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Moving From Nyc To Chicago

Hiring The Right Moving Company Reduces The Costs

Moving From Chicago to New York: My Experience

Finding a reliable company that will help with packing, transporting, and unpacking your things can cause even more stress if you do not know what to look for, and for those who want to avoid that, the best choice is to with some reputable and trustworthy moving company. That is where companies like expomovers.com come in handy, as they provide any assistance one may need, especially for long-distance moves. The other benefit of hiring a renowned company is that they already have thousands of satisfied customers, meaning that you will get precisely what you paid for, and since they offer assistance with interstate, commercial, and residential move, no matter where you move next, you will at least have to worry about one thing less, and thats who to hire.

They have a lot of experience with long-distance moves, and the only thing needed is to choose what items you want to bring along, as everything else is their job. Also, many of them have a moving calculator on their website, meaning that everyone can find out the exact amount they will need to pay for certain services.

Life In Nyc: Answering Your Questions

Its been three months since moving to New York City and I want to share a bit more on how weve settled in to NYC life plus, answer some of your questions! Youve kindly expressed common questions and curiosities about daily life here and how Im liking the city so far. Everything from our new neighborhood to apartment, daily routine and logistics, to comparisons between Chicago and NYC. Without further ado, here we go

Why the move?

A career opportunity was presented for my husband in NYC. After 11 years together in Chicago, we had also been craving a change. The timing just felt right, and we knew the opportunity and move was something worth pursuing.

Do you have a car in NYC?

Nope. We walk everywhere! When we moved from Chicago to New York, we hired movers to haul our furniture and large pieces to our apartment, and the rest to a storage unit nearby. The 3 of us then drove our car packed to the absolute brim from Chicago to New York. Later, when our parents visited for Wills first birthday a few weeks after we initially moved in, my in-laws kindly drove our car back to the Midwest for now. In the meantime, daily life in New York is practical probably even preferable without a car. My husband walks five blocks to his office, while Will and I dart around the city with our Bugaboo stroller. Weve taken Citi bikes, Uber, and a rental car, when otherwise needed.

Did you use a realtor/broker to find your apartment?
Which neighborhood do you live in?

We Love Pizza And Hot Dogs But Our Restaurants Have Michelin Stars Too

Outsiders believe our contribution to the dining scene begins and ends with the Chicago-style hot dog and deep-dish pizza. And we do love those staples. Go ahead and try an all-beef dog in a poppyseed bun topped with diced onions, sweet relish, tomato wedges, a pickle spear, spicy sport peppers, celery salt, and mustard. Or get down with a thick slice of cheesy deep dish with a buttery crust. But know that our food scene doesnt end there.

We have famous tavern-style thin-crust pizza, chicken-fried steak, jibaritos, and Italian beef sandwiches. Chicago is a beer city, but we have a decent reputation when it comes to cocktails too. Were a city of immigrants, so our global food is also worth checking outgo to Pilsen for Mexican cuisine, Devon Avenue for Indian and Pakastani, and Argyle Street for Vietnamese. To get started, take a look at Eaters guide to Chicago food.

You should also know were home to the James Beard Awardsthe Oscars of food. Itll be held at the Lyric Opera through 2027 and has helped distinguish Chicago as a dining city. Bon Appetit voted Chicago the best restaurant city of the year in 2017, and our restaurants have earned 22 Michelin stars.

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Use The Best Moving And Packing Supplies

When youre relocating with the help of Movers 101, you dont have to worry about getting quality packing supplies NY weve got it covered! Movers 101 will supply you with the perfect moving boxes in a variety of sizes, just right for your specific packing needs. And were not just talking about small, medium and large boxes. In fact, we also offer a variety of specialty boxes for books, appliances, picture frames, even fine china dishes. Just tell us what you need to pack and we will give you the tools to do it!

Upper West Side Manhattan

Moving From NYC To Chicago

If Battery Park City represents the new New York City, the Upper West Side of Manhattan is a throwback to the citys golden age. Families rave about the excellent public schools, the proximity to some of the worlds best museums, including the American Museum of Natural History, and the gigantic playground the rest of us know as Central Park. However, Riverside Park shouldnt be overlooked, with its numerous historical monuments and fun, modern playgrounds. This neighborhood has always catered to families, and it shows no sign of changing its ways.

