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Medmen Chicago Oak Park Lake St

All Cbd Stores In Oak Park Illinois

Oak Park History: What’s Old is New Again
  • Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce 143 S Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302 613-0550
  • 715 Lake St #302, Oak Park, IL 60301 851-2108
  • 1010 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301 383-4145
  • Loyola Center for Health at Oak Park North 7005 North Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302 584-7888
  • MedMen Chicago Oak Park 1132 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301 665-3143
  • 345 Madison St, Oak Park, IL 60302 386-2157
  • 1139 Randolph St #45, Oak Park, IL 60302
  • Your CBD Store Oak Park, IL139 S Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302 785-4833

Best Cbd Stores In Oak Park Illinois

The Green Medical Practice

Address: 715 Lake St #302, Oak Park, IL 60301

Phone: 851-2108


We love that hes board certified in both family medicine and pediatrics. He truly understands breastfeeding and is truly supportive of breastfeeding, and breast-sleeping and baby-led weaning. We have had nothing but good experiences with him for the last 5+ years. Katherine Hove

Our very own local Dr. Weil. My daughter had returning UTI. After several trips over a couple years to immediate care for antibiotics we went to Dr. Paul. He put her on a combination of vitamins and fruit extracts and it went away and she never had one again. Paul looks at the big picture and focuses on enhancing the immune system. Suzanne Lavin

Im beyond thrilled to have been recommended to this doctor! I love that he strives for optimal health with nutrition instead of throwing medications at every issue. In a country thats overfed, undernourished, and over medicated we need more doctors like this! Henrika Bach

Downtown Oak Park

Address: 1010 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301

Phone: 383-4145


Im very bias on this review because I grew up in Oak Park. However so much has changed and I still love it. The small town shop feeling with all the comforts of the city. Everyone I spoke to was helpful, even when I was looking for something they didnt have they would give me suggestions. Cassandra Vadney

Loyola Center for Health at Oak Park North

Address: 7005 North Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302

Medmen Marijuana Dispensary In Downtown Oak Park To Expand By 2000 Square Feet

The MedMen marijuana dispensary in downtown Oak Park is planning to expand by 2,000 square feet, according to village officials.

The dispensary, located at 1132 Lake Street in the villages downtown district, currently sells recreational and medical marijuana to customers.

According to village manager Cara Pavliceks weekly report, the dispensary will add an additional 2,000 square feet to its footprint, which will lead to a much larger retail space.

MeMen also will make a range of other improvements, including to bathrooms, access points, lighting and security, Pavlicek said.

Messages left with MedMen representatives seeking comment were not returned.

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The location began selling recreational marijuana on Jan. 1 of this year. That morning, hundreds of customers lined up in the alley behind the business to be among the first to make legal recreational marijuana purchases in Illinois.

The facility was formerly known as Seven Point when it opened in 2016 as a medical marijuana dispensary. The shop was purchased in October 2018 by MedMen, a national chain of high-profile marijuana stores.

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Medmen Receives Cease And Desist Order

MedMen Chicago, 1132 Lake St., received a cease and desist notice from the village of Oak Park March 29, regarding its recreational sales after being unable to maintain social distancing requirements inside and outside the establishment. The cease and desist notice was in effect for 24 hours, during which time MedMen needed to provide Oak Park Public Health Director Mike Charley with a plan for compliance. Medical sales never stopped at MedMen.

Prior to receiving the cease and desist order, MedMen had clearly marked on the floor where customers should stand while waiting, according to a MedMen customer named Todd who purchased recreational cannabis from the dispensary March 28. Out of privacy concerns, Todd declined to give his last name.

The entire process of going inside was all clearly marked where you had to be six feet away from each other, said Todd. They also had security personnel, at least four or five that were constantly reprimanding people and telling them to get back to their spot.

Todd said the only time he was closer than six feet from people was when he had to show his license and pay, which seemed to him as kind of unavoidable.

Even at the end, when I was paying, I had to stand six feet away from the register. It was just the actual moment when I handed my card, put my card in the machine and put in my pin, he said.

Todd left feeling very impressed with MedMen, saying he didnt expect them to be on the ball.

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Flower To The People Dispensary

MedMen marijuana dispensary in downtown Oak Park to expand ...


One of the most trusted ways to find out about a companys true passion for the plant is by seeing how they choose to represent themselves, and their subsequent business approach, via a self-written About Us type of blurb. And, after a bit of combing through their official website, I was able to locate just such an excerpt.

In one section, they discuss how theyve always wanted to be icons in the industry. Specifically, they write, MedMen is writing the book on the modern cannabis industry, from how facilities are designed and constructed to setting the bar on quality and excellence. We are also helping shape the laws that make this industry viable.

Theyre dead-on with that self-proclaimed assessment, too.

This informative page continues on to add that, MedMen operates scalable, highly-efficient growing facilities using the latest in agronomic technology and sustainable techniques, and our manufacturing facilities use standards comparable to those in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Closing with, We do not run pot shops, we manage class leading retail stores that happen to sell marijuana and marijuana products. MedMen operates several dispensaries in the most strategic markets in the country and we continue to grow rapidly.

Well, if that doesnt instil instant confidence, Im not sure what will.


Then, boom, youre done. Its pretty dang efficient, if you ask me.


Fair, but nothing shocking.

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