demographics. The City of Chicago is also divided into 77 community areas which were drawn by University of Chicago researchers in the late 1920s. Chicago’s community areas are well-defined, generally contain multiple neighborhoods, and depending on the neighborhood, less commonly used by residents. More historical images of Chicago neighborhoods can be found in Explore Chicago Collections, a digital repository made available by Chicago Collections archives, libraries and other cultural institutions in the city.

    Why Write This Post Am I Just A Pretentious Jerk

    About 30% of the reason Im writing this post is just to vent. The other 70% is so that people who are new to the city can navigate a conversation without embarrassing themselves.

    Lets say youre moving to Chicago, and your real estate broker asks where are you looking at living? And you say Im not sure, but I dont think I really want to be in the city.Its important that you both mean the same thing. To you, this may mean Id like to live in a neighborhood with some character, not just tall buildings. while to her it means Im planning on living in a suburb two hours outside of the city.

    This isnt a problem unique to Chicago, by the way. If you ever heard me try and talk about New York City, Id sound like a doofus because my conception of what the city refers to is completely at odds with how many New Yorkers use that term.

    This post is around ten quick tips or things to remember when discussing Chicago, its neighborhoods, and its suburbs. I tried to order these in the most reasonable way possible, but theyre all interrelated, so you might need to jump back once or twice.

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    Information About Oak Park:

    • Annual Property Tax : $10,000+
    • Median Household Income: $94,646
    • Average Home Value: $387,300

    Moreover, crime rates are moderate due to its proximity to the city but Oak Park high schools are very well rated. In particular, both Oak Park-River Forest and Fenwick are top-ranked public and private high schools in Chicago, IL each year.

    Oak Park, Illinois is also known as the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway and is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. As a result, the village has a plethora of stunning historic architecture and victorian style homes.

    As a result, the village has a plethora of stunning historic architecture and victorian style homes. I highly recommend taking one of the many Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Tours in Oak Park when you get a chance. Nearby west side Chicago neighborhoods include Forest Park, River Forest, Cicero, and Riverside, Illinois.

    Need a painter near the city of Chicago? Get a free quote by visiting Improovys Chicago location which provides quality painting services to neighborhoods in the city and nearby suburbs.

    Places To Go And Things To Do With Kids In Chicagos Suburbs

    Online Maps: Chicago Area Map

    This map features local zoos, farms, nature playgrounds, beaches and outdoor waterparks, indoor waterparks, indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks and inflatables, childrens museums, arcades/game rooms/laser tag spots, rock climbing spots, amusement parks and centers and mini golf courses.

    Are there more things to do in Chicagoland than weve put on this map? Of course! Our whole site is full of them. But these places are a great starting point if youre wondering what is there do to around here? while youre out and about or looking to discover new fun close to home. Weve also created maps within some of our favorite articles, such as 10 Best Donut Shops or Splash Pads.

    If we missed a spot you think should be on the map, or if theres a category you think would be helpful, please let us know in the comments. We always love hearing from you all.

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    Key Facts About Downers Grove Il:

    • Population: 50,247
    • Annual Property Tax : $5,886
    • Median Household Income: $94,893
    • Average Home Value: $353,100

    The Downers Grove Park District adds to the neighborhoods family-friendly charm in addition to its numerous parks and the tranquil Hidden Lake Forest Preserve. All in all, the village of Downers Grove is a tight-knit community and very welcoming to a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds.

    One of the biggest hidden gems in the western suburbs is actually a town you may not have heard of. La Grange Highlands is a suburb near Downers Grove that has an incredible school district, low crime, and reasonable property taxes. We highly recommend checking out the Highlands if you are looking for a top suburb that remains under the radar.

    Local Hinsdale Area Stats:

    • Annual Property Tax : $10,000+
    • Median Household Income: $203,368
    • Hinsdales Average Home Price: $884,700

    In addition, the village of Hinsdale has very low crime rates and historically high housing prices. Notable attractions include Graue Mill and Museum as well as Ty Warner Park, making it a top western suburb for affluent families and out-of-town visitors.

    Recently trending neighborhoods located near Hinsdale include Western Springs, La Grange Park, and Brookfield, Illinois.

    Need a great house painter in a DuPage or Cook County suburb nearby? Visit our Hinsdale location page to get a free quote instantly.

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    Chapter 5 Of Chicago Suburbs: South Suburbs

    While often overlooked by dwellers of the north Chicagoland, South Suburbs has hidden beauty to offer.

    Apart from large forest preserves, the south is rimmed with old farming lands, clean residential neighborhoods, quaint dining spots, extensive golf courses, refreshing lakeshore, disciplined bus system, and neat expressways.

    Suburbs Are Not Neighborhoods Neighborhoods Are Not Suburbs

    City Council to vote on new ward map

    This is a constant source of confusion. If someone asks where Im from and I say Chicago a typical response is what part?

    If the person is from the city, I know this actually means what neighborhood? If theyre not, I know it usually what suburb? which is also a common non-sensical response to saying youre from Chicago.

    When I lived in Hyde Park, Id say something like Hyde Park, its a neighborhood on the South Side, and Id get responses like oh so the suburbs?


    But if I just say the city people then occasionally ask something like Oh so like by the Sears Tower? forgetting that Chicago is a huge city of three million people and almost none of us live near the Sears Tower . Which brings us to

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    The Burbs: Dont Call It Chicago

    Chicago is a huge, sprawling city that has been divided into an absurd number of neighborhoods.

    While theyre all considered part of the same city, there is a stark divide between those who live in the city proper and those who live in the suburbs.

    If youre planning on heading out to The Burbs, its best to be prepared for the frequent reminders that you dont really live in Chicago.

    Try not to take it too personally. Hating your neighbor for not being a true Chicagoan is just part of the Chicago experience.

    Chapter 6 Of Chicago Suburbs: Downtown Neighborhoods

    The main downtown area is just seven blocks away from North Chicago River. On the other side, it sits ten blocks away from Lake Michigan .

    The neighborhood is also known for being a museum without walls. If you look around the area, youll be amazed to see a plethora of public art, murals, monuments, and modern sculptures. It features the most popular artists of the 20th century, including Chagall, Picasso, Miro, Calder, Oldenburg and Moore.

    The southern area is not as dense as expected. Vacant and undeveloped lands can be seen in the area, mostly along the river of Chicago.

    Pilsen, one of the modern communities in this part of Chicagoland, has become the point of entry for people of different nationalities for over a century. When the first weekend of August comes, a festival called Fiesta del Sol is held for three consecutive days.

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    Chapter 2 Of Chicago Suburbs: Northernwest Suburbs

    The Northwest Suburbs make up most of Chicagos land area. Its situated in Northwestern Cook County and centered along the paths of Union Pacific Northwest Metra Rail Line.

    If northwest is your peg and you want to know whats the best neighborhood to move to in this part of Chicago, these suburbs are worth checking out.

    Chicago Metropolitan Agency For Planning

    Chicago Neighborhood Map

    Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is an Illinois state agency responsible for transportation infrastructure, land use, and long-term economic development planning for the areas under its jurisdiction within Illinois. The planning area has a population of over 8 million, which includes the following locations in Illinois:

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