As one of the leading cities on the planet, New York City is a terrific place for families of every stripe to call home. Consider making it yours! For assistance from the best NYC movers, give us a call! Based in Greenwich Village, we proudly serve all five New York boroughs with quality, affordable moving services. Whether youre looking for a Brooklyn moving company or a mover in the Bronx, were ready to help with your relocation.

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Should You Move To Chicago


Thinking about moving to the Windy City? First off, dont call it that. Only tourists do. But for background, the nickname refers to our weather and our windbag politicians, although people more often think about the weather when they think of Chicago. Heres what its really like: The winter is brutal and long. The windchill is sometimes as low as minus 40 degrees, but the summers are gloriousthat same wind makes it less humid.

Chicago is the third-largest city in the country , but its simple to navigate. Our skyscrapers are concentrated in the downtown area called the Loop, while more residential neighborhoods fan out to the north, south, and west, with Lake Michigan to the east. If youre coming from a smaller area, Chicago might feel like an easy place to learn the ropes of city living. Plus, affordable living costs and comprehensive, reliable public transit give Chicago a leg up on most other major cities.

We are the birthplace of the skyscraper and have influenced architecture on a global scale. But we also have plenty of nature: The lakefront trail is 18.5 miles long, and we have 600 parks. There are some cons of city living here, though. We have one of the highest tax rates in the country, crippling state debt, significant segregation, and concentrated areas of deadly gun violence.

To help you make your decision about whether to move to Chicago, below are 18 things you should know about living here.

Your Commute Might Improve

According to Politico, New Yorkers experience the longest commute times in the nation, with an average of 6 hours and 18 minutes spent getting to and from work each week. Despite the significant traffic, commute times in the major metro areas of California are better than those on the East Coast. Though San Francisco has the second longest average commute time in the nation, it still comes in at an hour and twenty-one minutes less per week than New York, on average.

That said, New York City has one of the best public transportation systems in the country. Its subway, MTA, is the longest and has the most lines, with 24 lines to Los Angeles Metros six. Costs are slightly lower in California. The Los Angeles Metro, for instance, rings in at about $1.50 a ride to MTAs $2.50. New Yorks public transport is more streamlined and integrated than you will find in much of California, and it runs 24/7. Youll notice that more people own and drive cars in California over taking public transit.

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Culture Diversity And Demographics

The third-largest city in the U.S., Chicago has 2.7 million residents that reflect the nations rich melting pot. Immigrants from around the world came to Chicago in the 19th and 20th centuries, settling into neighborhoods like Pilsen, Chinatown, Greektown, and Little Italy. Today, these vibrant neighborhoods bustle with restaurants, locally-owned shops, museums, public art, and so much more.

In 2019, Cook County lost about 21,000 residents. However, New York saw a decline of 60,000 residents the same year. In Chicago, youll feel less intense crowding and density than in NYC while NYC has a population density of 28,498 people per square mile, Chicago has just 11,974 people per square mile.

The ethnic diversity in Chicago is similar to that of New York City. Chicago residents are 33% White, 30% African American, 29% Hispanic, and 6% Asian. The remaining 2% includes Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and other races.

When Making The Exciting Decision To Move From New York To Chicago Its Important To Plan For Your Long Distance Move Accordingly Unlike Moving Across Town You Dont Have The Easy Option To Make Multiple Trips


With a population of 2,722,389 in 2014, Chicago The Windy City Illinois is the largest city in the American Midwest. Known for its deep dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs and the Sears Tower , New Yorkers looking for a change of scenery are finding their way to a city mirroring Manhattans hustle, with a bigger emphasis on jazz.

And Chicago delivers the goods.

Here are some fun facts you might not know about Chi-town along with some not-so-fun necessities that will be crucial to a successful and safe life mid-west.

  • Founded in 1830 as a town, Chicago was officially dubbed a city in 1837.
  • Chicagos a big place. Its made up of over 75 community areas that are broken up in to over 200 neighborhoods. Heres a full list of neighborhoods to get acquainted with.

Local Tip: To help you weed your way through all those neighborhoods, check out this guide to 10 popular Chicago neighborhoods.

  • Chicago is home to the second oldest baseball stadium in the country. Home of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field was constructed in 1914.
  • Chicago is a diverse cultural hub for restaurants .

Local Fact: Here is a handy list of Chicagos Best Food According to Locals.

  • With over 400 theatres and art galleries and 36 annual parades, Chicago is an excitingly enticing city with lots of activity for all styles.
  • Chi-town has 552 parks and 26 miles of lakefront.
  • The median price for a single-family home is between $245,000, and an average apartment will set you back $1,780 per month.

3. Pack smart

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And Actually The Winter Is Beautiful

On average, the city sees about 36 inches of snow a year. Our first snowfall usually happens in November, and then, theres silence. In the stillness, all you can hear is the squeak of your boots on the snow. When theres freezing rain, it coats everything in a layer of ice, which makes the trees look white instead of dark and dormant. The ice sticks like powdered sugar to even the tiniest branches. As winter progresses, the wind, waves, and low temperatures create eerie ice art on lakefront. All along the shoreline, tree branches turn into crystal chandeliers and bushes become globs of ice. Benches, light poles, and piers look like theyve been carved out of ice too.

Nyc Moving Costs To Consider

The costs of moving from NYC to Chicago will vary depending on many factors. If youre a first-time mover, you have to think about how big the relocation is, the amount of boxes for shipment, and the kind of long distance moving services you get. Not to mention the boxes and other packing materials you need to get hold of in advance. To prepare a sufficient amount of moving budget, heres what you can expect to spend for your relocation between NYC and Chicago.

  • Full Service Move
  • When it comes to a long distance relocation, a white glove full service move can be the most expensive option. Thats because professional moving companies will take care of all aspects of your move. This includes packing, loading and unloading onto the moving truck, and unpacking of all your belongings. While the mover tends to bill you with everything, the overall price will more likely add up quickly.

  • Truck Rental
  • Although you can keep more money in your pocket if you make a move by yourself, it doesnt necessarily mean that expenses will not add up. At the end of the day, youll be surprised at the amount of budget you need to pay for the gas, renting a truck, and the packing supplies. That said, its really essential to note these little costs that may arise during the relocation.

  • Moving with your own car
  • Packing costs
  • Choose to fly
  • Tips On Moving from NYC to Chicago

  • Pay attention to planning
  • Invest in high-quality moving boxes
  • Sort and purge
  • Pack accordingly
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    Theres Always Something Free To Do

    The city has thousands of events, activities, and places you can go to for free. If youre an Illinois resident, there are designated days when museums, including the Art Institute and Shedd Aquarium, waive admission costs. The Lincoln Park Zoo, National Museum of Mexican Art, Garfield Park Conservatory, and Cultural Center are free every day. The iO Theater, known for improv, has free weekly performances. The Park District started a series of programming called Night Out in the Parks with thousands of free events in every neighborhood, like movie screenings, theater and dance performances, circuses, yoga classes, and nature walks.

    Chicagos Violence Isnt Always Conveyed Accurately In Media

    Moving from NYC to Chicago

    Crime and violence in Chicago is a very complicatedand for many Chicagoans, very personalissue that goes well beyond often misguided and overhyped stories in the media and national news. In 2016, there was a concerning spike in the citys homicide rate. However, the following two years saw double-digit declines in homicides and shootings. Like every major city, Chicago has a difficult and painful history of redlining, segregation, disinvestment, and police brutality and abuse. It also has neighborhoods, especially on the citys South and West sides, such as West Garfield Park and Englewood, that have been disproportionately impacted by the legacy of those problems. Racial oppression and concentrated poverty are more important factors to address than gangs, according to a University of Illinois at Chicago study on the citys crime patterns and violence prevention. It found nearly 40 percent of Chicago residents live in areas with chronic and concentrated joblessness and poverty, a figure higher here than it is in NYC or LA. Historically, Chicago has prioritized policing over neighborhood investment. However, that strategy is starting to shift as organizations like Mothers Against Senseless Killings, Kids Off the Block, and Chicago CRED create neighborhood watches, start sports leagues, and find kids summer jobs.

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